Sympathetic Builder

I am so sorry to read your story and see the pictures. As a custom builder, I am apalled by the workmanship shown in the pics. My question/comment is didn't the Registrar of Contractors take his license due to your complaints? I know they force Contractors in AZ to fix defects, and if they don't, they take the license and pay for repairs from the recovery fund (only $25K per house I think).

I hope you can move on, but I agree that people don't know the truth about many builders with flashy offices and slick advertising. We also try to educate people (even if they don't choose us) to check out their builder thoroughly and check references, subs, etc. Although many errors occur while building any house, any reputable builder should fix the problems without question, and hopefully, they will catch any errors first! Again, I'm so sorry for your experience. Good Luck with your future... and try to move on. It sounds like you have a strong marriage and great kids, so I hope you can build on that blessing.  I'd like to know about his license if you care to e-mail me back....

P.S. I saw your web site on a van in Tucson AZ. and was curious as we have built next to McCreary many times and in fact eons ago did some framing for him and thought of him as a quality, reputable builder that we looked up to in the beginning of our business.... Go Figure.

Take Care,
A sympathetic builder in Arizona

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