March 14, 2007

Subject: March Madness and Lute Olson

Title:  Like John McCain, Lute Olson should have retired!

Is it Lute or is it Zell?
Only his hairdresser knows!

Lute Olson's political mentor; Zell Miller

Like a good neighbor, State Farm still sucks!

SAHBA, the community builder that rapes good american family's for fun!
SAHBA, we always suck!

SAHBA members and guests:

Once upon a time, when I first moved to Tucson, I used to be a fan of Lute Olson and the University of Arizona basketball team.  It was a long time ago when I first thought about supporting the Arizona Wildcats and Lute Olson.  The year was 1997.  But over two years ago, I came to the conclusion that Lute Olson was not the man of integrity that his Tucson projected and calculated image portrays him to be.  

Any persons like Jim and Vicki Click, and Lute and Christine Olson who contribute hundreds of thousands of dollars to support George W. Bush and the republican party are void of any characteristics that involve integrity.  Anyone that supports a lying president who gets our military troops killed in a foreign quagmire based on lies and oil, has no integrity to offer, to anyone.

I no longer subscribe to the silly sport allegiances of respecting, worthless worshiped, sport figures anymore.  Most coaches and athletes are now just too greedy and just too jacked up on steroids and illegal drugs to even sustain my attention anymore about honesty and fairness.  Why does the University of Arizona pay Olson a million dollars a year with such a low graduation rate, while tenured professors make a fraction of his salary and benefits? I cannot respect anyone who lies, cheats, steals or looks the other way while evil is taking place.  There are no benefits in belonging to or supporting any organizations that cannot even spell, let alone possess any scruples.

Lute Olson and the University of Arizona have been associated with the Southern Arizona Home Building Association (SAHBA) for over twenty years.  SAHBA is a Super Pac that lobbies politicians like Rep. Jonathan Patton (R), a former SAHBA lobbyist and now turned politician for SAHBA, to enact legislation that favors the home building industry over home owners and their eroding rights.  SAHBA is also an association that still promotes fraudulent and incompetent builders like McCreary Homes, who is proficient at financially rape ex-military Arizonan family’s to the point of losing their home, their land and their dreams. 

Since writing to Olson, over two years ago and asking for his help concerning SAHBA and its fraudulent and deceptive advertising of its custom home builder program, Olson has chosen to remain as silent as the night on this SAHBA backed issue.  Surely Olson does not posses the integrity to confront an association that he benefits from by rocking the proverbial boat.  Did Lute Olson receive “discounts” on his multimillion dollar new home in the gated white community of Finistera?  Yes Lute Olson, a man of the common people; not!

All it takes for evil to exist is for good men to say nothing. 

But I wonder if Olson realizes that the price for silence is indeed costly.  Just look at former Secretary of State Colin Powell and ask him what it feels like when a man does not speak up in the face of deception and sacrifices his name and integrity for the higher goal of compensation.  In America everything is for sale including a man’s self respect.  Does every man have his price at which he will sell his honor for the price of a few extra dollars?  Judas Iscariot has many good descendants among you.  Lute Olson has now arrived on that same plane of questionable integrity as Colin Powell now finds himself cast in the multiple layers and shadows of doubt.

Why has the once great Lute Olson chosen to remain silent in the face of such fraud and injustice for an association that he promotes and profits from?   Is it possible that Olson receives compensation through the use of his name for profit?  Does every man sell his integrity for such low prices?   

SAHBA has chosen to make a conscience decision to redirect my life.  I have accepted my new position as a critic of the Tucson community, as one who chooses to partake in written comment because of SAHBA’s support to financially ruin me and my family.  I no longer need a shallow and hollow basketball fix to confront the everyday boring reality of mind numbing Tucson, Arizona.  Linda Ronstadt was so right.  Tucson sucks!  Tucson is a strip mall city of vacant morals.  I wonder why? Could it be that Tucson sucks because of blind and deafness among the people and their indifferent hearts?

Now, I no longer choose to be an empty headed sports addict concerned with meaningless infatuations about men playing a little boy games of the heart.  Money corrupts everything.  There is now so much to write about, since time has chosen to be on my side.  Thank you so much SAHBA for the new direction in my life. 

And now, let us move on to the rest of the story.

