July 31, 2006

Lebanese protest in Beirut                  

Dateline:  Beirut, Lebanon
30 July, 2006

Over 5,000 Lebanese civilians protested at the United Nations embassy in Beirut today over the slaughter and genocide of 34 children in the town of Qana.  These intentional murders were perpetrated at the hands of the Israeli (IDF) butchers and pathological killers.   Could it be possible that even God is now saying, phuck Israel!    

American provided F-16 fighter jets and bombs were used on the attack of the innocent adult civilians and children that were trying to protect themselves from the relentless Israeli onslaught.  One journalist likened the situation to a school yard bully that pummels the weakest student on campus because he accidentally happened to bump into the bully.  Israel is out of control, just as if they were taking American made steroids (military hardware)!

It is always refreshing to see that American taxpayer money is going to support the “culture of life” bullshit that republicans profess, especially when republican politicians won’t vote an extra dime for life-improving stem cell research.  Deception is a terrible thing to waste.

The slaughter of innocent civilians is a direct continuation of the neocon republican Jewish plans for (PNAC), Project for the New American Century.  It was reported by knowledgeable officials that (PNAC) Jewish authors, William Kristol and Paul Wolfowitz are currently on vacation in Hawaii, hoping to develop amnesia over their influential part in the current Middle East quagmire.

Just a few days earlier, Israeli jets intentionally targeted a United Nations peace keeping post in southern Lebanon and the results were equally devastating, with four peace keepers killed by Israeli bombs.  The United Nations, in honor of the fallen heroes, is now considering changing the name of “peace keepers” to “multi-national
death magnets”.  Official have said that the change will then be more in line with the fate of the Lebanese civilians and innocent children.   Republicans also realize that simple words are very important; but so are simple actions - like an immediate cease fire.

It was rumored that as the Lebanese civilians were protesting the embassy, Israeli fighter jets were being loaded with anti-personnel CBU 26’s for a bombing run on the Lebanese protesters.  If Mother Theresa was still alive and peace keeping in Lebanon, she would be targeted with a laser guided bomb, complete with her initials on the weapon.  Israeli’s respect no life except their own tribe.

The Jewish state of Israel is now consumed with a death induced addiction to killing and simply does not know how to stop.  Can killing be that intoxicating?  Are Israeli’s like drug addicts when it comes to death and destruction?  Such a violent, psychotic prone people!

There will be film at eleven, unless the filming crew is targeted and taken out by Israeli attack bombers.  In Lebanon, everybody is a target, especially the children.  God help the Israeli’s and their claim of being the “chosen people”; maybe the slogan really was, “the chosen people of death”?

I think God and the people of the world will become very harsh with Israel and the Jewish people who support this genocide!  I would not want to be a supporter of Jewish neocon republican policies and the responsibility for World War III.  I am appalled at the level of arrogance!

It is now time to cut off the Jewish welfare state.  Israel sucks upon the American taxpayer at an incredible rate.  We can no longer afford the Bush Administration and the outsourcing of American terror by Israel.  President Bush and his enablers are responsible for the death and destruction in Iraq and now Lebanon.  Will God even decide to fly in for Bush’s trial? Which Middle East country will be next?  Will it be Syria and then onto the grand prize of Iran?  How is the war in Iraq going?  Those phucking republican neocons are incompetent at analysis and they are just plain crazy. 

Does President Bush control America’s foreign policy; no?  Bush is too ignorant to come up with a logical thought by himself.  Bush is nothing more than a puppet.  Israel controls our foreign policy and AIPAC (the Israeli lobby) controls our politicians by political threats and the administration of mother’s political milk, money.  Enough!

When you start killing children it is time for the any good people to say, stop!  If you support this president and the republican party, then you are directly responsible for this act of genocide.

What has happened to this country in the last five years?  I cannot believe the arrogance, apathy and avarice that this nation has developed in the last half decade.  Has greed silenced the faint murmurs of morality and justice that lives in the human heart or has the American heart been frozen over by greed?  Are the majority of Americans asleep or is that they just don’t give a phuck about anything unless it affects their own little world?   How big are your SUV’s?

Is it just me, or is everything so phucked up?  I cannot recall a worse time including Vietnam and Watergate.  At least back then we had a Congress and Judicial system that at least respected and was willing to protect the Constitution.  Our current politician’s integrity has already been compromised by power, sex and money.   I would be in favor of throwing every single one of these bastard politicians out of office in order to start with a clean slate.

There comes a time when silence is nothing more than betrayal to the human heart and soul. All it takes for evil to exist in this world is for good men and women to say nothing.  America, why are you so silent when death in the Middle East on your behalf, is all around you?  It is amazing when a person is finally willing to open their eyes and meet reality head on! 

Change is steadily blowing in the westward wind. 

Please America, wake up from your constitutional slumber; your country is at stake!

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