Date:  10 January 2007

Subject: L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes

I like your picture Ms. Bates of the three Pygmy owls. It reminds me that I have three children.  Shouldn't all animals, birds and families have a place that they can call home?



Lisa Bates
Tucson Wild Life Center
P.O. Box 18320
Tucson AZ 85731

Dear Ms. Bates,

Ms. Bates, I first came to visit Tucson over 25 years ago and twelve years later and after numerous visits to the city, myself, along with my wife and three children, eventually moved to Tucson in 1996 to try and put down roots in Southern Arizona.  But the roots never had a chance to take hold because of the act of greed.  But the SAHBA based building industry was bent on growth and willing to take on home owners legally or illegally on defective building practices.  SAHBA, the Southern Arizona Home Building Association was at the forefront of providing legal services to builders who chose to take on home owners that they thought could not fight back because of financial considerations.  This is exactly why L.J. McCreary chose to attack us with a lawsuit for money that he did not earn for services and products by contract that he never provided.  We lost our home over defective and fraudulent building issues at the hands of corrupt builder.  Moving to Arizona, was the second worst mistake of our lives; but why did this have to be so?

Meeting L.J. McCreary and choosing him to be our builder was the absolutely worst mistake that I will ever make, even if I live for a million years.  A more despicable and dishonest person has not yet been born yet for mankind to be brutalized by!

At first we loved living in Tucson and the Southern Arizona area, but then after 2003, we eventually understood how corrupt, greedy, cold and best of all, community indifferent Tucson could be, and we soon changed our minds from one of hope and dreams, to one of despair and virtual hate for a city that turned its moral less backs on our family.  It never ceases to amaze me that because of two simple douche bag type people, who simply decide to defraud us, our lives have been changed forever.  Our lives have been forever altered because of the McCreary’s plan to ruin our lives.  Our story is nothing more than an incredible journey of fraud, loss, heartache, survival and a never ending search for some measure of justice.

One of the reasons that we moved to Tucson was because of the mountains and the abundant wildlife that existed in the desert surroundings.  We have always respected and supported the protection of native species of fish and animals.  My daughter would have loved to have become a part of the Tucson Wildlife Center.  In fact I have fond memories with my nature loving teen- age daughter during this time, splashing through the water, catching native small fish on a seasonal stream one day on our property with a butterfly net, all because it was quickly drying up.  We then transported these tiny fish on a warm monsoon day, down stream to deeper water to prevent them from dying since we were leaving town the next day.  It was a wonderful time to have these schools and “families” of fish to try to live and grow on our land and stream.  I enjoyed the opportunity to show compassion for a much smaller species of life and help out with my daughters concerns about their welfare while at the same time learning just a little bit more about her very good natured heart.

Yes indeed, we once had a nice life beginning to go for us in Arizona.  But something, or should I say, someone, happened to step in and ruin it all for my entire family.   

My young teen-age daughter, the one who wanted to save fish, is now in the final stages of finishing law school and I hope she will carry the moral torch and will someday put up a “real” fight, unlike Dennis Rosen and Alice Milton, against the ever prevalent corruption that exist between the covenant linked to corporations and government, which together, chooses to continue to harm good American families.  Maybe some good to the public will come out yet, from this whole fiasco of McCreary fraud and my daughter’s law degree. This is so unlike these two people to ever have regret for making a really good contributing community family, leave Southern Arizona in search of a state that does not endorse corporations and their SAHBA and State Farm Insurance lawyers who financially rape them at will for fraudulent reasons.

In fact my daughter’s law school application letter was based on the injustice that she and her family had to endure by University of Arizona trained lawyers that have to be classified as the natural conservative learned vermin of the Southwestern United States.   Thank God that she did not go to the same university that year that accepted the alleged kidnapper Kumari Fulbright for indictments on five accounts of anything but good behavior.  U. of A. Rogers Law School, such a fine institution of higher learning and impeccably based morals!  Isn’t Lourdes Lopez another fine U. of A. graduate that has now been disbarred fro her implication in a murder trial?  The initial lawyers (sharks) in this case were U. of A. law school graduates.  Yes, U. of A. a fine law school that promotes builder fraud like the fraud that L.J. McCreary perpetrated on our family.

Today we no longer have that stream with the fish; it is all long gone to McCreary Homes forced foreclosure.  Our land that hosted the stream, our family home, or our dreams and futures  are long gone, because the two people, L.J. and Denise McCreary, the two people that I spoke of earlier, decided to make” war” upon my family and make our home and land disappear in an act of financial Armageddon to attack my family’s security.  And it was all so needless, so useless, such a waste of time, effort, love, and money to have such financial and emotional bloodshed forced upon us by legal gunpoint; and all for what?  Tell me what noble reason that McCreary sued us for, in order to ruin my family’s lives?  Please tell me what noble reason that he chose to defraud my family for; greed?

