Date:  25 November, 2008

Subject:  Thanksgiving

Title:  Thanksgiving for a couple of douche bags

We had L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes build us a custom home and they ruined it with the use of illegal alien labor and defective building practices.  Should we be thankful for having nothing left for using a greedy ass, incompetent SAHBA builder?  We don’t think so. Consider this picture a premonition of the many SAHBA rats in the Tucson construction industry slated for bankruptcies in 2009.  I predict McCreary Homes will be leading the pact of imminent failures.  Enjoy your Karma McCreary.




An open letter to L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes:

With the advent of Thanksgiving coming in just a couple of days I couldn't help but wonder what goes through the minds of such an infamous Tucson family during this day that begins the holiday season.  Surely during this time of incredible home building construction layoffs, real estate and credit crisis collapse, I am sure that there must be a few things that you are still thankful for, besides your penchant to lie like dogs and a longing to defrauding your clients for increased profits.

Are you thankful L.J. and Denise that you are still “working” in the home construction and real estate business during this housing bubble collapse and mortgage crisis mess, one that has not been seen since the incredible Great Depression days of good old American capitalist based fun?  I remember well the wonderful stories that my mother told me about the romance of the Great Depression with a widowed mother and nine young children living the true American Dream; one blanketed under the kindness of welfare payments to just keep them alive.

Are you thankful L.J. and Denise that 250,000 American homes are in foreclosures today?  Were you thankful in 2003 when our home was foreclosed because of the results of your fraudulent and defective building techniques?  Were you thankful L.J. and Denise that you contribute in such a Christian way to force a family from their home?  Were you thankful then McCreary’s that our home was subjected to your incompetent building errors and in turn we became an early member of the new American Dream of forced economic financial suicide through default?  Sure, I bet you were both very happy at the prospects of harming a good stable family and in turn doing your part to impart incredible harm upon the American economy.

Are you thankful L.J. and Denise that millions of Americans like us have been removed from our homes due to foreclosure?  Are you thankful that our children’s lives and even their bedrooms are forever gone?   Are you thankful that our children’s lives and their homes are forever lost to just distant memories?  Unlike your demented family McCreary, are you happy for all of us, especially since you participated in forcing this scourge upon a really good American family?  You are both such patriots; patriots of greed! 

Are you thankful L.J. and Denise that you have bitten the hand that feeds you; the American consumer who will be more than happy to bite you back in your proverbial home construction building ass now?  Is it very smart on your part McCreary’s to harm the consumer, the one who provides you with your bloated income and also in turn, trash what little reputation that you might have had before you went hell bent on your greed campaign in 1996?  Why are the majority of your truthful testimonials older than a decade ago?  Are there any insights for you McCreary’s?  Wouldn’t you agree McCreary that a reputation is a terrible thing to waste for just a few lousy bucks!

Are you thankful L.J. and Denise that new home construction is running at levels that have not been seen since 1991; levels from almost 18 years ago?  Are you thankful McCrearys, that your very shallow characters are based upon a crumbling foundation of greed? 

Are you thankful L.J. and Denise that you and your lawyers were participants as early instigators of the foreclosure crisis suicide that is now afflicting America?  Are you thankful McCreary’s that this foreclosure crisis now affects your ability to make a living?  Consumer confidence is now in crisis mode because of the many frauds and cheats like you, who have pilfered clients and consumers for way too many years. 

You should be very careful for what you wish for, or what foreclosure road you force a family down to because the economy is all interconnected together.   When you screw a family like you did with mine, it will come back to haunt you because I will no longer spend my hard earned money on consumer goods such as housing, appliances, new automobiles or frivolous purchases of any kind.  Did you forget McCreary that what “goes around; does indeed come around?”  How silly of you to forget.  How really are you and Denise doing during these days during this deep recession that is headed for depression; especially in the home construction industry?  I knew the good times were over for America in 2003 if they were over for me, but you and your kind are just beginning to understand the real ramifications of your actions.

Are you thankful L.J. and Denise that the soulless bankers on Wall Street possess the very same type of behavioral characteristic that you both possess and which has now ruined the American and world economy; greed! Also, I am sure that Wall Street bankers also lie with such great ease, as you both have demonstrated with such professional immoral prowess.

