The following edited letter was e-mailed to Reverend John R. Smith on 10 December, 2007.  As I have said before to the McCreary’s, this beginning battle for justice is all encompassing.

Date: 10 December, 2007

Subject: Religion and character
To: The Reverend John R. Smith

Dear Reverend Smith,

With this Christmas season quickly approaching, I would ask that you consider offering a homily to your congregation during one of your Sunday services, on the worst of all sins; greed.  From greed, I believe that all human sins have their genesis.  Also Rev. Smith, I have many questions that I would wish for you to answer; as one human being communicating to another.
My wife and family resided in Tucson and Southern Arizona for over ten years until the forced break up of my family last year, from where we once had decided to put down roots as a family. 

My religious background Rev. Smith was with the Catholic Church and I attended Catholic grade school and high school for twelve years.  As a college graduate, I was also an officer in the U.S. Air Force, and in service for (12) years to the United States of America, along with duty time each year in the state of Arizona.  Later,  my service time in Arizona was then accompanied by ambivalence from the very same state that turned its back on my family’s future and security in 2000 to 2003, and sided instead with agenda of corporate business interest. 

One would think that a person with such credentials would be a faithful believer in adulthood on the topic of God and country, but this is no longer the case for me. Something terrible happened to me, to shake my faith in religion, government and the legal system that was purportedly based on justice. 

I now longer can believe in organized religion because of the hypocrisy that now afflicts its creed and I also now seriously question any type of representative government because of its inherent attraction to produce corruption among its male members.

I can no longer choose to believe in religion or government, because of what two of your self professed, sanctimonious church going members did to my family.   The continuing deception and façade of piousness that is still portrayed by these two morally bankrupt specimens of human depravity and their Christian con-man sanctity are spiritually nauseating.

A calculated introduction by another so called person of Christian faith, Fran Epsen of Long Realty, introduced us to a meeting with one of your parishioners, L.J. (Little John) McCreary.  I have asked myself many times if L.J. McCreary’s parents made a terrible mistake and he should have been instead named L.C. McCreary for (Little Character).  The introduction was one that was based on a secret business referral agreement for money between these two people, one that my wife and I were totally unaware of.  This secret business arrangement between McCreary and Epsen, I believe, was precipitated by L.J. McCreary for his own monetary benefit at our expense.

I remember distinctly during subsequent business meetings with L.J. McCreary, concerning his home construction company building a home for my family, that he was more than willing to discuss how important that his religion was to him and his family’s lives.  L.J. McCreary also touted his strong Mid Western values from the republican state and former enabler of the KKK, the great racist state of Indiana. Two years later, I would come to realize how hollow these professions of faith really were.  McCreary’s use of religion was used against us to lower our guard and trust him because of his public self displayed, self promoting relationship with God.  My wife and I were con- manned by Christian religion and deception.  

That first meeting with Fran Epsen and L.J. McCreary was one that I, along with my wife and children, will regret for the remainder of our lives.  Moving to the lying prone, deceiving prone and cheating prone city of Tucson, Arizona was the worst mistake of our lives!  I could never imagine that a city and its inhabitants could choose to be so corrupt, so cruel, and oh so cold.

We trusted Mr. McCreary and his wife Denise, not only because of his available public records, but because of Mr. McCreary’s profession for his Midwest and Christian values and in the end, paid dearly for listening to such a con- man Christian, P.T. Barnum profession of speech.  We later found out that the reformed jewish, and now born again “Christian” woman that introduced us to McCreary, Fran Epsen, also conned us into having L.J. McCreary as an undisclosed referral, and was paid with our money in a deceptively fraudulent, boiler placed worded contract by L.J. McCreary.  Seven years after dealing with these two home building criminals has still not lessened the financial devastation that these two people and their SAHBA lawyers have caused to my family.

