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When we realized that we were going to lose our home – we knew that we would have to challenge McCreary Homes' right to go on destroying people's dreams. We didn't anticipate finding out that the issue was much larger than a single builder. When McCreary Homes sued us they opened Pandora's Box and unleashed their own worst enemy. We began to question and challenge the status quo. The more we learned, the more we realized that the entire industry is corrupt. From real estate agents, to developers, to builders, to sub-contractors, to lawyers, to SAHBA – their single overriding motivation is greed at the consumers' expense. Whether it's kickbacks for referrals, selling land to mining interests, building shoddy housing, using illegal aliens for a cheaper product, building billable hours, or working to promote the builders interests over the consumers, – greed runs this industry and the consumer is left in the dark. We want to bring light to this process and give the consumer a voice.

SAHBA is working hard to have “their” candidates elected to political office, to have legislation developed that is anti-consumer and pro-builder. Who protects the average homeowner? Who speaks up for our rights? It's surely not the politicians whose pockets are lined by the PACs. The State of Arizona has little to offer the consumer. The Arizona Registrar of Contractors listens to the builders- they license them – they protect them. We learned so much from this experience. We never expected to find ourselves in this position. We would have been happy to move into our correctly built house, put up the rocking chairs and watch the sunsets. We never had the chance – so now we fight for all the consumers in Arizona . We need to lobby – to stay educated – to work together for change. We will continue our fight. The emails we receive reflect that shoddy homebuilding is systemic and that there are severe problems with our legal system. The system is broken and needs changing.

Below are some of the letters we've recieved:

Thomas and Kathleen Van Dan Elzen - The Van Dan Elzen's nightmare with McCreary Homes.

Mike and Shannon Collins - Mike and Shannon's statements confirm that our charges against McCreary Homes are not an isolated incident but in fact a pattern that goes back at least six years.

Don Burgaller - A wonderful letter to SAHBA from Don Burggaller, General Manager of Jim Click Lincoln, Mercury, Mazda.  SAHBA of course has not yet responded to Don.

Phoenix Insider Talks About Custom Homes

The McCrearys Phone Mike and Shannon

Jim Kraushaar - McCreary Homes refused to build Jim and Judy's house in 2001 while in the middle of our lawsuit.

Dr. Kamal Diden - Dr. Diden is a researcher at the University of Arizona who felt compelled to contact SAHBA officials after reading our story.

Annette Webber - Homeowner who has similar problems with KB Homes.

A Voice From SAHBA - Mark Lewis responds to the request that McCreary Homes be removed from their custom home builder certification process.

Tom Orr - Commercial Real Estate Sales - A great letter of support.

Sympathetic Builder

General Comments

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