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Bush: Just Like Iraq - No Exit Strategy

November 14th, 2005

An Open Letter to Lute and Christine Olson from an ex-military family

Subject: Your support for SAHBA and the Bush neocon Republican Party agenda

Mr. and Mrs. Olson,

Almost a year and a half ago we contacted Mr. Olson for assistance in our effort to expose McCreary Homes and SAHBA's “custom home builder program” as a consumer sham. The reason we contacted you was that you have a long standing relationship with SAHBA's executive board. One of the questions that we asked was if you supported the idea of Arizona families losing their homes to deficient builders? Unfortunately, and just like all of SAHBA's executive members, you chose to look the other way and remain silent. Why? You have no idea of what it feels like to have your only home forcibly taken away from you. Then again, you have to have possess a heart, in order to feel even the slightest of human emotions. The image that you promote in the Tucson area portrays one of trust and integrity. We beg to differ. It would have taken a simple phone call to the Arizona Daily Star and they would have bent over forward and backwards to accommodate your wishes, except for one little problem, SAHBA and the prostrating advertising dollar. Pretending that you hear or see no evil in an association that you readily support is a betrayal to your manufactured image. How much does SAHBA pay you for your association with them and the use of your name? “All it takes for evil to exist is for good men to say nothing”. Mr. Olson, why have you remained silent? Since you were unable to respond to our questions about decency and morality, we have so many more questions to ask both of you!

A few years back we read an article where you professed your political affiliation as an Independent. At the time, we found that declaration of your political preference as a plausible statement which might benefit your never ending quest to recruit basketball talent. It surely would not look to good to have a right wing neocon supportive Republican coach, recruiting predominately black players. One might understand black parents not being very supportive of their sons signing with a coach that does not believe in any of their struggles in modern day black America. In a recent poll, only 2% of blacks say they would vote for President Bush. Why do you think that is? In 2004, your wife Christine was present at 44 pre-scripted Bush rallies and helped select pre-screened supporters as he campaigned in your newly adopted state of Pennsylvania.

During the four years Bush has been in the White House, he has consciously chosen to not attend the yearly NAACP convention in Philadelphia . So Bush was in Pennsylvania 44 times and couldn't muster the courage even a single time to meet with the NAACP leadership. Why do you think Mr. Bush chose not to attend? Could it be that Bush and Republicans in general do not wish to associate with black people? If you recall, Bush was like molasses in January when it came to action and leadership in New Orleans . Did your wife Christine, who seems to be on a plethora of corporate boards, did she ever want to be a participant at the NAACP convention? Why not? Is she just like President Bush and afraid of the NAACP and black people? Arizona took almost 21 years to have Martin Luther King Day be accepted as a state holiday. What if anything did you do to lend a helping hand to this honor for black people? If you did indeed do nothing to further the cause, then why did you remain silent? As Dr. King said, “there comes a time when silence is betrayal.” Were there any black people that you knew in North Dakota? Did you betray the black cause in Arizona? There are so many questions, and oh so few answers from your side.

Since your marriage to Christine Toretti in 2003 (who just happens to be in the top 400 of wealthy contributors nation wide to the Republican Party) it seems as if you have changed your political view point to one that supports the Republican far right wing. Since you and your wife are multi-millionaires and in the top 1% of wealthiest Americans, can there be any surprise at your zealous and religious like support of the Republican Party? After all, people that do their homework realize that the Republican Party is the Party for the wealthy in this country, and some Americans are fooled into believing they belong and are wanted by this corrupt Party. Do you really think the Republican aristocracy cares about security, retirement, religion, race, abortion or homosexual marriage? These wedge issues are brought to the political table in order to deflect the real issues and influence and secure the needed votes for political office. The overriding issue will always be money and the looting of the American middle and lower class. As Voltaire said, “the comfort of the rich, rests upon an abundance of the poor.”We wonder, at what particular dollar amount does the human heart stop feeling compassion for their fellow man? At what amount does one focus entirely on the pursuit of more power, more money and more greed? Does it not seem disingenuous for someone to profess themselves in 2003 as an Independent, and then in 2004 and beyond contribute 100% of your contributions to the Republican Party? Does your new wife possess that much political mind control over your individual thoughts on politics, or was your declaration of independency all a façade? Are you really such a pansy? Which could it be?

