Dr. Kamal Didan

Dear Ed Taczanowsky,

To my chagrin and horror I read the Arizona Daily Star of last Sunday (May 23rd, 2004), the article was titled ?"Don't get stuck with home's woes".  At first I didn't believe that could happen, then I visited the web site [mymcrearyhomesucks.com] and I was dismayed by what happened to the Maziarz family.  The father served this country for 12 years, I would guess they are the typical sweet,  hard working family, building towards the dream of all, owning a home, in our beloved Arizona.  Then the McCreary home builder, boasting your membership and your seal of "Certified Custom Builders" destroys that sweet dream.  After all you only allow "quality builder," right?, well I guess you were wrong this time.

Not only, the McCreary destroyed the Maziarz's dream, their assets, life savings, credit, and most of all their belief in justice, yet SAHBA sided with him, and refused to be on the right side.  What exactly is a "SAHBA Certified Custom Builders"?, is it the likes of McCreary?????? I certainly hope not, and hope you'll be able to correct this atrocious mistake and take his name from that list.

You need to establish clear rules and trust in the SAHBA certified builder seal, if at all you're serious about your business.  There seem to be no metrics governing your seal of quality and approval. In your business that is quite amazing.  What exactly you're in the business of? What do you offer to your clients? to the city? How do you rectify mistakes such as this? For at least, as far as the Maziarz's are concerned you failed them, and failed us all in the process.

I for one, believe, that justice will be served sooner or later, and corruption will soon be exposed. I would encourage and command you to be on the right side.

I also believe that problems in building homes do take place, it is normal for at least a fraction of the many homes built year around. But what is not normal is that people like McCreary refuse to be responsible for it, and organizations like SAHBA stand behind them, and then people like the Maziarz's family, and I'm sure others, suffer and pay the ultimate price of loosing one's dream and much more.

Please do take actions, whatever possible and in your means to help correct this hideous injustice. History and Tucson will not forget you standing and doing the right thing for even one family. But Tucson will not forgive SAHBA if it stands for corruption and lower standards.

Kamel Didan, Ph.D.
Research Scientist
University of Arizona

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