This is pretty simple stuff folks for the public consumer to digest:  L.J. and Denise McCreary of “McCreary Homes” of Tucson, Arizona, a Southern Arizona Home Building Association (SAHBA) “certified custom home program builders,” are incompetent building, fraudulently challenged, deceptively corrupted, and lying ass crooks.

The McCreary’s have now become so adept at lying and deceiving, that one must consider their exploits on a professional level.  But why do these two people continue to choose to lie like dogs?  Maybe the real reason is that they no longer have a choice.  Once a person starts slipping down the slippery slope of untruths, there is very little chance of ever turning back on the hole that they have also concurrently dug to bury themselves in. 

Additional lying seems to be there only option now. 

It has been said that if a man or woman lies to you once, they will lie to you a thousand times.  L.J. and Denise McCreary are living proof that this proverb is remarkably true.   Seven years after we experienced the McCreary’s first lies, this Tucson money hungry, Christian professing couple continue to tabulate even more lies that may well be beyond the thousand count mark at this point in time.  But didn’t even Pastor Ted Haggard tell lies, just like the McCreary’s continue to do?

If these comments do not help you decide on a builder or buying a home in Tucson or southern Arizona that was built by these two SAHBA promoted frauds or another SAHBA “professional,” then nothing will change your mind.  At this point you will have to travel at your own great risk and without benefit of my experience.   But if you need just a little more information to protect yourself and your family from these two snakes and the other numerous SAHBA snakes of Tucson, Arizona, please read on and educate yourself.  Please read more in order to prevent yourself and your family from experiencing the “McCreary Dream Home” nightmare that they provided my family by choosing to read the details of our incredibly damaging human interest story. 

Read how these two snakes can provide for you like they did for my family: a defective home build, substitution of inferior materials, fraudulent accounting, a merit less lawsuit, foreclosure, thoughts of suicide, spousal arguments, marriage counseling, thoughts of divorce, sleepless nights, bankruptcy and even forced my family to become gypsy hopping renters for the past five years

What do you think that all of these terrible actions do to a family and especially our children’s emotional state?  They had nothing to do with this fraud that was perpetrated upon us, but yet they suffered greatly, right along with their parents.  So why is there so much idle talk about the “sanctity of marriage” and the “family values” mantra that is always claimed in red states, like in the right wing republican state of Arizona?   But then why is there is so little help if any, when a family’s time of greatest need is announced and exposed?  Maybe the whole “sanctity of marriage” and “family values” issues are really not issues at all and just another republican facade to exploit come voting time.  Why do business interests trump the health and security of families in Arizona? 

No one from government or private industry in this state helped my family, in our greatest time of need and stress from these jackals!  I have never felt more alone than the feeling that I experienced in the state of Arizona.  Moving to Arizona and having McCreary Homes build our custom home was the worst mistake of my life. I will forever regret my decision to ever trust these two snakes.

Yes folks, McCreary Homes can provide this all for your family to; but only for an incredibly expensive price that will test your financial, emotional and spiritual resources!  Few of you, if not any at all, will be able to endure the incredible hardship that these two SAHBA promoted builders can provide for you if you are just willing to throw the dice on your family’s security, your family’s future, your family’s dreams and your family’s mental health from building fraud and lawsuit stress. 

Never in a million years during August of 1999, when we signed on the dotted line with L.J. McCreary could I have imagined the nightmare journey that he and his wife would take us on during the next three years of our lives.  Our lives were in effect abducted and kidnapped by the McCreary’s all out pursuit of greed and dishonesty.  It stupefies me that everything could have been so different in our lives if the McCreary’s, Fran Epsen of (Long Realty),The Registrar of Contractors/ Department of Real Estate (State of Arizona) and SAHBA’s  “certified custom home builder program,” had just been honest and ethical business/government endeavors to help, rather than crucify Arizona consumers and their families.

It would have sure been nice from 2000 to 2005 to be able to own a home.  L.J. and Denise McCreary, SAHBA, Long Realty, the State of Arizona and our incompetent attorneys Dennis Rosen and Alice Milton, took that option away from us with our once perfect credit rating left in tatters.   I guess this fact that I lost out on the home appreciation era will just be another part of the damages that we will eventually seek.  As I have told McCreary before in numerous essays on this website, this is not over by any means.  It has taken this long to get over our emotional wounds and bankruptcy which the McCreary’s and SAHBA forced us into, and now I am so ready to once again engage in the pursuit of justice.   Trust me on this one folks; I am coming and you will not have enough money to even think about covering the pain and suffering and damage that you have given to my family! 

Passion and language are used liberally and sometimes colorfully to express my emotion of the facts about these two depraved liars.  Continue at your own risk of embarrassment and fun. 

With that in mind; I do invite you to please continue.


On December 10th, 2007, L.J. and Denise McCreary, after seven years of hiding and even refusing to acknowledge their calculated actions, finally chose to publicly respond with a rebuttal letter to a complaint that my wife wrote on the website Rip-off Report.com.  Will miracles never cease to happen?  Praise be Jesus and Halleluiah everyone! 

This New Year’s Day manifesto is in direct response to the calculated lies that these two people manufactured for that rebuttal letter.  Obviously even I was appalled and then slowly angered by the scope and depth of the lies and deception that these two people still propagate to this day for public consumption.  It never ceases to amaze me the depravity and darkness that is so capable in the human being experience in life.

So in response to that letter, this public service manifesto is provided to protect the public against the harm and the manufactured lies that L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes, continue to fabricate for public consumption.  Unlike the McCreary’s, I am not seeking any type of monetary gain from this letter.  The McCreary’s are only trying to salvage their non-existent credibility and sinking home building business in this building boom bubble collapse and credit crunch housing shut down. 

But the question that begs to be asked in almost silent form; “How do two people salvage their credibility’s when they do not posses any credibility to even salvage?

If you are contemplating on buying a home from McCreary or any other Southern Arizona Home Building Association (SAHBA) “custom home builder program” endorsed builder, please read this entire letter to protect yourself and your family. I just wish that someone, anyone would have warned me of SAHBA’s deceptive and protective program for builders and the two legged snakes like, L.J. and Denise McCreary who operate the fraud based company called McCreary Homes and websites titled McCrearyHomes.com and McCrearyDreamHomes.com. 

I have zero respect for L.J and Denise McCreary as human beings.  My contempt only grows for these calculated liars.  There is nothing good to say about these two horrible examples of humanity.  These two specimens of infamy have chosen a path to become as slimy as the bile of rotting maggots on a blistering summer desert day, locked in a closed, rusted garbage can.  

The moral stench from these two people must permeate the air, wherever they go.  But then again, one should not question their professions of being good Christian people and not Christian hypocrites which they really are, since they and their children attend St. Michael’s Episcopalian church in Tucson, Arizona.  Folding your hands and looking holy has never been more suspect these days as examples of religious fraud and deception!  Is the act of the McCreary’s folding their hands and appearing to look holy at the communion part of the Mass, only performed for religious profession, or just for simple square filling items for show?  

 It is quite sad when a man and woman like the McCreary’s will even try to deceive their very own God.  But then again, maybe the real God for the McCreary’s is money?  So much for the 1st Commandment; “Thou shall not worship false Gods!”

The following Rip-off Report .com letter rebuttal by L.J. and Denise McCreary has displayed once again, such a great example for the McCreary’s affinity for lying, cheating, and stealing from the truth that this couple still has chosen to hold onto.  This couple hasn’t even broken a sweat or gotten into full stride yet when it comes to lying.  I would have thought after years of lying, that they would finally realize that their lying, cheating and stealing from people is a horrid existence and that choosing to acquire some measure of their lost integrity would be a worthy goal.  I was wrong. 

But integrity involves truth and character; terms that both of these people cannot even imagine; let alone begin to spell.   Now, the McCreary’s have once again chosen to remain on their psychopathic path for destruction of the truth and become exponentially worse with the art of their concealment of their deception and lying ways. 

But then again, aren’t they also loyal republicans?   Isn’t this exactly what good little republicans are programmed to do; lie, cheat, steal and hurt people?  Didn’t Denise McCreary join the other avarice prone women of Tucson high society, Christine Olson and Vicki Click, to join the “Women for Kyl” program to provide direct campaign money for Senator Jon Kyl’s re-election in 2006?  But please tell me what local republican peon, Denise McCreary’s objective was, to tag along with the big dog women of Tucson politics in 2006; maybe building contacts and money?   There will be more about this topic later on a specially assigned essay, especially just for you Denise and the “Women for Jon Kyl.”  I still have the wonderful list of names of the women of Tucson who support death and destruction as long as they get their estate tax lowered and government stays out of any kind of policing of corporate America.  Sure, let us just trust a corporation like the McCreary’s have, to do the right thing without hint of penalty or jail time to provide an honest service without pilfering the consumer. 

Is McCreary Homes as “successful” as they want to believe they are?  If a company lies to you once; they will lie to you a thousand times.  But seriously folks, I honestly did not realize that the stench from such slimy people could intensify at such a rapid rate; even for the McCreary’s.  It seems like every time the McCreary’s open their mouths, a lie seems to float off their tongue and lips.  If only the McCreary’s would agree to have their lips sutured shut, it would give the public a chance to rest from hearing any more of their manufactured lies.

The McCreary’s cannot help themselves from the path of dishonesty, which includes a life that possesses no sense of integrity or morality; even seven years after making a calculated choice to financially ruin my family because of their lust for money and future greed. 

Anyone who chooses to buy a McCreary built home, just like L.J. and Denise McCreary failed to competently build for us, is just asking for future hidden trouble.  I would never buy a McCreary custom, tract, or spec home, even if they gave it to me for free, for fear that these two despicable people would hide their defective building techniques and they would not be readily seen for years after the purchase.  Do not trust your family’s financial, physical and emotional security with these horrid people; they and their lawyers will only hurt you.

And now their surrounding neighbors, near their home on 7749 Oakwood Pl., in the Catalina Foothills of Tucson, Arizona, knows what type of slimy people that they have become and continue to intensify in their lying.  As they choose to increase the scope of their lies, I too will increase my passion filled pursuit towards some measure of justice; no matter how small the rewards may actually be. 

But in deference to good people that might be sucked in by these two maggots of morality, and their con-man and con-woman Christian lines of make believe sanctity, the story must and will continue for a lifetime.  The people of Arizona have no other form of protection from such con-men and con-women, other than the truth that is provided from the general public, such as our website, the Van dan Elzens and Collins family’s letters.   Yes, the McCreary’s are so correct.  You can count on me to provide the “Endless Battle” to expose the truth!  Yes, the McCreary’s, two hypocritical prototypes of a con-man and a con-woman and self professed “good Christian people,” should crack open their holy bible, and try reading the pages for the very first time in their lives.  Actions always speak louder than empty words!  

You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!”   

Thanks again for finally discussing and not ever acknowledging the situation that you both created; no matter how much you choose to lie about it.  

“The Arizona Refugee”

Date:  01 January, 2008

Subject:  Rebuttal to Ripoff Report.com

Title:  “The Endless Battle

Sub Title:  A 2008 New Year’s manifesto/rebuttal against the continuing lies!


An open letter to L.J. (Little Character), Denise (Screecher) McCreary and the unsuspecting public: 


This letter is a direct rebuttal to the December 10th, public report that you made on Rip-off Report.com.  My wife has provided a limited public response to your “Endless Rebuttal,” but due to space constraints, on Rip-off Report.com, there is not enough space to surgically counter and responsibly comment on your “Endless Lies” letter to beg for credibility.  Unfortunately for your sake, my rebuttal letter will be just a bit more in depth and probing.  I will dissect each and every word and sentence that you two lying deceiving bastards have now published.   No one is safe from you two and your lies.

If anything L.J. and Denise, you have increased my contempt even more because of the God damn lies that you both continue to manufacture to hide your guilt.  That is just fine with me because I am so glad that you finally engaged.  I know that the home building business today must be terribly bad for you and that is why you have finally decided to engage.  Your company like ENRON, is going down the tubes; now isn’t it?       

I have relished on each and every potential building client that has chosen to not build with you after reading our website.   We know that we have saved many from doing business and living a potential nightmare because of your fraudulent company; no matter how “successful” that you say you have become.  Can you really blame anyone from running away from your company as fast as they can after what you did to my family?  Don’t you believe the truth is an incredibly potent way of advertising?  I do!

Do you really believe that if you just continue to lie that everyone will finally believe your stories?  Lying is a slippery path for an individual or couple to go down.  Once the lies begin, they only continue to get bigger and more absurd.  Thanks to you now, my passion for justice has only been enhanced by the writing and manufacturing of more of your lies.   Your lies keep me going, just like the Energizer Bunny.

I will never give up seeking justice and telling the public the truth about your company, the Lute Olson/Jim Click /SAHBA sponsored type people, Arizona, your corrupted republican based legislators, and the shit hole city of Tucson itself that permits and enables such rift raft like you to exist in its community.

I am so glad to hear that you continue to read my essays about your company, Arizona republicans and republican jewish lawyers.  My battle for justice is all encompassing.  You will soon rue the day that you ever decided to phuck with me and my family’s future and security.    

As I have said many times before, that I am a changed man from the one that you began to swindle in 2000.  You have forever altered my perception of your state, this country and its corrupted institutions.  I have thought long and hard, late at night, early in the morning and throughout the day why this abuse was allowed to happen to me, my family and why.  Five years after the financial and emotional destruction that you provided my family, has not slowed my quest for some measure of justice.  If anything my contempt and thirst for Arizona corrupted government and their non-existent judicial system has only grown.  My contempt for you and your enablers at SAHBA has also grown. 

Thank you for fanning the flames of passion to intensify it.  There will be many more essays to follow that tie you, and your company, SAHBA, and the state of Arizona to the many enablers that have chosen to prop you up.  Republican SAHBA supporters, Lute Olson and Jim Click are just the tip of the iceberg. 

As you say about my comments concerning the state of Arizona and republicans; I cannot tell a lie.  You are so right.  Republicans like you suck!  Since what you have done to us, I have developed an incredible contempt for Arizona and the republican supporters who maintain such corruption in their state, which supports evil people like you.  On your defense, I know that you have no problem with such scenarios since you and your lovely screeching wife have been long ago corrupted to support such people and their political and commercial agendas. 

I also have developed contempt for republican chicken hawk conservatives like Lute Olson and Jim Click who support SAHBA and you, while they also monetarily support and enable young American men and Iraqis to be killed in support of honoring the republican Party and their insatiable quest in the pursuit of greed.   

Isn’t Lute Olson’s wife Christine, his soon to be alleged, ex-cheating wife, in the oil and gas drilling business and a proponent of drilling in ANWAR?   Christine Olson is a true conservative republican; if there ever was one, and how do those lovely women turn out?  Do the lovely, pained faces of Michel Malkin, Anne Coulter, Christine Olson or Bay Buchanan ring any bells?  Doesn’t Christine Olson’s latest picture of her face look so old and pained?  That is what being a republican female is all about these days; death and pain to a women’s soul.

Do conservative republicans believe in helping people and telling the truth or do they just believe on cheating on their spouses; Senator David Vitter (R) of Louisiana anyone?  No, the majority of republican conservatives like the McCreary’s continue to deceive and conserve both of their duties to tell the truth and try and control their uncontrollable greed.  No one can ever accuse the McCreary’s of ever being bright or smart; but instead they are just simple dumb shit, everyday, lying ass republican supporting crooks. 

Conservatives supporters like you, L.J. McCreary, are only dedicated to the concept of conserving your dwindling characters for the pursuit of money.  Why do republican people like you choose to conserve your hypocrisy and your self righteous morality, but never conserve the actions of your deceitful words and hurtful deeds?  Never do you choose to liberally invoke any integrity, to liberally invoke any honor, or to liberally invoke morality, but instead you liberally choose to show and continue to develop your deceptive agenda that is based on greed. 

Yes, republican neocon conservatives in America today suck the big one!  Arizona republican Senators, Jon Kyl and John McCain suck the big one.  These two neocon elderly phucks are helping to ruin the country at an exponential rate.  And did I see where Lute Olson and Jim Click are giving big bucks to this geriatric qualified, senility prone, war mongering moron again?  Click and Olson just love throwing the publics hard earned money that they skim, out the proverbial window for loser type candidates.  They will do anything to try and remain in power with their bought and paid for politicians. 