My questions for you Rev. Smith, is what type of religion and morals does St. Michael’s portray to their parishioners that would make a man like L.J. McCreary comfortable with destroying a family’s life in the state of Arizona?  How does your church welcome such incredible con-men and women to your community to pray that then go out at hurt Arizona families, and their children’s futures?  Why will a parishioner, who publicly professes his religious values, choose to lie, cheat and steal from his neighbor without a second thought of consulting his conscience?  How can a so called “religious person,” choose to be so corrupt and cold?  Is it easy in this day in age for a Christian to be so heartless?  What does this say about Christians at St. Michaels?  Should people like the McCreary’s be considered saints in your church or the ever reforming devil types? 

How does your religious community continue to welcome such incredible sinners amongst you that will not even admit that they have harmed or sinned?  How does your community continue to welcome such sinners that have no scruples when it comes to harming good Arizona families because of money and greed?  What is religion actually for, if a man is willing to hurt a family or a child, for his personal gain and comfort?

If McCreary could have just provided the house that he promised us without defects, none of this would have ever happened.  If McCreary had not tried to use inferior/less expensive products and then charge us full price for these non-existent, high quality products, none of the $78,000 of overcharging would have occurred.  If McCreary had not used cheap, illegal alien labor to build our home; none of this might have happened.  If L.J. McCreary had not skimped on a totally incompetent building supervisor, Ray Quintero, none of this would have happened.  

L.J. and Denise McCreary filed a bogus lawsuit against my family in 2001.  Is it okay Father to build me a defectively constructed home, with incompetent, illegal alien laborers, with inferior substituted products charged at contracted superior top prices and then sues me and my family for unsubstantiated sums of money totaling over $90,000 dollars. 

In October 2000, McCreary came up with a Fantasy/Fraud Booklet that somehow just located another $50,000 dollars in charges that had just miraculously appeared when we had been on budget all along and up until the very last day of our construction loan on August 31.  No further additional change orders had been worked upon by McCreary during that interim period. 

Father Smith, please tell me if lying, cheating, stealing, fraud, and deception are considered sins in the Episcopalian church.  

Two years of litigation by McCreary’s (McCreary sued us) SAHBA promoted lawyers (Marc Simon and William Poorten III) and a State Farm Insurance lawyer (Elizabeth Claiborne), ran us financially, emotionally and spiritually into the ground.  And all that we wanted to do when we moved to Arizona in July of 1996 was to build a home for our family in Southern Arizona.  We were not land speculators or house flippers; we were just a growing family.    

What is there to believe that there exist any good in Arizona or America if a family’s home can be so fraudulently and coldly taken away from them?  We did nothing wrong to deserve being caught in the McCreary’s web of deceit, but as the victims now, we are still being forced to suffer the indignations that the McCreary’s have bestowed upon us because of their corrupted deed and actions. 

We signed a mid-term settlement agreement with McCreary’s lawyers to have the home inspected by our respective experts and if there was a dispute, then an impartial third party expert would decide on the remedy and then the defect would be fixed.  Unfortunately for my family’s security, L.J. McCreary and his lawyers never fixed a single remaining item during this period as promised, and we financially could not continue the legal charade.  We could not even sell the home if we had wanted to because the home was built so defectively.  The home with all of its defects was worth less than one third of its true non- defective value when it was finally foreclosed. 

I should have known better to trust McCreary and his equally despicable lawyers and their bogus offer of settlement.  Men that are involved with money only choose to lie and steal for more of it.  The accumulation of money is nothing more than a drug to them. 

That will be the last time I ever let a jewish lawyer or a judge steer us into an utterly worthless settlement agreement.  We did nothing wrong Father Smith except choose McCreary Homes to build our family a secure home and we ended up losing everything because of L.J. and Denise McCreary’s corruption, deception and greed.

L.J. McCreary’s greedy goal at that time in the summer of 2000, was revealed to us when he sheepishly told us, that he was trying to “retire as soon as he as possible,” with accumulating as much money as he could make by also selling Amway products.  How nice is that for Mr. McCreary’s agenda; but how devastating for my family’s security.  I was instead concerned for providing a roof over my family’s heads and security for my family’s future. 

