June 4, 2006

Gays and Drugs

On Monday June 5, President Bush will give a major speech to the American people.  Considering the incredible problems that this administration has created, I wonder what Bush will talk about?  Obviously, there are a plethora of issues that Bush needs to deal with and deal with quickly.

Will Bush address the incredible mess that he and his neocon friends have produced in Iraq?  Will Bush address that the Iraq war is costing us $250 million dollars a day,   $2,895 dollars a second; yes, per second?  Will Bush address the imaginary WMD’s that he has given up trying to find?  Will Bush address the fact that the national threat level has not been increased since the 2004 presidential election?  Will Bush address the civilian massacre in Haditha?  Will Bush address the fact that 45 million Americans are without health insurance and it is a national disgrace?  Will Bush tell us that there is an imminent threat that we will be attacked by Al-Queada?  No, Bush will waste precious Congressional time trying to suck up to his base on the wedge issue of same sex marriage. I am yawning.  Bush will pander needlessly for a Constitutional Amendment to advance the idea of promoting hate towards a group of Americans.  Our fore fathers will be turning in their graves. 

This speech by Bush has the smeared fingerprints of Karl Rove wrapped tightly around this make believe issue.  Considering the growing avalanche’s of problems that plague this country, why are we wasting time on a made up problem that is a non- issue?  Also, there only 50 Senators that are willing to vote for this amendment, with 67 votes needed for passage.  So why are Bush and the Senate wasting their time and our money?  Do you think it could be politics?  It would much cheaper to stick a pacifier (dildo) in the mouths of the religious right and Bush’s conservative base rather than waste the tax payers money on this non-issue!

Could it be that Bush’s approval ratings are in the toilet and heading for sewer system at 32%?  Could it be that hurricane season started on June 1st and Bush wants us to forget about Katrina?  Could it be that your “mission accomplished” president wants us to forget about the Iraq Civil War disaster that he created which has killed over 2,450 Americans and 40,000 Iraq’s?  No, I can’t believe Bush wants to divert our attention from reality!

At one time in our nation’s history, slavery was legal.  During the 20th century, slavery had been eradicated but it was still illegal for a black person to marry a white person.  Now Bush and the republicans want to outlaw the concept of two human beings forming a union that has the legal protections that marriage provides.  Why would you want to discriminate against your fellow man and American?  Why would you want to support the republican party that promotes the concept of human discrimination and hatred?  What would Jesus say about your actions?  What do you think Ken Mehlman, who is chairman of the republican national committee and Mary Cheney who is the daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney, think about this discriminating and divisive political issue?

Besides the issue of same sex marriage, there are other more pressing issues that are starting to wake up the slumbering American public.  I guess my fellow Americans were too busy watching American Idol, and Survivor to give a damn about their country being trashed into the gutter by a small number of republican neocons.  Silent enablers do not escape the wrath of Americans who give a damn!  I find it incredulous that the American people have been asleep at the wheel when it comes to the Iraq, WMD’s, Katrina, CIA leaks (Valerie Plame), corruptions, corporate fraud, American job outsourcing, clean air, global warming, Civil rights eroding, NSA wire tapping, fear mongering, estate tax (for the wealthy), pensions defaults, airline bankruptcy, bankruptcy changes, port security, border security, immigration, and a president that is in the process of consolidating his bestowed executive power as if he were America’s first ordained king!  Can the reincarnation of the French Revolution be very far behind!

So all it took for the straight line vegetative electorate was to have gasoline prices cross that magic three dollar a gallon threshold and prescription drugs prices start to escalate.  What took you so long?  Yes, we are all going to have to induce an incredible sum of prescription pain killers to get us through decades of hangover concerning this mess.

If one recalls the Medicare Prescription Drug bill was pushed through Congress by the Bush Administration and co-sponsor Rep. Billy Tauzin (R) LA.  The bill was pushed upon Congress because Karl Rove needed a marker for the upcoming 2004 presidential election. It seems as if scaring the American people with national threat alerts was not enough.  By the way, what ever happened to the investigation concerning the 5 deaths and the Anthrax scare of 2001?  It seems incredulous to me that if it had been an authentic terrorist attack, there would have been more anthrax attacks in the past four years.  To this date there have not been any.  This scenario kind of reminds me of the excuse that we cannot find Osama Bin laden.  Is it a coincidence?  Our government would never do something like that; would they?  Our government (NSA) would never spy on us; would they?  Yes, you were all so scared during the period from 2001 to 2004.  Did you buy your plastic sheeting and duct tape? So, who was scaring you?  Were the Israelis behind all of this perceived fun? Motive can be everything!

Enough of governmental conspiracies theories, the truth one day will come out long after the guilty have passed onto their personal raptures.

Billy Tauzin is a gem of a person.  Mr. Tauzin hales from the red state of red neck Louisiana.  Tauzin was brought up as a Democrat, but made the switch in 1994 to the corrupt Gingrich republican party.  It is always problematic when a person switches parties and becomes a republican.  Being republican today, means that your main objective in life is money.  Tauzin became chairman of the appropriations committee; the committee that dealt with the pharmaceutical companies.  Under the Bush administration and the republican Congress, the drug company lobbyists were allowed to write the legislation for the Medicare bill.  Billy Tauzin and Tom DeLay did their very best to get that bill passed during the summer of 2003. 

