Date:  21 September, 2008

Subject:  L.J. and Denise McCreary and the Economy

Title:  You did your part; oh so well!

L.J. and Denise McCreary win the Oscar for performing their special part of building incompetence and fraud in contribution to the current foreclosure mess and resulting economic disaster; how patriotic? Yes, you both suck big time for being direct contributors to this toxic economic environment.  Have you no shame in forcing a good family into the foreclosure abyss that now affects all of America?  You both should bow your heads in shame and ask for forgiveness for your sins of greed.



An Open letter to L.J. and Denise McCreary, along with America,

L.J and Denise McCreary and the rest of America; welcome to your nightmare.  I have been waiting for all of you to come join the party for a long time.  I knew you would eventually come; it was just a matter of time before you and the rest of American building, real estate corporations and banks swindled enough people to kill the Golden Goose; the American consumer.  Who will you fleece and swindle now McCreary?

Doesn’t it feel wonderful to know L.J and Denise that you contributed to this current mortgage, credit crisis and financial meltdown of America?  Did you happen to forget the parts you played in defrauding my family and then contributing to the foreclosure mess?  Yes, you played your parts so well.  In fact you should have won Oscars for your part in the lying, deception and deceit that you may in fact did not have to act for.  Lying, deception and deceit are part of your DNA and character make-ups.    

You L.J. and Denise McCreary along with your SAHBA supported McCreary Homes and other economic swindling companies like LONG Realty, Architectural Traditions, Arizona Kitchens and Designs, Terra Cotta Framing, The McNary Company, etc., directly contributed to the fleecing of American and the destruction of the American economy.  Yes, you surely did your part solely for the love of the almighty buck.  You L.J. (Little Johnson) McCreary gambled your future by pilfering and swindling your clients since 1996 and the chickens have come home to roost.  It’s the end of the line.

Personally my family has been living the real Y2K American nightmare for the past five years but the rest of America is now quickly catching up.  Please, no fear for this moment McCreary, not just now since you will have plenty of time to become acquainted with your insecurities with the promise and now the loss of the American economy and the proverbial American Dream.  Maybe we shall meet once again in Tucson in a soup line kitchen scenario in the very near future.  Lawlessness and fraud like you offered my family has been part of the American economy and it will now be coming to a neighborhood near you.  No need to thank anyone except yourself for this grave approaching tidal wave of discontent.  You are part of the group that ordered this mess.  One should be careful what they wish for. Greed eventually succumbs and ruins everyone that has had no regard for his fellow man or his family.  Just look at the rising crime and murder rate that is accelerating in Tucson McCreary.  Greed has its cost to society.

America, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,  the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.  Yes, send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door” so that American building and financial intuitions can put a noose around their necks to pay for the American fantasy game called K Street, Wall Street investment losses. 

America must act quickly and decisively when rich greedy fucks lose amounts of money.  Everyone knows how the game is played.  When times are good, profits are privatized for the wealthy, but when the economy goes down the toilet, because bank failures are occurring, bad debt from risking real estate gambling adventures, losses are socialized for the masses.  Isn’t more than fair for the middle class and poor to be required to pick up the majority of the tab?  And to think, I once thought that in America that all men were created equal?  Is all debt created equal?  No, all debt is to be equally paid by the masses for the wealthy and their greedy follies.  Profits are to be shared with only the very few wealthy among us.  

It is all such bull shit!

Thank God the November elections are coming and every single member of the House and many other republican Senators necks will be on the line for this deregulation fiasco scenario that they authorized to happen now with their 1999 and 2000, Sen. Phil Gramm (R- TX) banking deregulation bills. 

Any member of Congress, republican or Democrats, especially blue dog Democrats that voted for these consumer swindling bills should get their walking papers from the people and get as out of Washington D.C. on November 5, 2008.  Maybe these tainted by lobbyist politicians should leave before a new bill authorizing reality based firing squads for corrupted members of Congress who once again have screwed the American people.

The current bailout estimate of $700 billion is just the starting amount for this republican deregulated real estate bundling fiasco and it is slam dunk certain that the price will go up even higher.   Let’s try 1 trillion to 1.5 trillion for the final tab.  This will kind of be like the 2004 prescription drug benefit that was passed exclusively for the 2004 in which the $400 million dollar price tag promised, increased to $780 billion dollars in just the first year.  Oops, I did it again.  I made a mistake.  Thanks you very much you Brittany brain politicians who are just pilfering the American public for gain.  And who can’t say that the majority of our elected officials are nothing more than con artist criminal crooks at best. 

This additional government bailout brings the total to $1.3 trillion dollars; twice the cost of the present Iraqi war and about the sum that the Bush tax cuts did not collect from the wealthy fuck Americans that have profited from this scandal.  But of course if you are going to wage war and deregulate the banking industry to the point that it causes economic collapse, the tax will have to increase and the wealthy fucks will have to begin paying their patriotic fair share.  I am sure Bush Ranger republican Jim Click, Israel boy/McCain supporting Don Diamond, along with neocon supporting and split up tag team mach lovers Lute and Christine Olson will be happy to whip out their check books and write in an amount for the losses that this country’s middle class have sustained with their money appointed candidates.  Voting republican is anything but patriotic.  