But is it the Christian thing to do, to fraudulently over charge and carry out inferior, illegal alien performed work on my family’s home and have the home go into litigation because of his incompetence?  In the end McCreary sued us for his incompetence and corruption.

Because of Denise and L.J. McCreary, we ended up losing our land, our home, our credit rating, our future and almost our marriage.  Do you realize Rev. Smith how many times we had to attend marriage counseling sessions to try and repair our incredibly damaged marriage?  Do you think that the McCreary’s cared for even a second about the damage that they had done to our lives?  I bet the McCreary’s never gave it a second thought of how much damage they were causing to my wife and children?  How humanly brutal can one Christian couple be?  Even my wedding ring was thrown one night in to desert landscape, where it still remains, lost to this day.   The McCreary’s chose to put us through hell.

When will I ever find the “Christian values” of honesty and integrity, decide to begin, and when will I ever experience the other “Christian values” of avarice and greed, choose to end?

2003 was an awfully horrendous year for my family.  During numerous verbal arguments during that incredibly dreadful year of 2003, during and after the house foreclosed, I learned that my wife of 27 years had actually considered committing suicide by putting a gun to her head and momentarily thinking about experiencing the possibility.  My wife was actually sitting on the kitchen floor holding a gun in her hand when the thought passed her mind.  Reverend Smith, my wife is an incredibly mentally strong woman and can you imagine the amount of stress and heartache it took to even consider such a momentary option.  My wife just wanted at that moment for the incredible pain that was forced upon her by the McCreary’s actions, to just go away forever.

Please tell me Father Smith, how can I ever forgive these two despicably avarice prone people for what they have done to my wife and family; all done in the name to insatiate their greed?

I am so thankful that my wife came to her senses and rejected in that incredibly emotional moment of helplessness the thought of ending her pain in that way.  Because of this terrible situation that the McCreary’s had put us in, the situation could have possibly gotten incredibly darker for all involved.  We both made it through that very dark time in our marriage; with no help from any Tucson government agencies or the Tucson community, which exists only in word.  

Do you really think Father Smith that L.J. and Denise McCreary would have been concerned or accepted responsibility for a death that they might have caused in pursuit of their fraud and greed upon my family?  What kind of persons will push people to the possible brink of death in order to satisfy their lust for money and greed; supposedly good Caucasian Christians?

But one has to beg to ask the question why the leading cause of unnatural death in Tucson is not homicide or auto accidents; but suicide.  What is so wrong with Tucson’s cultural society that makes people want to end their lives from living in this city?  Why do people like the McCreary’s, lie, cheat, steal and hurt good families like mine to the point that this issue is even considered?  Does the Tucson republican legislative, home building business industry for profit and sprawl, contribute to the detriment of its citizen’s lives and their shallow based communities?  I believe the statistics answer that question. 

Something is terribly wrong in Tucson!   

Soulless republicans like McCreary do not care about other people daily lives or futures; but just about their greedy little selves.  No one cared if we lived or died; but so much for conservatives whining about the sanctity of marriage mantra and the importance of the family in Tucson or American society.

Didn’t the avarice cloaked McCreary’s realize that when they hurt an Arizona family beyond financial repair, that they in turn hurt their community.  Just look at the housing bubble and foreclosure fiasco that communities are experiencing today.  Everyone in a neighborhood and community suffers if a family is forced to give up their homes.  How can a person ever look themselves in the mirror knowing that they played a leading part in a family losing their land, their home, their credit rating, their marriage and their future?  How do professed Christians like the McCreary’s and their lawyers sleep at night with this black mark on their souls?  Yes I know Father; they probably sleep like babies due to the fact that they do not possess souls. 

We have now been forced to leave Arizona, and our children will plan on leaving Arizona soon.  Even one of our closest friends in Tucson now choose to leave Arizona because of our family’s turmoil and subsequent family upheaval and physical breakup that has been provided by the “community” of Tucson. 

