Date:  04 January, 2008

Subject:  Your website

Title:  Why all of the continued lies and deceptions?

Disclaimer:   For the idiot money pandering lawyers:

No matter what Fran Epsen of the Long Realty Company thinks or feels; she and Long Realty Company won’t do a God damn single thing to challenge me or this letter because they know deep in their republican conservative based corrupted little heads and hearts, that everything I say is true.   I will treat you as you treated my family; brutally, but at least I will do it honestly; unlike you.

Ah, don’t you just love the internet Ms. Epsen?  You see, you can either live or die by it.  You and L.J. and Denise McCreary have chosen to die by it by lethal injection from me!
Enjoy your self immolation because of your greed.

I will show you every bit of mercy and compassionate conservatism that you choose to offer me and my family in 2001 to 2003; you will get none, zero, nada, you lying ass bitch!

As far as your little Long Realty Company’s douche bag lawyers are concerned, go tell them to beat off in an empty, dirty men’s rooms toilet bowl because the money that they crave is not there.  Sorry, you little Fido phucker; phuckovers!

Just go ahead and ask your phucking brain dead, moralistically absent, douche bag lawyers to engage if you want to lose money.  Your lawyers are lying to you if you want to pursue a lawsuit because they crave your company’s money.  Come on, let’s save your money for trial!  You as a company, Long Realty, are caught in a business and legal crossfire.  Surely you now, you are so legally phucked!  So say be gone to your douche bag, sucking, ass holes an let’s think about engaging to satisfy our damages?

But enough about lawyers and greed; aren’t the words synonymous?  We must now go on to more important items like reparations and such.   

After going through a semi half ass attempted lawsuit, but full force jewish led shakedown, all with make believe trial lawyer Dennis Rosen and his ever incompetent apprentice, Alice Milton; I do  know how the game is played.  Lawyers crave money, stalling tactics and corruption. You will not beat me next time during our dance of legal jeopardy and death.  I have experience now how you douche baggies operate.  I am no longer a novice at proceedings. 

People, who lie, cheat and steal, just like they were just breathing air, should always remain silent unless they should become responsible adults and then accidentally expose and verify their deceptive and devious ways to the public.   

Are you ready Fran Epsen to testify under oath?  I don’t think you are for fear of jail time in your future.  

But Phuck you anyway in a big time Fran Epsen for what you did to my family and our marriage. You will forever suck the little jewish sausage dick for your fraud and corruption!  Try selling that sausage dick, along with your phucking imaginary “integrity” to your next academically qualified client.  I hope he is a republican neocon  jew.  You like McCreary; will reap what you sow.  You jewish assholes have much to account for!

Fran Epsen;   Long Realty Company:  Another jewish republican, neurotic like ice princess, who masquerades as a real estate "professional, for “Long Realty  Company in Tucson, Arizona.”  She is the one and same person who lies, cheats and steals without conscience; just like L.J. and Denise McCreary did when they all conspired to defraud us with building referral recommendations.

“And why Ms. Epsen, do you continue for the past four years to use such a pretentiously smug and conceited picture of you which shows you propping up your head with your fist?  Did you just “pull another one on over” on a client before you took that picture?  Did you take the picture after you swindled us?  Why do deceive the public any longer with your pained, republican official, old ass looking face of a woman who is having a bad experience with anal sex?   Are you subconsciously trying to hurt yourself as punishment for your actions of what you did to us, or could the possibility be that your “personal integrity” is just so full of lies that the weight of such fantasies makes your head too heavy to even level with your weak jewish neck muscles?” 

Why don’t you just consider sticking that rounded made up fist in your picture up your unadulterated, anal tightened as hell, jewish prone asshole, and finally relieving your conscience for what you did to my family? 

The Palestinians of this world would be so pleased to see a jewish money based cunt come clean with her conscience for onceIsn’t free speech and Democracy a bitch for the hiding the truth of corporate deeds; of course it is? Neocon republican supporting jews like you, so hate Democracy.  Enough said Ms. Epsen about your jewishness; agreed? 

And now; to the meat of the story! 



Ms. Fran Epsen,

Hello Fran Epson, you lying ass mother phucking bitch!  But on a much more civil note, let us continue our discussion of your morals. 

Please excuse me for my passion against fraud and injustice but I seem to be just a bit smidgeon by the concept that you support.  Excuse me for being just a bit upset with real estate agents that are receiving secret kickbacks from deceptive, defective and crooked ass builders, like L.J. and Denise McCreary.  Yes Ms. Epsen, In general, I am totally upset by your  lack of integrity as a compassionate human being.

