Date:  19 August 2008

Subject:  Another Anniversary

Title:  An Eight Year Anniversary of Sorrow

Sub Title:  How Do You Really Sleep With Yourself?


#1...... do not have a name that is spelled out as L.J. or Denise McCreary An 8 year abortion in which the ramifications from this defective attempt to build a home, are still in the making. That is if you are at least human and have the faculties to possess a conscience


A very open letter to L.J. and Denise McCreary,

It is true that we all have anniversaries in our lives.  Anniversaries are to be remembered and never forgotten because they detail the roads that lead to the mapping of our lives.  During the road of life you will meet many people along the way, some who are very good and some who can be considered like angels and even some saints.  But on this very same and sometimes incredibly cruel beyond words world, you will be unfortunate to meet terribly evil people who can be considered the devils of the universe that will change your life forever and drag you into their black widow spider hole of depravity and shame. 

You L.J. and Denise McCreary are such terribly evil people that have made a calculated decision to change my family’s lives for ever worse.  The McCreary name will by default be forever associated with the demonic themes of the Devil himself.  Lucifer would be so very proud of the road to hell that the McCreary clan has chosen to take in their lives of self satisfaction and greed because he could not have done better himself.  The names of Mother Theresa and Desmond Tutu will never have to be confused with the L.J. McCreary Clan name as long as goodness, fairness and compassion rein solvent in the universe.  If ever this tragic event might happen, surely the human species will have evolved back into the animal kingdom of ambivalence of reasoning, imagination and compassion.   Such a cold world would certainly exist without regard to season or temperature.

You have recently acknowledged your celebratory 20th year anniversary in your never ending attempt to build quality homes in the Tucson area. Once again for us, we are also experiencing the pain of our eight year anniversary today, August 19th;    We have been for all these years dealing with the damaging ramifications of your company, SAHBA and the state of Arizona’s, defectively aborted attempt to build us our contracted custom home which you signed your infamous name to contract for.  Why after all of these years, have you never once provided us with an answer why the home was so poorly constructed?  Is your legal jeopardy of voice such a silencer of conscience?  Will it take a contingency lawsuit against you and your backers of corruption to get you to answer that simple question McCreary?  I may not sue be able to sue for my home any longer McCreary, but what about the incredible damages that you and your “providers,” provided my family with your actions?  

Does the truth of your incompetence and fraudulent lying nature scare you and oyu enablers?

I do understand that there is so little justice in Arizona, and it is all because of the incredible amount of corruption (SAHBA) that takes place in the construction and real estate industry between builders, developer, real estate agents lawyers and their paid with money politicians and judges.  This website will continue until I get that answer from the “horses mouth” himself. 

Would you agree McCreary that anniversaries are to be acknowledged and commemorated, but never forgotten?   That would be such a shame for the sake of truth; would you agree?

It is safe to say, that as a matter of pure fact that you never finished the construction of our home since there were so many defects (over 222)  present when we moved in on August 19, 2000.  It seems to us like it was just yesterday that we were moving into our home that afternoon and evening when only the setting sun and a full moon and (2) light bulbs in our home were available for illumination to celebrate our moving in date with McCreary Homes.  And to think, there was no instance of a bubbly, celebratory bottle of delusional Champaign available for arrival as you had advertised with previous clients.  Instead McCreary you provide us with a catalyst, a prototype for never ending darkness that would soon enter our lives.

We should have realized that this was to be an ugly premonition of the things to come in our lives.  Your penchant to defraud and steal from us would only multiply in its intensity and scope of our lives.   What should have been one of the happiest days of my family’s lives was only the start of the long nightmare that would shake my belief in everything that I ever believed about fairness, justice or the silly facade America dream.  No, corruption and fraud are now the American Dream for people like you who need to profit at any cost.

Time does not lessen the act of fraud.  Time does not lessen the acts of corruption.  And Time does not lessen this injustice.

How do you sleep McCreary?

And it is not like we had nothing to complain about or try and stand up for our consumer rights about so many defective items?  It wasn’t like you provide the home that we contracted for and then having decided to renegotiate the price of the home for a lesser amount.  No. you in fact increased the cost of the home by $78,000 dollars and then sued us for the benefit of your incompetence.  As I have said before, you never even had the expertise to finish the home and finish it correctly, let alone provide a quality constructed home for my family to live in.

How do you sleep McCreary?

It wasn’t like there were over 222 defects in the home, many that you would not address.

It wasn’t like you had to replace a collapsing great room ceiling that was constructed with inferior and much cheaper wood........... now did you?


It wasn’t like you had to replace the dangerous granite topped kitchen island that you had Arizona Kitchens and Designs build for us........... now did you?


It wasn’t like you put up a damaged from the crate heat pump with louver covers on my roof and then said it was caused by hail damage...........now did you?

It wasn’t like you had to replace the water damaged hallway bathroom cabinet......... now did you?

It wasn’t like you replaced the slanted driveway that sloped into the garage instead of sloping the correct way; away from the garage......... now did you?

It wasn’t like you fixed and then replaced the water soaked wall that you allowed to build so incorrectly.........now did you?

It wasn’t like you did anything to cause my family to lose our home to foreclosure because of monetary legal raping.......now did you?

And it wasn’t like you did not provide the stress and financial strain to have my wife think about putting a gun to her head ..........yes you did, oh, yes you did!

I will never be able to forgive you McCreary for the heartache that you caused my family; especially the pain that you caused my wife.  Do you have any idea what it does to a woman to lose the home that is meant for security for her and her children?  You ruined our family life completely.  I know that you do not care; which is such a republican attitude, one that is based on money and nothing else. 