At the current moment, every man, woman and a child, even a child who was born just yesterday, will now be locked into an additional debt of $2,333.00 for the fun of it.  How is this for a “no new tax” increase for Mr. and Mrs. Low Tax republicans?  You can pay me now, or you can pay me later, but you will pay me and later will cost you so much more.  We have no money for infrastructure projects or health care for our people but we have money in the form of credit card Asian debt for multiple wars in foreign lands and those ever inspiring Wall Street greed, help the wealthy fucks out bailouts. 

The end of the American Empire is now upon us. 

This morning, I listened to ABC’s, “This Week” political news program and I heard this lying ass republican politician, House Minority Leader, Rep. John “Boner” (R-OH) say that this bailout is important since it will save American jobs.  I couldn’t help myself from choking on a hot dog moment, that the thought of a republican politician caring about a single middle class American job is anything but complete bull shit.  The republican Party is the Party of the wealthy and corporate America.  The rest of you morons are just being used to gather the falling crumbs off the table.  Oh the humanity; oh the laughter, oh the sheer insanity of middle class white people voting on nonsensical issues (gay marriage, abortion, lip stick, etc.) as their republican politicians continue to pilfer the country into bankruptcy. 

This shallow attempt by Rep. Boner to show concern and compassion, sprinkled along with copious amounts of deception and disingenuous double speak made me think immediately of L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes.  These two douche bags are another fine human example of greedy ass, lying shit republicans who lie as a matter of principle.  Sure Rep. Boner head (R-OH), American and foreign corporations have built over 60,000 manufacturing facilities in China during the past 3 years, with the accompanying loss of many American jobs and you now say that you are worried about the country’s middle class and their jobs?  Ohio voters need to throw this dumb mother fucker out on his republican ass.  This guy is another lying ass crook. 

How many jobs have been lost in the past ten years because of NAFTA, CAFTA and the government supported and accelerated promotion of economic exodus to Asian Rim countries.  Please I don’t want to hear another lying ass politician profess that they are concerned with the American middle class worker keeping their jobs.   Enough of the God damn lies America!  America is going down the shitter at a dizzying rate and all that you and your lying ass politicians can do is lie some more while you continue to eat up this shit of John McCain reform and flip flopping on the issues. 

The name John McCain; is supposed to symbolize a POW and honor; my ass. How about Keating 5, Phil Gramm deregulation policies, lobbyist Vicki Iseman along with host of other issues.  Do I really need to say anything further about elderly, lying ass politicians?       

Now everyone can understand my five years of increasing anger.  I saw this all coming.   May I suggest at first that you imbibe in a glass of gin to cope with the realities of the day?  Gin is much less expensive than a shrink; which is what your going to need after your read your 401K losses.  I am only too happy to offer directions through this economic abyss. 

Everyone in America should experience losing their home through no fault of their own.   It is about time this economy of greed, the one that I first experienced in 2000 through 2003, is now being thrust upon your doorstep to.  The wolf is now knocking at your door and the wolf is incredibly hungry as he licks his chops.  How will you feel when your neighbor pulls their curtains down, just like they do when they also close the openings in their minds?  But those of you in Tucson’s gated communities are so far ahead of the curve, but just remember that the wolves do not respect, nor do they obey the iron gates that gather a community of like closed minds.

Isn’t it about time that Sarah Palin, American Idol enthralled America, has finally been forced out of its seven year long slumber and has finally been bitch slapped awake to see the issues; the corruption and looting that have been taking place for the past seven and one half years of the Bush administration?  But stop and take a deep breath now because it is time for Mr. and Mrs. America to look in the mirror, face the music and ask if you have been a part of the solution to prevent this current housing problem/ mortgage/credit crisis that is afflicting America or instead, if your past actions have actually contributed to this completely avoidable problem that was fueled by the pursuit of money and greed.


No, everything is not okay.  Greed is killing America!  America is a dysfunctional disgrace and it is totally fucked up beyond words!  How can an idiot invoke the concept of patriotism when Americans have been willing to take down their neighbor, their client, their country in the pursuit of greed?  I knew this country was so fucked up even way back in January of 2003, when I found out that they could take an ex- military officer, with an above average job and take my family into financial Armageddon, all to fight a lawsuit that was filed against my family, by a corrupt builder.  L.J. McCreary sued my family because he was and still is a defectively corrupt builder who builds incredibly defective homes.  Like George W. Bush, there has been no therapeutic cure for L.J. McCreary’s pathological attempts at lying, cheating and stealing from his customers.

You can build a thousand bridges; but if you suck even just one cock, you are forever known as a cock sucker.  L.J. McCreary is currently a SAHBA, custom home building, cock sucker of deceit and corruption!

Hey, but why give a shit America because none of my story should concern you.  Isn’t there another mindless television show like American Idol to strip your conscience away for just another day?  Sure there is.  Why no t put off until tomorrow what your conscience could have confronted today. 