Are you thankful L.J. and Denise that you made the decision to sue my family based on the demonstrated incompetence at being a SAHBA Certified Custom Home Builder and causing us so much economic distress when we could least afford it?  If you could have simply built out home without so many defects (222) present, my family’s lives and security would have proceeded without such turmoil.  In the end McCreary, we have you and your SAHBA supporting, soul sucking attorneys to thank for our predicament.

Are you thankful L.J. and Denise that you spent at great expense to trash anything  that was left of your once reputable reputation, all in order to swindle a family out of their hard earned money?  You may have had a reputation twelve years ago, but your reputation today is one of a builder who sucks; even on the big ones.

Are you L.J. and Denise thankful for the concept of incompetence, defective prone building and use of illegal alien workers that you exemplified in your business practices with us?

Are you thankful L.J. and Denise because of your actions that forced a family into foreclosure instead of having their one chance at obtaining a custom home that was built correctly and with care?   Was I really asking too much to build our home without the 222 defects present?  Was it really asking too much that a home be built without water running down the walls to grow mold?  There will be no new homes for us ever again because the contact and association with you and your company was a building and litigation nightmare that will trouble us for a lifetime. 

None of this should have ever happened if I had simply been dealing with an honest man. You L.J. and Denise are anything but honest people.  You as the infamous McCrearys, are nothing more than human slime!

Are you both thankful L.J. and Denise that you and your lawyers indirectly forced my wife put a gun to her head and contemplate pulling the trigger to end the foreclosure misery which you had caused?  Are you both thankful and proud of yourselves for such pleasure of pressure to possibly include death that you and your lawyers put on my family members to satisfy your burning quest for greed?

Are you both thankful L.J. and Denise that for all intense purposes you have ruined an almost twenty nine year marriage because of your acts of petulance and greed?

Are you thankful L.J. and Denise that you have ruined my faith in my fellow man, my faith in government, my faith in business corporations, my faith in my country’s creed, and my faith in mind numbing organized religion all because of the actions of you and the many people from SAHBA and the Arizona state government agencies that supported you with their designed implications of non-investigation and non-involvement?

Are you thankful L.J. and Denise McCreary that you have made my family split up from the state that I was once trying to put family roots down in?  My family is no longer intact because of your actions.  There is no way that we could stay in Arizona because Tucson and the state republican majority government that just sucks.  Arizona is on the side that is supportive towards corporations and against the physical, emotional and financial securities of families; period!

Are you thankful L.J. and Denise that you totally ruined our lives and our dreams because of your fraudulent and greedy despicable actions?

Are you thankful L.J. and Denise that you hired a SAHBA life board member and money grubbing attorney, Marc Simon along with his water carrying boy, William N, Poorten III, both from Snell and Wilmer, to file a lawsuit against my family because of your pictured incompetence and penchant for accounting fraud?  My McCreary, you possessed such chutzpah back then to sue my family because of your incompetence as a builder to just build a home correctly. 

How is your bravado and arrogance growing towards the public today McCreary during these ever scary economic times?  I would wager today that you most likely are not as cocky with the idea of swindling clients as you were in 2000.  But who would be so brain less to use your incompetent company after they have read on this website what you did to my family?  Haven’t you been humbled yet?  You can bet very soon that your time is coming for such needed changes to your life.

Are you thankful L.J. and Denise that you can choose to lie so easily without any strain of conscience or tribulation?   I see that Denise’s website updates about the cheery outlook from December 2007 was just pure lying bullshit as I had stated it was.  I am waiting for her to publish additional silly drivel prose so that I may laugh and comment about.  Your McCreary Dream Home blog for rich fucks is being read my “so many people” that it begs to ask why you even bother trying to reach anyone.   Who would read your blog drivel after they have read this website?  Why waste a person’s time McCreary? 

