Jim Kraushaar

Dear Ray and Stacey,

I hope you don't mind my using your first names but I've just spent 2 hours pouring over your story on your website and I feel I now know you and your family.

I've just read the article in the Arizona Daily Star and I want to thank you and Becky Pallack for bringing these stories out.

My wife, Judy, and I went through the building process (miseries) here in Tucson also.

LJ McCreary had wanted, for 6 years, to begin building our custom home here while we were still living in Ann Arbor, MI.  We didn't think that was such a good idea. By the time we moved here, in 2001, McCreary must have been thoroughly embroiled in your lawsuit and he told us he couldn't build our home.

What fortune!

We instead, signed a contract with his ex-supervisor, Curt Miller of Arizona Building Consultants, (What misfortune), to be our consultant in an owner-builder arrangement. He spent a lot of time on vacation with never telling us he was going.  He had learned well from LJ.  I spent 8 hours a day, on site, for the next 15 months.  Curt had made over 40 inspections during the construction and we had a multitude of problems, but in our contract with him, we were the builders and he was only there to assist. Not bad for only $41,500.   I'm in the process of filing on him with the Registrar now.

We had sub-contractors fail to do their jobs, show up to work, pay their bills to other companies, for which we had paid them, steal money from us, - you name it we saw it, but at least we were there to monitor what went on every day.  We had a similar cast of characters, in some cases the same characters Greg Simmons, etc.  Andros shut down their residential operations so we signed with the same guy, Phil Lancaster, then at Morgan Bros.  Morgan Bros. shut down their residential ops right after they botched up our job.  The stories are endless.

I would never build another home again, especially in Tucson.  It took years off my life, and yet, it could have been worse.  It was no surprise that Tucson was found to have the highest larceny rate in the U.S.

I applaud your picketing the SAHBA show.  That whole episode is a disgrace.

I've sent an email to L J thanking him for refusing to build our home and suggesting Denise and he read your open letter.

If you're ever in Tucson feel free to give us a call.  Maybe we can toast the bums that prey on the unsuspecting.

"The business of business is separating you from your money".
- Jim Kraushaar 2002 -

I can only hope you're getting things back together.

Most Sincerely,

Jim Kraushaar


This is the email I sent to LJ, you may include this too.



Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for refusing to build our home. I only wish you and Greg Simmons had never introduced Judy and I to your ex-supervisor Curt Miller.  He learned a lot from you, like never doing the job he was paid to do.

I've just spent 2 hours reading the horror story of the Maziarzes it was very painful to read.  It took me back to the 15 months it took to build our 'Dream Home'.  Thinking what it might have been like for us, it was truly frightening.

There ought to be laws - That Work.

Have Denise read the open letter, it'll do her good.  You might want to read it too.  The Star article should net you plenty of attention.

Jim Kraushaar

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