We just wanted our future home fixed as the type of home that we had agreed to as per contract.  Just because this individual had expanded his operation incredibly and wildly and had banks coming after him for unauthorized illegal withdrawals of funds from third party construction loans, did not warrant making war upon my family for funds that he did not deserve or ever earn during his exploits to defraud us.

On the recent new “McCreary Dream Homes” website I have read where L.J. McCreary will be the general contractor on your association’s new wildlife hospital.  I do understand that the wildlife association is made up of volunteers and it must be hard to get builders to donate time to help in your projects.  And I am aware that you waited a long time for this dream to come true. 

Once upon a time, I used to have wonderful dreams that I pursued about a structure also. You seem like a very nice person Ms. Bates, with a good heart and I wish you well in your endeavor, but please consider the possible ramifications of associating with L.J. McCreary.  Will no one stand up and say enough is enough?  Will no one say that harming human life, be it animals or families is unacceptable?  Will no one stand up and finally be counted with speech in spite of possible temporary setbacks?  I stand in the back ground, looking at the possible challenges to human decency and justice that might be changed if someone will stand and be counted on the issue.  I do know that knowledge of wrongdoing can be a powerful deterrence against future wrongdoing by humans; if that what you can really call the McCreary’s fraud and financial rape. 

But Ms. Bates, my first assumption why L.J. McCreary is volunteering with your association is to try and repair his shattered reputation and non-existent integrity, but more important, L.J. McCreary will donate his time to bolster his “networking contacts” for his fledgling business that must be suffering immeasurably in this horrid real estate market bubble collapse.  L.J. McCreary needs contacts because his reputation is in the gutter for what he did to my family.  What will L.J. McCreary do next; build homes for “Habitat for Humanity” for the homeless that he forces to be foreclosed on, because of his defective and fraudulent building techniques and accounting practices?  

Also please remember that L.J. McCreary of “McCreary Dream Homes,” is a long standing member of SAHBA, the massive lobbying organization that protects and promotes McCreary Dream Homes and building of homes on every square foot of Tucson that may be left open, which will affect the animals and their remaining habitat in the Tucson area.  Also SAHBA has also been a huge advocate for having protections removed from the pygmy owl situation in order for SAHBA builders like McCreary to build more homes and less space for indigenous animals to inhabit.  As you might expect, I am anything but a pro growth advocate.  I hope you are to.

Do you really think Ms. Bates that L.J. McCreary is supportive of animal rights or is he more concerned with his image and just looking to put a feather in his cap to resuscitate and show off and advertise his disingenuous community involvement.  As I have learned so painfully, the McCreary’s seem like they are always conniving in their pursuit of more money.  I wonder how many times that McCreary’s website will advertise his participation on this project while he remains silent to the community on how he and his wife ruined the lives of a very good family.   Even Charles Keating, of Sen. John McCain and Sen. Dennis Deconcini of Keating (5) fame, as a republican lawyer/banker in the early 1980’s, contributed the sum of $1.25 million dollars to Mother Theresa as a public relations gimmick to counter his future fraud. Isn’t there a disingenuous conflict of interest here Ms. Bates for Charles Keating and for L.J. McCreary?   

I find it quite ironic that as you Ms Bates were beginning the Tucson Wildlife Center in April of 2000, at the exact same time, L.J. McCreary was already beginning his incompetent management and defective building practices that helped ruin our home and which would lead to the loss of our home and land.  And April of 2000 was the month that the McCreary foundations for the further genesis of the continuing defectively built issues that began its ugly climb for my family’s eventual financial implosion. In fact L.J. McCreary was so badly out of the management loop issue that he had no idea that his supervisor had left on vacation or even where he was during this time frame.  And as L.J. and Denise McCreary state on their Rip-off Report .com rebuttal letter, we were the ones that were supposed to be responsible for his management responsibilities.  Please go and figure.

How do you think McCreary will do on your project with such a sordid past history from our project?  There is no way that L.J. McCreary can deny what happened on our project if he is confronted with the truth of our questions. 

I know Ms. Bates that McCreary he is volunteering his time, but is it really worth it for you, your organization and the community to help him feather his cap in order to hide his sins?   Are you concerned that McCreary may disappear if another projects shows up (God forbid) on his doorstep?  McCreary told us he would be our personal supervisor, but then never showed up two months later, because he substituted another outsourced guy to take over for his “promise” of personal supervision.  I can verify that L.J. McCreary’s word is absolutely useless and absolutely worthless as a promise or God forbid a useless contract.

“But I must caution you about the past history of L.J. and Denise McCreary and their McCreary Home construction company.  I do not want to see another human being, or animal harmed, like L.J. and his wife harmed my family.  The following links on our website will explain the complicity, irresponsibility and fraud that were perpetrated upon my family for the benefit of greed.

