Mike and Shannon Collins

To Whom It May Concern:

BEFORE the contract is signed, McCreary identifies himself and his firm as your “partner” dedicated to your satisfaction through quality workmanship and attention to detail.

However, AFTER our contract was signed, our requests for corrections and/or improved workmanship constantly exposed and identified McCreary's true position as that of an opponent. An opponent dedicated to demonstrating there was no bottom to the low-level of workmanship that he would accept on our behalf.

In spite of timely communication with McCreary about these issues as they arose, our home contains unleveled floors, crooked and bowed walls, a leaking ceiling and doors, bad windows, full-depth cracks in the interior and exterior foundation, grout cracks in the floor and bathroom tiles, and a full compliment of other quality related issues.

Our home stands in permanent “photographical” testament to the absence of quality or concern thereof from McCreary Homes.

It speaks volumes to his lack of conscience and lack of ethics.

It embarrassingly represents the Southern Arizona Home Builders Association (SAHBA) through their inclusion of McCreary Homes as a member.

It speaks to city, county, and state level regulation that allows McCreary Homes to exist.

But most importantly, we hope it speaks to you... the potential McCreary Homes customer/victim.

Sincere Regards,
Mike Collins

To Whom It May Concern:

It is very unfortunate that I feel the need to write this letter, because of all the disappointment, frustration, and anger that it makes me relive once again, due to our year-long dealings with McCreary Homes in 1998. I can only hope that recounting our experience with L.J. McCreary and his team of “builders” will benefit future couples in search of a quality custom home builder. No one should have to experience the stress, strain, and feelings of total disappointment that we did.

McCreary Homes should not be allowed to build another home.

Our problems with McCreary Homes began during the very first stage of building. First, our lot was excavated at the wrong elevations. Secondly, the stem walls were poured too high.

(These errors needed to by pointed out to L.J. McCreary by us.)

Subsequently, the stem walls had to be cut down and fixed. The “fix” sacrificed the integrity of our underground plumbing which was already in place.

Following these first major errors by McCreary Homes, we were hopeful that things would get better. Certainly, we thought, everyone has things go wrong when they are building a home, right?

We had no idea what we were in for.

The lack of supervision on our home was apparent immediately. My husband and I were at the building site many times, only to find sub-contractors working completely unsupervised and unprepared. It was infrequent to find a McCreary Home supervisor even present. Thankfully,WE were usually able to answer the sub-contractor's questions. It is unfortunate that we could not be out there supervising them more often ... but wasn't that McCreary's job?

These are some of the problems we live with everyday in our McCreary-built home:

•  ALL of our outside doors leak every time it rains, as does the roof.(Monsoon season is a nightmare, to say the least.)

•  Our Septic tank was installed incorrectly…we paid to have it fixed before it backed-up into the house.

•  We have had to have 5 windows replaced…which we paid for.

•  Two windows (which haven't been replaced) are installed with the interior side facing outside (backwards).

•  All of our outdoor water bibs (spigots), except one, are plumbed into our water softener system.

•  We have an electrical outlet on our front porch that has no wiring running to it.

•  Our floors are not level….not even close.

•  We have a water-line leak (or possibly a drain-line leak) in-between our first and second floors, which has caused mold to grow on our bathroom ceiling.

•  Our floor tile grout was never sealed and is now coming out in chunks. In the summer, we actually have ants come in through the grout gaps.

•  Our front courtyard wall was built without any drainage holes and has 2 scuppers from the roof emptying into it. The very first rain flooded our courtyard with over a foot of water. Our new landscaping and newly-planted shrubs were a total loss. Again, we have fixed it ourselves.

•  Etc., etc., etc., etc.

In addition to these major faults, we continually dealt with L.J. on fixing smaller problems with our house. We found out very quickly that an adequate “fix” in his mind was not at all acceptable to us. (Nor would it have been acceptable to anyone else.) Either the repair was done poorly, or L.J. told us that “it just couldn't be fixed”.

After having to deal with McCreary Homes for a little over a year, we just wanted him out of our lives…..period. The whole ordeal created a strain on our marriage, which thankfully is very strong. We were determined to make our house a “home”, and there was no way to accomplish that without ending our relationship with McCreary Homes.

Quite simply, we just wanted them out of our lives.

WE have to live with these things...not L.J. or anyone from “McCreary Homes”, not anyone that endorses him privately, publicly, or governmentally.

Our house is our “home” despite McCreary Homes—but that is to our credit, certainly not theirs.

If this account of our experiences with McCreary Homes can help anyone from becoming another McCreary Homes victim, then I have accomplished my goal.

Shannon Collins

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