Your wife's Christine's monetary political support for Republican candidates nationwide is legendary. How does one become so hardened and callous to human suffering when she suffers from the unspeakable horrors of bloated bank accounts the size of which most people cannot even imagine? Was she abused as a child? Is it not bad enough for wealthy people to buy their own representatives in Congress? What does it say about a person when they need to help buy contested candidates in states through out the country? Why does this happen? Do you and your wife believe you are entitled to more Democracy for yourselves since you are multi-millionaires? Is our government only as sacred as it pertains to the highest bidder? Should we privatize our elected officials rather than pretending to go along with the facade of our so called American Democracy? You both, along with high bidders like Jim and Vicki Click are bastardizing the concept of Democracy in this country. We believe you honestly think you have the God given right to have control of our government, only because you possess great wealth. Our forefathers could not imagine what you neocon supporters have done to this country. What you are attempting to accomplish is wrong and it is all so very sad. We believe that you must relish the idea of class warfare; it is the only explanation for you actions. Surely, you both deserve the best democracy that your precious money and political influence can corruptly buy!

And now we move onto the issue that has finally captivated Americans; better late than never. You and Christine have supported a corrupt administration that has lied to the American people about the reasons why this country had to go to war. Why do you allow the Bush administration to kill thousands of Americans and Iraqis, in the name of the Olson family? Are you both comfortable with having blood on your hands?

In 1952 Mr. Olson, you were 18 years old and the Korean War was being fought. Why didn't you sign up to induct yourself in the military? Did you not think in 1952 that military service was a noble cause for the spread of American freedom? Was not the threat of Communism and the big Red Scare a reason to sign up and protect your country? Now, we are in 2005 and you are big supporter of President Bush and the American aggression in Iraq . When you had your chance to go to war, why didn't you? Did you have to become a present day chicken hawk in order to support the idea of war? Were you a big supporter of the Vietnam War? We suppose you were. In 1965, you would have been 31 years old, why didn't you volunteer yourself to have the chance to become on of the 58,000 plus that died in that needless conflict? By today's standards, you would have been a likely candidate to have your guts spilled on the blood stained, Vietnamese landscape. Are you like our disingenuous Vice President Dick Cheney that asked and received 5 deferments to avoid military service, and then declare that you had other “priorities” in 1952, like playing a little boy's basketball game? Why is it, that it is the old men like you that always ask the very young boys to fight their romantic testosterone enhanced wars? Isn't so easy to decide another persons mortal fate, when you life has never been, and never will be on the line?

To summarize our predicament, we are an ex-military family that sacrificed 12 years of our lives to our country. Do you think the least that our Republican dominated state and federal government could do, would legally not allow builders and insurance companies to mentally and financially rape us into financial oblivion? Why do you think it is acceptable to allow a deficient builder to force a family out of their only home? You might not understand, since you have multiple houses, and we doubt that you need a mortgage to secure your housing needs. You support SAHBA and their Republican objectives. Why do you support Arizona families losing their houses to corrupt builders, developers and lawyers? Republican family values, an idle statement of support, from a corrupt political party!

We believe the Democratic National party should and will be made aware of what Republicans and chicken hawks do to ex-military families in this state and in this country. Do you think it would make an interesting human interest story and find an audience as the 2006 mid term elections approach? We think so! How about ESPN, CNN, MSNBC (Keith Oberman), CBS, ABC, NBC, Lou Dobbs, Michael Moore, Move On.Org and any and all bloggs that report the present and truthful state of the Democratic Republic. And how do think the Arizona Daily Star will look when one of these media outlets picks up our story. So much for the life and times of the fourth estate in Tucson , it has been bought and laid to rest (R.I.P)!

(To be continued...)

P.S. Please tell your bought and paid for politician, Jim Kolbe, that he made a good decision to not run for re-election. Kolbe and Kyl don't have a snowball's chance in 2006. Is it possible that Kolbe had some kind of connection to the (DeLay, Abramoff, Scanlon) Indian bribery scandal? It seems odd to us that Kolbe would quit at this point in time. Is he running away from something? Just wondering out loud!