Perhaps your Long Realty Company sponsored website has the following words on it printed by mistake, or maybe instead, they are just intentionally offered by you Ms. Epsen, for your benefit to deceive the public once again?  Why Ms. Epsen are the terms fraud and deception today, traits that seems to last indefinitely with Arizona real estate “professionals.” Does your professed member of 1926 “Circle of Excellence” state that deception and fraud are promoted, encouraged or permissible?

Thank you for visiting my online office. It is my pleasure to provide superior quality service based on integrity and a genuine enthusiasm for helping people. My philosophy is to place your needs first, to listen well and to provide you with professional advice based on my knowledge, so that both you and I can achieve our goals most efficiently.

Whether you are selling or buying, Luxury Real Estate, Second Home or Horse Property in the Tucson or Sonoita/Patagonia area; my knowledge, experience, attention to detail, and personal touch, will enable me to represent you completely and effectively in your transaction.

Ms. Epsen, did I see that you liberally use the terms; “superior quality service,” achieve “our goals”, personal touch, “professional advice,” “place your needs first,”genuine” enthusiasm to “help people,” and the incredibly inaccurate statements, that you will promise to represent your clients “completely” and “effectively” with transactions that are service based on of all things, the fantasy declaration of your perceived “integrity

Oh the lies!

Ms. Epsen, do you really mean to continue to misrepresent yourself and mislead the public with these deceitful statements?  I believe that I know the answers.

Ms. Epsen, do you believe we achieved “our goals” or did we achieve “your goals of accumulating money for your bank account?”  Ms. Epsen, do you really believe that you provided my family with “superior quality service or were you deceptively servicing us for your penchant towards greed and avarice?  Ms. Epsen, do you really believe that you provided my family with “ethical professional advice” or were your recommendations based solely on a need to pad your own bank account?”  Ms.  Epsen, do you believe that you placed “our needs” first rather than “your needs” for the pursuit of money?

Ms. Epsen, do you believe that you “helped” my family by introducing us to a two legged snake named L.J. McCreary?  Ms. Epsen, do you believe that you “completely” and “effectively” had “our best interest” in any real estate transactions or was it all just for “your” best interest?  Ms. Epsen, do you believe that you placed my “family’s needs” first, instead of above, “your needs?”  Ms. Epsen, do you believe that you provided my family “service” that was based on truth and “integrity, or was it based upon a premise of a big, manufactured lie?”

Please answer these questions truthfully Ms. Epsen, that is, if you are humanely capable today of expressing such great moral examples of “integrity.    Ms. Epsen, I am so surprised that you can even spell the word integrity since you obviously do not understand the concept or meaning of the word.  Why do you continue to use it?  

And why Ms. Epsen, do you continue for the past four years to use such a pretentiously smug picture of you which shows you propping up your head with your fist?  Are you subconsciously trying to hurt yourself as punishment for your actions or could the possibility be that your “personal” integrity is just so full of lies that the weight of such fantasies makes your head too heavy to even level with your neck muscles?

Ms. Epsen don’t you believe that greed is the worst of all sins.  Don’t the multitude of other sins like fraud and deception rear their ugly heads from the emanation of this one major sin called greed?  Why Ms. Epsen, haven’t humans even killed other humans in the name of quenching their thirst for the sake of greed?

Ms. Epsen, isn’t it true that you and L.J. McCreary had a secret agreement deal with you, one that you both hid from my wife and I, and one which entailed a secret referral fee of $3,446.00?  Ms. Epsen, did you ever tell Long Realty or the IRS about this fraudulent transaction?  Wasn’t this money fraudulently paid to you by L.J. McCreary of McCreary Homes in order for you and him to profit handsomely if you steered clients toward L.J. McCreary, and the client in turn signed with McCreary Homes for new home construction? 

Ms. Epsen, did you ever consider that your biased and contrived referral introductions to an unscrupulous, corrupt and deceptive lying home builder would have catastrophic consequence for my family?  Did you think about that Ms. Epsen, or did you only just dream about the money?

Because of you introduction and the secret referral agreement that you had with L.J. McCreary, our family lost our home, our land, our once perfect credit rating, our hopes, our dreams and our futures.  In fact because of this disastrous builder that you highly recommended to us, we eventually filed for bankruptcy because of the defective build and lawsuit that L.J. and Denise McCreary and McCreary Homes Corporation filed against my family and which we had to fight.

But just like the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” or for the stay at home crowd television show, “This is Your Life,” there is so much more damage that you two instigated against my family because of your unethical and corrupt behaviors, that you should now be made aware of.  I know that you believe that there was no harm by this “innocent” secret gratuity that was bestowed upon you, but there was incredible harm that was caused by your communal fraud with L.J. McCreary.   The consequences of your actions have harmed many people in the community and my family who are the biggest receivers of the harm and damage. 