The People understand what type of people that you and Denise really are and that is the reason that no one is interested in using your corrupt and fraud based services.  Do you still have that little secret kick back scheme running with LONG Realty’s Fran Epsen to begin swindling your clients before a contract is signed?  I know this site has educated many people into understanding the real truth about your fraud based company. Yes McCreary, you have lost many sales because of what you did to us. 

Are you thankful L.J. and Denise that on your behalf, your State Farm Insurance attorney, Elizabeth  “the bitch” Claiborne, the ever seeming, sexually frustrated she-male bitch that probably hadn’t been laid in the last decade and was so intent on ruining my family for just the billable hour fun of it all?  I learned an important lesson that a good builder does not need insurance to protect him from his own incompetence and defective building practices.  A good builder stands behind his work and fixes any mistakes without question because of a certain amount of embarrassment at having made a mistake in the first place.  You McCreary had no problem fucking up and not taking responsibility for your mistakes.

In 1994 I had a room renovated by new builder just staring out with his own building company.  This man had worked as a sub-contractor for other builders but this was now his first attempt at building a good product for his new company.  This man built us a beautiful family room and there wasn’t a single item of work that he performed that I did not like.  The room was a complete success because the builder was concerned with his reputation and doing good work to prove it.  You McCreary are now on the other end of the building quality spectrum that this builder in Colorado operated his company under.  This man’s attention to detail and penchant to accept responsibility puts you into incredible shame.

Are you thankful L.J. and Denise that the state of Arizona has not taken away your builders license for all of the fraudulent and defective building that you have performed during the past twelve years?   How about commenting McCreary about the many clients that you have swindled other than us, like the Van Dan Elzen’s, the Collins and the Grime’s.  How many others out there in Tucson have you swindled that we do not know about?

Are you thankful L.J. and Denise that the state of Arizona has not prosecuted both of you for fraud, corruption and other crimes?

Are you thankful L.J. and Denise that the state of Arizona has not convicted you on building fraud charges and that you are not presently in jail for your crimes against Arizona families?

Are you thankful L.J. and Denise for the many families that unknowingly or knowing how you defrauded them with defective work, defective building material, inferior/cheaper products and fraudulent accounting cost?

Are you thankful L.J. and Denise that you have not been prosecuted yet for taking funds from a construction loan dedicated to a home and using it to pay off outstanding bills from another home?  And one wonders why our home was over two months late in building and it still was so fucked up.

Are you both thankful L.J. and Denise for the power of the internet to disseminate information and warn the public about unscrupulous and dishonest prone people like yourselves?

Are you both thankful L.J. and Denise that there still could be ignorant people in this day in age on the internet that are not able to Google your name, your wife’s name or your fraudulent little companies name and read this website about the truth of you past sins of operations?  Maybe you should only recruit elderly clients McCreary?  McCreary wouldn’t that fit your style perfectly as a certified conman; one who practices the art of deceit and deception on unsuspecting, trustful people


Are you both thankful L.J. and Denise when one Googles the name L.J. McCreary and the website Rip-off Report comes to the very top of the search engine list with your tortured explanations of non-responsibility of why you defrauded us?  Did you forget how incredibly laughable your grasping for straws position was to that question with your response that the responsibility for your defective building was because of our management skills.  WTF?  McCreary’s, you both have to be the most illogical, lying ass, dumb shit builders that ever have walked on this planet.  The responsibility for managing and building correctly our custom home was solely the responsibility of you with your acceptance of a contract to build our home.  Do you remember that is why we hired you in the first place?  God I wished I had realized earlier that I was dealing with such a stupid fuck jerk off that did not even understand his responsibilities towards his customers.  Your word and signature McCreary are worthless!

We paid you McCreary, a large sum of money to manage and correctly build our home and you failed miserably in that simple endeavor.  Do you remember McCreary that you were too busy trying to retire early, at the tender age of 37 years old with that Amway Quixtar pyramid scheme program that you were promoting?  Why would we have hired you and your company if it was our responsibility to make sure defective building techniques were not used and management of the project was solely our responsibility?  McCreary, we were only present at the house but once a week.  We were never present each and every day to monitor quality control?  That was supposed to be you job; one that you failed miserably at.  Why did I hire you then; just to take our money and run?

