Date:  June 13, 2008

Subject:  Fathers Day

Title:  A Douche Bag’s Day of Dishonor  

These three presidents, like L.J. McCreary, have all been fathers.  The difference between these four crooks is that three of these men hid behind the American flag while L.J. McCreary, just hides behind his wife Denise, and the lies that conjure up together.


An open letter to L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes:


As you know McCreary, this coming Sunday has been scheduled as the yearly day of commemoration that America has set aside to honor its fathers around the country.   For you however, this does not mean it was ever honestly considered a day of honor for a man/boy/child like yourself.  You should not consider yourself to be elevated to Father’s Day status honor on this Sunday, because it is meant to pay tribute to honorable fathers that do not teach their children the perceived benefits of lying, as you have done to yours.

But how can a person like you McCreary accept the acknowledgement of commemoration and honor when you have chosen by your own volition to bring incredible dishonor to your name and great harm to your community?  It is especially distressing for you McCreary, when a man/child, who also claims to be a good father who promotes Christian ideals, has specifically chosen the path to harm other members of the public and their families for profit.  And what is the valid reason for harming such another family?  The reason that you have given is because of your inability to control your avarice fueled ambitions and hurtful actions through deception, lying and outright thievery during your pursuit for the almighty buck.  Real fathers do not financially harm other fathers and their families, no matter what the reason, especially for profit. There are no good reasons for such slimy behavior.  McCreary, in your celebrated case on the internet, there are only shameful reasons for you to hide from.  No, McCreary, there will be no honor to be bestowed upon this coming day for you, but instead, there can only be dishonor and shame which can be offered on your behalf.

Some among you may be cynical enough to say that even corporate America has promoted this day for some of you to pursue the promise of sales day goals and potential profits.   I do not believe that American businesses could possibly be this shallow and cold, but instead, I choose to be one of those correct cynics of comment that could never say a bad thing about the evils of families around the country; the American corporation.  I choose not to become so corporate and cynically enhanced, even though the number of good fathers, unlike you, who deserve to be remembered or honored, are dwindling at appalling rates in this coveted, dysfunctional meltdown of American 21st century character and society.

Unfortunately for our wives and children, I believe there are way too many men like you in this country McCreary, who do not ever deserve the distinction of being remembered for anything, let alone being honored for something like Father’s Day.  You McCreary and some other fathers just like you, can never be honored in this way because of all of your despicable past actions as detestable human beings toward other families with children.

Surely your wonderful partner in greed, your untruthful supporting wife Denise, along with your Christian reared children will make the obligatory attempt to acknowledge your presence this day with cards and a gift of plastic based, Chinese made Capitalism.   I believe a melamine tainted douche bag for dishonor should be in order, since it would be the perfect reward for a nerdy white man like yourself that possesses not even an ounce of integrity or honor in your daily life.  

But whatever transpires on this coming day McCreary, remember that you do not deserve a single moment of further commemoration for anything that you have done in your life.  Your life to this point has been a public and in a business sense, certified disaster because it has been one that has been planned and executed with greed as its moral compass.   And even to this day, you still choose to lust for your personal gain with harmful intent by your continued deception and public lies at the expense of good families and their emotional and financial well being. 

No, there is no need to honor you for anything ever again; shame instead is the word for the day.   Shame will be your legacy for a lifetime.  A life that was wasted away on the petty pursuit of profit at any cost!  Your family and especially your children should be so proud of your hollow accomplishments in pursuit of such a self indulgent and a pathetically prone way of life.

As I write this essay on Father’s Day McCreary, I have just received word that NBC’s Washington Bureau Chief, Tim Russert has died of a heart attack.  As you see McCreary, one never knows when their last day will be in this earth and when it will become no longer feasible and in fact impossible to acknowledge and make amends for their sins.  One never knows when their God wants to send for them or if Karma decides to take over one’s life in completeness.  Certainly you have heard that what goes around does come around.  Your children then McCreary, all by themselves, will be forced by you one day to carry the shame of the McCreary name that you and your wife have cultivated for your family.

Was it all worth it? 

Why should a father be honored for having a history of harming children of other families and then having these despicable actions being given to his children as examples of his wonderfully fatherly characteristics of being an American father of record that now deserves respect?  No McCreary, there should be no actions that honor you, instead there should be very loud community voices that condemn you and your wife for the actions that you have planned and taken to have harmed your fellow man, his wife and children.  Can there be a lower example of trying to be a human being?

Do you still plan on taking with you to the grave, the money that you pilfered from us and others victims?   Do your think your Jesus will be very impressed with the facts about your shameless character that still chooses to deceive with lies, still chooses to perpetrate harm upon Tucson families, still chooses to act with intentions of thievery, still chooses to conserve any hint of morals and still chooses to lust for personal greed?  Why does a person of your physical and mentally diminished stature still cling to such a human pursuit of empty moral goals?
No, there should indeed be no cheering, no adoration and no thankfulness for your wasted existence.  Instead of accolades, there should be professions of pity for your inherent failure to become a real, compassionate human being. 