Unfortunately McCreary, you forgot that a happy customer is a good thing for business; especially in a depressed housing market.  Whatever happened to the customer is always right?  Unfortunately in our situation, it was you who said you were always right and that we were just being too picky with our request.  Please McCreary, go look at the pictures again and bring yourself back to reality. 

We had every right to demand that you fix the house correctly.  But unfortunately for us and your company’s reputation, you would not do this customer satisfaction saving event or doing anything to save the integrity of your company.  We all make mistakes.  It is the good builder that fixes them with no further questions asked.  Please do not ever consider yourself to be a good builder or the laughable website claim that you are the premiere builder of Southern Arizona; such lying bull shit! 

Consumers should be very aware of false Messiah’s and false claims of quality.  If a builder has to brag about its quality ( KB Homes & McCreary Homes), you can bet their reputation is in the gutter.  Good companies do not need to tell how competent they are.

I hope that your God can provide for you or your wife the sense of loss that you provided for my family.  It didn’t have to be this way, but then again, I didn’t see that I was dealing with two legged snakes with all of the deceptive slithering that you hid from us.  You could have just been a man and fixed your mistakes and then we could have all moved on with our lives, but instead your bank account was more important than my family’s well being or my wife’s mortality.

Surely McCreary, even after the four years this website has been running, I can only imagine the lies that you tell potential customers who ask you about this site.  I can’t imagine why anyone that is computer literate would even consider using McCreary Homes for even a nanosecond after reading about what you did to us.  I imagine that the lies that you tell people are just incredible; it would so fit your worthless character.

So McCreary; how do you really sleep at night?  Are you able McCreary to squelch the demonic dreams of greed and non-existent compassion for you fellow Arizona families?  How do you do it?  Are you that lacking in person compassion that you can sleep like a baby at night?  How do you live with yourself for what you have done to my family in the name of the almighty buck?  I will never understand the mind set and conscience of murderer and likewise I will never understand the mind set and conscience of such a greedy, family home killer. 

And please don’t even think for a moment someday on your death bed, to attempt to ask your God for forgiveness.  It isn’t going to happen.  Believe what you want McCreary about your last minute, saved by the bell to hell, Episcopalian religion of make believe forgiveness, but how could a God forgive a person like you when you had so many years to make amends for your sins and chose to do nothing?  Eternity is such a long time to pay back for the short time evilness that you provided your fellow man on this earth.  Think about it.

But really, how do you ever fall to sleep in your head?


How do you Sleep?

You say that SAHBA really took you by surprise
You should instead look into your mother’s eyes,
Those building freaks were right when they said you was so dead,
The one mistake in life you made was in your greedy little head,

Oh how, how do you sleep?  Oh how, how do you sleep at all?

You live with soul dead lawyers who tell you was king,
You jumped so high when your mama wife tells you any little thing,
The only good thing you did was so God damn long ago,
And since you left, you’re just another nightmare, as a never ending foe.

Oh how, how who do you sleep?  Oh how, how do you sleep at all?

A greedy little face like yours may last a year or two,
But soon they will see with horror what your little heart can so readily do,
Even the defective work you make is such a misery to your corrupted peers,
You didn’t learn much in all of those years that now have become tears.

Oh how, how do you sleep?  Oh how, how do you sleep at all?

(Alternate Lines)

The only good thing you did was before nineteen ninety- six,
That was way before your greed came and you chose to get your kicks,
Did it matter that you chose the fastest path to sink,
Now there’s a noose around yourself, for all for your head to think

Oh how, how do you sleep?  Oh how, how do you sleep at all?

You told us that you were such a hell of competent builder,
But your bloated boast instead provided a scene that almost killed her,
You lied to us with such an ease that was built around deception
Now you can play with your conscience; there will be no exception.

Oh how, how do you sleep?  Oh how in the phuck will you ever sleep again?

By “The Arizona Refugee” with sincere inspiration from JL

Yes McCreary, many say you died such long time ago.  Yeah, your spirit as a human being in fact really did die a catastrophic death back in 1996.  It is always a tragedy when a human being decides to transcend themselves into the realm of a monster that is consumed with greed.  A real human being should never choose to kill the spirit, sanctity or the security of a family that is only trying to survive this world intact.  I say that the L.J. McCreary, the one that cared about his clients and their family’s and their dreams died back after 1996, back around the time you conjured up the images in your head of power, money and greed.  There will never be for you any reprieves from such latent homo sexual, culture sucking moments of greed!

As they say, anniversaries are not to be forgotten, but instead remembered for the events that took place on such personal, meaningful days in a family’s everyday lives.  You ruined our memories, you ruined our traditions and you ruined our lives.  You and your lawyers ruined the direction, goals and path that our lives were scheduled on.  Traditions and anniversaries should never be allowed to be commemorated in the interest of sorrow from persons that manufacture such misery fro others.   People like you McCreary, who bring families such sorrow and grief on occasions that should have brought happiness and joy to their lives, are the worst lot of human beings that humanity has to offer to the world.  I so pity your children’s hearts and the legacy of their parents from which they can never escape.   

God forbid if there is another civil war in this country.  Maybe this time it will be the wealthy against the poor.  I will never forget what you did to my family!

With the greatest of insincerity to you and your family’s well being; just as you so granted mine,


“The Arizona Refugee”

Happy Anniversary

Copyright My McCreary Home Sucks! 2004. All rights reserved.