September 11th, 2005

9/11, Katrina and the neocon Republican response


As we observe the 4 th anniversary of 09/11, it seems almost impossible to not feel a sense of anger at our Republican politicians at all levels of local and state government that have supported the Bush regime. It is painfully obvious that we are no safer to man made or natural catastrophes that occur in the United States even after four years of manufactured, color coded fear mongering has been forced fed upon the American people.

As a country in which we are represented by our politicians, they are not only inept when it comes to prevention and response, they are also corrupt. Our so called political leaders have been bought and paid for by corporate America . They only listen to the top 5% of wealthy Americans, especially the constituents that contributed incredible sums of money for their very own perverted idea of democracy. It is the syndrome of the best Democracy that money can buy!

We have first hand knowledge of how this political process works in Arizona on a state and national level. God forbid if you have a problem with the building industry in this state. Special interest Super Pac's like SAHBA, insure that the “peoples” political representatives are corrupted by money and political election pressure at the earliest stage of a politician's career. Concerning the building industry in Arizona , it seems that every one up and including the Governor have already been bought off by the building lobbyist. The consumer is left holding the bag, with nothing more than a corrupted real estate system.

In the final analysis, the majority of our “leaders” from state and national government including President Bush do not care for a single moment about the poor or middle class, unless it happens to be election time. At that point, and in order to be re-elected, they will quickly campaign themselves non-stop in front of their constituents and promise them anything. Unfortunately, once the winner is announced, it is back to business as usual. The politicians immediately forget who elected them to the “Peoples House”, and prostitute themselves before corporate executives and lobbyist. And even when these politicians leave office, they whore themselves as quickly as possible as corporate lobbyist. Forget about them coming home to help out in their communities, the gravy train is at the state capitol or Washington D.C.

And now we move on to the present disaster affecting America. No, we are not talking about Iraq , but something much closer to home, Katrina. Once again, it is painful and nauseating to watch an American President self-immolate in scandal, during the second term of his presidency. It is almost prophetic on how this curse that is fueled by power and arrogance, affects second term presidents and their propensity to self- destruct. We will not talk about how the New Orleans disaster had been predicted for many years after hurricane Betsy hit the city back in 1965. No, we will not talk about how the levees were only designed for a category 3 hurricane and allowed to sink. And God forbid, we will not talk about how the Bush Administration reduced funds to the Army Corp of Engineers for canal and levee maintenance and diverted this money to Iraq .

You do remember Iraq? Almost 1900 American service members killed, over 100,000 Iraqis killed, no WMD, no connection to Al Qaeda connection to 9/11, but they do have incredible amounts of oil for American SUV's with “support our troops” ribbons. Just ask ex Halliburton CEO-VP Dick Cheney, that is, if he ever gets back from his multi-million dollar, vacation hide-out in Jackson, Wyoming! Not to bad for a guy who flunked out of Yale twice! All it takes to become a wealthy individual in this country is to make the conscience decision to “play the game” and choose to become corrupt.

We will not talk about the Bush propensity for cronyism and the totally inept FEMA director, Michael Brown, who was appointed by Bush and confirmed in 43 minutes by just (5) U.S. Senators. The American ”People” were not done any favors by having a political hack, with little if any emergency management experience, presided over the largest disaster in American history. This disaster could have been prevented, if the canals and levees had been maintained. Even 09/11 could have been prevented if everyone (FBI, CIA, President Bush, and Condoleeza Rice) had taken any interest in American national security. Sorry, folks but they were all asleep at the wheel with the lead up to 09/11. And finally, we will not talk about the death and destruction that could have been prevented and the needless additional deaths that occurred for lack of basic necessities, like water.

No, we will not talk about these issues because simply, they are too painful to discuss!

No, why talk about something that reeks of criminality when it only affects the little people.