Why do these two, Arizona political corporate prostitutes, McCain and Kyl, along with their morally challenged enablers, Click and Olson, continue to support the agenda of builders and developers and their raping of Arizona consumers?  Why do you think that there is something terribly wrong in the state of Arizona?  Why do you think that there is something terribly wrong with the state of America today? 

Sure, go ahead and pretend that everything is okay.

I am so ashamed of Arizona.  I am so ashamed that I wasted ten years of my life in that shit hole state.  I am so ashamed of America, a once benevolent country that now spies and tortures people for fun.  I want my country back from you Fascist supporting enablers. 

George W. Bush as a far right wing conservative republican, although I do not know what he is conserving, is in charge of the White House and his entire robotic republican Senate, unconditionally chooses to support this mad man and his agenda’s.  But surely, the Bush/Cheney cabal is not concerned with conserving their lies and destruction of America.  Yes, I have a real problem with Bush/Cheney, Arizona, Arizona politicians and with republican neocon conservatives in general.

If the McCreary’s had been progressive Democrats, I doubt that my family would have been swindled and lied to, the way we were in 2001 and 2002.  We were so swindled by the legal system in 2002, which was designed and supported by the state of Arizona and its corrupted politicians and their benefactors; the builders, developers, and their SAHBA lobbyist.  I believe that maybe, just maybe, the McCreary’s would have possessed some measure of honesty and integrity with their business dealings, rather than their current penchant as republicans to lie, cheat and steal, and would have constructed my family an acceptable built home. 

But dealing with republicans in business is like dealing with snakes that have not eaten in weeks.  Republican only look at the possibilities to devour you and your bank accounts.

What kind of business moron works for over ten years to build a company’s reputation, beginning back in 1986, and then decides to go down the path of fraud, corruption, deception and  resulting defective home building incidents to increase profits; a republican?  I believe at one time you might have built a good home for people, but somewhere along the way, right after 1996, you succumbed to the path of greed, money and its promise of power in your lives.

But I must admit, the lies in your Rip-off Report.com rebuttal letter, boggle the mind in its scope of telling lies and half truths.  Once again, and just like your lying ass republican president, George W. Bush, do not ever let the facts get in the way of your avarice prone agenda.  And just like your incompetent president McCreary, do not ever accept responsibility for phucking up a particular situation; a truer republican copyrighted trademark of useless character; if there ever was one.  

I am more than thrilled, that you, your wife and maybe even your daughter Abigail, have finally chosen to respond with your comments; no matter how many lies and omission of the truth that you are willing to provide.  Your “holier than thou” letter on Rip-off Report.com has the same tone and cadence as the subtly threatening letter that was sent to our rental home, by a name less “college student,” back during the fall of 2004.  Was it Abigail or was it Denise?  The mentality and maturity between the two of these little girls are no different. 
L.J. (Little Character) McCreary, haven’t you been too afraid to engage in open debate, for fear of opening you mouth and letting more of the lies that you are so now famous for, escape further into the public’s consciousness.  So now let’s once again open your mouths in unison and let the lies flow out like day old honey.  One would think that a couple of people like you and Denise would finally be ashamed of being known as liars.  Evidently with your Rip-off report.com rebuttal letter, this is not the case.

Is the home building meltdown and credit crunch crisis becoming a major problem for you?  Surely, a stellar building reputation is a must in the present Tucson building climate.  Has there been a growing problem with your reputations in 2007?   Has the problem been growing since our website was launched in early 2004?   Are you now having cash flow problems, once again like you did with Compass bank in 2000, all again because of your illegal transfers of client’s money to other projects? 

I wonder why all the problems with your reputations?  What goes around; comes around; now doesn’t it?  Hey L.J. (Little Johnson) and Denise (Sultry Singing) McCreary of Tucson, Arizona; such fine up standing congregational members of St. Michael’s Episcopalian Church.   Do both of you continue to pray for Jesus Christ’s monetary help to become real estate millionaires or do you ever instead ask for Jesus’ forgiveness for what you, your wife and your lawyers did to my family?

Your recent Rip-off Report.com rebuttal letter is just so full of lies and inaccuracies; just like your characters. Your content was to be expected.  Your offerings of lies were to be anticipated if you ever decided to challenge our true story. 

There are only two ways to answer our story about your mistakes; either admit your mistakes or just lie about them.  You both once again have chosen the former; such a big surprise.  Why do you two, still love such fiction based fantasy stories in your lives?  Could the reason be that you have no facts to justify you actions, so instead, you lie to the public in order to try and salvage your sinking home building business career.  Is the home building business as bad as they say it is; or is it worse?  2008 is going to wipe the slate clean of corrupted builder like you. 

Why have you now decided to publicly comment on the custom home building nightmare that you provided my family?  Why did you not respond to the Arizona Daily Star article, written by reporter Becky Pallack, which was featured in 2004 on the on going problem of Tucson building nightmares?  Why did you refuse an interview with her and remain silent as the night is long, concerning her article on defective builders like you, which our story was one of three featured exposes about home building nightmares?

You said in Rip-off Report.com, that you both “appreciate” the chance to respond.   Did you really appreciate the opportunity to respond, or were you just lying again?  Why were you so not appreciative to respond in 2004?   Were you just a chicken shit or were you too busy changing your soiled McCreary diapers again to respond?  Have you now found your voices and your courage to reply?  How nice for all of us.  No we can begin to play the game of moral and financial restitution.  I am certainly under no illusion that you would pay even a dime in restitution for the hundreds of mistakes that you made on our home and ruining our lives unless you are forced to by court order.  You are simply to God damn corrupt and cheap to take responsibility for your actions.

I find it illuminating in 2004, after our family protest at the spring SAHBA Home Show, that you contacted by phone, former clients in order to solicit responses for testimonials on your then future coming new website.  Why did you not list our testimonial, the Van dan Elzens or the Collins testimonials on your website?  Does your website only contain a certain number of past builds that turned out okay?  Isn’t it quite deceptive to not include the builds that you tried to construct that were disasters?  You contacted the Collins and offered to fix there six year old defects on their home if they would agree pay for it.  What an upstanding guy you are McCreary. 

Please re-read McCreary, the Collin’s letter on the link below Denise’s picture on this website. Sure, go ahead and phuck up a client’s home and then ask them to pay for it a second time.  The MO is just like a crime scene; it all sounds so familiar. 

After all, we are talking about the McCreary’s of Tucson.  An apple does not fall far from the tree and a leopard does not change its spots; now does it?  You and your wife have chosen once again to change the facts and to change the story line in order to deceive your potential customers and try and salvage any non-existent credibility or your souls that you lost, such a long time ago.  I find a person’s omissions and altering of the facts to enhance their version of the “truth,” a direct reflection of a person’s true character and make-up.  You the McCreary’s are cold blooded liars.  In your case; you both no longer possess anything good, in your deceiving and lying prone characters.  Why just look at your current website; it is filled with deceptions.

But really, all one has to do to find the truth, is to read our web site, “MyMcCrearyHome Sucks.com” and look at the pictures.  The pictures do not lie.  Just look at the pictures of defective workmanship, which are worth a thousand words of rebuttal, but are still a potent form of truth sermon against your continuing lies.  Look at those pictures which show a sagging great room ceiling being replaced; horribly installed insulation, water infiltration through walls, water flowing into the garage stalls, an unstable and dangerous kitchen island that rocked like a boat, a Southwest/ Architectural Traditions door that you can see through, and then ask your self if this defective building would have been acceptable in exchange for a client’s hard earned money

But in the final analysis, the pictures do not lie, unlike the McCreary’s, who can not stop themselves from doing so; even today.    

So you have figured out that this will be the “Endless Battle;” a very astute observation. You are so very correct.  This battle for justice and the incredible losses that you caused us because of your uncaring greed will not ever end.  But this battle is not only against you; it is against the community and anyone from the likes of Lute Olson and Jim Click, who support and enable, the Southern Arizona Home Building Association, SAHBA, which continues to support harming families, with their refusal to speak up and stop this type of fraud and corruption which they promote from continuing against good Arizona families.

Why do you think that SAHBA still supports McCreary Homes and what they did to my family and their futures?  SAHBA’s agenda is nothing more than a protection racket to protect the builder and developers.  No matter how much SAHBA says that they are the “Community Builder,” and that their goal are to help the consumer, they are not on the consumer’s side but instead, on the builders and contractors side to protect them with bought for and paid, republican politicians.  Politicians like State Senator Tim Bee (R) and State Representative Jonathan Patton (R), both who willingly passes pro- builder and developer legislation that harms the public in exchange for SAHBA’s most favored status politicians in their hip pocket.

I wonder McCreary’s if you both were abused by your parents as children.  There is so little of your characterless characters present to make any sense at all of your behaviors, unless of course, there was great trauma present in your early lives. Psychopathic personalities like yours, who truly do not care about other people, and have learned to be so callous and cruel to the public, have most likely learned this behavior at very young ages, and are the most problematic citizens in society of today.  Is there any history of animal cruelty in your past childhoods?  Was there perhaps any history of pedophilia in your past adult or childhood make ups involving rape or penetration?   Surely there is something missing to explain your deviant behavior towards ripping off and financially raping Arizona families in the ass.
My goal McCreary is to stop businesses like yours and corrupt associations like SAHBA, who choose to harm families, by leaving a permanent internet record that no corrupted government agency can erase by being voted upon, stalled, dismissed, or even legislated against by bought out politicians and government officials. 

As you know McCreary, even the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, with republican legislative blessings, will remove any complaints against a builder and wipe his slate clean, no matter how relevant or true a case may be in just two short years.   Before we even had a chance to go to trial, our seven formal complaints against you and McCreary Homes (three), Arizona Kitchens and Designs, Terra Cotta Framing, Andros Refrigeration, and McNary Company (Concrete), were all erased as if they had never happened.  The deceptive impression that is given to the public is one that portrays McCreary Homes and these sub-contractors as companies who are currently operating without complaint. 

Nothing could be further from the truth.    

I leave this electronic document as a public service announcement, to prevent others from experiencing the pain and suffering, that you, the McCreary’s and SAHBA, have provided my family from the multitude of two legged snake members of the building

trade.  My goal is to protect the futures of good and innocent families from being snagged into your web of lies and deceit that only work to destroy good honest families like mine. 

As you know McCreary, the Arizona state government chooses by design, not to protect the consumer, but instead designed to help and protect the building industry (SAHBA), with their perks and payoffs come election time.   It would literally kill an older, retired couple to come to Tucson and experience the nightmare that you, McCreary Homes, have provided for my family.  We almost did not make it intact as a family, through this hell storm that you provided us.  We are continually affected by your actions.  There is so much damage to our lives and our marriage that will be addressed in detail in the near future. 

As you know McCreary, because of you, the state of Arizona, SAHBA, Long Realty, and the greed mongering, money grubbing lawyers from SAHBA/ State Farm Insurance and the incompetent Rosen Law firm, we lost our home, our land, our once perfect credit rating, our health, our hopes, our dreams, our futures, forced to file bankruptcy, damaged our 27 year marriage, and have forced us repeatedly to move like gypsies for the past five years.  You even are responsible along with your enablers for making my “wife put a gun to her head and considering the unthinkable”, all because of you and your enablers incredible appetite for greed and an inability to build a miniature dog house, let alone a custom home, without permitting major defects in construction to occur. 

McCreary; how did you ever become so incredibly incompetent and corrupt in such a very short time?  You truly must be a professional of some type; a professional incompetent builder and liar?

Is there any doubt from any of the corporations and people involved with you, that you all have terribly damaged our family, our financial stability and caused us such great pain and suffering?  If given the choice, you people couldn’t have paid me enough to go through this hellish nightmare that you designed for us.  But pay you will.  This will cost all of you greatly for what you have done to my family.  Justice will prevail!   

It makes me feel good when I get an e-mail from a potential client, who thanks me for providing the real story about McCreary Homes.  There is much gratification on helping others prevent themselves from being harmed from unscrupulous business partners like you two.

It is so nice to see that you are capable of accepting reality.  This isn’t going to end.  You are so right.   Was it worth it for you and your wife Denise to erase any chance of ever possessing integrity in your slimy little lifetimes?   Will you ever be able to look into a mirror and truthfully answer that question, without lying to yourself?   Con–men and con- women are not noted for honesty; now are they?

It is deceptively refreshing to see that your miniature chicken shit characters have finally decided to address in public, your company’s complicity in ruining our life in southern Arizona.  But no matter how much you lie or choose to omit the facts about the truth, you will never convince the public by continuing to offer your lies for explanation.  

It has only taken you and your wife just seven short years to get the courage up to respond in public; why the rush for publication now?  Again, why did you and your sleazy/sultry voiced, Jon Kyl republican supporting wife, refuse to answer the Arizona Daily Star’s reporter, Becky Pollak on May 23, 2004 article on home building nightmares in Tucson?  Did the cat really bite your tongue that day or were you just to chicken shit to answer her, after seeing our family’s Spring Southern Arizona Home Building Association (SAHBA) Home Show protest?  So what is the real answer McCreary?  Oh, I forgot that L.J. McCreary does not wear the pants in his family; his vocal screeching wife does.  McCreary just builds the defective homes.  

Obviously business must be really bad for you; no matter how much “Success” that you say you have achieved.   If you lied to me and the public once, you will lie to us a thousand more times.   Maybe I should make that into a fight song or religious chant for the sanctimonious religious believers at St. Michael’s church.

On December 10th, your Rip-off Report.com rebuttal letter arrived with even more lies to wade through.  Do you people really believe that if you lie enough that everything will go away and be okay?   Why do you continue to be so delusional?  I would love to see a psychologist reconstruct what actually happens inside your heads each day to explain your behaviors.  What is actually missing inside you in order that we can classify you as human beings?

In your fantasy driven rebuttal letter, you describe your reported ongoing “Success.”   Did you have success in 1997 when we first met you?  Back then you had an impressive building location, a secretary, an accountant and sales people.   So what is happening in 2007?  Are you by yourselves now?  Maybe at one time, long ago, you were an honest and successful builder in Tucson.  What happened to you?  When did the greed and lying choose to take over your souls? 

When did you make the calculated decision to skim, over charge, and bid out to unscrupulous sub-contractors take place?  Was it around 1996?  When did you decide it was okay to hire illegal aliens to work on your projects, that could not even speak a word of English?  When did you decide that is was okay for illegal aliens to work on our home project?  When did you decide that hiring people to be construction supervisors, like Ray Quintero, with little if any building experience was a good idea?  Was hiring Quintero just as simple as having just a warm body in the room, for effect?

Did you mean to say that you are presently a “Success” or did you really mean to say you were talking about past “Success?” Does “Success” mean that your corporate offices are now located at the address of a public mail stop in a strip mall?  Do your corporate building offices rotate between meeting potential clients at Denny’s, McDonald’s and Circle K parking lots?  Does “Success” mean that both of you had to get your real estate licenses and try and sell real estate in order to get by, along with building homes; if any?   Does “Success” mean that Denise has to beg to sing for hire with her self admitted, jazzy “sultry” voice and sizzling red hot sax at Bar Mitzvahs now?  Does “Success” mean that you have to start a new, deceptively named web site link called, (McCreary Dream Homes.com), in order to hide the truth from the public?  Does “Success” mean lying your way through your new promotional website, www.McCrearyDreamHomes.com and saying that “you are the premiere builder in Tucson?”  I beg to differ with all of your lies! 

But seriously now; do you ever tire of reciting your lies?  Come on McCreary, even a prostitute eventually tires of sex.  Are you more potent than a prostitute with you lying?

The following is an excerpt from your new McCreary Dream Home website; did you forget to name it McCreary Nightmares instead of McCreary Dream Homes.  You are lying again.



A meticulous and coordinated approach to building only the finest custom homes is the premise on which McCreary Homes was established.
Recognized as Southern Arizona’s premiere builder, McCreary Homes is truly unique to the building industry. 
McCreary Homes’ team of professionals is lead by the very capable efforts of founder and president LJ McCreary.  The company’s personal attention to detail coupled with inherent design talents have resulted in McCreary Homes’ unrivaled position in the marketplace.