This is no different than a drive by shooting in South Tucson.   The shooter/criminals never think about the ramification of their actions and what it may mean to the detriment to the community.  Never think about how life could have been so different and better if the victim had not been harmed.  They never see or feel the heart ache and pain that they cause so many people that are not even involved with the crime, but know the victim.  Parents, siblings, neighbors and acquaintances are all harmed by fraud and crime.  Your actions Ms. Epsen have harmed us and they have also affected my family’s lives and the lives of so many others in Tucson, Arizona.

As you see Ms. Epsen the direct and indirect actions by you and McCreary have a consequence upon the rest of the community.  We no longer live in Tucson because of what you and McCreary conceived and planned to do to our family.

During our hellacious three years from 2001 to 2003, we went through conditions that no family or couple should ever be forced to endure in this state or country.  I believe you used to know my wife quite well through Salpointe Catholic High school.  You used the fact that our two daughters attended Salpointe to develop your planned and potential business contacts with us.  God I wish how much my wife had never disclosed the innocent remark that we were looking for land to build a home upon; God, how you pounced on that comment for gain.  Remember, you came to us first, about your real estate agent representation; we did not come to you.  And we were the biggest fools forever trusting you and your story with our family’s future. 

Was it was shortly after I met you that you must have begun your secret plan to defraud us as our real estate representative with your introduction and secret referral agreement with McCreary Homes.  The results of this deception and fraud were catastrophic to my family’s health, security and financial well being. 

My wife, who you must remember well, after realizing the true ramifications of our forced foreclosure, actually and momentarily considered putting a gun to her head, in early 2003 while we were being forced to lose our home, our land and our lives because of foreclosure brought about by McCreary’s lawsuit.  My wife just wanted to find a way to end the incredible pain that you and McCreary had perpetrated upon us.  Thank God that my wife came to her senses and did not push this God awful situation into a much darker level of realm.   You and McCreary would have already been in jail, serving your sentences for fraud, corruption and manslaughter for such an act to have come to fruition.

Ms. Epsen, would you have felt any guilt or responsibility if this event had been allowed to continue and it had happened?  Is there just a hint of any remorse or does the pursuit of money color all of your deviant business behavior?  Isn’t it a bit funny Ms. Epsen, that just like L.J. and Denise McCreary, you have never said a word about your role and complicity in this fraud, have never acknowledged or accepted responsibility in this fraudulent scheme nor have you both expressed any type of remorse for your actions. 

Isn’t it incredible that such destruction to a family’s financial and emotional security could all begin because of a simple “lie” between you and L.J. McCreary?  Lies hurt people especially when they are lies that involve secrecy and they are allowed to grow and mutate.

I find it incredibly heart less, you who are such a professed Christian, that you and L.J. McCreary are supposed to be, have never even considered acknowledging or ever contemplating apologizing for the abhorrent and criminal behavior that you perpetrated on us. No, you wouldn’t do that because it would be an admission of guilt on your parts. 

But Ms. Epsen, just like L.J. and Denise McCreary, I know that all of you together, who were involved with this fraudulent endeavor upon my family, are now between a rock and hard place.  On one hand your silence, denial and lying with website competence bravado are the only things that you are left to work with.  The real estate and home building construction bust has now caused all of you withstand the increased scrutiny of ever lesser number of home buyers that are armed with information from the internet.  Lying about what you three did to us, is the only option that you have left in your arsenal to deceive the public and try to rescue your dwindling careers.  It did not work then and it will not work now. 

Ms. Epsen, wouldn’t you agree along with L.J. McCreary, that the best thing to effectively combat your own personal sinking home building and buying market economy slump would be a stellar reputation that was based on truth, honesty and real and not imaginary professed integrity instead of a history that includes harming a good ex-military family’s home, security and future?  Why would any competent and educated person ever use Long Realty or McCreary Homes to buy or build anything when your past history is so slimy and corrupted?  I wouldn’t trust you to sell or build me a dog house without you trying to lie, cheat or steal from me again.

“All it takes for evil to exist is for supposedly good men and good women to stay silent and choose to say nothing in the face of evil.”  Yes there was quite a bit of evil that was going on with our McCreary introduction and build; right from the very start.  Don’t you think Ms. Epsen that silence always seems to be a sign of betrayal; just as Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus Christ? 