Even our first Mother, good old Barbara Bush could not help herself and jumped into the fray with her incredibly compassionate conservative comments.” Almost everyone I've talked to says we're going to move to Houston ”. “What I'm hearing is sort of scary, they all want to stay in Texas ”. “And so many of the people in the arena here, you know were underprivileged anyway, so this-this (she chuckles slightly) is working very well for them.” Excuse me, working well for them, really? A person could have just lost a family, lost their home, and lost their way of life, and Barbara “Privileged” Bush can say is that they are making out like bandits. Is it any wonder where President Bush gets his cold heart from to kill over thirty thousand Iraqi's? Do you even think Bush and his mother's heart ever developed beyond the basic embryonic stage? They both are missing something when it comes to human compassion. Maybe abortion should only be reserved for the cases where the embryonic human heart has refused to develop, like the Bush family. Do you think an act like this would be beneficial since it would reduce the suffering on earth of people that already possess a “real” heart?

“And God forbid if these people (Black) move to Houston , why they might just decide to move next to George and I, and that would be absolutely terrible for the real estate market prices, don't you think. On second thought, we can always move to our 2 nd mansion in Kennebunkport . I don't believe there are any black people in Maine ; are there George? Say it isn't so”!

As the saying goes, “the apple doesn't fall far from the tree”. Ahh… the Bush's are just incredibly wonderful with sentiment and prose when they decide to speak without scripted tele-prompter lines written by professional speech writers. Bush and his privileged mother do not care because that is just the way they were raised. They were so very privileged, that it almost seemed like an ordained entitlement them. And no matter what Bush reads from any and all prepared texts by his spin control speech doctors, he or his out of touch privileged mother can never convince us that they care about the common man when there exist such an enormous” black hole” in their hearts.

We believe that August 29, 2005 will become a water shed date in America politics. It changed the course of neocon Republican politics. Hurricane Katrina will finally awaken the American people to the destructive policies of the Bush Administration. Hopefully our new elected leaders will finally begin to understand that there really are two Americas , awkwardly co-existing as a step child of potential social discontent and disaster that will explode, if left to chance..

The scenes that were depicted across the country last week should never exist in the strongest and most prosperous country in the world. In five short years of total Republican control, our country is beginning to fall apart. Hurricane Katrina has shown that there is the rich and then there is everyone else. There are the haves, and then there are a hell of a lot more, have nots. The rich have incredibly increased their wealth while the poverty rate in America has increased for the fifth year in a row.

America cannot be strong unless we are all strong. We have been content with leaving people behind, just like the poor New Orleans evacuees who have now become refugees. Mr. Bush and neo-con Republicans should be ashamed of themselves. Is the Bush “Titanic” policy for America now stated as, “It is every man and women for themselves, unless you are rich”? We guess that type of policy does not give much hope to idea of community or civilization.

So now we have hundreds of thousands of people that have had their lives decimated and now find themselves in a third world type refugee status. We in fact have family that have been displaced from New Orleans and are now living uncertain lives. It is with great regret that these family members voted for Bush not once, but twice. In light of the facts that money was siphoned off for maintenance of the levees and canals to Iraq , and a totally inept FEMA director has now been shipped back to Washington to plan for the next big event, I wonder how they feel now about Bush and the neocon Republican agenda?

We believe it must be a character defect that “your” president cannot admit a mistake or in the plain and simple twangy language of back road Crawford , TX . say, “I guess I screwed up”. Yes, you screwed up alright, and so did all of the Republicans in this country that enabled this man to lead our country down the path of destruction. This is nothing less than a complete travesty, but no one should be surprised that this could happen when you are allowed to lie, cheat and steal from the American people. Greed is the most awful form of all human faults; it only leads to human destruction.

Another lesson to be learned from the last (5) years of tears, is that an alcoholic who has found a right wing, mid-life Evangelical Jesus, will never make a good CEO. Also, it sure as hell will never insure that Jesus can help make oneself into competent president from the clutches of alcoholism! Even Jesus would say, “miracles can only go so far'. What do think I am, God?

Americans that believe Bush is a strong leader have been duped by the façade of a clever White House marketing campaign and the Americans simplistic addiction to 60 second sound bites. Bush is an inept puppet of a presidential figure that only appears strong when aides are pulling the correct strings.