I thought fathers on Sunday were being honored for teaching their children how to grow up to be honorable members of society that possess some measure of integrity.  I must assume that your father was a loser just like you, because he taught you nothing about integrity and instead you seemed to have learned to live a life that was based on lying, cheating, deceiving and stealing from your fellow man.  Has your son also been raised in the image of you and your father?  I pity the inhabitants of this earth if your son is just like you, since the harm and heart ache that he will bring for other people in this life will be something that has been perpetuated from you and your father’s legacy of human failings at just being simply human.

What lie McCreary have you told you children over the past seven years to explain your actions of fraud and thievery towards my family?  What part of your Christian schooling and upbringing have you allowed your children to be influenced by and all negated because of your penchant to lie, cheat and steal your way to your imagined heaven full bliss of monetary prosperity?  How are the rest of your children doing in that category McCreary; especially since you once told me personally how your Christian values were
so important to you and your family’s development?  Have your children McCreary turned out to be honorable young adults?  I doubt that such miracles could ever take place with the depravity and behavior that you and your wife have chosen to exhibit.    

Remember McCreary, you by design sold us your religion and your professions of honesty as a testimonial and reason for us to sign with your company.  By doing this, we shared with you, we trusted you and we turned over the security of our futures and our dreams to you and your home building company and then you burned us.  Yes, we once trusted such a “good” Christian professing man and father like you McCreary, and in turn, we were financially raped by you making a choice to steal from us, with your con man persona of now being known as a verified and outright crook. 

Do you still tell your prospective customers (victims) McCreary, about how important your religion is to you and your family?  Do you ever tell your potential customers of how you tried to pilfer us and then made the mistake to sue us for your construction defects that you had constructed with illegal alien labor?  Why do you still start off on your website with comments that are based on lies?   What kind of father has the most prevalent examples of his integrity, the ones involving deception and lying, as the basis of his character?  Yes McCreary, you were, and most likely still are the most deceitful and deceptive consummate con man king of builders in Tucson, Arizona.   How many other families have you tried to swindle in the past ten years of your life McCreary?

Do you still attend St. Michael’s Episcopalian church McCreary, where even your pastor, Rev. John R. Smith appears to be too scared or too corrupt to comment on your con man behavioral traits?  Could Father Smith just be another scared man of the cloth and does not want to rock the boat of social justice for fear of losing offertory money?  Is Rev. Smith afraid to cast the first stone at you McCreary because your pastor is a sinner to, for that God loving almighty buck? 

It seems to me, that in the Episcopalian church for the entitled white people, all it takes to silence a potential embarrassing scandal is to invoke a potential wad of money that is stuffed into the mouth of a priest in order to shut him up like a tablet of Imodium AD for diarrhea. What an incredible example of confronting the pursuit of social justice from a church that seems to provide you with such an excuse to supply your motive for your pursuit of monetary gain, by invoking religion at an incredible harmful cost to the community.

I t seems like the Christianity that you experienced growing up in Indiana and now in Tucson, appears to be very different from what I experienced in the adjacent state to yours.   I didn’t realize that it only took a few hundred miles for Jesus to transform into such an important example for lying, cheating, deceit, theft, fraud, social justice silence, and self con-man made promoting capitalist ideas for the almighty buck, all in order for you people in Indiana to stay as believers each Sunday in church.

I am sure that your Jesus must have talked to you in a “vision” about promoting your lazy pursuit of “early retirement.”  . 

Surely Jesus since must have wanted for you to be a 37 year old millionaire in 2000 at any cost and no matter what it took.   And McCreary, you pursued this agenda all in order for you to retire early and become a lazy ass, fat ass bum doing nothing; right?  I wish that I had known about your involvement with Amway’s pyramid scheme, Quixtar program that you were involved with earlier since it would have solidified my assessment of you as nothing more than a sleazy snake oil salesman that was now moonlighting as a construction builder con man.  I can’t believe that I was so unfortunate to come in contact with a moral con man artist douche bag like you that would ruin and take everything away from my family to quench his thirst for greed.  How many fathers do you know McCreary who teach their children by example to harm other families because of money?  

Did your Christian values Jesus also teach you how to phuck families and their children over for the almighty buck profit potential?  Did your Jesus teach you how to lie like a dog or was it another father, your biological father that taught you those important attributes of depravity?  What Gospel did you read those teachings of Jesus Christ about McCreary; possibly a Cliff Note edition?  It seems like I missed those important readings and sermons about Capitalist loving Jesus when I was growing up in the Mid West, that were provided under the mind control programs and auspices of pedophilia enhanced Catholic priest? 