(520) 240-7200

7049 E. Tanque Verde Rd. #25
Tucson Arizona 85715


Excuse me, but to use words like “president,” meticulous, capable, recognized, premiere, coordinated, personal attention to details, design talent, finest, premise, and unrivaled position in the market place to describe McCreary’s business after the home abortion and nightmare that you provided my family, is anything other than just blatant lies!  This has to be the biggest snow blow job of lies that have ever been written at any one time in recorded text history.  McCreary, you and your wife should be in the Guinness Book of Records for the greatest number of lies that have been tabulated in three short paragraphs.   

This man and his wife have no shame from choosing to lie, with out giving the idea a second thought.

Please tell me exactly who has recognized you as the “premiere southern Arizona builder?”  Was it Bozo the clown when he was inebriated at the Westin La Paloma?  Who exactly bestowed that title to you?  Oh, I see, you just made it up.

And please tell the public McCreary what makes your building company so “unique?”  Do you give free blow jobs while on the project?  Do you phuck people up the ass with defective building projects?  Or could it be the fact that you just deceive and lie so much?

And McCreary, please tell me how my piece of shit abortion of a home was constructed under a “meticulously constructed approach and the finest of builds” or was it just thrown together by a bunch of illegal pot smoking, beer drinking Mexicans?  So which one was it McCreary?

And please explain to the public what personal “attention to detail” that you provide?  Do you beat off in your God damn little dick suburban truck with one hand as you set up a deal and use the vibrator on your Nextel phone with your other hand?  Why don’t you tell the truth and let the public know that once a person signs on the dotted line, you might never be seen again as you run off to the bank.  We only saw you three times at our project after our home was being constructed.   Please quit lying to the public with your fantasy website bullshit!   

And what exactly McCreary is your “unrivaled building position”; dead last?  You totally suck as a builder.  I am sorry but if attempt to build a home and phuck it up so bad that you then sue the customer because you phucked it up, and it cause them to lose their home, you are dead phucking last and rated now higher than phucking zero when it come to rating you as a builder, you dumb phuck.

You people and your advertisements are so Gad damn full of shit and lies!  Isn’t there a law against lying so much?

And congratulations go out to you, L.J. McCreary, on your recent promotion in 2007, on finally becoming “president” of your own company.  After 21 years in business, you have finally made it; even if you sold your soul to the Devil to do it.  If I recall, it wasn’t very long ago that you were listed as the “secretary” of your company while your wife Denise was listed as the president and wore the pants in the family?   How come you let your wife Denise, wear the pants in the family, while you were relegated to the thought of putting on a skirt?  What was that all about?  Did your wife let you have the title by default?  Is Denise wearing skirts again or just instead traveling around town “speeding” in the buff?  Oh.......that is so disturbingly nasty!  How many speeding ticket has Denise acquired again?  Doesn’t this show a disregard for accepted norms by her?

Sorry L.J. and Denise, but the last time I examined human traits, lying was not on the “Success” trait list!  Lying to the public will never afford you the title of “Success.”  You people really do not possess any morals, scruples or shame; now do you?  Lying must be so ingrained and be so very deeply buried into your souls that you cannot choose to act otherwise.  Your claims are so pathetic as to sound like claims of innocence by the exaggerations of a couple of two year olds.   

Does “Success” mean that you would do anything to deceive a customer in order to sign another contract or squeeze another buck out of them?  Does “Success” mean selling your character and integrity for the almighty dollar?  Does “Success” mean that you have to lie in order to get ahead?  Will you do anything to pad your bank account?  Will you once again chose to prostitute your selves for the almighty buck; all at the expense of the truth.   Does “Success” ever mean lying awake at night at contemplating why you and wife are such ugly people of non-existent character?  I hear that pathological liars can sleep like babies.      

Exactly what is your definition of “Success” McCreary?  Is your definition of “Success” just being able to manufacturing another lie for your websites to entrap potential clients?  Do you really think that in 2007 that the public will be that gullible with the internet available to investigate cheats and defrauders like you two?  You two people, beside a penchant for lying, are also quite delusional.  The internet and the truth that it provides will be the death of your business in 2008.  You will not weather the approaching building financial storm. 

Your God works in mysterious ways.  Thank you God! 

2008 will be a financial blood bath; especially for corrupt and defective builders.  You and your company are in the bulls-eye and I feel honored to help in any way I can line you up in the sights of Karma and human justice.

Remember McCreary, your actions forced us into foreclosure in 2003 and an eventual bankruptcy in 2005.  Being forced to take out a second mortgage to fight your bogus and merit less law suit was the final nail in our coffin of financial home building and legal expenses. 

And there are so many more side benefits from your actions that tore my family apart that I will comment later in this manifesto of truth and emotion that is based on facts; unlike the McCreary’s made up fiction that is constructed with lies.

And is this why you and your wife are now lying so much?  Are you scared?   Do you lay awake at night, worrying about money?  Do you worry about business and your future?  You should be.  You both will eventually squirm with pain for your acts.  The home building industry will provide you with all the pain you deserve.  

I was scared in 2003 when I was forced to lose everything because of you two.  I hope you are just as scared at the prospects of losing your futures, just as you made us lose ours.  You deserve everything that comes your way to financially strangle you.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a stellar business relationship and integrity as this Tucson building collapse tsunami approaches, instead of just lying about it?  Lying is such a shallow attribute for challenged individuals like your selves to implore. 

The housing industry in 2008 will experience such incredible carnage that has not been seen since the Great Depression.  The most recent housing slump state news reports that new building starts tumbled from October 2007 to November 2007 by 9%, the highest level of home sales decline in 12 years.  McCreary, how do you think you will survive with your “coveted” reputation to insulate you from financial Armageddon?  McCreary, do you think that the word “coveted,” actually means “pretend” or “imagined” to you?  You covet nothing except heart ache in the Tucson community.

And remember McCreary, you specifically chose this path for your future.   The liars, the cheats and the people like you, the ones without integrity, will be the first casualities to go.  2008 will be McCreary Homes final down fall.  My prayers will finally be answered.  Is there any doubt that you are both going down?  You will now reap McCreary’s, what you have chosen to sow!  I will relish in your implosion as you both surely relished in ours foreclosure demise.

But why continue to lie anymore to the general public?  Do you feel that lying is your only choice, or are you searching for your pathological destiny?  You both are anything but a definition of “Success.”  Both of you, on a simplistic level are complete failures as human beings and members of an honest based society.  Both of you can also be classified as “failures” as parents to.  Have you taught your children to become as deceitful and become liars like you are?  Teach your children well.  Both of you should have had your children put into foster homes for parental abuse with such depraved teachings.  Do your children lie like dogs also?

A man can gain all of the world’s riches and if he loses his soul; he has lost everything.  You made a calculated decision in life to sell your soul’s to the Devil himself and you jumped at the opportunity.  Shame, shame, shame on you! Arizona is a magnet for people like you, the McCreary’s, to come and be con-men and con-women operator entrepreneurs of this state.  Arizona, real estate, and advertising are words that will always be synonymous with the concepts of fraud and corruption.  Real estate and building fraud are the back bone of the Arizona economy.

So please tell the public why have you once again chosen to use the disguise of deception to further your business interest?   Why have you begun to advertise on Craig’s List and have a deceptively new website titled, (www.McCrearydreamhomes.com)?  Are you trying to have potential clients steered away from just Googling McCreary Homes, L.J. McCreary or Denise McCreary and discovering the truth on this website?  You both have always been proficient at deception; now haven’t you. 

Any client that possess even a half of a brain, in the year 2007, will “Google” McCreary Homes and L.J. McCreary to investigate your fantasy claims of prestige and competence.

What will they think when they look at our text and pictures?  Do you still lie to people, like you did in 2004, when you answered the public’s questions that you have no idea why we are so angry with both of you?  Lies can only carry you along for so long.

Through out the entire McCreary rebuttal on Rip-off Report.com, not once did you, the McCreary’s ever take even one slightest bit of responsibility for building a defective home, hiring illegally alien workers or ruining our lives with a merit less law suit.  Instead you chose to blame us for your incompetence and neglect with fictitious and devious attempts at all out lying to bolster your non-existent credibility.  You the McCreary’s, blame the victims for the shoddy building effort, fraudulent billing, fraudulent substitution of building materials and an immoral law suit that financially devastated us.

Let us now begin the formal intent of this manifesto letter; the rebuttal segment.    

Oh my God; there is so much to rebut; where do I begin.  This is going to be so much fun.  I will begin by telling the truth; something that both of you cannot even imagine doing.  Showing the true colors of liars is always a refreshing antidote to promote the truth.   How about we examine the facts and the omissions of the McCreary’s command of the “facts” (lying) for starters? The subjects to be covered in this academic session on integrity and honesty will include: 

  1. Demonizing
  2. Patience
  3. FAQ’s
  4. Management
  5. Illegal Aliens
  6. Non- Licensed Contractors
  7. Enjoyment
  8. Referrals
  9. Setbacks
  10. Pity?
  11. Complications
  12. Septic Tank?
  13. Withholding Payment
  14. Changing the facts
  15. Bruce DuPont
  16. Regrets of Involvement
  17. Expectations

I will now begin to dissect, counter, and nullify the lies, along with the ever changing revisionist history, fantasies and omissions from the truth that you manufacture in order to sustain any further erosion of your credibility.  You don’t have a chance!  Is it impossible to stop any further erosion of one’s credibility when you certainly have none to begin with?  But let us proceed anyways!

  1. We at McCreary Homes appreciate the opportunity to respond to this complaint, but we are under no illusions that ours will be the last word. It's going on seven years, now, that this client has sustained an effort to put us out of business, and we don't anticipate an end to it any time soon. These efforts have had no effect on our success, but the assault continues just the same.

I find it incredible that you begin you rebuttal to our Rip-off Report.com complaint with a lie.  The word “appreciate” catches my attention.  You had the chance during the 2004 SAHBA Home builder show that we picketed, to confront us about our complaints; but you chose not to.  You did not truthfully respond to our complaints from July 2000 until January 2001, when you filed your lawsuit against our family.  And throughout the lawsuit to include the settlement agreement to have the home fixed, you were once again dishonest and untruthful with your legal promises.

 Later, in 2004 an in depth Arizona Daily Star news article, concerning Tucson’s defective home building process was published.  Our nightmare story with McCreary Homes was one of the three featured stories about defective home builds.  You were contacted by reporter Becky Pallack, but once again you were both too cowardly to respond.  Why are you now “appreciative” to respond over a complaint that has been voiced to you for the past seven years?  Where were you from September 2000, until January 2003 to “appreciate” fixing your mistakes?  You lying piece of shit!  

The only thing that you “appreciate” is the chance to rescue your dead credibility and your dieing custom home building company.  My main goal is to prevent another family with being subjected to the financial torture that L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes, along with their SAHBA lawyers have put us through.  If a continued and sustained effort is needed to insure that you do not harm any more Arizona families with your business demise, I volunteer to offer my services to see that you and your company disappears.  I will be the defective home building Jihadist with my words and facts to avenge what you did to my family.

It is also very gratifying to see that the McCreary’s are still able to count the years (seven) since they phucked us over, since their full attention span must be relegated and solely directed to manufacturing more lies for the consumers consumption.  Please tell me that you honestly think that I won’t ever quit?  This could be for the rest of your lives; baby!  It all depends on how and when justice is finally delivered to you in a court of law.  I cannot wait to have your raise your right hand on a Bible, meaningless for you, and perjure your self with you first response.  You know McCreary; people go to jail for lying under oath?  I bet you and your wife are terrified of being put on the witness stand.  This is my one goal in life now.  Your time is coming.

Maybe McCreary you and your lying ass wife can go work for your former employee/ supervisor Ray Quintero.  Maybe you can start a company called “Fraud and Incompetents R Us!” or just instead choose to work with Quintero on diesel engines that are used from mining company operations.  Yes, McCreary, you couldn’t even manage to hire a competent employee at your company; now could you?   Or is that the job of the client to “manage” and hire your employees for you?

You are correct that this will not be the last word, but think of it as only just the beginning.  It will not ever end because of the way you harmed us.  You take absolutely not even one ounce of responsibility for your corrupt actions and building fraud that you both committed.  You the McCreary’s are such courageous people of principal; the principals that are based on to lying, cheating and stealing. 

You stole our dreams and futures!

And concerning your corporate offices McCreary and “success,” why do you people deceive about your so called “success,” when your company’s address is a nothing more than a mail box (#25) at a Post Net mailing service company, located on a strip mall, on 7049 E. Tanque Verde Road, in Tucson, Arizona?   Is your corporate office your truck?  Why do you not use a U.S. Postal service box McCreary?  Are you both trying to avoid the possibility of committing and being charged with mail fraud because of your consumer advertising lies on your internet site?  Do you mail brochures filled with lies to potential clients?

In the fall of 1997, Fran Epsen, a Long Realty sales woman “innocently” introduced us to L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes.  Little did we realize, that Fran Epsen was the beginning of McCreary’s deception and Epsen would later receive an almost $3,700.00 secret kickback fee for providing McCreary with a signing contract referral.   

As I mentioned before in 1997, the McCreary offices were located in a building, complete with a secretary, conference meeting rooms, granite tables and numerous employees.  The building and McCreary’s company seemed quite legitimate at the time, but later I believed it was just another facade of McCreary’s planned deception to impress the client with a mirage.  So where does the McCreary’s “success” take them today; to a post office box?  Are the McCreary’s deceiving the public with their address.  Why don’t they let the public know if they are working out of their home, truck or are customer rendezvous still being set up at Denny’s restaurant?

  1. We should be clear that we are responding only on our own behalf; we will leave it to the State of Arizona, the Republican Party, and the many others demonized in this ongoing campaign to fend for themselves. This will do little either to defend those not involved in this specific issue, but still incurring the wrath of this client on his website and throughout the web--from Lute Olsen to Jim Click, the Jewish people, and even Jesus Christ.

I will briefly mention my disdain for the people involved; except for Jesus Christ.  I have no problem with Jesus Christ except for the phucking hypocrites like the McCreary’s that wear there religion on their sleeves to use ii in business situations for profit.  Maybe a later essay will be all encompassing and expose my wrath that I  have for people that enable such criminals like the Christian spouting McCreary’s to exist in their present form.

Former Speaker of the House, Tip O’Neil once said that;” All politics is local.”  In Arizona; all corruption is local to.  When McCreary and his lawyers forced us into financially oblivion by bleeding us financially dry and losing our home, I tried to analyze why this type of business behavior is allowed to flourish in Arizona.  It did not take long to make the connection between the people that would lie, cheat and steal from you and their republican political party. 

Arizona is a conservative right wing state.  Republicans like McCreary choose to conserve from telling the truth because of their pursuit of money. Real estate land and primarily the corrupted economic engine of the building industry are the main reasons why most in the industry and in government choose to look the other way as fraud and corruption are perpetrated upon the consumer public. 

The Arizona Registrar Contractors and Arizona Department of Real Estate are supposed to protect the public from incompetent and defectively challenged builders like McCreary, but we found out that the republican politicians of this state have been bought and paid for by the building industry, (SAHBA) and developers, to look the other way on these consumer issues.  Government departments in Arizona are there to help the builder and developers and not help the consumer except for providing stalling tactics.  These Arizona agencies have only been invented to stall and demoralize the public, who have legitimate complaints, to give up and go away.

Arizona politicians like Rep. Governor Fyfe Symington (R), Sen. John McCain (R), Senators Jon Kyl (R), State Senator Tim Bee (R) and State Rep. Jonathan Patton (R) have long been in bed with builders, developers, SAHBA, and in general, associated with various acts of political corruption.  When Sen. Tim Bee and Rep, Jonathan Patton are wined/ dined and cheered on with awards by SAHBA, you know that something funny is going on between the politicians and corporate America.  Politicians are not awarded by these groups of building corporations for being in favor of zoning issues and anti-sprawl measures.  And the usual vice for these weak character politicians to capitulate is the promise of additional campaign money.

