The McCrearys Phone Mike and Shannon

McCreary Homes---Adding Insult to Injury.

The Southern Arizona Home Builders (SAHBA) Spring Show was held April 16, 17, and 18th. On April 27, 2004 at 6:12PM, we received a call from Denise McCreary. This was Denise's FIRST contact with us, since we moved in our home in Nov. 1998. For almost 6 years we have lived in our home and NEVER, EVER heard from her. Denise who?

At the time of her call, we had a localized thunderstorm over the mountains where our home is located. The wind was blowing and rain was coming down. We had just finished placing dry towels against the thresholds of the exterior doors to stop the inevitable water that was going to run under them. Mentally, we did a quick check, remembering the location of the pans that were going to be needed to catch the water that was going to be coming down from our ceiling.

We are very experienced at this storm (pre-storm) routine.

Since November of 1998, the date we moved in our McCreary built home, we have been going through this routine. That translates to over 5 years of storms and each one brings the same precautions and sad, predicatable results.

It began to lightning and thunder.

Then the phone rang. My wife answered it.

The voice at the other end identified herself as Denise McCreary, and inquired as to how we were enjoying our NEW home. OUR NEW HOME? It is almost 6 years old! My wife began to tell her of some of the problems we have and the lightning tried to kill the line several times in quick succession. My wife informed her we had just gotten out our our “rain” towels for the storm. I informed my wife it was too dangerous for her to stay on the line, and ask her to end the call. The call ended with Denise saying she would have LJ call us.

LJ did call my wife. LJ not only offered us re-involvement with himself, his business,and/or his cronies, but would also allow us to pay for that involvement.
Deja Vu!
No thank you!

I have some unsolicited advise for you Denise.

1. Never wait 6 years to call a customer for the first time and inquire about their satisfaction. It hurts your credibility.

2. Never EVER call a McCreary customer during a thunderstorm.

They are busy defending their homes against water damage.

3. Call this family and make ammends to them.

You cannot help us.

Mike and Shannon Collins

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