Also, there should be an amendment to the Constitution that we will never be allowed to elect a Democrat or Republican as Vice-President or President from the corrupt state of Texas. Texas has been the root of most of the evil in this country for the last 50 years. Ever since the Kennedy assassination in 1963, Texas has conjured up an evil image of right wing, John Birch hate. Oh hell, on second thought, why don't we let Texas secede from the Union and pay Mexico to take it back; please? Enough on lessons learned, they are just too painful to recall.

There are numerous reasons why we have decided to include this essay in our SAHBA website. The primary reason that it is here is to expose the personal and financial destruction that Republican policies have done on the local, state and federal level. We have somewhat of an idea what it is like to live as refugee in your own country. Because of Republican legislation in Washington and Republican legislation and policies to include (Republican lite) Democrats like Governor Janet Napolitano and Attorney General Terry Goddard of the state of Arizona. Our lives have been turned upside down by their willingness to look the other way for future campaign contributions. Everyone seems to be in bed with the building industry lobbyist. And when money is involved, political prostitutes always find there way to the bedroom and perform for their employers.

Because of Republican policies, our careers have been decimated. Our income has been reduced to 50% of what it should be. Our pensions our gone and the future is very uncertain. We have moved 4 times since our house was foreclosed because of SAHBA custom builder (McCreary “shitty” Homes) lawsuit that we were forced to engage in because of defective construction. Everything we had was put into our custom home and the lawsuit that was fought among Republican builders, Republican lawyers and a Republican judge. Our credit rating was ruined, and when our pension was dissolved, we were forced to file for bankruptcy protection; for a slim chance of a future.

Yes, what a wonderful state and what a wonderful country we live in. Boy, if Iraqi's could only know what kind of freedom that is in store for them, they would start making more IED's. The kind of freedom that says, “everything you have worked for your whole life, can be taken away from you, by only a few corrupt people”. We feel as if we are living in a 3 rd world banana republic government with no property rights. Is this what neocon Republicans believe in? This so called, “ land of the free and home of the homeless” syndrome, accompanied by a president who's latest “new” reason for going into Iraq is because “we want to spread freedom” crap, is quite problematic. The only freedom this administration wants to spread is “corporate freedom” that rapes and pillages at will. We believe the reason for the ignition of the Iraq insurgency, is that they want to defend their country against American corporate control! And Bush just calls it, “freedom”, what a simplistically devious jerk. Did anyone consider that they might not want America style, crony capitalist freedom? Oh, that is right; Iraq has the second largest reserves of oil in the world. God, our politicians can be incredibly arrogant when it comes to oil reserves. Just come up with a plan for the oil companies to steal it.

And look at what kind of freedom that the Republicans and Bush want you to have.

1. Social Security………. Wall Street is salivating over this one; they want a piece of the action.

2. Medicare………. Sold to Congress as a 10year – 400 billion program, latest price tag 780 billion and no negotiation for drug prices……. That is brilliant and corrupt at the same time!

3. Estate tax.......... Republicans strategist renamed it the death tax. It is nothing more than welfare for the rich, at the expense of the poor and middle class. This program, only affects your family if your estate is over 4 million dollars. This feature affects the richest 2% of Americans. These people include old inherited money, corporate CEO's, executives and rich lawyers.

These are the same people that would never allow there sons or daughters to sign up for a war like Iraq . As one Pittsburgh woman, with (2) American flags on her front lawn, recently told a military recruiter, “sorry, our kind of people (rich) don't do that kind of thing” Trust us, we have rich people in Tucson that feel exactly the very same way. They are probably the same ones driving SUV's with “support our troop” stickers on their vehicle. How disingenuous!

4. Iraq War……….Your president wants middle class and poor folks to sign your children up for Iraq. When President Bush, Dick Cheney, every member of Government, and all of the rich people sign their children and grandchildren up, then and only then come talk to rest of us.

Can anyone imagine this happening? How about neocon enablers like Jim Click or Lute and Christine Olson encouraging their precious children and grandchildren to sign up for Iraqi cannon fodder duty, while bestowing the honor of protecting American oil companies and their pursuit of cheap oil? Only in your dreams!

5. Supreme Court………. Anyone with half a brain would have figured out that this was the real prize for the 2004 election. Bush would be gone in 2008, but 2 to 4 new conservative Supreme Court justices that are pro-business would be on the bench and screwing the American poor and middle class, for the next 30 years. You might as well kiss all of your civil rights away and your way of life, good bye. Can the Orwellian police state of America , be very far behind?