Why would the head of the Registrar of Contractors, Israel Torres ,State senator Tim Bee, (who is running for Gabrielle Gifford’s, U.S. House of Representatives seat), and army re-election boy, Rep. Jonathan Patton (R) be awarded with plaques by president Ed Taczanowsky of SAHBA, as politicians and government officials of the year?  What is the definition of conflict of interest?  What did they do for SAHBA and the building industry to merit such “honor?”  Did they simply look the other way?  Or was it their pro-

builder legislation and ability to turn a blind eye that caught SAHBA’s Ed Taczanowsky’s attention? What type of back room corruption and wheeling and dealing was going on between SAHBA and its politicians who had influence over the building industry in Arizona?

Do Charles Keating and the Keating (5) scandal ring any bells?  Hey, now we are talking about Arizona Senator John McCain (R).  McCain got his hand caught in the corruption cookie jar in 1983 with Charles Keating, but he found Jesus with campaign finance reform, but is now once again one of the worst political pricks to have corporate money and lobbyist financing his presidential run.  McCain can’t help but snort up that corporate campaign contribution money and pretend that he is just.  Did I hear someone say Jim Click? 

Concerning republicans, I came to the conclusion that the vast majority of builders and developers are Caucasian republicans, not by birth, but by greed.  The sky had been almost the limit if they could build and sell as many homes as possible.  The real estate and building industry have been based on nothing else but who can acquire the most money.  That is what being a Tucson republican builder/developer/auto dealer and basketball coach are all about; more money. 

As far as Lute Olson and Jim Click go, I do admit that I have nothing but contempt for both of them.  Olson and Click have extensive ties to SAHBA and we did request their help by talking to SAHBA executive, Ed Taczanowsky, as to why L.J. McCreary even seven years now after building a defective home and financially raping us, is still listed by SAHBA as a good standing member of their “Certified Custom Home Builder Program?”  Olson and Click were as silent as the night is long.  As Dr. Martin Luther King once said; “There comes a time when silence is betrayal.”

Who will protect the public from these devils that come from SAHBA?  Maybe there are many members of SAHBA and the economic elite of Tucson who are also members of the Devil’s monetary club?  Both of these supposed, community leaders decided to remain silent on the issue, lest they rock the gravy train home building industry of Tucson and less money would come there way in the form of salaries and auto sales. 

Lute Olson and Jim Click are both prolific republican fund raisers and donors, and in fact Olson’s baby boomer wife, and soon to be ex-wife of four short years, Christine, an alleged philanderer, is also an incredible player in the republican leadership/ fund raising machine around the country.   Don’t you just love those republican “sanctity of marriage” and “family values” slogans?

Jim Click is also a prolific fund raiser for republicans throughout the country, for George W. Bush and the republican Party.  Mr. Click was so proud to be a Bush “Ranger” in 2000 and 2004, and he even gave $100,000.00 from the profit he made selling autos to Tucsonans, many of whom are Democrats, to the Bush Inaugural Party.  I was there that day in Washington DC, and I can attest that everyone had a grand old time partying and celebrating the continuing destruction of the America middle class, while soldiers died in Iraq that day.  That night in January 2005, was simply a disgusting display of corporate wealth that was simply celebrating the purchase of a president.
But hey, do you think Jim Click cares if more soldiers die in Iraq?  Death is an acceptable exchange for access to oil, more homes built and in turn, more autos sold to Tucsonans by Jim Click.  It is all about money folks!

Between the Olson’s and Clicks, these two families have given and raised millions of dollars to the neocon republican agenda to ruin this country and give it all to the wealthy elite.  One has to believe with Olson’s ties to SAHBA, that he was provided with incredible discounts for his new multi-million dollar home in Finisterra Estates.  It is too bad that Olson will not be remaining in that new home much longer with his twenty year younger soon to be, baby boomer trophy wife, which she isn’t, becomes his ex-wife.  .  I hope Lute Olson doesn’t mind selling his home because of that impending divorce settlement. 

Jimmy (Mr. republican) Click in his own right plays the republican/SAHBA agenda in order to have more people, more homes and in turn, more autos to sell in Tucson.  As I said before, republicans in the 21st century are only about the money.  Republicans lust for power/ greed at any cost to other citizens or the nations.  And republicans like Lute Olson’s wife, Christine Olson (alleged affair), John McCain (affairs), Newt Gingrich (affairs), Randy “Duke” Cunningham (jail bird and hookers), Sen. David Vitter (R) LA, (hookers) Sen. Larry Craig(R) ID  (affairs with male hookers), .......etc. are so faithful and just seem like the perfect poster children for American marital fidelity and good Christian republican marriages.  Let us pray for these people!

And concerning politics, this letter does not give me the space to do justice about commenting on the republican Party and the ties to SAHBA and McCreary Homes.  Let us just say that McCreary, Epsen, Rosen. Simon, Claiborne, Poorten and the majority of most real estate and builders are republicans because of the amount of money that they might make if there are no regulations or oversight on their real estate activities.  Sure, let us all go ahead and just trust these good people to not swindle the public.  Republicans like the McCreary’s are greed mongers.

As for Jesus Christ, as I have said earlier, I have no problem with Him.  I do have an incredible problem with lying hypocrites like both of you, the McCreary’s, who use religion as a con-man use smooth talking lingo to impress victims and lower their guard.  Surely we must be dealing with honest people because they are so talkative about their religion.  You people use your religion to con people.  “Prays be Jesus; now let’s see what we can do about stealing from this client and make even more money!”

Why do you two people choose to hang out in the gutter of morality?

After many years of participating in the Catholic religion, I do have a problem with organized religions like the Rev. John R. Smith’s St. Michael’s Episcopalian Church in Tucson and their hypocritical members, L.J. and Denise McCreary who attend such service; all for the show.   In 1998, L.J. McCreary really spread the bull shit passion about his Mid Western and Christian values to both of us.  It was just the beginning of the con-game he would use to lure us into his defective building trap.   If there is one thing that I totally despise and hate in this world, it is people like the McCreary’s who lie, cheat and steal while playing the part of the religious sanctimonious hypocrite.

And what are you insinuating by your comment about jewish people?  Do I think all jewish people like Dennis Rosen and Marc Simon are greedy little bug eyed douche bags?  No, this is not the case!  That would be painting the picture with a very wide brush.  I find jewish people like Paul Krugman, Frank Rich, John Stewart, Bill Maher and the late Norman Mailer to be incredibly honest and forthright people.  No, it is not all jewish people that I have problems with; maybe it is just the ones that are republican, greedy ass neocon enabling morons like Marc Simon, Dennis Rosen, Don Diamond and Fran Epsen of Long Realty that take greed to a new level that I rail against.  But there are so many others.

As for the republican jewish, Israeli neocon, Bush supporting morons like Dennis Rosen of the Rosen Law Firm, Marc Simon and Fran Epsen of Long Realty, I would not trust these people any further than I could throw them.  They come from such great national company such as Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Irving (Scooter) Libby, William Krystal, Charles Krauthheimer, Norman Poderetz, Elliot Abrams, David Wurmser, Robert Zoellick, John Bolton, Michael Chertoff, Ari Fleisher etc. that have disgraced this country with lies into entering a perpetual war in the Middle East for access to additional oil and Israeli security.  Just look at how many hundreds of thousands of innocent people have died in the past almost five years.  It does make one question if indeed there is a God.  How a loving God could let so many innocent people die such violent deaths in the name of oil and Israel is beyond my comprehension. 

A segment of the republican jewish population is enamored exclusively with the pursuit of money and the welfare state of Israel.  How about DHB Industry’s David H. Brooks, a Bush republican neocon jewish businessman who was selling body armor to our troops, and who is currently under indictment for charges that include conspiracy, securities fraud, insider trading, tax evasion, and obstruction of justice. 

Brooks used faulty accounting methods and pumped up the stock price by ten fold and then cashed out with over $200 million dollars in profits from war mongering profiteering exploits because of his government contracts for body armor.  Brooks used company money to buy luxury cars, vacations, jewelry, lavish parties, cosmetic surgery, purchased an “armored vehicle” for the family's use, and then used company money to fund other family-owned businesses.

Maybe Mr. Brooks should have been referred to by his jewish title as the modern day King David. 

Unfortunately David Brooks Company, DHB Industries, in 2004 supplied our US military forces in Iraq, with defective body armor for our troops that was later recalled by the Marines.   Mr. Brooks the jewish businessman and monetary supporter of George W. Bush and his war must have been extremely happy at our continued occupation of Iraq, since in the final analysis, the Iraqi War is really an Israeli lobbied war of aggression that is bringing in big profits.  Just look at all of the influential jews in the Bush Administration that supported this disaster beginning with Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith.  So why are jews so readily capable of wanting to kill people for what seems just sport and profit?

What I really find abhorrent, was that on November 26th, 2005, Mr. Brooks gave his 13 year old daughter Elizabeth, a $10 million dollar Bat Mitzvah party complete with singing acts like Aerosmith, Tom Petty, Don Henley, Joe Walsh, Stevie Nicks, Kenny G and rapper 50 cent.  All these performers were paid with money that had been skimmed from profits off DHB stock and the blood of dead US servicemen that were being fitted with defective equipment.   How special!

The little shit, jewish party going friends of Elizabeth Brooks, were given birthday bags that contained $100,000.00 dollars of goodies for the little juvenile Bar Mitzvah partiers to suck on and then sell at the nearest Middle Eastern high society pawn shop owner down the street on Fifth Avenue.  And the entire cost of this decadent charade was provided by the United States tax payer and the future debt to be paid by your children and grandchildren.  Hip Hip Ho- Phucking-Hurray for American Capitalism, corruption and jewish war profiteers!

And who do you really think that Aerosmith, Don Henley, Tom Petty, Joe Walsh and Stevie Nicks were playing for; jumping up and down little sniveling jewish 13 year old brats or overweight jewish princes and ice princesses that were bumping and grinding their fat asses on the Rainbow Room dance floor?  It was reported that the 50-year-old Mr. Brooks changed from a black-leather, metal-studded suit - accessorized with biker-chic necklace chains and diamonds from Chrome Hearts jewelers - into a hot-pink leather version of the same lovely outfit.  Sure why didn’t David H. Brooks just change into a red jumpsuit and emulate the color of America blood?

But no one should judge David H. Brooks too harshly.  As a neocon republican, George W. Bush loving, jewish war profiteer, who chooses to profit from our soldiers blood, he and others like him are such important people of our country who deserve our undying respect and gratitude for their ability to satisfy their greed.  What do you think the chances are that Mr. Brooks 13 year old daughter or  older son will ever put on a military uniform and go and fight in Iraq for oil and the jewish welfare state of Israel; zero?

Can anyone argue that David Brooks is such a fine example of a human being?  Can anyone argue that David Brook is such a fine example of American greed?  Can anyone argue that David Brooks is such a fine example of jewish greed?  And can anyone argue that David Brooks is such a fine example as an American patriot or is he really just another Israeli patriot? 

If I had my choice at administering justice, David Brooks a George Bush republican, would be water boarded, tortured again in a third world country and then shot for treason.

Period!  But instead like another jewish patriot Irving (Scooter) Libby, maybe George W. Bush will just pardon both of them on December 24th, 2008 when no one is at home or in the press is looking.  There is nothing but disgust to describe this scenario.

No, neocon supporting Bush republicans like Senator Jon Kyl (R) AZ, and Tucson attorneys, Dennis Rosen and Marc Simon, the latter a SAHBA life member, are both in “good” company with their fellow republican war mongering jews. 

And why are there American jews who are more loyal to Israel than they will ever be to the United States of America.  I want my country back!  I say phuck Israel and phuck any greedy bastard whose sole purpose is to enrich themselves at the cost and harm to their fellow man.  I believe the people from this sub–group will do absolutely anything to deceive, lie or cheat from you in order to pursue their objective of taking yours or our country’s money.

Before this McCreary Homes debacle, I never said an unkind word or even discussed the merits of jews or the Israeli state in my everyday travels.  In fact I was pro Israel like most uniformed Americans.  I am no longer uniformed and I am no longer the same person that I once was.  I have questioned everyone and everything since this economic rape was allowed to be cast upon my family. 

Fran Epsen (Long Realty), Dennis Rosen and Marc Simon are all republicans and from the jewish religion and up bringing.  Each one of these despicable people, in their very own way, sold out my family’s security to satisfy their ever growing greed. 

Jewish mothers are notorious in their pursuit to instruct their children to become wealthy and powerful as a matter of religious and ethnic economic power.  Did the quest to pilfer money from good families begin with something that these three real estate professional mother’s taught them at a tender age?  Did these mothers’s instill the “money is power” mantra into these young republican lives and warp them for later in life?  Were these people taught by their mothers to find “legal” and “illegal” ways to harm people by taking away peoples financial savings that can help explain their present day adult actions?  Not one of these people cared about my family’s security or our lives; they just cared about money.  

It wasn’t until this fiasco with you McCreary and McCreary Homes from 2000 to 2003 that I made the connection between certain republican people of the jewish population who have cheated, lied, stolen and changed the path of my life along the way, from high school to the present, in order to further their greed mongering agenda.  Hey McCreary, are you sure that you are not jewish?  Hey McCreary, isn’t money the most important factor in your life?  Maybe the whole issue is nothing more than just a republican greed issue that develops and increases exponentially, with certain types of people that are already coached and in turn, predestined by their mothers towards greed.  

Why do some of these jewish people seem to have a greater sense of loyalty to Israel, money and the art of war than they do have for peace and prosperity for the United States?  There is no other subset group of Americans whose allegiances are as divided as the American jewish community is with Israel and America. 

But no one can discuss such issues because of the Anti-Semetic card; right.  Jews will stifle debate by crying Anti -Sematism in order to silence speaking on the subject of Israeli aggression in the Middle East and financial aggression against American consumers.  Too bad; the debate will continue if this is still considered a democracy.   If Israel was never created, we would not have the incredible strife that has taken place in the Middle East since 1949.  Why has the almighty buck slain the morality of these supposedly good Americans?  Hey, either chose to be American or get the phuck out and go live in Israel.  You cannot serve two masters!

If a person is jewish, a republican, involved in law or real estate, and supports Israeli aggression in the Middle East, I find these type of people only can be categorized as despicable human beings at best.  They are greedy, blood thirsty war mongers.

On a second thought, why do 99% of lawyers give the other 1% a bad name?   I will never trust a jewish republican lawyer with my money ever again.  Jewish republican lawyers and economist, through out the last fifty years of my life have worked continuously to harm my career choices and my family’s security.  Republican jewish lawyers have been at the fore front of anti- union measure since Ronald Reagan was an understudy to the great General Electric republican jewish lawyer/ Vice-President, Lemuel Boulware.  Where do you think Reagan developed his change from New Deal Democrat to ultra right wing Conservative, with a new found lust for money/power and an anti-union fervor that would later take him very far?  He learned it by emulating a republican jewish anti-union lawyer; Lemuel Boulware. 

I trusted Dennis Rosen and he ended up screwing me and my family for the almighty billable hour buck and walked away from our case because of neglect.  He simply did not care about our case, but instead only cared about receiving money through the forced act of writing checks to him because of a forced lawsuit.

But in the final analysis, any person that would hurt his fellow American in order to financially further himself  and satisfy his lust for money, power and greed is an animal at best, no matter what nationality (Irish), no matter what religion (Episcopalian) and no matter what the color of your skin is (White).  And white people are the absolute worst at harming people and not being able to control their impulse and lust for greed’s sake.

Is that enough said on this subject for you McCreary’s?  Check your genealogy records.


  1. Our best response is actually already on our website in a section titled, simply, FAQs. The section describes the kind of commitment and collaboration a builder and client can expect to share during the course of constructing a custom home. Not everyone enjoys the process all of the time; patience and good humor are great assets, as they are in any enterprise involving many moving parts. It helps if a client has good management skills, too, but the builder and client must work as one team to achieve one of the most important goals in a family's life: a home of their own, a lovely custom home, built for a lifetime of enjoyment. . . and within their means. Our reputation for providing exactly that is what has made referrals the foundation of our company's growth.