Lute Olson, the spokesman for SAHBA’s pseudo golfing charity event and your Zell Miller look a like pompadour mannequin, begins another one of his tortured quest tomorrow evening, into the ever increasing commercial laden and corporate promoted, Final Four tournament.   Once again the citizens of Tucson that do not possess a life, will fixate on their perceived connection with Lute Olson and the Arizona basketball team that doesn’t even know they exist.  The Arizona basketball fan is the absolute lowest peon and placed on the bottom of the commercial basketball totem pole, of Tucson’s perceived, but make believe professional sports lacking franchised loyalties.  

Unrequited sports love towards a college team that shows indifference to its fans, is the worst of emotional fantasies.  There is no connection between the parties.  The concept of wanting to belong to a non entity that only uses you eventually becomes very tiring.  You do not belong to Arizona’s program; you only think you do.  It is only in your mind.  These are not your boys to nurture with emotional breast feeding, but rather just egotistical individuals looking for a door opening to the NBA yellow brick road.  Why are academics and graduation rates so unimportant to Lute Olson?  Why does Lute Olson choose to look the other way?  Is the term that is used at the U of A considered Student/ Athlete or is it Athlete/Student?

In 1996 we moved from Colorado to Arizona, in order to try and build a better life.  Moving to Arizona among the two legged snakes of the republican legal and building industry was the worst mistake of my life!  I did not become political until January 2003 and the loss of my dream.  I would have been better off moving to Kazakhstan and wearing a sex enhanced Afghanistan female burqa like bee keeper suit, minus the self contained air conditioning system, than moving to the morally corrupt and building fraudulent state of Arizona.

Everything in Arizona either pricks, stings, sucks or bites and that is not counting the two legged snakes that prey on people for the sake of greed.

Tucson in particular excels to such a high degree of malfeasance and incompetence in all aspects of general life, especially among its builders and lawyers.  There is so much more to quality of life issues than climate and specifically the lack of snow to entice one to come to this God forsaken place.  It would be an important factor for one to consider that a majority of people in this city have a propensity to lie, cheat and steal from one another with abandon.  If you don’t believe me just look at the FBI crime statistics for Tucson.  And to think the FBI does not report the crimes that are committed by the two legged snakes of the legal and building industry that lie, cheat and steal for a living. 

If you are thinking about moving to Arizona you are a phucking idiot for ever thinking such thoughts.  The internet has allowed anyone who is interested in discovering the truth to read it for themselves.  My websites are here to warn you of the impending danger that awaits you in Southern Arizona and especially Tucson.  I may not be able to help myself from our disaster, but I can tell you about the pitfalls that await you here in this state if you just listen to what I have to say.  Please learn and from the incredible sleaze and fraud that I can tell you about this state, its citizen’s and the media’s corrupted support for the home building industry, through their apathy, ignorance and the almighty advertising dollar that keeps the media outlets gagged.  The Tucson’s media complicity in protecting the building industry cover up can be best described as a white tube sock that has been stuffed and tied around the newspapers, radio and television reporter’s ever silent mouths, to enhance the advertising dollar. 

And the one institutions that could investigate and expose the building corruption factor in this city and state, the television and newspaper media like KVOA and the Arizona Daily Star, choose to remain silent and are probably just to just too busy promoting the building industry, covering the Tucson sports parade of unimportance and publishing stories of fluff and American Idol type garbage to even care about the community and the fourth estate responsibilities to law, democracy and its citizens.

True investigative journalism died a long time ago in Tucson, Arizona

During March Madness of 1997, I was an ardent supporter of Lute Olson and the University of Arizona basketball team.  I remember being with my family at Lake Powell, as the Final Four contest came to a finale.  Since the lodge at Page, Arizona did not carry the game on its cable network, I decided to leave early and drive the six hours back to Tucson to watch the game at home.

The final game turned out favorably for the Wildcats and in fact I welcomed Olson, the Wildcats and their victory by traveling with my two sons to the Tucson International airport the next morning.  We cheered the arrival of Olson, the Wildcats, and there national victory.  I was kind of proud that the state and institution that I had just moved to that past summer in 1996, was now a part of a new local NCAA wining tradition.  I was proud then, but I am no longer proud of my state, my city or any of the institutions and government that were supposed to help us; but instead harmed us.
Tucson is such a dirty place to live, not only in sight at times, but in its general civic conscience.