My children are all successful young adults now and they will take their skills and considerable incomes to states that at least appreciate the thought of family support and the secure concept of home.  My income is no longer subject to Arizona taxes and I will contribute zero toward your economy, all thanks to L.J. and Denise McCreary and their SAHBA and State Farm bought lawyers (Marc Simon, William Poorten III and Elizabeth Claiborne). And I might add that my income was substantial at the time this crime took place.  But tell me Father Smith, how does one fight equally for justice against corporations and insurance companies, when their jewish lawyer only works for the almighty dollar?  In the end, I never had my day in court because of a lack of funds to pay a mortgage and feed a lawsuit.  I believe jewish lawyers are the equivalent definition of highway robbery.

After being in the top 5% of wage earners in the U. S. in 2002, my family was not deemed acceptable by the Arizona community and its government and worthless protection standards.  Why Father Smith is there such a republican penchant to protect republican builders and developers over its people? 

In early 2003 after the security and foreign policy blunders of George W. Bush and republicans from 9/11, 2001 until the build up and coming Iraqi invasion of March 2003, my wages were reduced to reflect the republican rule domination over middle class life.  As far as saving my home went in January 2003, it did not matter that my wages were reduced since the damage to our home and lives had already been done by the previous two years of the McCreary’s lawsuit.  The merit less lawsuit only weakened my family’s ability to weather any other storms.

Late in early January of 2005 my pension was forced to be terminated by a pro-corporate bankruptcy court, whose main goal is to strip workers benefits and wages and protect banking system and executive compensations agendas.  Although my wagers are once again adequate, I am still no longer in the top 5% of wage earners, and I no longer have a guaranteed retirement that I was legally promised over twenty-two years ago.  America and its corporate rulers, only lie to its people. 

When a person no longer has money for legal representation, a person no longer has the chance to sit at the table of justice in this state and country.  In late January we felt that we had no choice but to file for bankruptcy since were going to be forced to pay the continuing cost of litigation that had been funded by a second mortgage.  There was no way on earth I would ever recover from this nightmare if I was forced to pay for a second mortgage while I no longer owned my home.  I would never have taken out a second mortgage if McCreary had built our home correctly and not filed his financially damaging and life changing lawsuit. Even at this point, my family could have afforded a home or the cost of a lawsuit; but not both.

Something is terribly wrong in Arizona; something is terribly wrong in America  

Arizona will only be losers in the long run for choosing to expel good Arizona ex-military families from their state, all to protect a corrupt and fraudulent builder.  Democratic Governor Napolitano, Attorney General Terry Goddard and SAHBA should be ashamed to have been willing enablers to have this fiasco be administered to my family.  We could no longer choose to stay in a state that willingly lets its people be financially raped into bankruptcy for business agenda profits.

I no longer am the same man that I was before I had to actively endure this rape from (2001 to 2003) and the ever ongoing (2003 to 2007) nightmare with McCreary Homes.  There is no closure for me as long as the McCreary’s and SAHBA will not acknowledge there crimes against my family and make restitution.  So that is the way it will be, and that is the way it will remain.  I cannot stop writing until justice has been served to each and all that were involved with this physical, emotional, financial rape of my family.

I ask for your help Father Smith to confront this great injustice that resides in the hearts of some of your parishioners.  Please consider a homily on the destructive behavior and the great harm to the community that greed and avarice bring with them to the table of life. 

As a father, I know that all of my children could have all been young and wonderful assets to the city of Tucson and the state of Arizona if the state had not allowed us to be harmed so thoroughly.  Instead will you have to settle for another (65) year old retired couple that only comes to Tucson to die?  I am sure that will add immensely to the cultural addition to your city.  But please tell me Father Smith; why does Tucson have such an incredibly high suicide rate?  Is it the rampant hopelessness?