Remember McCreary when we first met in late 1997 and even after you signed the building contract how you told us that you would be the person personally building and supervising our build.  Do you remember McCreary when you came up with that incredibly lame excuse that you could no longer personally supervise the building of our home because you were needed more in sales and that we would getter better service and quality control by you contracting out for a new building supervisor, with Curt Miller of Arizona Building Consultants.  Curt Miller took off for over a weeks worth of vacation to Mexico and you new nothing about it while our home building stood still and lapsed into further delay.  

Admit it McCreary; you and Denise have been and continue to be such lying ass crooks!    

Are you thankful L.J. and Denise that Arizona state law allows you to record only one side of a conversation with out divulging this act to the second party as you performed on my telephone calls and the Registrar of Contractors investigation meeting complaints?  Isn’t it too bad McCreary that you didn’t wire up your microphone recorder to your tiny ass little balls and record the sounds of what it is like for a wimpy ass white male like you to make the sounds of a crooked ass, business sniffing pussy?  Would you not agree McCreary that the sounds of high pitched vaginal flatulence going between your make believe testicles would be quite humorous?

Are you thankful L.J. and Denise when one Googles the name Denise McCreary that this website, “My McCreary Home Sucks” pops to the top of the list?

Are you thankful L.J. and Denise when one Googles the name L.J.  McCreary, the Rip-off Report about McCreary Homes comes to the top of the list?

Are you thankful L.J. and Denise when one Googles the name McCreary Dream Homes that “My McCreary Home Sucks” comes to the top of the list?

Are you thankful L.J. and Denise when one Googles the name McCreary Homes that the website “My McCreary Homes Sucks” is directly below your McCreary Homes website. 

There is no need to thank me for all of the free publicity about your corrupt, fraudulent and defective prone building company.  Consider such advertising as a labor of love that I must provide the public to see. 

You boys at SAHBA and Arizona in general had a nice little scam going with the Registrars of Contractors (ROC) bull shit oversight agency that erased your complaints and investigation after two years.  I recall our three ROC complaints against you being erased in the fall of 2002, six months before we would have had our day in court.  You never did fix any of the complaints that were filed against you and still the (ROC) erased the complaint like nothing had ever happened.  Arizona like you McCreary is such a terrible, douche bag tainted state for consumer protection.  Now you will die a thousand deaths by my not allowing me to have my day in court with such slime as you. 

Are you both thankful L.J. and Denise that there could be one potential home building client in America that has cash, that still could be swindled by you again and your subcontractors, all with the use of incompetent and illegal alien labor as you used on our home?

Are you both thankful L.J. and Denise that it is so easy for you to both lie on your website testimonials and advertorials about your honesty and competence?  Your Bruce G. DuPont testimonial about our very home that was foreclosed is the sign of the complete lunacy and judgment that your company exhibits.  How much did you have to pay Bruce G. DuPont for that testimonial McCreary?  Did you have to pay DuPont just like the money that was paid to free lance writer Loni Nannin, the one that you still use for advertorials from May 2, 1999? 

And isn’t it interesting that you McCreary were already fucking up people’s homes like the Collins in 1998 when this first piece farce about the quality of McCreary Home’s was written?  Why should any person believe any piece of advertising in Arizona?  Advertising in Arizona is based on lies and half truths.

It say volumes McCreary when your latest advertorial was written almost ten years ago.  You cannot truthfully say that homes after 1998 were all built to exacting quality controlled standards.  There have been quite a few instances of McCreary incompetence and fraud since that advertisement was published.  Some of your homes that you attempted to build really suck McCreary; like you do! 

I believe my website gives the potential customer the whole truth and nothing but the truth without the McCreary’s greedy need for lies to enhance their self interest.



And I am sure you recall McCreary that there were other clients that you have also fucked over during this time.  I wonder if the name Marilyn Grimes and a gag order settlement about another incident involving water running down the walls ring a bell for you.  McCreary; can’t you build a home without water coming down the walls?  McCreary I am afraid that you couldn’t build a dog house without water streaming down the walls; yes you are that bad. 