God it seems like a millennium ago and so much has changed now.  Looking back, the victory was probably a fluke.  The Wildcats just peeked at the right time, but Lute Olson had not peaked in his quest for monetary gain from his hollow endeavors.  In 1997 the political affiliation of Lute Olson did not matter to me, but events have changed that sentiment forever.  Lute Olson’s political leanings and contributions suck!   Why doesn’t Olson only recruit from republican families? 

Lute Olson, now demands over one million dollars a year, including perks like multiple basketball and football tickets to Arizona games in order to stroke his and yours advanced aged, high school memories of moments of moralistic charades.  And for all this money, Lute Olson has done such a fine job promoting academics and upholding such a fine dismal graduation rate with his recruited players.  Did Olson personally tutor Miles Simon during the 1997 March Madness run?  What does Olson offer students in his pitch to recruit out of state players to participate on his teams?  Could it possibly be that Olson entices players with his cheesy team pictures that Olson takes with his team complete with Olson attired props?  Lute Olson as a bomber pilot; WTF?  Olson had a chance to join the Air Force during the Korean War, but just like Dick Cheney who avoided Viet Nam, Olson chose not to serve his country in Korea.  I assume Lute Olson also had other priorities.

During the 1996- 1997 season, I did not realize how much Lute Olson would eventually sell himself out to corporate interest including Nike, State Farm Insurance, and his continual allegiance with SAHBA.  You know SAHBA, “The Community Builder,” the association that supports the destruction of Arizona military families for pain and profit. 

State Farm Insurance contributes money through there advertising, complete with there corporate towel draped logo strategically placed over the Arizona bench side chairs at home games.  Anyone who supports State Farm by promoting them for money is just as bad a prostitute as they are.  Being an accessory to corporate treachery does not absolve a person from acting like a compassionate human being towards his fellow man.

State Farm was the insurance company that supported SAHBA’s member, McCreary’s Homes legal fight to ruin my family’s future and dreams by forcing us to give up our land and home because of mounting legal bills.  SAHBA even provided their very own lawyer, for lawsuit rape referral.  State Farm spent more money fighting us in court than it would have taken to fix the defects in our house.  State Farm is not a “Good Neighbor,” they are the worst and most despicable insurance company in the world.  Did you happen to notice State Farm’s reneging on its responsibility towards its policy holders that were damaged by hurricane Katrina?  Even republican Senator Trent Lott from Mississippi had to sue the company to get his home fixed. 

State Farm Insurance is the worst insurance company in the world. 

But now Olson has decided to sell out to even to more corporate interest, and he and his wife Christine are incredibly huge supporters of republican causes through out the state and country.  The Olson’s choose with their vast wealth to help republican candidates across the country including President Bush and his illegal war in Iraq, which by the way is now responsible for the deaths of over 3,180 American because of cooked and willfully made up intelligence.  And to think, George Tenet received the Medal of Freedom for falling on his sword with his rectum enhanced conscience, and all for a “slam dunk case” of cherry picked deceptions and made up morsels of lies for Dick Cheney’s make believe slanted intelligence facts of fantasy to deceive with.

People that commit treason should be given a fair trial and then shot!

Some of the over 3,180 American military deaths in Iraq have even affected families right here in the Tucson area. Maybe Lute and Christine Olson can comfort and monetarily contribute to Tucson resident Rose Doyle, who lost her son Alan McPeek to Bush’s Iraqi War this past February.  McPeek who was only twenty years old, died on Rose McPeek’s forty second birthday.  Allan McPeek should have been home two months earlier, but his stay was extended in order to placate Bush’s continued escalation of the civil war which he has created.  The Iraq War, the war that begs from Bush and Senator John McCain to surge forward to even greater heights of disaster!  Retire McCain and take neocon nut Arizona Senator Jon Kyl along with you!

No mother or father should ever have to bury their only son for a war that the wealthy profit from, but choose to not participate in.  I am so sorry for this family’s loss and for what they have forced to go through.  The next time you fill up your huge SUV’s at the Cotsco pump, will you please remember that there are young citizens of Tucson like Allan McPeek who have subsidized the price of your gasoline with the spilling of their blood.  I salute Allan McPeek and his courage but I hate this war. 

Once again, Allan McPeak was only 20 years old.   

But shouldn’t the wealthy families of Tucson, especially the ones that support this republican war of aggression for blood, oil and Israeli security choose to also send their sons and daughters to die in Iraq?  How come Lute Olson and Jim Click do not choose to send their children into harms way in Iraq?  The Olson and Click families are two of the biggest contributors in Tucson to the republican party and George W. Bush’s war for regional nation building and easy accessed oil. 

