June 30, 2007

Subject:  Excerpts from the McCreary Homes new website letter.

Title:  Deception and lies of the Bruce R.B. DuPont/ Salero Ranch testimonials.

Dear potential consumer home or land buyer:

If you lie to a person even once, you will lie to them a thousand times!

The following paragraphs are a direct rebuttal to the deceptive and blatantly false advertising of testimonials that McCreary Homes has used on his websites for at least the past three years.  In fact McCreary Homes just unloaded a new fancy ass website upon the unsuspecting public but unfortunately, the lies continue to remain hidden under the pretense of fabricated honesty and made up truth. 

Sounds like the George W. Bush syndrome to me.  “I will bring honesty and integrity to the White House,” while I lie like a summer day, dead dog to you.  This sounds just like McCreary Homes and First United/Salero Ranch.  The new type of lying cowboy has now arrived in Arizona; you know the ones that bring their lies and back stabbing greed from around the country to defecate on the culture.   

It is mind boggling that McCreary Homes still uses an almost three year old testimonial letter from a man that lives on Salero Ranch, to continue to deceptively lie to his potential customers.  Sounds like continuous desperation, followed by moments of begging for credibility to me.

These two men L.J. McCreary and Bruce R.B. DuPont, if you can really call them men, are more on the order of snakes.  I wonder if Mr. DuPont is a professional “friend” of the California transplants, Teresa and Robert Radich and the Connecticut transplant who works for Long Realty, Curtis Smith along with his bird reporting wife, Sue Carnahan, who have both been on the Richard Schust First United Realty/ Salero Ranch real estate promotional scam for profit, from the very beginning.  Is Sue Carnahan still living with Curtis the slimy ethics challenged real estate broker, or did they finally split up for the sake of unadulterated bird watching moments instead of the excuse of non-existent children?  These two people personify the definition of rural yuppies.  

And now we even have First United Realty/ Salero Ranch with their fictitious promotion of testimonials on their website.  Remember, if they are opening their mouths, typing you a line or dazzling with a picture, they are probably lying to you. There are many unscrupulous people who live in Salero Ranch.  I would not turn my back on any of them; except for a few.  Bruce G. DuPont is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the type of two legged snakes that occupy Arizona and specifically Salero Ranch. 

On a lighter note I wonder if that lying little weasel, Marty Ryan, the employee of Richard Schust, the big bad man behind the real estate curtain of First United Realty, is still selling parcels of land to unsuspecting people with the information that he provides, based upon the concept of lying.  I would suggest for anyone to stay far away from these unscrupulous people.

But then again, this is the state of Arizona that we are talking about.  This is the place where lies are born and bred.   

If you are seriously considering using a SAHBA backed home builder, like McCreary Homes, I personally believe that you and your family are in great financial danger of being seduced by fraud and defective building.

When you look at McCreary Home’s fancy new deceiving website, please remember that it has based on manufactured images and lies and much of his company’s history has been deliberately omitted.  Even some of the testimonials are based on lies.  McCreary will never challenge me on my assertions because he knows they are true.  I welcome any and all legal challenges, especially the ones concerning slander. 

Remember, it isn’t slander when you tell the truth!  Truth is a potent antidote to the excuse of slander!  Truth is just like sunlight on mold.  Sure, go ahead and try and sue me for speaking the truth; you corrupt, lying bastards.

Do not believe any of the pictures or testimonials that McCreary/ First United Realty provides because they are based on deception, lies and omissions.   If McCreary will lie to you with one testimonial, he will lie to you about any and all of them.  As far as First United Realty goes, I wouldn’t trust them any further than I could throw them with a double hernia.  Also, from an earlier study of the testimonials names from McCreary’s earlier site, it was determined that many of these quotes were back in the 1990’s.  A cursory look through the testimonials showed a tired litany of letters from the previous website.   

How come our testimonial is not included in McCreary’s or First United Realty websites?  What percentages of testimonials seek to hide the truth?  Omission of truth and facts are much more important than the commission of testimonial conspirators.  “You shall know the whole truth and the truth will set you free!”

Please ask McCreary why he does not have our letters as testimonial from 1999 until 2003, Thomas and Kathy Van Dan Elzen’s nightmare with McCreary, or Mike and Shannon Collins dissatisfaction with McCreary’s work on his website along with his fictitious testimonials.  Ask McCreary how many more families that he is not telling you about?  I believe that McCreary will only put favorable appraisals, the majority that came before his 2001 lawsuit against my family, and will attempt to hide any unfavorable comments.  How can a person believe any of these testimonials if even one of the letters is an outright lie?  And yes, one of them is an outright lie to the nth degree. 