The web site Orcinus has an interesting essay on Pseudo Fascism. We understand that most Americans associate Fascism with Nazi Germany, but that is not entirely correct. Unfortunately Hitler took Fascism one step further by including race into the issue, the Aryan race. When you combine race and Fascism the result was Nazism. We invite you to think of what is going on in America as a new and improved version of Fascism which is much more deceptive. This Fascism is more on the level with Italy and Mussolini versus Germany and Hitler. Fascism in its present day form has already invaded America by corporate control of the government and people who are too apathetic or asleep at the wheel to challenge their politicians.

Democracy is something that has to be fought for everyday or it will one day disappear due to the greed of corporate America . When you look at what happened in New Orleans , do think your so called elected officials and the “government' are working for the “people'. Where is all that FEMA and Homeland Security money being looted to? Could you imagine if that Republican stronghold Orange County, California had been flooded instead of New Orleans , La? Do you think Wal Mart trucks carrying bottle water would have been turned back? Do you think it would have taken 4 days to get poor people water and have them rescued? Yes, as John Edwards has said, “there are two Americas.” We and our politicians just choose that they are invisible to us. It is just like the make believe body bags and coffins from Iraq and now New Orleans . If the public does not see them; we can assume that nothing has happened. Where is the real America , where did it go? Will it ever return, or did we allow it to be exterminated?

So we beg of you President Bush and the Republicans that enable him, would you please stop, please? You are killing the idea of what America was once suppose to stand for. We do not recognize her anymore. Please, stop before it is too late!

“The highest form of Democracy is dissent”
- Thomas Jefferson

“All it takes for evil to exist is for good men to do nothing”
- Edmund Burked

“When the people are afraid of their government; that is called tyranny. When the government is afraid of the people, that is called Democracy!”
- Benjamin Franklin

October 8th, 2005

New Orleans is Back

We have been willing visitors to the city of New Orleans for the last 25 years. After the destruction of hurricane Katrina, it is “nice” to see that on Saturday night, October, 8th, the city finally began to get on its “real” feet. The French Quarter has now been handed back to its rightful owners, the ritzy white, intoxicated tourists. Ladies and gentlemen, let the racial and class war parties begin.

Recently, Richard Davis, a 64 year-old retired school teacher, was beaten into bloody submission on the streets of New Orleans . Mr. Davis's crime was that he was a black man who had the nerve to ask a question about the curfew, when he was near the fabled street called Bourbon. The fact that Mr. Davis was beaten and then taken down by four white police and FBI officers is quite problematic. The police attempted to assign a bogus charge of public intoxication to justify their behavior. Our first question concerning the abusive police and FBI officials was, are they (Abu Ghraib) type Republicans? The only problem that prevented this farce from escalating was that Mr. Davis has claimed that he did not have drink.

In fact Mr. Davis has been reported to not have had a drink of alcohol for about the same length of time as our current Republican President, George W. Bush; about 25 years. Mr. Davis had a blackout and decided to quit drinking; George Bush is still an alcoholic who has never been treated, except with an evangelical bible.

And according to Bush Supreme Court unqualified nominee Harriet “cronyism” Miers, our wonderfully incompetent President, who is nothing more than the front man puppet for the real power brokers, Dick “Halliburton” Cheney and Karl “CIA leak” Rove, says that Bush will go down in history as the best president ever, ever. That statement in itself should be enough to disqualify Ms. Miers for the Supreme Court, for lack of judgment. Mr. Bush will go down in history as the absolutely the worst, corrupted president ever elected by the American people.

Unfortunately, the two puppeteers in the above paragraph, Cheney and Rove, have a wonderful chance in the next few weeks of being indicted by special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald for obstruction of justice. And everyone knows that Vice President Cheney knows all of those dirty little secrets that Republican administrations always try to hide when second term presidents like Bush, begin to implode.

Texas politicians, like Louisiana politicians of the past bring new meaning to the word corruption. So, one sober privileged white guy gets to become a puppet President, and the other sober black guy gets his face bashed against a brick wall? American Democracy, you got to love it, even if it stinks with Racism!