Needless to say, the stress, conflict and loss from this horrendous situation resulted in incredible harm to our now 27 year marriage.  We have been through numerous session of marriage counseling to try and repair our damaged nuptials.  My wedding ring to this day is somewhere in the back yard desert of a crummy foothills development rental house.  And did I mention that we have become rental gypsies during these past four years since our lawsuit and foreclosure from our home and property.  We have moved six times in the span of five years due to the incredible harm to our financial condition that you helped along with L.J. McCreary and McCreary homes to manufacture.  And again, we were put through this hellish and nightmarish situation because of yours and L.J. and Denise McCreary’s greed.   How do you sleep at night Ms. Epsen?

Ms. Epsen; can you say conflict of interest?  Ms. Epsen, can you say unethical and immoral business behavior?  Ms. Epsen, can you say the word corruption?  Ms. Epsen can you say criminal behavior in pursuit of the almighty buck?  How could you possibly give superior quality, professional advice, and a personal touch when a secret payola payday was awaiting your biased potential referral?  Did you ever feel any guilt when you were in the process of deceiving us? 

Maybe it will take investigation, prosecution, conviction and a jail sentence before people like you and the McCreary’s are able to express any true and sincere remorse for your actions.  

Ms. Epsen, aren’t you such a fine jewish republican convert to the Catholic religion, who  decided to con us into believing you, all based from the comfort of a Salpointe Catholic High school witness protection program, based far away from the truth?

Ms. Epsen, the professional “advice,” if one wants to count secret payola money as professional advice, that you provided us with, was the fraudulent glowing recommendation and cunningly planned introduction to L.J. McCreary and his personal web of deceit.  That fraudulent and criminal act of behavior to deceive my family from the truth of your secret agreement with L.J. McCreary for money was the beginning of our nightmare to follow with McCreary Homes.   Ms. Epsen, trusting your “professional recommendation” and introduction of our family to L.J. McCreary was the worst con-job laden mistake of our lives.

Ms. Epsen, please remove on your website the deceptive words to describe your work ethic attributes that you say you possess in the real estate trade before you deceive any more potential clients with your lies.  Haven’t you done enough harm to my family to last yourself a lifetime without harming anymore Tucson families?   Your profession of intact integrity is non-existent because of what you and L.J.  McCreary did to us.  Your professions of integrity are nothing but a lie!  How can a person trust a real estate agent if the professional advice that is given is tainted by money?  Isn’t this all just another Arizona republican real estate scam situation to be investigated by government authorities?

It has taken us years to recover from the financial and emotional damage that you and McCreary performed against us.  Both of you were the genesis of the corruption and fraud that was allowed to be perpetrated upon my family.  We would have recovered faster from this hold up, if both you and L.J. McCreary had just shot my family in the back and robbed us while we lay unconscious on the ground.  Instead, you robbed us from behind our backs along side the pillars of truth while we were awake, with your deceiving, “innocent” professions of new hire freshman inadequacies.  But then again you lied to us about your just starting in the “business since you had acquired competent experience with your late husband’s real estate company in Patagonia.  Your hidden lies in conjunction with L.J. McCreary, your money paying, builder boy secret recommendations referral game, eventually resulted in the financial rape and destruction of my family.

Unfortunately for my family, your little con man kick back scheme game with L.J.  McCreary almost turned out deadly for my family’s interest.  You Ms. Epsen, cannot even begin to imagine the harm, pain and damage that you both have caused my family because of your devious intentions. 

But now I am ready to engage in justice and reparations from the numerous corporations and individual like you that defrauded us.  As I said in my December 23, 2005 letter to you on this website, I look forward to the day when I can finally confront all of the corrupted individuals and corporations that participated in this financial rape of my family.  That day is coming soon.

I look forward to seeing and hearing your deposition under oath and I so look forward to having you and L.J. McCreary on the witness stand in a court of law to explain to the community your complicity in our defective build and financial destruction.  You won’t lie again about the facts Ms. Epsen again; now will you?  Have you heard of the concept of perjury Ms. Epsen?

 How will you ever get around the fact that you agreed to and accepted payola money for tainted information as a real estate “professional” with integrity?

As Dr. Martin Luther King once said; “There comes a time when silence is betrayal.”
Your time Ms. Epsen for continued silence and betrayal are now almost over.

I hope to one day soon to have my belief in the Arizona legal system, Registrar of Contractors and the Arizona Department of Real Estate returned in a manner that promotes fairness, protection and justice for all of its citizens and not just favored for the protection of its building industry corporations.  We will see soon if it is all just a mirage; now won’t we.

See you Ms. Epsen and your complicit and responsible employer, Long Realty, soon enough, in a court of law! 

With resolve for fairness and justice,

“The Arizona Refugee”

P.S.  Member of the '1926 Circle of Excellence?

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How do you say fraud, corruption and guilty in the above languages Ms. Epsen?
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