Phuck you Denise McCreary, for your ...........”within their means” innuendo comment.  Using your phucked up company was the only reason that I could not stay, almost two and one-half years later within our “means” because of your defective building and merit less lawsuit.  I never budgeted over two thousand extra dollars a month of endless attorney fees when I signed on the dotted line with your dishonest husband.  But hey, all of the lawyers got wealthier because of my “means.”  But please remember Denise McCreary; it was all yours and your little runt husband’s choice to sue us for your incompetent and fraudulent building practices; now wasn’t it? 

You both really should be in jail.

Now we get into the outright ludicrous claims about the McCrearys’ non- responsibilities.  The FAQ and Testimonial portion of the McCreary’s Home’s website are part pure fantasy and the remaining parts fiction.  Many of McCreary’s FAQ’s are a direct result of the disaster that happened on our build.  The FAQ’s are to protect McCreary’s and not the client. 

For example, McCreary Homes FOQ’s states that a client must schedule a visit to their building for a property inspection tour because of insurance purposes.  WTF?  That is such bull shit!  Once again, the McCreary’s are lying to you.  They simply do not want you to see what is actually going on with your build with the possible substitution of building materials; just like they did on our home project. 

During our build, we one day arrived early in the morning to find no supervisors on the job and beer cans left from the framing crew, Terra Cotta Framing, the night before.  One subcontractor told both of us one morning, that he arrived on the job to find framers from Mike Clark’s, Terra Cotta Framing Co., outside the home smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol at 7:00 AM in the morning.  Is it any wonder that are build was so defectively phucked up?    .

McCreary, is the real reason that you do not want a client unannounced on their property is so that they do not see the truth about alcohol and drug use on the job or do you just want to make sure that the illegal aliens that you hire are removed from the premises before they arrive?  Could it be McCreary that you don’t want to see a customer watch you people substitute cheaper material and then charge them full price for contracted expensive materials?  If a person is dumb enough to choose McCreary to build them a home, they should have a hidden camera installed to record the defective building and illegal aliens that you McCreary have used on projects before. 

Also, maybe some of you should consider secretly using a secret wire to tape L.J. McCreary because he might be taping you secretly, just like he secretly taped and recorded us.  I sure didn’t realize McCreary that you were way ahead of the curve of the Bush administration and the Federal Government when it came to secret spying/recording of your fellow Americans, way back in the in the fall of 2000.  Hey, that was even before Bush was elected to office; now wasn’t.  You really were ahead of the Big Brother curve; you little runt phuck wad.  You McCreary are just as slimy as Bush/ Cheney have been with secretly recording American’s e-mails and phone calls; another big brother promoted, republican trait.

We did not have any problems with designing or the beginning implementing of our home with L.J. McCreary until the framing portion of the build started and his first supervisor left the project for vacation.   L.J. McCreary had no idea that he left or where he was.  His building supervisor could have been on vacation or the moon; the results would have been the same.  McCreary didn’t you, just like our phucked up lawyer, Dennis Rosen, just not care enough to pay attention for our build.  McCreary, you were only concerned with cashing the checks, now weren’t you?

McCreary, isn’t something terribly wrong when a client has to tell you the builder that your supervisor, Curt Miller, of Arizona Building Consultants, is away on vacation, and you don’t know it?  The project was abandoned for almost a month McCreary, while you brought in new framers and subsequently brought in a new supervisor to do the incredibly important job of supervising.  We paid $25,000 dollars for competent supervision, supervision that we never did receive.  You cheated us continuously on our contract and our project.

And please inform me what this issue about “management” crap for the client is about.  Is this something that a client is being held responsible for on your present home builds, just like a person does with a self service gas station?  McCreary, you blame the client for “management” simply because you know absolutely nothing about competently managing a project.  As a client and when the home project began, I had jack shit to do except pay the bills and monitor your work.  It is your job to manage workers, “manage” sub-contractors performance, “manage” cost and “manage” on time completion.   McCreary, you know nothing about “managing” your business, but instead you blame us for your incompetence.  You McCreary are unphuckingbelievable! 

McCreary, your “management” crap issue is just a smoke screen for your incompetence.  It is a classic defense technique; blame the victim for your incompetence and deceit and take no responsibility for phucking up.  Do you remember McCreary when you used to invite out of state clients with your brochures and website and to just show up when the home project was completed and take possession of the keys?  How does a client manage to help you build his house from across the country?  I remember.  My, isn’t it convenient for you how things have changed.  Now you are asking clients to be responsible for your phuck ups.  Why do you now beg for your clients to manage your projects for you?  You McCreary have become such a pathetic builder. 

McCreary, you will not even take responsibility for ignoring your own “management” responsibilities.  McCreary, you couldn’t manage to take a crap in your toilet with out missing the toilet bowl water.   How did you ever get your wife Denise pregnant with your penchant to phuck things up and miss; by artificial insemination?  It is all so very sad indeed what you have chosen to become; an irrelevant builder. 

The problem is that you McCreary could not “manage” your business, your supervisors, or sub-contractors, because you were in over his head in building operations and then lost your ass by buying into the Quixtar/Amway scam building products to get wealthy and retire early. McCreary, during this period, you could not manage to build a dog house properly or even competently wipe your ass without causing further defects to your anus.  McCreary, I would not take a McCreary Home if it was given to me for free.  I don’t care what you did in the past, since you were certainly incredibly incompetent during the 1999 to 2003 time frame without question.

And I can’t help to revisit your wife’s comment about no be able to stay “within our means.”  What in the hell do you two insinuate with your comments about “within our means?”  Our home was within our means.  Using your corrupted company was “without of our means.”  What was actually not “within our means,” was the fact that we had to deal with a defectively built home and the ensuing lawsuit that you filed against my family.  Why would anyone pay the full price for competent work that was never performed on my home?  You never provided us for all of the material that we contracted for and you certainly did not provide supervision with a Mexican phuck off supervisor like Ray Quintero that new nothing about home building. 

You infer Denise McCreary that the home we contracted with you was “not within our means”.  How dare you blame our financial demise on being able to say “within our means?” 

Denise McCreary, you lying ass bitch, nasty republican cunt!  Go phuck your self!

You and your short dick bred husband, along with your money groping SAHBA lawyers insured that we would not be allowed to stay “with in our means.”  Being forced into a lawsuit is nothing more than a legally compulsive way of forcing a person to empty their bank accounts into the bank accounts of both opposing consuls.  Lawyers will always suck like a prostitute on a client’s bank account to satisfy their billable bonanza hour greed and are such poor examples of humanity!   Lawyers suck!

No, I never anticipated when I signed a contract with your lying ass husband, that just a year and a half later; I would be paying almost fifty more percent on housing cost and incredible additional wasted time and stress due to the lawsuit that you filed against my family.  Yes, it was my total and complete fault that you built by home defectively, which you built with incompetent and illegal alien labor, that you over charged us on numerous items, and that you sued us then, for your total and professional lack of competence.

The issue that was provided to push us “out of our means” was again the two thousand dollar a month increase in cost over our mortgage, to fight against the McCreary’s law suit against my family.  I could have purchased a home or participated in a law suit, but I could not do both forever; so much for the opportunity at justice in Arizona.  If there is no money left for soul less douche bag lawyers; then there is no justice, and certainly, no soup for you!

Don’t you ever try and offer that lie to the public that we built a home that was “not within our means.”  Your greedy phuck husband did everything he could with change orders to siphon away every last cent of our contingency fund of twenty-five thousand dollars that we had set aside for cost overruns.  I wish I had held on to that contingency fund because maybe I could have lasted until the end.  But I never considered that your company could have been so horrible with our custom home dream build.  Surely, that twenty five thousand dollars was like a carrot in front of your husband, to lie, cheat and steal, his way to whatever means he could do to get his hands on that additional contingency money.  Was that done by design to insure that we would not be able to with stand as long over drawn law suit? 

You and you husband are all about taking as much as you can from your clients pocket books.


  1. Although this client has not mentioned it here, she has written extensively elsewhere of the series of personal and financial setbacks that befell her family as her home was being constructed, and following her move in. It was an awful convergence of events that no one family should have to endure, let alone over such a short span of years.

Once again, the premise of the McCreary paragraph is one that’s foundation is based on a lie about finances to explain our financial demise.   The McCreary’s never admit, not for even a moment that their fraudulent and building actions had anything to do with our financial demise.  Surely it does not look good for any future business if a company builds defective products, sues the victim, causes a family to loose their home and then has to file for bankruptcy.   Why would anyone want to use a company that has done that to a family?  Why would anyone patronize a company that puts a family and their children out on the rental streets of America?   But it is so nice and compassionate to see the McCreary’s once again use the actions of a lie to explain building us a defective home.

Denise McCreary insinuates that we had financial and incredible life event difficulties during our build.  No, Denise McCreary is lying to the public again to make excuses for their actions.  There were no life problems during our build that affected us paying or in any way influencing our building project.  The problems that we began to experience during the build had to do with McCreary, Terra Cotta Framing (Mike Clark) and competent supervision issues that McCreary never provided.  

The problems only continue to mount with the home since your husband was behind schedule and your husband was not paying sub-contractors (Compass Bank) and the home was being thrown together at the end. 

Do you remember McCreary that August 19th was the third move in date that you had changed and provided us?  All of our moving plans were set in stone and I told you that we were coming up on the one year point of the build and that we were moving our house items into the home, come hell or high water.  That is why the afternoon and evening that we were moving our belongings into the home, we only had two lights available to us in the entire house as we finished moving under the cover of darkness.  Thank God we were at least provided with a full moon that night. Later that night we spent our first night in our new home, sleeping in a local hotel.  Nice job McCreary!

Our life problems which included the emotional ramifications of 9/11, a sick child, my mother that died and my wife worsening condition with Fibromyalgia, that was only inflamed by the amount of stress that your lawsuit was causing us, occurred after you filed your God damn SAHBA backed lawsuit.  We easily handled the life event that came our way during your lawsuit, but we never adjusted to the stress and stalling tactic delays that you caused to our new home with your stall based lawsuit.  We never asked for a lawsuit to tear this family down; you did.

We did not have any financial setbacks during our build, or for over two years after our move in.  Thanks again Denise McCreary for your anal brain analysis and lies about our financial condition. WTF do you know; pained face, bitch woman.  My pay check actually increased during the two year lawsuit that you two phuck heads filed against us.  We did not have any strain with the financial complications even after a year after moving into the house.  We did not have any financial setbacks until almost two years after moving in and after almost two years of a fraudulent lawsuit to pay you crooks for the work that you did not perform.

You McCreary sued us for your incompetence in January 2001.  After two years of McCreary’s/SAHBA/State Farm Insurance lawsuit against, we finally financially succumbed in January 2003.  In fact our financial problems did not erupt until almost two years into litigation, with the cost for lawyers, expert witness, accounting fees and forced settlement conference that financially ruined us.  And as you recall, I could not even attempt to sell the home since it was sp totally phucked up.  We had realtors that saw the home and told us so.  It was all such a nice bind that you put us in to by suing us and then not fixing our home.  I will never forget your non-compassion.

And please spare me and do not choose to be so God damn disingenuous with you artificial concern and compassion with my family’s plight during this period.  We had enough on our plate at the time without dealing with your God damn fictitious law suit.  You have no idea the God Damn hell you put me and my family through.  

Did I see any damn concern from you two when we had to withdraw from the lawsuit because our home was going into foreclosure because of your lawsuit?  Did you have compassion then?  No, you didn’t.  Did I see any God Damn concern when we lost control of our land; now I did not?  And is sure as shit did not see any God Damn concern when my wife told me during that horrible month of January 2003, that she put a gun to her head and even considered pulling the trigger, all to erase the pain and suffering of losing her home, her land, her future, her dreams and her then 22 year old marriage; no I didn’t see any?  No, I didn’t see a God Damn instance of compassion or responsibility for you or your God damn phucking money grubbing lawyers that you hired.

Didn’t it occur to you that you would never see another cent and be responsible for all of your attorney’s fees if my family could no longer afford to pay for our home?  So you went ahead and killed your golden goose to spite yourself, and in turn, you also walked away with nothing also.  What a brilliant businessman that you are.  At least you can say that you got away not fixing our home and that you and your lawyers were responsible for our family to lose our home.  I bet you relished in the thought.

But now you have the added expense as we did from 2001 to 2003 with a dedicated campaign to insure that your company does not harm another Arizona family.  How much money have you lost because of this website?  Yes you won the battle; but you will lose the war.  You cannot stop me.

Free consumer advertising.................. Priceless!

You will never consider suing me because that would put both of you  on  the witness stand, under oath and under the threat of jail time for perjury and we all know how much that you have already a corner on the market to lie.  It must make you shake like a little miniature poodle, in you boxer short underwear about the possibility of meeting a guy named Bubba as your next best friend in a cell.  No, you won’t do jack shit.  It seems like you two have walked into the middle of a little crossfire.  There is nowhere to go; now isn’t there!  It is never a bad day when scum bags like you are finally going to be flushed down the toilet. 

And no, please save your God damn fake concern for another unsuspecting client that may walk into your business lives and trust you with their dreams; while you both plot diligently behind their backs with realtors like Fran Epsen (Long Realty) and secret kickbacks, to rob another Arizona family blind.

If you wanted to be caring, you could have built our home correctly or even just fixed our home and our lives would be so different.  But no, you choose to stall and refuse to take responsibility for the sub-contractors that you hired and did not supervise.  Instead you chose to continue delay and month by month ruin the life we once had.  I can never forgive you for that.  As a 12 year ex-military member, myself and my family have sacrificed for this country.  What have you, little pansy ass L.J. McCreary, ever done for our country except lie and rape its people for your financial gain.  You are such a God damn pussy!   

After 9/11,  and over seven months after you filed your law suit against my family, would have been a perfect time if you were a “real” American to confess up and fix your God damn mistakes and we could have all moved on, but instead, you continued to drive us into the financial ground; how very patriotic.  No matter what life setbacks or financial concerns came our way, we would have rode out the storm just fine thank you, if we hadn’t had your merit less McCreary/SAHBA/State Farm Insurance lawsuit to drain our bank accounts.  The lawsuit was just a legally forced hold up by you and your lawyers to slowly bleed my family to financial and emotional death.


  1. Unfortunately, these circumstances periodically made it difficult for the family to comply with their obligations"to make timely decisions, to be available to admit contractors, and perhaps, in the end, to make timely payments. All of these issues added to the time and expense of constructing their home.

WTF?  Once again, the McCreary’s willfully confuse the facts with their made up fiction to lie about their responsibilities.  Sure, go ahead and deflect the argument and insert fallacies to make a case for your agenda.  It is all just a pattern of even more deception.
I am not surprised.  Just looking at your websites; is an advanced education in the art of lying and deception.  

Excuse me again McCreary’s, but what is this bull shit about “making timely payments?”  Every payment during our build was paid on time until the last one in September, and that was because you did not fix our home defects.  It was really simple but then again, both of you two are just so incredibly phucking stupid and corrupt to understand otherwise.  You fix the home and I would have given you the money.  Are you both having trouble, seven year later, to still understand this simple concept, you morons? 

You would not fix the home to finished standards and that is why no further payment was made to you.  When you said that you were no longer doing any more work on our home project that is when we filed the seven Registrar of Contractors complaints against you and your sub-contractors.  And the Registrar inspector told you to fix the house, but you did not.  Did you really expect me to pay full price for a home that was not completed?  Have you been delusional for very long?  I was not going to be responsible for you and your incompetent sub-contractors who couldn’t build a custom home properly if their lives depended on it.   

There were no problems with “timely decisions.”  Decisions were made within a day if McCreary had a problem and my wife had to get a hold of me while on business.  The problems we had with McCreary were when you phucked up because of inattention to details.  Decisions and delays occurred because you had sub-contractors put in the wrong walls, wrong windows, wrong archways or wrong location for washer/dryer hook ups, that work was halted for weeks in order to fix up their screw-ups.  It would have helped if you knew that your first supervisor Curt Miller was away in Mexico on vacation.  Nice “management” and “attention to simple details” McCreary.  