The McCreary’s to this very day have never acknowledged, or accepted responsibility, or have they chosen to make amends for what they have done to us. We would have recovered faster from our encounter with the McCreary’s if they had just shot us in the back and left us for dead.

How do you think I felt Ms. Bates, let alone how my wife felt in late 2005, when my wife of 27 years now, told me that in January of 2003, the month during which we knew we were going to lose our home and land, she sat one day on the bedroom floor with a loaded gun in her hand, contemplating her next move in life.  And checkmate it was not.  My wife just wanted to stop the incredible pain that L.J. and Denise McCreary had introduced into our lives.  Thank God she chose to continue with life and to continue with me to keep on fighting against the injustice that these two scoundrels perpetrated upon us.  It has taken us years to recover from our injuries.

Please feel free to explore the links on the rest of these web pages to find the rest of the details to this story.  I caution you that colorful language and pictures to make my point about the issue are some time not PG rated. My intent is not to embarrass you and I apologize to you in advance if you are offended.   My passion and prose for the subject content are quite fervent.  You would so understand my raw feelings if this had happened to you.  But I want no sympathy, but instead I search for some measure of justice, no matter how small it may be turn out to be.

Please ask L.J. or Denise McCreary why they have never accepted responsibility for their actions. We did nothing wrong, but paid an incredibly terrible price because of our association with this builder. God I wish I had never met Fran Epsen of LONG Realty, who later introduced us to this little snake, L.J. McCreary.  Allowing Fran Epsen to introduce us to L.J. McCreary will always be the worst mistake of my life.   

Please discuss this issue with your other members and decide if you really want this type of couple, who are only using your association to further their interest, are really the kind of people that you want to associate with.  Maybe they are.  This man and his wife have continued to lie about their complicity to this very day.  The McCreary’s choose to lie with a propensity as compared to the act of breathing that is all but breath taking. 

I hope you see this letter as a community public service type announcement.  When cities were smaller, business people could not have gotten away with treating the people of the community like this.  A company in the past, who treated a customer as terribly as “McCreary Dream Homes” treated us, would have been run out of business by now, by simple word of mouth. Today, everyone lives in their little safe house cocoons, protected from their neighbors and reality.   But the internet is making a comeback for people to “talk,” however it is counted in electronic digital bites; but at least we are now still communicating again.  When this abortion happened to us, the internet was not in session yet.  So now the word is starting to get out.

Another good family should not be allowed to be possibly sucked into the L.J. McCreary’s building trap like we were, from the contacts that L.J. McCreary will try to make through your organization.  Tell L.J. and Denise McCreary to make amends for what he has done to my family before he tries to profess his community spirit to help people and the community.   Why is everyone in Tucson so afraid to organize and speak out against this injustice?  Where is the community?

Did L.J. McCreary of the new “McCreary Dream Homes,” “help” the community by forcing my family to move away from Tucson; a place that we once had loved?  What responsibility does L.J. McCreary owe to the community for his actions?  My family members, including myself, are all highly educated, college graduates and highly compensated individuals and do you think that it is possible that L.J. McCreary has forfeited that economic incentive for the community of Tucson to prosper by.  We will be buying no houses, no autos, no flat screen TV’s, and no volunteering our time to the Tucson community because McCreary Homes and their SAHBA lawyers basically ran us out of Arizona because of their greed. 

Sure, let’s have Arizona, who has the next to last, worst record of educational funding; choose to make its citizens lives so badly that they are forced to leave the state.  Your state cannot afford to have educated people leave for other more progressively thinking states.  Your state is becoming more elderly and ignorant enough with just your middle age people like McCreary to screw things up.  The youth, not the elderly retirees, are the future for Arizona, to solve its problems, but people like L.J. McCreary are way too incredibly ignorant and greedy to understand this simple issue.  I will watch with interest as Arizona descends further into its educational and economic implosion.  Evidently, my family was not good enough for Tucson to engage in its incredible profession of morals; but L.J. and Denise McCreary are alright.  Go figure!

I will respect you ability to make the right choice.  Whatever way you decide, be very careful of these two people and what they are capable of doing and the fact that they have so harmed a good ex-military Arizona family.  Please do not allow any one else to be harmed by these two despicable people.

Ms. Bates, I understand that there are always two sides to a story, but in the McCreary’s case, there story is based on there never ending series of endless lies.

Two of my favorite sayings are by Sir Edmund Burke and Dr. Martin Luther King.  I paraphrase as follows:

“The only thing necessary for triumph of evil to exist is for good men and women to do absolutely nothing.”

‘There comes a time when silence betrayal”

Thank you very much for your consideration and good day.


“The Arizona Refugee”
Copyright My McCreary Home Sucks! 2004. All rights reserved.