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Sent: February 12, 2004 9:54 AM
ToSubject: One Bad Apple

Dear Members of SAHBA,

We are writing to you today about your inclusion of McCreary Homes on your website and membership roster.  Please go to our website www.mymccrearyhomesucks.com and read what this man has done not only to us, but to others.

We urge you to cancel his membership and stop promoting him to people interested in building a home.  He does not deserve the business and will cause pain and misery to others if allowed to continue building.

We think it is incumbent on those who are recommending services to others to be educated on what they are recommending.  A Long Realty agent recommended McCreary to us and we thought that McCreary's designation as a Sahba certified homebuilder meant that quality was implied by this certification.  We were so wrong. While we don't know if recommending someone who has a history of bad business makes your organization liable, it certainly can't be good business for you. When you have a bad apple in your midst, it makes all of you seem rotten by association.  It's something to think about.

Thank you for taking time to view our site and we would appreciate hearing what you have decided to do.  We are only concerned that someone else may wind up like us and would do anything to prevent this devastation from affecting another family.

If you are looking for sympathy or assistance, blind character attacks on the builder, and condemnation of the government and court system seems like an unusual approach.  I do not know anyone at McCreary Homes, but I can only imagine that they have what they believe is the "rest of the story".   Conflict resolution via mean spirited and hurtful web sites is not in anyone's best interest.  I am sorry you have experienced this situation.  The only advice I think I can provide is to suggest not exacerbating the situation in this way.

Mark Lewis


Dear Mark Lewis,

Thank you for taking the time to read our website and to respond.  You are dead wrong in your assessment that we are looking for sympathy and assistance.  You are also wrong that we are engaging in blind character attacks.  The website is exceedingly well documented and the pictures of the defects in our home and the documentation in storage at the Arizona Registrar of Contractors (which shows their independent assessment of all of the defects) speak for themselves. 

Our goal is to keep others from experiencing our nightmare.  This is more than "conflict resolution"  it is the work of a shoddy builder to whom your organization gives a designation of quality.  It seems to us that it is incumbent on your membership to maintain the level of quality that you want to be associated with membership in SAHBA. If you are content to be associated with the kind of work that is pictured on our site - then I am afraid it says more about you then you might think.  If you all stand for quality - then so too should your members. 

Thanks for your comments.  We appreciate the time it took you to respond.

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