Let’s face it McCreary, just like Dennis Rosen, you both didn’t give a shit what happened to your outcomes of your projects that you contracted for.  Both my home project and lawsuit defense were just cash cows for you and Dennis Rosen to pilfer.  You both only cared about cashing the checks and moving on to more lucrative projects.  My family was de-frauded by both of you.  Thanks to both of you for such fine concern.

There was absolutely no time during our one year home build that the home was not ever “available” for McCreary’s sub-contractors to do their work.  How could we not make the home available for contractor work when we were living an hour and a half from the construction sight?  There were no doors on the project until late in the build.  We were not even living in the home until August 19, 2000.  The entire home project had been under construction for over a year.  But what does any of this have to do with building the home correctly; absolutely nothing?  Again the McCreary’s use fictitious lies to justify their reprehensible and criminal behavior.  Such disgusting examples of people and competence!

During the fall of 2000, and since we were living in the home, we thought it would be only proper that we be given 24 hrs. notice, before any work to fix mistakes would be performed.  It was just a simple matter of McCreary calling us the day before and coordinating and a courtesy to my family’s lives.  One reason was for the 24 hr. notice, was to discuss exactly what type of remedy was going to be performed and by whom.  McCreary had become proficient at coming up with his own cheap remedies to fix his mistakes.  I wanted to know in advance what the solution to fix the problem was.  It was my home now and my money. 

An example of this cheap fix and inadequate mentality was the water damage that had infiltrated through a garage wall and in turned buckled and warped the drywall.  McCreary is quoted as saying; “it just needs a little paint.”  This is the kind of shit that we had to put up with L.J. McCreary during the fall of 2000.  I have never met a more un-professional person or smoother, beady eye con-man in my life, than L.J. McCreary.  But remember L.J. McCreary touts his Mid Western and Christian values to anyone that will listen.

But the real reason that you would not comply with our request for 24 hour notice is because you had absolutely no intention of fixing the home in the first place.  Your whole act was nothing more than a stalling procedure to invite more conflict.  You were looking for any little excuse to say that we would not allow you to fix the home.  I can’t believe what a two legged snake that you became at this time. Nothing but evil can describe your actions and behavior.  In fact your third Registrar of Contractors complaint was administered after you had already filed your fraudulent lawsuit.  

Yes, McCreary, you tried real hard to jack off rather than fix our home!  Later in the lawsuit, I did insist that you personally, along with your phucked up sub-contractors not perform any additional work on our home. I no longer trusted you to do competent work on our home.  It was now time to give someone else a chance to fix our home correctly because I was convinced that you couldn’t do it and were not up to any kind of professional standards.

McCreary, you looked for any little excuse to stall and then to not show up to work.  We really believed that asking for 24 hour notice prior to coming into our home and disrupting our peace was acceptable way of doing business, but only if you had been an ethical businessman and respected our rights as a consumer. 

McCreary, you had one year to build our home without any type of constraints.  Once we moved into the home we had lives that included work schedules, shopping, doctor’s appointments......etc.  We already had given over a year to build the home and almost five additional months to complete the project correctly before you and your SAHBA lawyer, Marc Simon file suit.  Was it really asking too much to comply with a twenty four hour advance notice considering what we had already been through with your despicable company?

Oh........ and by the way, L.J. McCreary likes to secretly record conversation with clients.  Maybe L.J. and Denise McCreary can get jobs with the NSA and spy on Americans shortly after their company goes bankrupt next year.

As you recall McCreary, all payments were made by the bank to McCreary Homes on time, except for the last 10% that we decided to withhold until the defects were fixed.  If you couldn’t keep track of the money since you were financing other projects and trying to pat Compass bank to get off you back because of the Van dan Elzen’s nightmare project that was your problem buddy little boy.

We had figured correctly that if you received the money while the house was not fixed, you would never show up again to work.  You know McCreary that the problems with paying your contractors were because you were using money from our build to pay other contractors on different builds.  Compass bank was breathing down your neck for your use of funds from the Van dan Elzen’s build that was going to God knows where.  I don’t believe you had any idea where all the money was going to because you and your company that was so incompetent.  

The Van dan Elzen’s eventually gave up on their build and sold it for over a three hundred thousand dollar loss.  Mr. Van dan Elzen told me personally that they were just so glad to take the loss and walk away from having to deal anymore with you, L.J. McCreary and your deceitful and dishonest character.  You are such a phucking dick head McCreary for choosing to harm so many people.

And what is this comment about “added expense” shit?  When we moved into our home we were not over budget by even one cent.  Less than two months later in October, L.J. McCreary gave us a made up “Fantasy/Fraud book” of overcharges that exceeded fifty thousand dollars of increased cost that he had just discovered.  Oh my God; what a phucking coincidence.  I later assumed that during this time of your manufactured “Fantasy/Fraud book,” that you were already preparing for your lawsuit against my family.  We assumed that these extra charges were to be used to fix your mistakes and money for the Van dan Elzen’s Compass Bank that you squandered and the bank was going to sue you.   

If you badly under bid the construction of our home because of all of the defects that had to be re-done and because of your use of illegal accounting maneuvers from Compass Bank; that was your fault and your  cost to absorb.  I will not pay for incompetence.  I will not pay for a builder that has the chance to construct a project correctly and then tries to fraudulently charge me extra for his neglect, fraud and incompetence.


  1. Significantly, the client made a substantive change in the location of a septic tank which resulted in an extensive delay and costly changes in plumbing requirements. Change orders are very common in custom home building; with planning, most can be accommodated without dramatic effects on schedule and budget. Unfortunately, the changes associated with re-arranging the septic system did not fall in that category.

One thing that I must say about the McCrearys’ is their penchant and consistency to lie.  These people are brazenly and consistently professional on the subject of manufacturing and telling more lies.

So is the reader to assume that a change in the location of a septic field, is the main reason that when we moved into the home with only two interior lights working in the entire house, we experienced a great room ceiling that had been sagging since July 10th, all due to inferior delivered wood, water flowing down hill and coming under the garage doors, a kitchen island that was poorly and dangerously constructed, a front door that you could see through, a damaged heat pump out of the crate that McCreary chose to put on my roof, only two working lights in the home, three fire places that would not draw, a hot water system that was incorrectly wired for too low of amperage and eventually arced out, pools of water from depressions on the roof that would freeze and damage the coating, sloppy painting, and a heat pump that was damaged by hail because it was not protected by louver doors.

Yes McCreary, surely you are correct that a re-located septic field change was the culprit and was totally responsible for all of the above defects and non-finished items.  What was I thinking by ever blaming you for such mis-management and incompetence?  It was my entire faul,t you phucking lying ass moron! 

L.J. McCreary you and I know that you were the real reason for the delay of the septic field.   You wouldn’t get off your fat lazy ass to get the permit because you were using this delaying tactic as an excuse to explain why the home was so behind schedule.  My wife ended up one month after the delay started, to finally investigate this artificial “problem” herself by calling  Arizona ADQ and having the permit secured and mailed out that very day.  McCreary, you were causing the delay by design.  McCreary, you willfully delayed the project on the septic field in order to have an excuse to explain your late construction build.  In the final analysis L.J. and Denise McCreary, because of your incompetence, you didn’t do jack shit to make sure our home was being completed competently, and on time because it was solely your fault for the numerous delays.

Anyone that builds a home with this moron McCreary really needs to get their heads examined if they have read this rebuttal.  At times, I can’t believe the amount of shit you put us through, all by your design.  You really do need to be put in jail for a very long time and forfeit your homes and possessions.

Hey L.J. and Denise McCreary, why don’t you talk about the delays that were caused by your other incompetent employee Eric Phillips?  Isn’t Eric Phillips the person who ordered an $18,000 dollar window package that was completely the wrong color, even after my wife called and reminded him at least three times what the correct color was to order?   WTF were you people smoking at the McCreary Home offices; the carpeting? 
But surely, the delay has to be our fault since we selected a color that we wanted on our custom home; rather than what your company employee mistakenly ordered for us.

But maybe there was another explanation for such incompetence.  It all seems so suspect and possible now because of the amount of fraud that you perpetrate against us.  Is it possible McCreary that your company made a “deal” for different colored and less expensive windows and then tried to pocket the difference that you charged us for it?  We did take the different window package but you had to build us the outside boncos.  Yes, I know you would never do such a thing; right?  Why wouldn’t a crook choose to cheat and steal whenever he thought he could get away with it?  As you recall, there were many other items that you substituted and charged us full price for like the great room ceiling wood and master bedroom floor wood.

L.J. and Denise McCreary, you do not talk about the delays that were incurred because you did not even realize that you outsourced supervisor, Curt Miller, was on vacation and a new supervisor had to be brought in with the resulting one week delay.  And who did you bring in to take Miller’s place, the phucking Mexican Bozo, diesel engine, Ex-Morenci mine mechanic and know nothing about home building supervision, Ray Quintero.  At least admit McCreary, Quintero was nothing more than an incompetent three time a week baby sitter for your incompetent and illegal alien framers and sub-contractors. 

L.J. and Denise McCreary, you do talk about the delays that were incurred by having unsupervised framers reading from old building plans, and then putting up and then taking down walls that were in the wrong position from the master plans.  No, McCreary Homes was not responsible for any delays; it was our entire fault, because accordingly to you McCreary, we did not “manage” properly and make the home “available” to be worked on, and we could not pay our “obligations.” 

Jesus phucking Christ!  You two are such phucking criminal deceivers!

And who really has the “management problems;” the client, or is it McCreary Homes?  I should rest my case on that issue; but I won’t!  You incompetent Bozo’s didn’t even know how to wipe your own asses properly, let alone build a custom home.

L.J. and Denise McCreary, you both do not talk about the six months it took to get our kitchen paneling from Arizona Kitchens and Designs, for the drawers and the refrigerator front panels.  L.J. and Denise McCreary, you do not talk about the home that wasn’t even painted when we moved into the home on August 19, 2000, which finally happened after the third promised move in day delay, which you had so incompetently provided us.   McCreary, you do not talk about that there were only two lights in the entire home when we moved in that day.  We finished moving in on August 19th, 2000, just two days before our twentieth wedding anniversary under the light of a full moon.  No, there is much that you L.J. and Denise McCreary leave out by design, in order to protect and further their future designs to deceive the unsuspecting public with their begged for innocence of responsibility.

And I understand that this website must be killing you.  You deserve every bit of scorn and inquiry about your past building practices.  But it will never be over until amends are made to us.  Unfortunately, you alone will never have enough money to pay for our pain and suffering alone to repair just the damage that you have caused to our marriage; let alone the emotional and financial damage you have also caused us.

No, L.J. and Denise McCreary you chose to omit the truth about your incompetence and non-existent management skills to build our home and how it was “thrown” together at the end of the build, because it would only explain why the home was so shoddily built.   L.J. and Denise McCreary, you could not build a dog house without phucking it up too much; even for little Fido to even live in.

As far as the home construction loan went, we were on budget until the very last day of the construction loan.  I wouldn’t have had it any other way and you and your incompetent supervisor and representative, Ray Quintero were the persons who told me we were on budget. There was only so much money and that was it.  Later in October, imagine my disgust with you McCreary, when you came up with a fictitious bill for an extra fifty thousand dollars of charges with the mailing to us of your “Fantasy/Fraud Book.”  Yes, you L.J.McCreary are the certified man/boy crook of all time!

Many times the lies of omission are more revealing than the lies of commission.


  1. When the client ultimately withheld a substantial payment, our contractors left the project. We did end up paying all our subcontractors and suppliers regardless of our receipts. They have families and financial concerns, too. Still, we found ways to continue working with this client, with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors and with mediators to try to accommodate what became a chaos of shifting requirements. Our company's financial losses from this engagement are well over six figures; at least we know that the family who subsequently purchased the home loves everything about it. They have even written letters that are posted on our web site to help mitigate this client's ongoing assault.

L.J. and Denise McCreary, you are so full of shit once again!  You by continue to willfully deceive the public with even more lies.  I look forward to appearance on the witness stand.  We will see how much you lie at that time.

How dare you lie and blame us for you sub-contractors not being paid on time during the construction period; especially the last two months of the construction period when everything was quickly being thrown together because of your late schedule planning.  You McCreary Homes were solely responsible for paying subs with funds that had been transferred from our construction loan for almost a year.  God didn’t you people phuck up every single part of our home building operation and yet you still cannot accept a single bit of responsibility for your phuck upped operations.  You Denise McCreary are a lying pig.  You L.J. McCreary are a lying little turd.

During the last two and one-half months of construction, sub-contractors did not show up because you McCreary were not paying the subs from money that was already allocated for these projects.  Evidently you were bouncing the money around your various projects and robbing Peter to pay Paul.  There were sub- contractors that actually told us that you were not paying them. 

One company that did wonderful work and constructed the great room fire place on July 08th, 2000, was the Hoffman Brothers Company; the same company that told us about the sagging great room ceiling, and who personally called my wife a month later and told her that they were still not paid by you. Hoffman Brothers wondered if we could talk to you about payment since you were not returning their calls and they got the impression that you were deliberately avoiding them because of payment.  The Hoffman Company was so frustrated with you non-payment that they even told my wife that they were considering putting a “lien” on the home.  My wife told them that that would not be possible since your company was responsible for the payments and not us. 

There were numerous other sub-contractors that we began to talk to that also said they were having trouble getting paid by you.  We heard from the dry-wallers, the stucco company and the painters that they too were not paying them either during this period. Obviously something shady was being done with the money that was being drawn from our construction loan.  But again McCreary you blame us fro you non-payment of subs.  What a lying ass- hole that you have proven to be.

So tell the public McCreary, it was not us that were causing any payment to not be made by you, so what is the truth about where the money was going.  If our bank drafts were going to you and the subs were not being paid; where was the money going to?  Was it Compass Bank?  Were you paying off other subs on a different project in Tucson?  What is the real truth McCreary?  Why would anyone build or buy a home from such a lying, cheating moron like you?

Eventually you paid these sub-contractors, but you were late to them with your payment.  God only knows what kind of illegal accounting practices that you might have been using with Karen Phillips during this time. If you recall, the home was not even painted when we moved in on August 19, 2000, solely because the painters did not show up because you were not paying them from other home projects.  And during that time you made the insincere excuse that the painter were to busy to paint our home before we moved in.  You lied to us McCreary because the reason that the home was not painted is because you were not paying your subs with our money.  God you were and continue to be such a lying, cheating ass, fraudulent crook. 

As you recall McCreary, all the money that was due to you had been already been transferred into your bank account. So please tell the public how you blame us for non-payment of your subs?  We did not refuse payment on the last ten percent of the home project until that first week in September as we waited for the great room ceiling and other defects to be fixed or replaced.  Why McCreary do you continue to try and deceive the public with your lies and half truths?

If a man lies to you once, he will lie to you a thousand times.  McCreary, I think that you have well exceeded the one thousand mark in your uncontrollable offerings of lies.

Well, here we go again with the lies and omission of the facts to enhance the McCreary story of their non-complicity in our building nightmare.  I am sure that everything was

our fault why the house was built so defectively.  Please tell us that if a rational person is to assume that if you had built this home correctly and on time, that all of this continuing nightmare would have not happened.  Do you really think that we just like to argue and complain for the fun of it?  Do you think that myself and my family wanted to go down this nightmare road that you took is on?   You put us through hell and it was solely your decision to go down that road for us.  Why didn’t you build our home correctly and when it was pointed out, why didn’t you just fix our home like one of your lawyers told you to do.  I just bet you enjoyed seeing us lose our home and land.

Your self described substantial payment was the last ten percent of the home construction cost.  Did you need the money so badly because Compass Bank was breathing down your necks for the $18,000 dollars that you had misappropriated for the Van dan Elzen’s home project?  If you or your sub-contractors had fixed our house as was contracted, we would have been happy to pay you and have everyone move on their way.  If we had paid you with all of the defects present, we would have never seen you again; unless we were going to be in a court of law.  We did not want to go that route since the majority of lawyers always seem to have the uncanny capacity to even phuck up a wet dream at the moment of climax.  This case was no exception.  It was not our idea to let this situation get to that point.  You instead used the protection of SAHBA and State Farm Insurance to sue us because of your incompetence and greed.  

