10 May 2007

Subject: Mother’s Day

Title:   A Mother’s Day Lament 

Let me teach you with my examples how to become an honest person that possesses integrity and compassion. Celebrate Mother's Day Mrs. McCreary by blowing your saxophone from the highest mountain top while proclaiming your failure as a good example of a mother to be honored.




An open letter to Denise McCreary:

Once again we come to that time of the year that mothers across the country are honored for their devotion to raising their children to be responsible adults.  Many mothers out there should be considered saints for the outstanding job they have done by example in raising their children.  

In contrasting circles, how does a mother who has raised a serial killer or even worse, an ethically challenged greedy republican lawyer, feel on this day as compared to a mother who has raised children who went out into the world and chose to help people instead of harming them for money?

Yes, it is a certain dilemma an important responsibility that mother’s have been granted with, after the men in their life were forced to march off to work as part of the globalization issue of their day; The Industrial Revolution. As can be deduced, mothers have had an incredible input to the type of children that they raise and send out into the world to either help or hinder their fellow man’s lives with their actions.

What type of mother did you choose to be Mrs. McCreary that allowed yourself to become the cold and truth twisting person that you have become today?


What was missing in your life that you felt only money could provide you?  Was it love?  When did you and your husband believe it was fashionable for both of you to use fraud, deception and lying as examples of what it means to be a woman in the 21st century and more importantly, a mother of the 21st century?  Should a mother or for that matter any individual attempt to improve rather than becoming worse with time?

Some of the mothers of SAHBA in Tucson, Arizona are especially negligent when it came to the importance of raising their children by examples through the actions they have chosen to exhibit.  How can these mothers ever look at anyone, including them selves with a straight face ever again when they approve of such behavior of their fellow members?  Silence is indeed approval.  Some of you at SAHBA have nothing over on the late jewish republican real estate heiress, Leona Helmsley, the “Queen of Mean” and her trust fund baby pampered little dog.   I am sure the dog turned out to be just as rotten as Mrs. Helmsley and willing to bite unsuspecting people at will because that is what it saw by example.

Even though Mrs. Helmsley had a son with her first husband, and her son died in 1982, she then proceeded to sue his wife and their estate.  What an incredible women and such an incredible mother. And to think, Mrs. Helmsley was most likely honored by wining and dining on Mother’s Day when she didn’t deserve to be treated with crumbs of bread and water for her actions in life.    

What kind of mother do you think Mrs. Helmsley could have been and what kind of children would she have raised if she had been considered an honest and compassionate human being?  Just look at the kind of person Helmsley could have been with her incredible wealth and instead she surely is burning in some kind of hell as I write.   

Thank God that some women were never meant to have children and only have dogs. 

What kind of mother takes an active part in a fraudulent action towards a family and shows by direct example the self acclaimed importance of pilfering and financial raping another family’s dreams, all in order for her to increase her bank account?  What kind of mother shows her children how morally repugnant it is of her, by way of public print of fantasy accusations of misdeeds by her victims in order to deflect responsibility for her husband and her actions because she screams loudly and advertises that she has lost her soul?   What kind of mother does it take, to take away another mother’s land and home in order to satisfy her deep longing for the finer things of life, like an SUV, that she deems important to her identity, all because of greed?  And what kind of mother does it take to not accept responsibility towards another mother by having anything to do with having her think about putting a gun to her head because you and your little decrepit and weasel like husband have been the key players in the loss of her home, her land and her dreams?

So what kind of children have you raised Mrs. McCreary when one of them yells obscenities at the victim of their mother and father have created?  Didn’t you also scream at us in public during the April 2004 Spring SAHBA Home Show?  What type of son will you soon unleash through graduation upon an unsuspecting public?  Would it be too much to ask if you son possesses any of the hurtful and conniving traits that your husband has acquired, that you offer him the blessing of a vasectomy for society’s sake and the ending of this propagation of these terrible McCreary family traits that you and your husband both exemplify? 

This Mother’s Day Mrs. McCreary, as you sit down and open your Mother’s Day cards and bask in the artificial adulation of the moment, remember that you have been a failure as a human being and as the all important role of a mother.  A mother leads by example and your examples of decency, honesty and compassion have been missing.

As Jacqueline Kennedy once said in an interview; “if you fail at being a good mother; nothing else matters.”  Raising good honest children through your actions and positive examples is the most important trait that a mother can possess and the very best gift that a mother can give her children.  You have done neither Mrs. McCreary. 

Trust me Mrs. McCreary, the apple has never fallen far from the tree and you have done no favors for your children’s futures or God forbid for posterity sake, your future grand children.  The McCreary legacy and curse will continue in infamy.

Honesty and integrity are the most important gift a mother can bestow upon her children, and not the lying, cheating, stealing, fraud and corruption traits that you and your husband have cultivated for your pleasure.

Have on your behalf Mrs. McCreary, a wonderful day of imitation fake appreciation for your past sins.  How could anyone, especially your children thank you for the incredible examples of depravity that you have projected towards your fellow man and mothers alike?

You never were nor never will be in the same league as the really true and good hearted mothers of America Denise.


“The Arizona Refugee"

Real Estate fraud never takes a vacation because it works 24/7, 365 days a year, even on Mother's Day.
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