Your testimonials and advertisement are not telling the reader whole truth or any part of it about the real McCreary Homes operations.  The make believe letter that you put on your website about Bruce G. DuPont testimonial I know for sure is a complete fucking lie.  Just look at the pictures of the exposed piping for the septic field that Mr. DuPont writes about the fine quality workmanship of a McCreary built home; such lying ass bullshit if ever there was one written.  Hey McCrearys; please answer how Bruce G. DuPont was so impressed with the smell and sight of his own urine and liquefied waste material flowing down the hillside outside of that masterfully built McCreary home?  Are you having trouble “managing” or even just answering that one McCreary?   You are such a certified douche bag!

If a man lies to you even once, he will lie to you a thousand times!


How many other testimonials are you lying about McCreary also?  You and I know, that both of you lie like dogs!  The slime of your existence is nothing but a scourge upon Arizona and American society.

Are you thankful L.J. and Denise for the Christian values that L.J. professed to us in your office; the very same opposite values that you perform in public with such professional and moral hypocrisy?

Are you thankful L.J. and Denise that you don’t have to “practice” any of those attributes that your Jesus Christ once possessed since that would be too hypocritical against your ingrained, basic fallback nature to lie, cheat and steal from families, for bank account profits?

Are you thankful L.J. and Denise for the way you raised your children and the incredibly evil events of corruption and deceit that you exposed them to in your business dealings with the public?

Are you both thankful L.J. and Denise that you can get up in the morning and not puke at the sight of seeing a reflection in the mirror of such fine examples of such human-less traits of ethics and moral depravity?

Are you both thankful L.J. and Denise for the degree and type of soulless, morally bankrupt, greedy ass people that you have become?

Are you thankful L.J. and Denise for the degree to which you have become masters of lying about the truth in your everyday lives?

Are you thankful L.J. and Denise that you have become in the eyes of your fellow citizens and peers as a couple of certified, greedy ass douche bags?  Maybe it doesn’t matter since all of your SAHBA building peers are most likely republican douche bags to begin with also.

Are you both thankful L.J. and Denise for the coming financial bankruptcy filing that you will have to make on behalf of your fraudulent and lying through your teeth, failing company?  You will not survive through 2009 and you both know it.

And are you thankful L.J. and Denise that one day, you will both burn in some kind of hell for your many sins of deceit and deception that you have perpetrated against your fellow man?

As you see, there are so many things to be thankful for in the life of the McCreary family.  I am sure that over the years, you and your despicable family have pretended to give many thanks for things that you have never deserved. 

Do you give thanks McCreary for your fucking boastful professions and reliance on your pseudo Christian morality religion to be self portrayed as a good, honest Christian man.  You would lie to anyone McCreary, including your God if you thought you could personally gain from such an act.  St. Michael’s Episcopalian church in Tucson must be so proud to have a parishioner of your caliber among them.   Does Father John R. Smith need the money that badly in order to keep his silence on the issue?  Evidently Father Smith seems to be lax on the morals front also.  

Isn’t it true that you only use your public professions of religion for business networking and gaining the confidence of potential clients through the inference of such artificially perceived morality on your part?  Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that both of you are nothing more than conmen masquerading as a competent SAHBA builder and a Realty Executive real estate agent queen?

No McCreary’s, you could obtain all the riches in the world and will still be looked upon by your peers as nothing more than a couple of ethical and moralistic losers in the game of life.  You will never achieve happiness or peace of mind by harming others around you in the pursuit of money.  

I am afraid your parents must have been both first rate losers in the act of raising good, honest children because there is no other reason why you both have evolved into the type of people that would harm other families for the love of money.  I pity your poor children because the apple does not fall far from the tree and you have to be two of the most duplicitous and dishonest people that I have ever had the disfavor to have met in my life.  If your children only picked up ten percent of your beliefs and values, they will be for sure losers during the remainder of their adult lives.  From what I have seen and read about your adult offspring children, the world is going to be a worse place because of your evil influence that you have had on them.

As Jacqueline Kennedy once said; if you bungle raising your children; I don’t think whatever else you do matters very much.”    What matters to you McCreary’s; just money?  Do you think having your children see you lying has been a proper way to raise your children Denise?  Lying is not a trait that is looked upon by society as a noble trait to pass onto any child. 