I am convinced that your plan was to take the money and quickly run away and then use insurance protection to protect you if we had initiated a law suit against your company.  The entire last draw, just like every one of the earlier draws would have been paid as agreed to if you had agreed to and finished working on the entire defect list of mistakes that you made.  Am I to assume like the Collin’s that we were responsible for paying a second time to have your mistakes fixed?  We were the victims and continue to be the victims of McCreary Home’s fraud and deceptions.

Your comment that your company lost into the “six figures” is quite touching.  You choose to have this situation happen to your company by defective building practices, incompetent management, unqualified supervisors, use of illegal aliens, use of un-licensed contractors, fraudulent accounting practices, and a penchant to not complete the project correctly.  We instead lost so much more. 

Our losses were all encompassing.  Our losses were financial, emotional, physical and spiritual.  I am a changed man because of our rape.  We lost potentially millions of dollars with the loss of our home and eighty acres of land.  Our marriage is no longer the same. This fact will not go unchallenged for much longer. 

Because of your fraudulent and incompetent company, we lost our home, our land, our perfect credit rating, our marriage relationship was damaged and forever changed, we became rental gypsies for the past five years, lost our dreams, our futures and I lost my faith in religion and lost what lies in the heart of mankind.  You ruthless financial phuckers made my wife sick from the stress that you cause her and our family.  What kind of monster does it take to make a family lose their home to satiate their greed?  What kind of persons does it take to push a woman to put a gun to her head and consider pulling the trigger in order to stop the pain of losing hers and her children’s home?  What kind of soul less monsters are you McCreary’s?  

On retrospect sometimes I wish I would have paid you in full for a defectively built home and never seen your corrupt and fraudulent, lying asses again.  Better yet, I should have got rid of you the first time you started phucking up during the framing process.  I would have been time, money, and so much heartache ahead.  Dealing with a couple of snakes and turning your back on them is never healthy for ones future.  

I understand why the Van dan Elzens walked away from the fraud you perpetrated on them.  I understand why the Collin’s couldn’t wait to just walk away from the stench and memory of meeting you.  You needed to be stopped from hurting anymore Arizona families.  But I decided to stand up to you on principal and I will continue to stand up and speak the truth on principals. 

My home should have been done correctly in the first place.  Everything that has happened to us is because you could not fulfill the contract that you signed to build us a correctly constructed home, without defects, without fraud, without lying, without cheating us, on budget and on time.  You couldn’t provide a single part of that contract or ideal. 

I will forever thank Fran Epsen of Long Realty for her secret referral to you in exchange for the present day thirty piece of silver, almost $3,700.00 that she sold us out for and to you.  Fran Epsen and you were the genesis of this fraudulent operation.

You the McCreary’s never continued to work with us.  There was never any “chaos of shifting requirements.”  The one main requirement that we insisted on that the home was to be constructed and fixed correctly.  It should have been done correctly the first time it was attempted; period.  Even with a second chance at attempt; you could not do it. 

Such nerve; such chutzpah to even consider such corrupt nonsense!  But then again, we are talking about living in the corrupt real estate state of Arizona and McCreary Homes.

Are you the McCreary’s blind to the hundreds of pictures that we took of the defects?  Never let the facts/pictures get in the way of uncontrollable lying to forward your fictional agenda of innocence.

As you recall, all money was paid on time, through bank draws, up until the first week of September, 2000, when we had already lived into the house for two weeks.  I was not going to pay the last 10% of the account, until the over (222) defects were fixed by you and your incompetent and illegal alien sub-contractors and workers that you chose to hire. 

You fixed the great room ceiling as it should have been, but then you said to our first paper pusher lawyer Jeff Neff; “I don’t know if I am going to doing any more work for those people.”  At that point I stopped payment on the $10,000 check because our agreement to pay was based on your assurance that you were going to fix all of the defects.  You did not even address any of the major defects of water infiltration into our home.  It was very simple McCreary; you fix your mistakes, and I would give you the money and we could both be on our way.  We wanted to get rid of you.  We could tell by that point that you were nothing more than a lying snake.  You had two choices at that point; fix the home and leave or the other choice was that you would not fix our home and choose to engage in litigation.  But no, you were too phucking stupid or corrupted to even understand this little fact. I am sorry the project was costing you more money than you had contracted for, but it was solely your fault for hiring such inept and incompetent fool sub-contractors to construct our home. 

It is always much less expensive to do a project right the very first time.

During the first week of September, if you will recall correctly McCreary, you finally agreed to redo our great room wooden ceiling, which was beginning to sag downward, since July 10th, because of inferior, very thin and much less expensive wood that you had substituted on the job.  Of course, we had paid for the thicker more expensive wood and it was written in the contract, but that didn’t seem to matter to you.  Substitution with less expensive and defective products for profit seemed to be a goal of your company. 

You violated our contract so many times, that the contract was worthless, but the ultimate violation was your incompetent and defective work. You McCreary, had known about the sagging ceiling since July 10th of 2000, but did absolutely nothing about and in fact did not address the issue until the last day of our timed contract and construction loan, August 31st, 2000.  What a conniving coincidence! For almost two months that ceiling could have been fixed in July but instead you made us wait and you delayed the reconstruction of the ceiling for two months, and did it all while we were living in the home. 

There is no one here except us stalling, lying ass chickens.  Signed the McCreary’s!

I correctly figured that you would wait to the last day of the construction loan contract and then have Mike Clark of Terra Cotta Framing and your supervisor Ray Quintero, to try and pressure me into signing on for a quick fix wooden brace fix for the ceiling.  You waited until we had moved in since you were convinced that we would accept your cheap fix and avoid any further construction turmoil in our lives.  You were wrong.  I did not bite.  I always insisted that you uphold the construction contract by building our home correctly.   I insisted that the home should have been and will be constructed as per the contract, and not some cheap brace fix to cover up the fact that you used cheap, inferior installed wood on our home project.  Is this what you two mean by “chaos of shifting requirements?”  And McCreary to this day I have the different pieces of wood that are pictured on our web site which you substituted in our ceiling.  You really should be in jail for all of the fraud that you perpetrated on us.

So your solution on the last day of our contract was to brace up the ceiling.  I began to feel incredibly uncomfortable at this point because I was sure that you were not going to do the right thing by fixing the defect correctly.  Is it too much to have a custom home constructed correctly the first time?  I went around and around for three days with you until you finally relented and agreed to replace the ceiling with the correctly designed wood; as per contract.

Later, as the ceiling was being dismantled, the framers made the situation worse by haphazardly jamming insulation that was above the ceiling in hodge podge, insertion manner.  During this time I contacted an insulation professional about this situation and he advised me that besides installing the insulation correctly by removing the roof, a vapor barrier should be in place also.  There was no vapor barrier provided by McCreary Homes.  Is this what you mean by a “chaos of shifting requirements?”  How about the “shifting requirement” to do it the right way?

The next day, I told you the problem with the insulation/vapor barrier and that I insisted that this ceiling had to be done the right way and the only way to do this now was to pull up the roof above in order to properly insert the insulation and vapor barrier.   Is this what you mean by a “chaos of shifting requirements?”  You phuck more things up and I am supposed to accept your further mistakes?  There was no “chaos of shifting requirements” except to do it the right way.  I always remained firm that there would be the continuing requirement that the home project would be done the right way!  Again I thought, you and your McCreary Homes hired sub-contractors had a chance to do it the right way and you blew it because of your greed and most likely, in the end; you simply just did not care what happened to my family’s home or future. 

It took another three days of going around and around with the self professed, attention to detail boy,” L.J. McCreary, but you finally relented and the roof was pulled.  There are pictures on our website of insulation gaps of up to 18 inches between insulation bales.  So much for the McCreary Homes fine claims to be the “premiere builder” of Tucson. 

More lies!  

Also during this time that insulation was being done, I actually went on top of the roof and put the vapor barrier in and insulation in myself in order to have it done right.  I was sick of watching incompetent framers/builders that just didn’t care. Later that night  although exhausted from traveling an hour and a half to Tucson that morning and returning from Home Depot with more insulation bales and doing the work myself; I slept well that night knowing that the job had been done correctly.  I could no longer trust you to care about our home and do a competent job or even rely on you being honest with me.

During the remainder of the month, and while I was on vacation, your framing crew spent (16) days fixing the ceiling/insulation/roof that you had known was defectively built for over two months, back on July 10th.  It was some wasted vacation.  But once again, I know it must have been my fault for letting you build such a defective ceiling with cheap/thin/substituted wood and vapor barrier less insulation foundations.

If you recall McCreary, during this period my family lived in the up-stairs master bedroom (again for 16 days) with access to the kitchen being only available by walking outside to enter through a side door.  The rest of the home had been quarantined by use of plastic sheeting to prevent the dust and dirt from invading the rest of the home. 

During this period my children slept on mattresses on the floor; that is until the field mice, unknown to us, that were living downstairs in the great room, decide to join us upstairs in bed.  We were awakened one night by the screams of our children as rodents crawled over their sleeping bodies.  What a great building experience and fun provided free of charge by McCreary Homes.  I killed ten rodents the next day; one I killed while it crawled down the wall from the great room ceiling as you watched.   Just a little bit of the “premier Tucson builder,” McCreary homes touch for attention to details, design talent and work that represents the finest that Tucson has to offer.

And then there is the line that says we still “found ways to work with the client through the Registrar of Contractors and with mediators.”  You lying piece of shit.  As you recall McCreary, you worked so hard” with the Registrar’s office during our first complaint that we had to file two more complaints against you, for a total of three; just against McCreary Homes alone, simply because you would not fix anything. 

You continued to drag your feat with the Registrar’s office and little was done until we filed separate Registrar of Contractor’s formal complaints against four other companies that you hired; Terra Cotta Framing( Mike Clark) , Davis Kitchen’s (Mike O’Brien and Tamara Newell) Andros Refrigeration (Blaine Seymour)  McNary Company (Mike McNary- Concrete).  And the reason we filed against these separate contractors is because you told them to not show up at our project.  Mike O’Brien of Arizona Kitchens and Designs attested that to me since he was upset that he had a complaint against his company now. 

But Mike O’Brien only had to worry for two years for the complaint to be erased, just like you did to.  You lying little bastard!  Sure McCreary you worked with us (the clients) just like a snake works its way into a rodent hole at night.  You never had any intention of fixing our home correctly.

As far as “mediators” go, there were no real “mediators” present during any of the time period between are move in and your law suit to recover money that you did not earn.  Or McCreary, did you intentionally use the word “mediators” to describe the people that are only correctly termed by the word called lawyers?  Lawyers are not mediators; they are pick pocketers and first rate vultures.  They could care less about mediating and consensus as compared to finding ways to enhance conflict and increase their billable hours and subsequent bank accounts. 

But why was any type “mediator” of any kind even needed in the first place.  If you had built our home correctly and on time, there would be no further discussion.  And please McCreary, don’t decide to use again your fictitious and self delayed excuse for the septic tank to further your credibility agenda rewrite ride.  There should have been no instance of any kind of conflict if you and your company were not so incompetent and such frauds. 

You promised to build me dream house McCreary and instead you built us a continuing nightmare that haunts us to this day.  L.J. McCreary, you are a certified liar!    

Please remember McCreary to advise the reader that you sued us first.  Why deceive the reader any further than you already have with half truths and incorrect facts?  Why do you try and hide the story about the “mediators” that you hired?  Did you really believe that I would just give you the last ten percent of the bank draw because you filed suit against my family.  In the end, you sued us because of your incompetence, lack of managerial skills, your penchant for fraud and your quest for monetary corruption. 

Because of your “mediators” and their intent to continue to stall like you did, we lost our home and everything else?  Why did your “mediators” agree to that first construction settlement and then not have the home fixed, as agreed to?  You sued us with your SAHBA “mediator”/ attorney Marc Simon at the helm.  Mr. Simon was so passionate and so sure of your case that he pawned it off on a junior partner, William Poorten III, another soulless douche bag attorney.  The only problem that we had was that we also had even two more soulless and incompetent, douche bag University of Arizona type lawyers; Dennis Rosen and Alice Milton.

Your letter makes the deceptive assumption that there were actual construction “mediators” during the fall of 2000, when the Registrar of Contractors complaints were filed.  No, there were no mediators, just our first lawyer, Jeff Neff, trying to get you to agree to fix your mistakes.  Again, the reason we filed the complaints with the Registrar of Contractors, is because you told the contractors to not come to our home and fix theirs and your mistakes.

Why McCreary do you continue to use the fictitious and deceptively fraudulent testimonial letter from Bruce R.B. DuPont of Salero Ranch?  That fraudulent story is three years old and you are still using it.  You must be desperate for approval.  Are you that desperate for your ever dwindling number of current testimonials that you will even stoop this low?  Nothing surprise me any more with builders and lawyers.  You and I both know that this testimonial is a crock of shit! The only reason that Bruce R.B. DuPont could possibly “love” his home would be for the paltry price that he paid for the land and home because it was sold so far below its potential value if had not been so defectively built.  I believe from a recent e-mail reply from an internet acquaintance that the home has not been fixed to current accepted “move in standards”, even until this day.

And as far as Bruce R.B. DuPont who eventually bought our home and land on Salero Ranch for less than 1/3rd its value; you both are still choosing to be such lying pieces of shit!  I can’t believe that you still use this fictitious and searched for story about Bruce DuPont and our home and how much he “loves” it.  Why McCreary did you not advise the reader that DuPont bought the house in foreclosure, for less than 1/3rd of its true value if the home had been built correctly?  Why would any home have been sold for that cheap, unless it had major problems?  Why do you admit such important facts about the home unless you are trying to deceive the reader from seeking the truth about your company?

Why didn’t you two tell the reader that many items had been fixed on the home prior to filing your lawsuit in January, 2001?  Why didn’t you tell the reader that the major items like the water infiltration through the garage walls, water infiltration under the garage doors, a front door that could be looked through and a septic field that had failed inspection were not ever fixed.   Was Mr. Bruce R. B. DuPont” in “love” with these defective features?   

Do you McCreary’s tell the reader that you had already redone the sagging great room ceiling that was built with inferior, cheap wood for a profit?  Didn’t you have to replace the incorrectly installed insulation in the great room ceiling?  Didn’t you replace a damaged out of the box heat pump which you installed on the roof?  Did you replace a dangerous kitchen island that almost collapsed, almost four months after we moved into the home?  Did you replace a bathroom sink cabinet that was damaged due to water leakage?  Did you have to replace a hot water heater that shorted out because it was incorrectly wired?   Did you have to rewire this water heater for increased amperage, because the electrical supply to the hot water heat that was wired incorrectly? 

No, but instead you both continue to deceive and conserve your duty to tell the truth.  No one can ever accuse the McCreary’s of ever being bright or smart; but just dumb, lying ass crooks.  Conservatives like you are only dedicated to the concept of conserving your dwindling characters.  Why do republican people like you choose to conserve your hypocrisy and your self righteous morality but never conserve the actions of your words?  Never do you choose to liberally invoke any integrity, to liberally invoke any honor or to liberally invoke morality, but instead you liberally choose to show and continue to develop your deceptive agenda that is based on greed. 

What kind of business moron works for over ten years to build a company’s reputation, beginning in 1986 and then decides to go down the path of fraud, corruption, deception and  resulting defective home building incidents to increase profits?  I believe at one time you used to build a good home for people, but somewhere along the way after 1996, you succumbed to the path of greed, money and its promise of power in your lives. 

I saw what condition our home was in when DuPont purchased it because of the financial dilemma that you pushed us into forced foreclosure.  How much did you have to pay or barter with Bruce R.B. DuPont for services in order to have him write a letter for your testimonial?  Did Bruce DuPont even write the letter or was it your wife Denise’s or daughter Abigail’s text?  Did you call Bruce R.B. DuPont or did he call you to initiate this glowing testimonial?  

Concerning Mr. DuPont’s frame of mind and his lovely foreclosed purchased home; did Bruce DuPont “love” the septic field that had failed inspection on December 24, 2001?  Why was the septic field not fixed in September of 2004 when we visited Salero Ranch to warn this new owner of all of the McCreary defects?  Did Bruce DuPont “love” taking a crap in his upstairs bedroom master bathroom and watching his urine/feces laden liquid splash 150 ft. away on the desert floor from open/deteriorated pipes?  Why doesn’t Mr. Bruce r. B. Dupont just settle for an outside toilet if he has such fine standards of luxury?