In the testimonial section of McCreary new website, an excerpt from Bruce R.B. DuPont letter of testimonial that was on his previous site in 2005; it states as follows:

"The workmanship, quality of construction and the attention to detail in my home is outstanding. All of that coupled with the architectural design have gone a long way to making this the house I want to spend the next 20 years in. I should also tell you that three months after I bought the property, I turned down an offer of twice what I paid for the house. If your other homes appreciate even 1/10th of what mine has done, you should be very happy."

Sincerely, Bruce R. B. DuPont


Does the R.B. in Mr. DuPont’s name stand for (R)ubbish and (B)ullshit, or does it just stand for (R)ancid and (B)owel cleaner?  Please let me explain.  Mr. DuPont and L.J. and Denise McCreary are lying to you.  Please take a look at the picture section of our, “My McCreary Homes Sucks,” and tell me if DuPont’s testimonial about “the workmanship, quality of construction, and attention to detail is outstanding,” is nothing more than an outright lie.  Does DuPont realize that the insulation in the ceiling above his head, which may be touching the hot light can fixtures, was installed by an unlicensed contractor?  There were so many defects in that new home.
In May of 2003, we were forced to let our McCreary custom built “nightmare” to foreclosure since we could no longer financially fight the McCreary filed lawsuit battle to get our defective home fixed.  Yes, McCreary still was the one that sued first.  The house if had been built correctly, that is without water leaking through the walls and into the garage, would have appraised at just over $800,000.

Mr. DuPont’s assertion that he was offered twice what he paid for it is disingenuous since that would make the house only worth about $500,000 dollars along with 38 acres of land which the house was built on.  Land then was selling for about $150,000 dollars, making the house itself worth less than $105,000 dollars for what Mr. DuPont paid for it. Mr. DuPont bought the house through the bank after the foreclosure for $255,000 dollars.  Yes, the house was that damaged because of incompetent and illegal alien labor that L.J. McCreary used.  But as one can see, L.J. McCreary and DuPont are just playing a game of deception and lies in order for you to lower your guard and be caught in the McCreary trap of deception again.  Please, for family’s financial, physical and emotional welfare, do not fall for it!
I personally visited our former property in September 2004, the same property that Mr. DuPont had earlier bought because of our foreclosure.  Our goal was to meet the new owners and warn them of the multitude of problems that affected this house and Salero Ranch.  Fortunately, we never met Mr. DuPont since we would later next month come to understand what kind of a person that he really is.  Two legged snakes in the desert seem to commingle with one another.
DuPont’s testimonial letter to McCreary Homes was dated October 08, 2004, one month after we had visited the property.  The problems that we had experienced in 2000 were still present in September 2004 and I would wager a king’s ransom that DuPont could not even begin to fix the problems in one month.  DuPont’s letter is a complete fabrication from the truth.   We believe McCreary began using the letter sometime in early 2005.
If you ever speak to L.J. McCreary, please ask about the amount of Mr. DuPont’s urine and feceses that were still splashing onto the Arizona desert when he was in the process of writing his letter of testimonial, the same letter content that he still uses on his fraudulent website?
And one must never forget to fault the Arizona legislature, including Governor Janet Napolitano and Attorney General Terry Goddard, along with the republican politicians like Rep. Jonathan Patton (R) Tucson, a former SAHBA lobbyist, and the Tucson lawyer guild who love the idea of conflict and billable hours.  L.J. and Denise McCreary are enabled in this environment to keep hurting the Arizona public when in fact they should be in jail for their crimes of fraud and deception.  And the Arizona lawyers just love all of the conflict that ensues from defective building since it gives them the opportunity of more billable hours.

Mr. DuPont in his testimonial does not state how much money that he had to put in the house to bring it up to standards in order to put it on the market for sale in Salero Ranch.  We theorized that Mr. DuPont was going to have to put at least $150,000 dollars into the house in order to make any claims of competence in the building process.  Mr. DuPont probably did it for less since he was California contractor whose specialty was to work on prisons.  We understand that just like L.J. McCreary, Mr. DuPont might have had a low threshold for quality control with such limited home experience.

Mr. DuPont’s letter of testimonial was in fact secured by McCreary, which we believe was by McCreary’s request in 2004.  What did L.J. McCreary give or promise Mr. DuPont in order to secure such a glowing testimonial about a water leaking, termite infested, and mold producing structure? I can’t imagine Bruce DuPont calling L.J. McCreary out of the blue and writing a wonderful letter about the wonderful workmanship and value in his foreclosure bought house, with all of the defects still present.  Who actually solicited a letter of comment for the McCreary’s website?  Was it L.J. or was it Denise McCreary?  Such deception!

In fact Mr. DuPont at the time he had wrote the letter on 08 October, 2004, which had been in McCreary Homes earlier website, was in fact in possession of a leach field that had failed inspection on 24 December, 2002, a defect that McCreary Homes had refused to fix.  The septic field was put in by Salero Ranch’s jack of all trades, handy man, Rueben Estrella, a Mexican American that seemed more comfortable drinking and driving around Salero Ranch in a glazed stupor, than doing competent work.  Mr. Estrella was also the person that originally bulldozed in the illegal wildcat entry way into Salero Ranch for First United Realty’s, real estate con man, CEO, Richard (Dick) Schust.