Shared sacrifices are only empty words for the wealthy and are not to be taken seriously, except for the middle class and the poor to encourage participation in.

But why be so somber about the Iraq War of madness and all of its death and destruction when March Madness and basketball are just around the corner.  Let us open a beer, gamble and bet to our hearts content about events that are so much more relevant and important.  Forget that people are dying while you take that last swig of your beer while you belch, burp and practice the art of ignition sequence flatulence, to your nimble hearts content.  

Tucson basketball icon, Lute Olson unfortunately, just like Senator John McCain, is long passed his prime.  Olson’s prime was recorded ten years ago in 1997, back when he was 62 years old.  In fact Olson, like McCain is so far past acknowledging reality that he refuses to confirm his bout with Parkinson’s disease.  What is the problem with Lute Olson and his denial of reality?  Will confirmation result in Olson receiving less money from corporate sponsors if he admits that he has a disease?  Does Olson feel subconsciously about his physical condition; he shouldn’t?  There is nothing to be ashamed about having a disease, especially when a person has health insurance.   But there is much that Lute and Christine Olson should be ashamed about considering their blind and continued support for Bush and republican candidates that prop up this phucked war for oil and Israel.

And I am sure that Lute and Christine Olson being the good little republican troopers that he and his wife are, and being ranked in the top 1% of the richest American households in the country, are both against the 46 million Americans that do not possess health insurance.  Why do wealthy people like the Olson’s who have everything, be so against American children receiving basic health care benefits? 

Conservatism like this is based on the “me first and only program” and not you.  As long as the wealthy are being taken care of, everyone else can be damned.  Lute and Christine Olson, just the latest version of the Bush administrations compassionate conservative power couple, with a passionate cause only for themselves and their bank accounts; how patriotic!

Olson will begin his 2007 quest for the gold against Purdue tomorrow and I am praying to whatever God in the universe that will listen, that he will go out in shame during Friday night’s game.  If a God should be so kind to Olson on Friday and let him win, there is no chance in hell that he is getting past Florida on Sunday unless the Florida players are roped and tied in the visitor’s locker room and the game is fixed.  You are going down into defeat Lute; you can bet on it, because you deserve to lose because of your promotion of greed!

I will not support you or your academically challenged program anymore.

I wonder if Olson still remembers the all time choke and meltdown against Illinois in March of 2005.  You had a 15 point lead with four minutes left and you found a way to lose the game?  I have never seen such a come from behind victory that was given up by a failure prone coach that chooses to lose.  Do you recall the 29 point loss to North Carolina this past year?  Yes, Lute Olson is so ready to be put out to pasture.   I think Olson is begging for it. It has always been about Lute and his glory, but the time has come for change.  Give someone else a chance who will do the job for love and not for money alone.       

Olson’s players are just a bunch of young college republican like, want to be’s, who are shooting for the almighty dollar, just as he does.  Olson and his players will get no further along in their quest for glory, other than which their character and integrity will allow.  How is Olson’s character managing to hold up?  I wonder why Olson still chooses to support SAHBA and their ruining ex-military Arizona family’s lives if he professes to be such an honorable man.  Did Olson serve in the military or did he receive five deferrals like his ex- phucking Halliburton corrupted, vice-president buddy, Dick Cheney that he supports?  If I was a betting man, I would bet that you will pack your bags and go home to your neocon loving, republican suck up wife Christine and shake yourself to sleep in your continued denial and support as a neocon enabling war monger.

So pack it up Lute, and just like Tiger Woods, hang your greedy head between your legs so that you can crawl home to your Finestera gated white enhanced community and hide out where the wealthy phucks that don’t care about anyone else, congregate and choose to belong.

Lute Olson has enough money and ego to last him another fifty lifetimes.  Why doesn’t he just fade away like a June Arizona sunset that has no clouds nor character?  You really do remind me so much of Colin Powell, a once honorable man that sold his soul and integrity to the devil for profit.

Do us all a favor Lute, and just please retire before you have to wear Depends Diapers to prevent you from slipping and soiling the sidelines during your emotional rants for ego and the chasing of past glory! 


“The Arizona Refugee”

And there is a time for every season under heaven to retire to!
Once again, is it Lute or is it Zell?

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