I tried to warn everyone that everything was not okay in John McCain’s Arizona but no one, including Gov. Janet Napolitano (D) or Attorney General Terry Goddard (D) seemed to care.  Now it seems like everyone in America is starting to care. 

Isn’t one of America’s many attributes is that its people possess an uncanny way of looking the other way when something unpleasant happens or if the wolf of corruption is knocking on your neighbor’s door.  Oh no, don’t look honey or we might have actually pretend that we are concerned and we might actually pretend that we have to do something like help.  John McCain’s Arizona is such a deceptively dysfunctional state of repute, because Arizona itself is such a fucked up state based on lies and corruption.  Just listen to John McCain.  This demented, Alzheimer candidate individual lies like a God damn dead dog.

But quickly, L.J. and Denise, you like other greedy Americans should look in the mirror (hope it doesn’t break) and focus upon a couple of “good honest, Christian Americans” (oxymoron alert), who have tallied their contributions and played their award winning parts for the current economic collapse that America is now experiencing.  Yes, you two are culpable for your actions that have supported the collapse of the American economy.  You both, as professed practicing Episcopalian Christians of St. Michaels Church in Tucson, could have acted differently and actually done your part as a potential honest and ethical human beings who could have provided an important service for a family and helped the economy, but you didn’t.  Evidentially this was not possible because just like a Wall Street investment banks, money and greed invaded your hearts and atrophied them.  Yes, there is indeed a reason why scum like you, can lie stagnant in a week old semi-evaporated piss pool and still be recognized from the stench. 

And what was the main motivator behind yours, the banks, the realty companies, the mortgage companies and investment banks actions; it was your fucking GREED!   Greed eventually kills everything.  For the past four years I have railed on this website about you and your actions of greed that only kills the American Dream for everyone.  Now the remainder of America is finally being made aware by brute force of how bad our culture as a soul less nation and our mortgaged economy really are.

From 2000 to 2003 you both did your very best to swindle my family with your offering of a defectively built custom home.  Why even from the beginning of our relationship, the recommendation from LONG Realty agent Fran Epsen was tainted with a secret kick back money scheme, which you had contracted with her, to set up glowing introductions / referrals to me you and your criminally corrupt building company.  You so did your part with Oscar winning performances by providing us with inferior building material, incompetent supervisors, fraudulent accounting practices, the use of illegal aliens, the use of an unlicensed contractor and the many deceptions and lies that you manufactured for us with such ease. 

You did your part McCreary’s to contribute to the foreclosure, mortgage mess and credit crisis.   We would have never defaulted on our mortgage McCreary if you had just built us our home correctly as you had promised and then not decided to sue us and in turn show the world your incompetence.  Because of you some bank, some investor lost money on our loan solely because you couldn’t build a dog house, let alone a custom home without fucking it up.

Because of your fraudulent and corruptive practices, we ended up losing our land, our home, our perfect credit rating and our dreams because of your lawsuit and need to satisfy your lust for greed.  Because of yours and the further greed of other corporate officials and the decisions of incompetent republican politicians to invade Iraq, we later were forced to file for bankruptcy protection after losing our company pension and a second mortgage lingering over us.  Look how many people were further harmed financially McCreary by us being forced into a corner?  But none of this would have, absolutely none of it if had had the integrity and character to just build our home correctly.  But then again, I have to remember that you and sleaze blowing wife are just another one of those cheating, stealing, lying ass republicans.

Remember McCreary’s, when Americans no longer trust its economy or the safety of their money in investments, they pull them away into safe harbor like their bedroom mattresses.  The problems of today are no different than the problems that we experienced from 2000 to 2003.  Our investment concerning the biggest one that we would ever make on our life was based on lies and deceptions by you.   I trusted you, your company and the state of Arizona to prevent you from financially and emotionally raping my family, all for the security of a home.   I trusted you when I signed a contract for your to build my family a custom home and years later I found out how you had planned to deceive us from the beginning with your collusion with LONG Realty’s Fran Epsen and your little money kick back scheme.

Thank you again both for doing your little part to fuck over America’s future in exchange for greed.  Thank you for doing your part to tear down the American economy and the mythical American dream for America’s children and grandchildren.  Multiply the many greedy republican business owners that screwed their customers like you did.  Rest assured that you two little greedy bastards, along with the greedy ass titans of Wall Street, have done your very best to wreck the American Dream for millions forever.

Please, enjoy the God damn mess to Tucson, Arizona and to America that you will now have.  Bravo! Bravo!  You have played your parts so well!  I am sure that you will be more than happy to whip out your wallet and directly contribute to paying for the Iraqi War and the failed American economy.  It always amazes me to see a business that wrongly chooses to bite the hand that feeds them.  The word has gotten around.  Let see how long your company stays in business now.

Yes, McCreary’s you and your other little lying ass, fraudulent republicans, can easily fuck everything up, including our lives and the American economy because of greed and incompetence!  I look forward to reading about your near future going out of business posting and the demise of McCreary Homes.  You have reaped what you have sown.

Without any hint of sincerity,

“The Arizona Refugee”   

Copyright My McCreary Home Sucks! 2004. All rights reserved.