Annette Webber

I am so sorry for your family, for you and for your husband.  Derrick and I understand completely your pain.  We are still fighting KB Home and although ours was not a custom home and we did not lose what you have lost in dollars because we are not in the same bracket.  What they have done to us is beyond repair; we no longer believe buying a home is the American Dream, it is a nightmare; we no longer believe that our tax dollars are spent well, but rather to protect legalized grafting, via non-regulation.  If I could, I would just walk rather than fight; but that would hurt taxpayers if we all walked and these business are already wreaking havoc on the average taxpayer with frivolous bills through legislatures across the country to protect them from their victims. 

KB Home has millions they pore into lobbying and campaign financing and attorneys to fight all their suits, instead of just doing the right thing.  I think, I truly believe that this is beyond their general concept.  People like this do not have any sense of common decency.  It's all about money.  Management philosophy is ingrained in their employees minds, I think instilled with fear tactics, to lie about everything, even the little easy-to-fix problems. 

God bless you and keep you in his heart.  I forwarded all your stuff to Janet Napolitano and I hope this is OK.  She needs to understand that this kind of thing is happening at all levels and destroying all kinds of families.  I am learning how to build a website right now, so I too can put all our pictures and documents on this site.  When it is done I will forward this to you.  Have you spoken to anyone at the Citizen to try to get your website posted in an article on their paper.  It would be a good thing for you if you could do this.

The Webbers

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