Were there other parts of our home that DuPont bought that he also “loved?”  Did Mr. DuPont “love” the three fire places that would not draw?  Did DuPont “love” the front door that he could see through?   Did DuPont “love” the water that came through the garage walls and buckled the wall and dry wall?  Did DuPont “love” the water that would flow into his garage?  Did DuPont “love” the cheap and thinner wood that you substituted on the floor of our master bedroom?

Just look at the pictures under my letter titled; “The art of deception.” 



  1. It probably goes without saying that we regret our involvement with this client, but we have tried to learn from it and move on. All of us at McCreary Homes continue to expect that we are building nothing less than the best house a client ever had, the home of their dreams. And we are pleased to say that expectation has been met, time and again.


Not this time buddy!  Your expectations resulted in a building home abortion.  Your expectations were non-existent during our build.  Your attention to detail was non-existent.  Your quality control was non-existent.  Your supervision was non-existent.  Your management of our project was non-existent.  Your accounting of our cost was fraudulent.  Your customer service was abysmal.  And to think after all of this, you sued us.  Unphuckingbelievable! 

By suing us McCreary, you signed your own economic death warrant.  Word of mouth is a good way of advertising, but internet reviews are priceless.  There is no need to tell a story except for the truth on internet reviews of companies.

And so what have you “learned” McCreary’s; not to screw people.  Not to rip-off people their money, their hopes and their dreams?  Have you learned that you committed financial business suicide by suing us?  You two are such ignorant business people but now you say that you are ready to “move on.”  No, I am sorry but you cannot “move on” until you or your enablers make us whole again.  I will never let you “move on” as long as this injustice is allowed to remain. 

But seriously though, what have you really learned for being such depraved individuals?  Obviously you have not learned to tell the truth.  Obviously you have chosen to continue your lying.  I feel that you have learned nothing from this misadventure of your as long as you deceive yourself and the public by lying.  Have you learned that the truth and the real story are now available 24/7 for public consumption and scorn?  Have you learned that suing a customer is the biggest mistake that a company can make?  Whatever happened to customer service and the customer is treated with respect and dignity, instead of trying to rip him off?

The two year Registrar of Contractors eraser program does not prevent companies like yours from hiding from the public your record of atrocities that you have committed against Arizona families.  I bet you regret now your actions of building us such a defective home and then suing us for your incompetence.  Everyone knows the story now McCreary and I predict it will result in the death of your company.  Who in their right mind would even give your company a second thought?  The money that you have lost and will lose will be nothing as compared to the cost of fixing our home.  What goes around; comes around McCreary.  I will watch with delight as the building bubble collapse runs over you.  Greed always seems to kill something.  You deserve everything that is scheduled to come your way.

As far as regret goes, excuse the phuck out of me; you “regret your involvement” with us?  We are the one that reserve the right to regret ever meeting a couple of two-legged Arizona snakes like you.  Coming to Arizona in 1996, then later meeting you McCreary and having you build our custom dream home will always be the worst mistake in my life.  Whatever happened to the concept of the customer is always right?  With you people; the customer is always wrong because your reason to build a home is to line your pockets with outlandish profits. You lied to us, right from the beginning about your intent.  Yes, both of you such fine upstanding Christians of St.Michael’s Episcopalian Church who lie and steal just as easy as if they were breathing air.  

You and Fran Epsen (Long Realty) were dishonest, right from the start.  I will have to assume that it was you McCreary, who initiated these secret monetary deals for kickback referrals to the unsuspecting public, since you paid Epsen over $3,600.00 to have her set us up for your web of deceit.  How many other real estate people did you have secret deals with in 2007?  With the way the building industry and the economy are, you must have everyone on retainer. 

You McCreary had your lies and eyes of deception planted in your heart, even before we shook hands that very first time.  Your hand shake means nothing now other than you are a two handed jack off trying to use it for gratification.  Your name McCreary means lies, deception and heartache now.  Your name is now and forever associated in Tucson and around the country with garbage and human depravity.  You took our home, land and future away from us; all to feed your insatiable appetite for money, greed and power. 

What have you learned from the incredible nightmare build that you provided us?  Obviously you and your wife have not learned to stop lying and deceiving people.  Oh, you have learned not to let clients go onto their own property and into their homes until the evidence is hidden?  How many illegal aliens do you still use on your projects; that is, if you have any projects at all?   What type of an idiot would ever do business with snakes like you? How many times have you shorted clients in the last seven years, like you did with us with your full priced inferior building products and illegal alien labor?  Have you learned to hire licensed contractors instead of the un-licensed contractor, like John Ruiz, who you hired and coordinated with to put in our lighting protection system? 

You had no shame by trying to overcharge us for Mr. Ruiz, with a (25%) mark up, that is until you could not locate a license for him, and then like the chicken shit and character less person that you are, tried to pawn him off on us as our responsibility.  You are such snakes.  I have never met such a greedy person as you have proven yourself to be, time and time again. 

So was it worth L.J. to sell your integrity for pennies on the dollar?  You won the battle but you will lose the war.  I guess you can answer that question in 2008.  You know that something bad is going to happen in Tucson with companies like yours that chose to rape the public when things were good and you could get away with it.  Now there are fewer buyers of custom/spec/track homes for you to swindle.  I think it will be incredibly hard to drum up business with such a horrible reputation that you have cultivated.  I am only too happy to provide the internet public with the truth about your past and present actions of lies.

Let’s see if you survive the wrath of righteousness during the 2008 home building immolation.  Why should a lender give you money if your goal is to hurt the community?  Why would a lender take the risk of lending to defective builder like you since the home could end up in foreclosure by your defective building actions?  Why should a customer chance his money and family financial security on a moral less, fraud prone company like yours?  Anyone that uses your company in 2008 has got to be an uneducated moron.

Moving to Arizona and meeting you, L.J. McCreary and Fran Epsen (Long Realty), two republicans, was the absolutely worst mistake of my life!   You would have been better off taking my family out and shooting us all in the back rather than what you did to us.  I believe we would have recovered much quicker from the physical wounds as compared to the financial and emotional wounds that you, Fran Epsen (Long Realty) and your lawyers perpetrated on us.  Next time we dance, I vow to be ready for you and I will not fail.  You will be amazed how much tougher and hardened we have become by your corrupt antics.  Going through hell indeed toughens a person.

You, your wife and your SAHBA lawyers, are the worst of snakes.  But it still amazes me that just two people who collaborate to deceive a family’s can force these victims down the path of destruction because of your monetary greed.  Please do not think that I have given up any and all hope of having you and Fran Epsen prosecuted for fraud and sent to jail.  It will take just a little more time until I have found the perfect lawyer to pursue justice, one that has ethics and is honest, and one who believes not in billable hours, but instead the silly notion of justice.  I will not quit until justice and restitution has been made to my family and society to for your fraud and corruption.  You can count on it!

I am so glad that you and your hollow soul wife can choose to “move on” when it must be so easy for you to be so callous to your fellow human being.  How can you “move on” when what you did to us will linger with us forever.  Isn’t it funny how people like you who are unethical, immoral and corrupted are so quick to want to “move on” and forget what you have done?  Not so fast.  Maybe you are just moving on in order to swindle another Arizona family. 

I will not move on, but instead continue to fight you until the day I die or justice is served.   This is by no means over!  Justice must be served if I am ever to “move on”.  I will continue to keep my legal option open against all of the Arizona snakes like you that forced my family’s security and future into the gutter.

And please do not lie to the public that you “continue to expect that we are building
nothing less than the best house a client has ever had.”   You mean you don’t know?  Do you really mean that you two can only expect?  Or do you really mean that you can only hope or wish for a successful build?  What did you wish for our build?  Did you even consider our build?  

And with regards to our build what is the real reason that it was constructed so shoddily? Are your advertisements on your website nothing more than lies?  Was it the “best” home that you could build us?  Was the defective home that you built us “the home of our dreams?  Did you “expect that you were building nothing less then the best home that we have ever had?” 

Stop, time out; wrong!  Our home sucked!  Our home was a disaster!  Our home was a built like a New Orleans urban housing project!  Out home was no better than an abortion attempt on your part!  I have had dog houses McCreary, that were better constructed than your McCreary built Home. Why instead, did you and your sleazy republican groveling wife choose to provide us with this nightmare?  What was the real reason? 

What about our pictures on our website?  Unlike you, the pictures do not lie.  How about the Collins home?  How about the Van dan Elzens?   What about the other homes that you have phucked up?  You and I know that there are others. Isn’t there another woman on the east side that had water infiltration also that you settled with, with a gag order?  Sure there is L.J. You and Denise have hurt so many people.  You have chosen to even hurt children.  You really do not care who you hurt be they young or old.  Money, greed and power are your only objectives.  My goal is to stop you from hurting any one else.

So please, go ahead and threaten me with a libel lawsuit when you finally file for bankruptcy this year and I will just laugh at you.  You, nor anyone else have not done a damn thing against what I have written for the past almost four years, because you know in your hardened hearts, that all of it is the truth, and nothing but the truth.  A person cannot sue and win a dime from another person for the sake of libel, when all that is written is the truth.  I welcome any and all challenges to challenge the truth! 

When you took every thing away from me, you gave me incredible power to publish my feelings and my thoughts.   For me it was cathartic to expose and express the corruption, hypocrisy, and deception that is still taking place in the building industry in Arizona and has flourished for the past ten years.  

I am no longer the same man that you swindled in 2000.  I understand the pervasive inbred corruption and deceit that lies in the hearts of men and women in Arizona.  I now trust no one because of your Christian and Mid Western professed values of deceit that you “performed” for us.  Your letter on Rip-off Report .com only further documents your corruption and deceit.  Your letter to Rip-off Report.com only furthers my contempt and hate for the injustice, fraud and loss that you and your wife have forced my family to endure.

I pray, just like Lute Olson will soon undergo, that you and your wife are the next couple to endure hardship for your actions.  Bankruptcy, divorce, suicide and accidents would only be too kind of an occurrence for people of your type of shoddy character to bear. 

You are an incredible embarrassment to your fake Episcopalian religion and Mid Western Values.  I originally came from the state of Michigan, a Democratic state.  You came from Indiana; a republican state.  Indiana is a state that once embraced openly the KKK.  The Mid West that I came from used to have honest Democratic and republican people. But republicans in the 21st century lie, cheat and steal with a vengeance.  I understand why you are not an honest person.  The reason is deep in your soul; isn’t it?  I understand the rules of the game now and I hope to show you as much compassion as you showed my family in the coming future.

Earlier both you and your wife expressed artificial compassion for the stress that we had to endure in addition to the stress of your bogus lawsuit and a damaged dream home that you provided my family.  Surely you must feel no compassion for my wife and children, who you both chose, to put through hell.  Again, what kind of animals forces a family to lose their home, by pushing a family into financial oblivion and out on the streets?  What kind of animal pushes a woman to put a gun against her head to ease the pain of what you people did to her and her children?  What kind of animals, are you, the McCreary’s of Tucson, Arizona really like; cold blooded reptiles?  

My only hope that people who are looking to have a home built or even buy an existing home will look past the slick looking promos and FAQ’s and realize that promising them the moon advertising on promotional websites is a scam.   People will have to understand that if it is about money; do not believe a single thing that a website says.  The websites like yours are meant to lower your guard and convince yourself that you are credible.  In your case, I speak from experience that this is so untrue. 

I am not selling anything accept free information for the public’s benefit.  McCreary Home’s website is trying to accumulate as much money as possible for L.J. and Denise McCreary.  Nothing has changed from 2000.  Until the McCreary’s have made amends for their past sins against the community, no one should support their fraudulent and corrupt operation

No person, association or institution should enable them to do any further harm to families or the community.  No family should have to go through alone, the financial rape that builders and lawyers can do to families in Arizona.   Arizona has to be the most God awful corrupt state for families to exist in.

And no matter how much money  L.J. and Denise McCreary, that you ever steal, no matter how big your bank may become, you will always be seen as the biggest losers as human beings for what you did to my and other families in Arizona.  What will you ever tell your God was your reason for hurting a family so badly with your greed? You should be in jail.  You really are such liars! My goal is still to get you on a witness stand and watch you perjure yourself as soon as you open your mouth.  And with your lack of character and penchant to lie even to this day like dogs, it will be real easy; won’t it?

But no matter what you say to the public or have written to Rip-off Report.com on your rebuttal letter, you never addressed or take responsibility for the shoddy workmanship and major defects in construction that you allowed to occur on our home.  Omission is always more revealing than the commission of fabricated decoys of irrelevant and half truth explanations.  You never took even a single bit of responsibility for such God awful custom home building and incompetence on your management part of our build.  Instead, you both choose to invent fictitious reason concerning “septic tanks” and ludicrous “management” issues for clients to undertake, all to explain the losses that you provided us with.  Truly, both of you must posses the gene for either psychotic behavior or pathological lying.

Buyer beware has never been more relevant than in the state of Arizona.  There is no penalty in Arizona for lying with advertising; it is to be expected.  I believe the slogan was invented solely for Arizonans.  Arizona’s future state motto will no longer be “The Grand Canyon State” but instead; “We are the state that lies.” Arizona is a republican state.  Republican lie, cheat and steal because of money.  And the worst of the lot are the builders, developers and lawyers who suck this state dry like a long lost, little two bit desert living whore, without supplemental water.

Home buyers; be very aware of the very poisonous snakes that live among as in L.J. and Denise McCreary.  They are capable of killing your dreams with their dishonesty and lies.  Do not let them harm your family as they have incredibly harmed mine.  McCreary Homes is still promoted, seven years after our build as good standing member of their “Certified Custom Home Builder Program.”  SAHBA is an enabler and choose to also lie for them too.  Do not be fooled by Christian builders bearing crucifixes and wearing their religion on their sleeves, along with Mid West, moralistic toting values, hidden by professions of their true deceitful personas, that you will only curse and regret about.  Do not allow SAHBA and McCreary Homes to burn you to.

The McCreary letter is once again proof the McCreary’s will go to any length to lie and not take responsibility to hide their dealings of their fraudulent company.  The McCreary’s have locked them selves into a corner.  They can no longer tell the truth because it would finally ruin their company and they will not make amends to us since they are both so incredibly cheap.  The only path left is for me to chisel away, step by step with the truth until this company no longer exist to harm good Arizona families.

In Arizona, be very aware of the snakes that one has to deal with when buying real estate, building or buying a home.  Sale people and builders will tell you anything that you want to hear and they will lie with abandon to do it as long as the almighty dollar is within their sights. 

The McCreary’s website is a prime example of what you will be dealing with.  The testimonials are based on lies and suppression of the truth. Just remember, on most websites, you are not ever going to be privy to the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  You will be never told the whole story.

As has been said before, if a man or woman like L.J. and Denise McCreary will lie to you once about a testimonial or explanation; they will lie to you a thousand more times.  These two people have no credibility what so ever

I really feel sorry for you two people as human beings.  You are pathetic examples of the human species.  How wonderful to go through life with this scarlet around your characters of one that cannot tell the truth to save yourselves.  You both are such wretched examples of human mortality.  I never understood how pathetic and decrepit, that you two people really are.  Therapy will not help you.  Religion will not help you.  I don’t think that anyone or anything can help people like you who do not even posses a soul any longer.  Did you remember when your soul starting evaporating into greed?

Talk and words from your likes, have never been cheaper or filled with more lies as it has in your Rip-off Report.com piece, or as it flourishes by your side in Tucson, Arizona; the site of the corporate world headquarters of McCreary Homes, even if it is just a mail box on Tanque Verde Road or a vacant parking spot at the Denny’s restaurant across the street.

Thanks again for the infusion of rebuttal passion, drive and oh so much documented ammunition that demonstrates your professional lying abilities that will be used against to use against you one day in a court of law.

See you someday soon in court again and remember to make good, especially around the   butt area for your new future friend Bubba.


“The Arizona Refugee”

Copyright My McCreary Home Sucks! 2004. All rights reserved.