You see McCreary; I did not need a religion then or now in order to pretend and deceive people like you do.   I learned elsewhere what it meant to be a man that possessed morals and some measure of personal integrity.  My morals came from my parents.  My father taught me about growing up to be a good man, a good husband and a good father.  My father taught me, unlike yours, to not lie, cheat or steal because it was just the right thing to do.   It must be terribly difficult for you to understand that simple truth about honor and personal integrity for your life.

But enough about your Joel Olsteen, mega bucks father in Episcopalian heaven McCreary.   I would like to know what your biological father taught you son.   Did he teach you to deceive, lie, cheat and steal from people at every chance that you could get?  I bet your father was such a fine man in order to turn out a copy of a person like yourself for this planet to upchuck and vomit over your presence.  Why did you choose to act out a life; one that has been based on deception and lying?  Your father McCreary was a total loser, just like you have turned out to be, because he failed to teach how to be a good honorable person that did not harm anyone.  I must assume the words, morals and integrity were never a part of your father’s vocabulary.  A father that allows a child to learn to harm people and especially families with children is a sad excuse for a human being. 

In case your father never told you or maybe that you just haven’t had the time or intelligence to figure it out yet McCreary, it takes more to being considered a “real” father than just getting a Viagra hard on and transferring a few million sperms cells into your wife’s vagina to be considered a “real” father.  Is that all your father ever taught you McCreary?  It seems that your father, from the terrible examples that you have provided the public of your deviant character, didn’t provide you with much else except how to lie, cheat and steal your way to pursue the goal of undeserved wealth and early retirement.   

But I bet in the end McCreary, maybe your father didn’t even explain the birds and bees to you and instead your father may have taught you some more important things for your benefit, like stealing those huge Indiana grown corn cobs plants for your personal pleasure behind closed doors.  Yes McCreary, your father I believe taught you very well.   And just like some women, there are many men like you and your father McCreary that just should never have been allowed to become fathers in the first place.

I assume that it is possible that your grand-father was just as much a loser as your father McCreary, since he raised your father, who then raised you to be the type of man that you are today; a loser who lies like a dog for money.  It would have been such a benefit to American society if you or your father had never been born. Meeting you McCreary, through your secret monetary real estate referral kick program with LONG Realty agent, Fran Epsen, was the worst mistake and event of my life. 

You cannot begin to understand how I wish you had never been born to cause my family so much harm.  Your father did my family no favors in life by supplying obviously morally damaged sperm cells to your mother’s uterus.  If only your mother had been a believed abortion, the world would have been a better place to live in without your presence.  Look how much good and how much incredible suffering that would have been prevented if Klara Polzi had not given birth to little Adolph?  Ah, but unfortunately some worthy goals and wishes for the sake of humanity never come true.  

And since you and your sleazy windward blowing wife obviously do not know jack shit about anything to do with raising children to be moral and ethical adults through your actions, I will add this little tidbit of wisdom to the many young people that might read this offering someday in the future, since they will have dwindling chances to look for an honest and competent builder (unlike you) to build their family a home in Tucson, Arizona.  Tucson, like the building industry is dying. 

After almost 28 years of marriage and having to deal with the scum of Tucson society (real estate agents, lawyers and builders like you), I would no longer recommend to the young adults of this country, the same kind of young adults that were raised by morons like you and your sleazy blow wife McCreary, to ever entertain the thought of getting married or having children.  Why should anyone attempt to enter into the legal institution of marriage when there are so many people like you McCreary that have no qualms about tearing apart other families?  Why bring children into this corrupted ugly world when the chances of them becoming like you McCreary, shallow and hollow boy/man that chases the pursuit of money through greed, increases with each year?   And why decide to have children when the security of their home can disappear in an instant by just an unscrupulous builder like you?

You McCreary will do anything to make an extra buck, even ruin a family through fraud, deception and corruption to reach your goal of personal power through the evil which money can represent for the little minded people like you.  Your behavior McCreary is emblematic of the dysfunction and depravity towards the human spirit that exist now in this country.  Americans have become a sick society that approve of any kind of depravity, including spying and torture as long as they have there McMansions and SUVs.  Well folks, those McMansions and H-2 Hummer SUVs are going by the wayside.  Let us see how you all react now to have to deal with each other and not objects that have been bought.   

There exist an underlying sickness in 21st century America that I no longer want to be a part of so why would someone want to bring another child into this culture of republican led depravity?   If you could admit the truth our lives before McMansions, SUV’s, urban sprawl, cell phones, talking ear dicks, fast food, fast sex, fast cars, fast computers, DVD’s, flat screen television and one minute manager relationships, etc., were so much better than the crappy, materialistic plastic, 401K lifestyle of dog eat dog, rat race, race baiting, gay baiting world that we now exist in.   