Now, and just for a moment, let us move on to Tucson , Arizona .

Like Mr. Davis's emotional assault, we understand the implication when a person is intentionally accused of false charges. During the SAHBA 2004 spring home show, we were accused with manufactured charges of physically injuring a SAHBA paid security guard. If you dare protest a SAHBA event, you can be threatened with a manufactured arrest. First Amendment Rights anyone? The person that tried to have us arrested was none other than SAHBA enforcer, President Ed Taczanowsky. Unfortunately, this was not the first time Taczanowsky has been involved with this cowardly tactic on a Tucson citizen (Mr. Kieran Suckling); and we know, this won't be his last involvement with this type of scheme. Was this the same tactic that Taczanowsky used in California ? Taczanowsky encounter with Mr. Kieran occurred shortly after arriving in Tucson in 2003? (See article about it in the Tucson Weekly {insert link here} Welcome to Tucson Mr. Taczanowski; that is a hell of an entrance into the city! It was the same type of scenario; two SAHBA employees complained of soreness after a supposed altercation. With us it was the security guard. Fortunately in our case, the Tucson police saw through Taczanowsky's scam to have us arrested. Did Taczanowsky coerce the security guard into making a false statement to police? It is too bad the security guard was not arrested for making an intentionally false police report, because we might have found out the truth. Sounds like obstruction of justice to us.

It is unfortunate that with the perceived docility of Mr. Davis, he was unable to ask his question in another city, like Tucson . The response from the Tucson police would have been much different than the reception he received in Louisiana . We believe the Tucson police department to be a bit just more professional than the New Orleans police department.

Now, let's return back to that red state in the South.

The culture of Louisiana is one that projects an attitude of the very Deep South and the proverbial “red” state persona with just a hint of Civil War jealousy. Race as an issue, is never far from the surface of civility and decorum. We have home grown family members that could easily become members of the John Birch society, if given a fighting chance to do so. They are God fearing, church going Republicans that somehow have developed a racial disconnect when it comes to social issues. Maybe, that is one reason that we have not talked to these members in over five years. We don't suffer bigoted Republican fools too easily these days, since the advent of the race based, corporate backed, Republican revolution that promotes and conspires for middle class destruction.

One has to give Republicans their due. Tricky Dick (”I am not a crook”) Nixon's Southern Strategy was the genesis for the south to metastasize into a red states of hate. Republicans used the fear emotion of affirmative action to incite white voters to vote for the good old boys. White males were threatened with possibilities that black people would take their jobs and they would in turn become poor and destitute. The south could not flip flop fast enough to ensure that racial bigotry would still be the unofficial, law of the land.

Now, transport yourself to the late 90's when the U.S. began to accelerate the export of manufacturing jobs to Mexico and overseas countries. Where was the outrage from the white Reagan Democrats, when corporate America turned their backs on workers and their selfish, greed induced concepts of outsourcing, were promoted world wide? Later, as high- tech jobs began being outsourced to China and India . Where was the outrage from southern workers when the rug was pulled out from underneath them? Why are fear and greed such powerful aphrodisiacs for ignorance?

So who is the real enemy of American workers? It is not affirmative action? It is Republican CEO's of U.S. corporations and politicians that together, become the “elephant” in the room that tramples middle class prosperity.

Even today, while bloody pictures of Mr. Davis are still be showed on television, Ken Melhman, RNC for the Republican party, is planning to speak on Tuesday, to the NAACP chapter in Connecticut. Unbelievable! Do you really believe that blacks will ever again vote for a Republican after the last two months? Yes we know, the American electorate can be quite ignorant at times, by voting against their self interest. Do you think blacks will forget the black bodies floating in the streets of New Orleans , and the recent beating of a black man on the streets of the Crescent City ?

A poll conducted today showed that Bush has an incredibly low poll reading of 39% support among the American people. Bush's poll readings among blacks were a dismal 2%. From this information one can deduce that only 2% of blacks are wealthy or that 2% are ignorant!