Denise and L.J.; you are certified liars and failures.  All that matters to you and L.J. is to increase you bank accounts.  You are both human losers with the fate of your deceitful actions.  You will never understand what incredibly failures as human beings and Americans that you have become.  Soul less people like you are missing something deep in your hearts that choose to be so cruel to regular families.  There is no forgiveness for such human manufactured depravity on your parts.

You should have never chosen to be the catalyst for a family to lose their home.  For God’s fucking sake McCreary, I had children still living in my home.  You had my children removed from their very own home McCreary.  You showed zero compassion for anyone in my family.   You are such a good, honest, republican conservative McCreary.  You are such a great American success story McCreary’s that you would harm children to increase your bank accounts.

How cold exactly could your hearts have been McCreary when you made the choice to sue and continue your lawsuit to the point that we lost our home?   You could have stopped at any time and just fixed the defects that you were responsible for.  It really does take an especially cold and heartless individual to have children removed from their home, simply for the fact of wanting to accumulate more money.  I can’t begin to tell you how much I hate the crooks and charlatans like you that reside in this country that are hell bent on ruining American families lives; solely for the pursuit of the almighty buck.

This Thursday L.J. and Denise do not get too smug with your lot in life and the prospects of continuing your business as you have.  I have hoped and prayed and even chanted curses in the direction of your lives in order for you to experience the pain that you chose to direct upon my family because of your inherent greed.  2009 will become a very painful year for you on numerous financial fronts.  Let’s bet on it?  Just look and see how others at SAHBA who have helped and supported you are now doing.

So don’t get too thankful yet McCreary’s with your lives since the difficult part for your journey is about to be bestowed upon you.  I am a firm believer in what goes around does come around, and the idea behind Karma and the power of the voodoo doll and its history of curses.  Your combined evilness between the two of you will come to haunt you for the rest of your lives.  You just should have treated my family with honesty and respect and none of this would have come your way.  You will now reap what you have chosen to have sown. 

I see nothing good for your futures.   Maybe it will be health issues that arrive on your doorsteps, maybe it will be imminent financial collapse, maybe you will be unable to sleep in your thoughts or maybe the effects of delayed stress syndrome from your past sins will begin to affect your psyche.  I can feel that something is definitely going to come your way and help you make amends for the evil actions and sins that you have propagated.  Maybe it could be a bolt of lightening during the monsoon season, maybe a meteor may crash into your home or a traffic accident that leaves you both paraplegics for the rest of your lives.  The possibilities for such evil people like your selves to acquire the same evil seeds that they have sown during their lives are endless.

I claim not to know how or when something possible like this will happen to your lives by some force in nature; some unknown dimension will bring you both to your knees in very short time.  Who knows for sure when, except maybe for your God?  Maybe you should go and ask him/her for guidance for the sins that you have committed against others? 

Always remember McCreary’s that true forgiveness is never accomplished by a simple act of death bed style confessions.  I have never possible to invoke forgiveness with death bed confessions when a person has had his whole life’s time to make amends for the harm that he has caused to others.  It is just too cheap, too sleazy, and much too easy of a way to think that you can be forgiven for living an evil driven life without ramifications.  But then again; trying for a last minute confession would fit your evil greed driven personality just perfectly. 

The last breath that a man exhausts should not be based upon pleading for forgiveness of a life long embracement that has been based upon lie.

I so look forward to reading about your future appointment with the negative aspects of Karma and the many curses that will come to you and your family by the hidden, unknown powers that are harbored in the universe.  So as you must see, do not get too thankful with your lives just yet, but wait until you see what the forces in life will now bring to you.  2009 is the year of the McCreary’s family downfall.  I will continue to curse you McCreary and your evil deeds that you have done to my family until the very day that I die.

And the band played on, but somewhere in time, someone or something was always watching for just the right moment for the reckoning to occur.

Very Sincerely,


“The Arizona Refugee”                

Copyright My McCreary Home Sucks! 2004. All rights reserved.