Most people living in cities today never walk down a sidewalk, use public transportation, know their neighbors names or talk to them about anything except the daily weather forecast.  Tucson, Arizona has to be the capitol of the world when it comes to social isolation from your neighbor.   And Tucson, Arizona is also such a terrible place for a father to raise and provide for his family’s home and security.

You really think that our lives our better off now than they were in 1981 before lame dick head brained Ronald Reagan came to power?  All of sudden we started to become a country of greed, a country of more money for the wealthy elite ,for Wall Street and giving cover for CEO’s to pilfer their workers with.  Wasn’t this the beginning McCreary of people like you wearing designer clothes, with company labels prominently displayed and ball park names being re-named in the image of Wall Street corporations?  Yes, folks, that was the start; a dumb shit republican actor to race bait and scare ignorant people into voting for a Party that would one day, twenty years later in the 21st century finally ruin what was left of an America; an America that I no longer recognize or respect. 

But none of this McCreary will stop you or the people who think just like you, to discontinue your morally psychotic behavior that leads you to an orgy indulgence, at any cost, in the pursuit of monetary gain.  

I cannot even imagine McCreary, the morally blank grandchildren that your children will surely bring into this world one day if they are so inclined to be that stupid and irresponsible.  America is so on the decline and it has exponentially accelerated during the last seven years of political republican hell.  The moral and ethical depravity that I have seen in some of our adults like you McCreary will not compare with the future shallowness, hollowness, callousness and financial striving that these children, raised from people like you, will learn from today’s new parents.  Just look at the trend and see if I am not correct. 

And why will the children of tomorrow, the one that were raised by the mothers and fathers of today be so unconsciously programmed to follow in the dysfunctional greedy footsteps of their greedy parents?    It is because of the fathers and mothers like you McCreary and your wife, Denise for this type of moral ambivalence with raising your children to become like you and become even more of a problem for the existing landscape of American society.  You have taught your children by your examples; examples that can only be described as elements of ethical behavior shaded with psychotic tones for avarice.    The morally transparent justification for your actions McCreary has always been the pursuit of money, at any cost to your reputation or your victim’s well being or lives.

Again McCreary, has it all been worth it for you?

American society and its institutions have evolved from a noble idea into one of lies that are used against the very people that it attempts to snare in its path.  As you can see McCreary, after having to deal with real estate and building scum like yourself, it makes no sense to go through the expense and responsibility of getting married and having children, when corporate forces like McCreary Homes, SAHBA, State Farm Insurance, the state of Arizona and etc..... go out of their way to tear apart these families, their homes and their lives in pursuit of the almighty buck.  

And now the American Dream has become such a waste of time and money.  I wasted so much money chasing that American Dream, all to have it ripped away from me by unscrupulous people like you who neither cared if my family lived, cared if we died, cared if we became home less, cared if we were clothed or even cared if we were had food.  You have become such a compassionate conservative McCreary.  Why chase a way of life or a perceived dream that no longer exist in American society.  Greed from the likes of people like you McCreary, have killed this country and it hopes for its people for not only a better life today, but even a future life especially since life was better twenty years ago than it is with living amongst the republican scum like you of present day America.

Don’t you think that as a human being you should enter this world, to grow, to learn, to help people and decide to live your life and one day leave it without doing any harm?   Do you really believe for an instant that the world is a better place because you were born?  Look how much harm that you have caused my family and other Tucson families with your existence that you have justified in the pursuit of material objects.  Is this really how you wanted to teach your children?  Is this how you taught your children to live by your wonderful examples of harming people for profit? 

Enjoy your hollow day McCreary but just remember that deep down, I believe that even your children realize what a sorry ass, nerdy excuse that you have been for a father and a human being.  At least they may now have some understanding how you turned out this way; it had to be your father’s non- influence that resulted in the moral less person that you have become.  Unfortunately, I fear the mistake will go on to mutate to the next generation of shameful McCreary’s names and genes.   Because of your behavioral examples and pathological penchant for lying, you really shouldn’t have ever considered becoming a father, solely to prevent the spread of your genes for humanity’s sake.  I pity your children if they have even one of yours or your wife’s despicable attributes.

Please enjoy your douche bag themed gifts for the day McCreary.  They will have been given to honor fathers, just like you that do not deserve a second thought about the importance of your existence because of the harm that you cause in other people’s lives.  You so deserve the many offerings and titles of community disgust that easily explain the deplorable actions and decisions based on greed that you have chosen to take in your life.


Your still disgusted and former client,


“The Arizona Refugee” .............. the person that you created with your greed and lies

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