When the vote was called at 3 o’clock in the morning and everyone voted, it was the House rules that a “ change of heart” (bribe) vote was supposed to be opened for an additional 15 minutes.  This was time for a representative to change (or be bribed to change) his or her mind.  The 15 minutes was extended (against the rules of the House) to over 3 hours, under pressure from the White House and Tom DeLay.  Those of you who live in Michigan should be aware that Rep. Nick Smith was pressured and offered a bribe of $100,000 dollars for his son’s campaign to replace his seat.  Smith eventually turned down the bribe but a few other Congressmen changed their votes and the Medicare Prescription Drug bill passed by 2 votes in your House of Representatives.  Who dare says that our republican Congressman and Senators are anything but honorable and just?  Okay, they are frickin, corrupt, lying, cheating bastards and yes, there are a few Democratic politicians that are just as bad.  If you are a corrupt politician, you should be shot by the government for treason against the Constitution; period.

The Medicare drug bill was sold to Congress on a promise that it would cost no more than $400 billion dollars for ten years.  Part of the bill included a provision by the drug companies that the drug companies would control the price and the government (“we the people”) could not negotiate for bulk prices. The United States Senate passed the Medicare drug bill in November 2003 on a vote of 55 to 44 by the republican controlled Senate and Bush signed the bill shortly after the vote.  The American people were just swindled by their elective representatives.

Less than two months after the bill was signed, the government made an announcement that the price for the Medicare drug bill had increased to $550 billion dollars because the government had miscalculated; sure it was just an innocent mistake.  In early 2003, when the bill was still in committee, Richard S. Foster, Medicare’s chief actuary, stated that the cost of the bill would be closer to $600 billion dollars.  Many Senators voted for this bill only on the condition that it would cost no more than $400 billion dollars.  Mr. Foster was threatened with losing his job if he publicly disclosed the real cost of the bill to the Congress.  On February 29, 2005, just over one year since Bush signed the corrupt bill, the price tag is now $1.2 trillion dollars.  The Medicare drug bill was off by just measly $800 billion dollars, but Bush was already elected and we and our grandchildren will be left holding the bag.  What has transpired is criminal but since the republicans control both houses, there will be no investigations into this overt corruption.

But the story gets even better.  Around January 28, 2004, less than 3 months after Bush signed the drug bill, Tauzin announces that he will not be running for re-election and will leave Congress later that year.  Why did Tauzin leave Congress?  Did he want to spend more time with his family?  No, scumbag Tauzin will take a job with the trade group called the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturing of America (PhRMA) a trade group that represents the drug companies like Pfizer and Merck.  Basically Tauzin will be paid a reported $2 million dollars a year to be the chief lobbyist for the drug companies.  Remember, Tauzin was one of the principal authors of the bill and he goes from a salary of $165,000 dollars to $2 million dollars a year for being a trooper for the drug companies.  We were all screwed.  Welcome to republican corruption 101!

Later in October 2004, there was a prescription drug reimportation bill that was making its way through the Congress.  The reimportation bill would allow Americans to by drugs from Canada, but Senate Majority leader Sen. Bill Frist, (Rep) TN, stopped the bill from being voted on.  Because of this maneuver, older Americans will continue to pay higher drug costs. Frist and his family made a fortune from Hospital Corporation of America, HCA, which is the largest for profit hospital chain in the country.  HCA was founded by Frist’s father and brother.  Is it any wonder that Frist killed the reimportation drug bill since it would mean fewer profits for drug and hospital corporations?  To see how your republican Senator or Congressman voted, just follow the money.     

Recently, your Supreme Court voted to make it illegal for government workers to receive whistle blower protection.  This is exactly what you get with a conservative court whose recent additions are conservative Roberts and Alito.  Both of these justices were former corporate lawyers and is it any wonder they voted to protect corporations?  Is this what you wanted?  Yes, they conserve your money for corporate America.  Wake up people, you are getting hosed!  An example of the incredible lunacy of this ruling is:  If you worked for the FDA, and you knew that Viox could kill people because of heart attacks, you would be fired if you opened your mouth to protect your fellow American. 

So in retrospect, if you are upset with drug prices and you voted for Bush and the rest of the republican establishment, there is no one but yourself to blame.  Remember to get all riled up about same sex marriage, abortion, and the Ten Commandments.  Karl Rove appreciates your business.  While republican voters are worried about watching the front door of the “bank” with wedge issues, your republican politicians are wheeling your money out the back door of the “bank” and depositing in theirs and their friends and cronies accounts.  There is still $8.8 billion dollars that is missing in Iraq.  How many private contractors were involved in sucking up this money?  I don’t worry about tax increases as much as I worry about fraud waste and abuse.  Why do we spend more on defense than all other countries combined?  Our Defense Department name should be changed to the Department of Offense because that is what empire practice is doing.  Just wait until Wall Street gets a chance to screw with your 401K and Social Security!  We will be raped; it’s a guarantee.

Next week the Congress will take up the estate tax.  Remember, if you do not have assets that total $4million dollars, the bill does not affect you.  This tax cut will only affect the top 1% of the wealthiest Americans in this country.  The tax cut will cost the American treasury and increase our debt load to China by estimated total of 1 trillion dollars.  Please make sure Paris Hilton is entitled to more wealth just because she was born into wealth.  We need more robber baron offspring’s like the Rockefeller’s and DuPont’s

This country is on the wrong path and if you don’t do your part to turn this ship, we are all going to go over the edge with our civil rights gone and the debt ceiling to China.  Do your part in November 2006 to change course and protect our Constitution.  Feel free to pass this essay on to people that are willing think.  Vote Democratic!

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