During the 2000 presidential campaign, candidate Bush reluctantly spoke at the NAACP convention, since he and Karl Rove were hoping to court the black vote in Florida . Since then, President Bush has not made a single sincere attempt to attend a national NAACP conference, since becoming president. And the reason for this, the White House deception spin doctors say he has had “scheduling” conflicts. The White House is too afraid to tell the truth, because it is so much easier to lie. Bush had a “scheduling conflict” because he created an excuse with his comments on 10 July, 2004 when asked about his relationship with the NAACP leadership, ‘I would describe my relationship with the current leadership as basically nonexistent”.

At that time, acting NACCP president Kweisi Mfume told reporters that he had reached out to Bush many times, in hopes of meeting him but, he never answered. “The president never wrote me back,” he said. “I always got a letter from someone else in the White House stating his schedule did not permit such a meeting and they would get back with me…..and they never did.” Bush made over 43 stops in Pennsylvania during the 2004 campaign, but could not stop once at the NAACP offices in Philadelphia . And who is at fault for that nonexistent relationship?

On 12 July, 2004, black “journalist” Armstrong Williams wrote an article supporting Bush's decision to not attend the NAACP convention the night before in Philadelphia . Williams forgot to mention to his readers that he was being paid by the Bush administration for the “No Child Left Behind” program. So much for independent journalism when deception is used in lieu of the truth!

Acting NAACP president Julian Bond made a keen observation of Bush's Iraq and Healthcare policies. “They say giving healthcare to the Iraq 's is sound policy; they say giving healthcare to all American's is socialism. Our president thinks more of the Iraqi

People (oil) than he cares about American's. Black people, you don't have a snowballs chance in hell with this president. On further analysis, neither do the poor or middle class whites!

In fact Bush is the first president since the 1921 corrupted administration of Republican Warren G. Harding, who has not attended an NAACP convention as president. The state of Wyoming , was the scene of the infamous Tea Pot Dome oil scandal; the very same home state of VP Dick “Halliburton oil man” Cheney. Also, Harding's incompetent Secretary of Commerce, Herbert Hoover, later became president and presided over the beginning of the Great Depression. It took a Democrat, Franklin D. Roosevelt, who took the country out of the Great Depression and onto winning WWII. Why does it seem that is always a Democrat who has to bail out the Republican's when they screw up?

Bush is plenty comfortable with a room of WASP's, but it will be a mighty big step for him to show up at the next NAACP convention, since it has already been five years. It is indeed, hard work! To translate, there is not a chance in hell that Bush is ever going to have himself in a large room with a group of black people unless they are servants. No, it is just not going to happen, wouldn't be prudent. Bush doesn't care in the least about black people. Bush is scared of black people because they are different and he has also noticed that they are not white.

So, New Orleans now is slowly making its awaited comeback. Unfortunately, some of the issues concerning race are rearing their ugly head once again. If New Orleans is to survive, it will have to rebuild its social contract with its black population as well as rebuild their infrastructure; or it will fail. If eminent domain is used to oust the black community of New Orleans , the city will never recover its ethnic diversity and New Orleans will suffer terribly for it. The black community has to be included in the renaissance of recovery. People like Mr. Davis deserve consideration and respect in the city in which they live. They don't deserve to be pummeled by white, black or any color of police officers, just because they are considered intruders in their own city.

White tourists are an important part of the southern Louisiana economy, but they do need to remember that they are also guest in the Crescent city. The attitude that Caucasian tourist want to come only to the French Quarter to party down, like spring break teenagers, is somewhat juvenile and it will need to change. Even President Bush said that he used to “party” in the city as a younger man. Does that mean 35 or 45 years old? We will leave it up to the reader's discretion of what “younger” means.

So, for the foreseeable future, New Orleans will remain in the public spotlight. We are all pulling for the city to recover and emerge from its struggle with its forecasted demise and hopeful destiny. The hurricane was going to happen sooner or later; unfortunately the dice came up as snake eyes on September 1, 2005. With the long history of corruption along the Gulf Coast red states and especially Louisiana , we will be watching closely to see if politicians will be able to have the vested interest of the “people” in mind rather than their greedy cronies and corporate lobbyist agendas. To do anything else, will kill the cultural and ethnic induced ambience of New Orleans, forever!

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