I took pictures of the failed septic system that had effluent leaking out of the pipes and onto the ground at the very same time Mr. DuPont had already wrote the letter of testimony for McCreary Homes.  Mind you know, along with the septic system, all of the pictures of defects that were present in our home when I took pictures of them were still present in the home at the time of DuPont’s letter.  So at the very same time that L.J. McCreary is publishing Mr. DuPont’s flattering letter on his website, Mr. DuPont’s urine and solid waste were splashing out of opened and cracked pipes that were exposed above ground, even before it even had a chance to reach the leach field.  Maybe this uncovered, open ground system was what Mr. DuPont was used to crapping in the prisons that he helped build in California.
Mr. Bruce R. B. DuPont, not a very demanding when it comes to sanitary issues; how very cosmopolitan!  I wonder if Mr. DuPont or L.J. McCreary washes their hands when they use the bathroom.  I doubt it!  Why would anyone believe this shmuck or L.J. McCreary with this type of behavior?

L.J. and Denise McCreary, along with Bruce R.B. DuPont are plain and simple liars!  They manufacture testimonials that are fantasy and they offer them to you as gospel of how competent they are when in fact they are only lying to you.  Shouldn’t there be a law against such false advertising?  
All it takes for evil to exist is for good men to stay silent.  Are there any honest men left in Tucson or the state of Arizona, or are they all just deaf mutes with opened eyes?

In this case, evil will always exist because the situation starts out and remains with two evil men and one evil woman.  They will never change because deceit, fraud and lying are deeply encoded in their DNA and Arizona allows it to flourish.  There isn’t even a chance for honesty with these despicable examples of human beings. Each and every one of them knows the truth and yet they still choose to lie to the public about the homes they have built and bought and the corporations that they hide behind.  And as I said before, the Arizona government and agencies that should protect us from these leaches will look the other way and pretend that they neither see, nor hear, nor speak any evil when it comes to policing the home building industry and protecting Arizona families.

The DuPont testimonial letter is prefabricated and calculated piece of deception that both men knew about, and L.J. McCreary chooses to still use, even three years after the fact.  If this type of advertising is not considered fraud, then I don’t know what constitutes fraud in Arizona.  I am sure that one day Mr. DuPont will sell the home for a profit and not disclose that the home had been infested with termites or experienced mold problems from all of the leaking water through the walls.  No, Mr. DuPont will hide any defects and history of the home.  I wonder if Mr. DuPont will disclose that the insulation that was put above the great room plank ceiling had been performed by an unlicensed contractor.  Couldn’t it be a fire hazard to have insulation that touches the hot electrical lighting cans?  I guess this is just another example of the McCreary Homes touch of excellence in building and safety considerations.

As a consumer, how can you trust a person if this person will willfully lie to you in an advertising promotion for his business?  There is no truth standard in Tucson business for advertising.  Pictures and people who are in the Tucson real estate business will only lie to you.  If you like to be deceived, lied to, and stolen from, then McCreary Homes and SAHBA are the right people for you.  If you like to be defrauded, have your one chance at your dream house ruined, and lose everything because of the cost of a lawsuit, then McCreary Homes and SAHBA are still the right people for you.

So as you can see, the Art of Deception continues unabated in Arizona at McCreary Homes.  I can’t continue to believe the ignorance and audacity of L.J. McCreary to continue to use this made up garbage for over two years after the fact.  Is L.J. McCreary that desperate for testimonials for his shrinking, failing business that he has to resort to fantasy to add to the totals?

Maybe McCreary continues with his DuPont testimonial as a “favor” to me.  It doesn’t matter; he is still a phucking idiot.  That is okay with me personally, but not to the lies that he choose to continue to tell the public.  How many more good Arizona families will L.J. and Denise McCreary choose to destroy?  McCreary is an incredibly corrupt and ignorant business man.  No person should expect to treat his customers with defects, fraud and lies and expect to remain in business for very long.  The word gets out, even if it is through the internet.

My best advice to anyone that if choose to sign a building contract with the likes of McCreary Homes or anyone of their SAHBA backed “Custom home builders,” then I think the chances of being de-frauded and swindled are a definitely possibility for you.  God knows how many illegal alien workers that SAHBA and McCreary Homes are now using.
And whatever you do, do not be stupid enough to trust any testimonials from a corporation that is with a certainty, withholding information about the truth, and nothing but the truth about their business enterprise and how they have hurt their customers, because of greed.


“The Arizona Refugee”

Copyright My McCreary Home Sucks! 2004. All rights reserved.