My daughter could have been a great asset to the community of Tucson, but even she was not accepted to the Rogers School of Law at the University of Arizona.  Evidently, my family is not good enough to attend this fine neocon institution of higher learning like other past Arizona candidates who have attended, like Lourdes Lopez who was recently disbarred from practicing law in Arizona.  It seems as if being involved, however innocently in a murder plot for higher does not bother the admission standards to be changed for character requirements to this higher place of institutional learning. 

In retrospect, the Rogers School of Law did my daughter an incredibly wonderful favor by not accepting her.   My daughter is now in the top 5% of her law class and has wonderful offers of summer internships in both Phoenix and San Francisco.   We are thrilled that we as a family will no longer have any ties to Tucson and that more importantly, she will not be corrupted by that God awful, Sen. Jon Kyl/Dennis Rosen/Marc Simon graduate, republican neocon school that trains and promotes lawyers to follow their greed, where ever their all out pursuit of money might take them.

Father Smith, how can a person believe in anyone or anything when money is involved?  How can an everyday American believe in the concept of justice when lawyers and judges can be bought off in an instant?  Something is terribly wrong when a good family can go down the financial gutter by a couple of greedy building company crooks. 

Again Father, Something is terribly wrong in Tucson.  Something is terribly wrong in Arizona!

For the first time in 27 years, Christmas will not be celebrated properly by my entire family since we now must live in apart in different states.   I could no longer stomach living in a state that approves of financially raping good ex-military families for profit.  The issue is complicated by living in a smaller rental apartment and having the majority of our belongings in storage for the past year.  No permanent home and no Christmas this year is just the perfect McCreary Christmas gift that continues to keep on giving.     

Rev. Smith, how do you consider it to be a Christian act, that a person from your parish could force a family into a gypsy rental lifestyle, while they lived in their $750,000 dollar home in Tucson on a country club golf course?  How Christian is it that the McCreary’s during the last four and one-half years have forced us to move six times amongst rental units because of their greed and hateful behavior?  Would your God approve of such behavior amongst your congregation?   Could there be a special place in hell Rev. Smith for Christians who harm innocent families to insure their continued opulence?

If you have the time Rev. Smith, during this busy holiday season, I would appreciate if you could please answer my questions concerning religion, character and the composition of your parish.  What makes a person come to your service on Sunday’s, fold their hands and look holy, and then go out into their community, and so hurt their fellow man?  Please explain that to me Father Smith, or is it just as simple as deception and hypocrisy for commercial networking purposes as the reason why the McCreary’s belong to your parish.  Are the McCreary’s using the church to manufacture business contacts?  Have the McCreary’s ever confessed their sins to you or any other priest?  I don’t think so. 

The McCreary’s don’t like to admit or advertise their sins to anyone; even their God 

How can religious doctrine and greed co-exist at the same time in the hearts of your members?  How can so called “religious people” approve of death and destruction and the lies that have put us in Iraq?  Do you think that Jesus would be willing to bomb Iraq and Iran for providing the concept of glory to your God? 

There are so many questions emanating from my soul, and all too few credible answers being offered for my conscience to decipher. 

I wish someone could show me the way to ever trust my fellow man again after experiencing the McCreary family and their St. Michael Christian values.  How will I ever trust organized religion again if my questions are never answered?  Would you please explain the discrepancy between religion and your parishioner’s characters?

Reverend Smith, you can contact me at McCrearyinfo@aol.com if you are so inclined to answer any and all of my questions. 

Thank you for your time and concern for a fellow man.


“The Arizona Refugee”

P.S. you can read more of this lurid story at www.mymccrearyhomesucks.com;
and at our sister website, www.sahbasucks.com.   I will apologize in advance for my prose and politics since they are no longer PG rated, and I implore you to read them at your own risk.  This is my world now Reverend Smith.  But I did mention earlier, that I am no longer the same man anymore and my wife is not the same women.  The transformation in our lives is all because of our L.J. and Denise McCreary and their McCreary Home nightmare encounter.  I hope that you will understand.

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