Date:  12 January 2007

Subject:  McCreary Dream Homes

Title:  The new McCreary Dream Homes website of lies.

Dear SAHBA members, the public and the McCreary’s,

On the McCreary Homes new McCreary Dream Homes website, a disingenuous frequently asked questions and answer display (FAQ’s) is provided for the reader to be “re-educated” about the process of building a custom home the McCreary Dream Homes way.  I look forward in the future to picking apart the McCreary’s myths and lies that are now beginning to appear on there new deceptive website.  God, there is so much ammunition that they have provided me!  Here is only my first attempt at just one question and the disingenuous answers that Denise McCrary choose to give.

But one of the most incredible comments, and a very simple one that the McCreary’s try to attempt to answer with non other than another lie, is once again hidden deceptively, and an effort is made to diffuse the assertion of reality with a light hearted attempt at a joke.  At first they answer the question with the term “absolutely” but later in the paragraph it is deftly deflected with an “air of light heartedness.”   Here is the text of the answer in relation to the question of building a custom home with McCreary Dream Homes.

Q. Is it worth it?

A. Absolutely. When you're finally in your new home relaxing, and it's just the way you want it, you'll be thrilled. You'll have a home your proud of because there's so much of you in it. You'll have a home you can entertain friends in or just spend peaceful relaxing times by yourself. You'll have an investment in time and money that will appreciate greatly into the future. You'll think back at how wonderful the process was and say, "I'll never do that again". Just kidding. It's up to you how you feel at the end of the day. Some folks love it and want to do it all over again, and some folks, well let's just say, don't

The McCreary’s want the reader to believe, that every build that they attempt is an out right success.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  If the McCreary’s are able to use testimonials from their past from 1992 to 1997, they surely can acknowledge the outcome of our disastrous build that began in 1999 and ended in early 2001.  So is the reader to assume that everything about building a McCreary Home from 1999 to 2003 was absolutely perfect and wonderful?  Everything according to McCreary’s want you to believe that everything was peachy keen and smelling like roses?  They lie like dogs!
How about a question like this instead for the McCreary’s:

Q. Have you, L.J. and Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes or McCreary Dream Homes, or whatever future corporate name that you will choose to try and hide your past under, have you ever built a home that the owner absolutely hated because it was constructed so defectively and incompetently built, and  because of a lack of inattention to any definition of the word detail, lack of competent supervision,  use of illegal alien labor, and then cheated the owners with deceptive accounting practices which resulted in massive overcharging, a lawsuit filed by your company against the owners and then the owners ending up losing their home, their land, their credit rating, their hopes and their dreams because of your inability to accept your responsibilities to build a defective free house and the inability to suppress your greed.

(Hint: the correct answer is “absolutely”)

  1. “Absolutely  not!”

If a company cannot answer this question truthfully and indeed has harmed a family in such a terrible manner, you do not deserve to work or even be allowed to roam in this state as a free man.  You should be in jail with men named “Little Bubba hanging around you” for comfort.

But we all know, that you two would never truthfully answer that question without invoking another lie or another excuse to explain your actions.  No, the McCreary’s honest to God answer will never be; “absolutely we have and we are so sorry; let us make it up to you!   So I will continue on.  As Ghandi once said; first they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.  But the continued lying for the McCreary’s has never been an impediment to advance more lies about the truth and actions that they took to insure my family’s dreams and security were forever damaged and ruined.
And I must comment on how Denise McCreary makes is so correct (I’ll never do that again.  Just kidding.), should read; I'll never do that again; just kidding.”  The statement; (just kidding) is not a sentence.   Nice use of grammar Denise.  The sentence is correct except for the, “just kidding part.”  I do not kid about what you two did to my family.   

But Denise McCreary is “absolutely correct, I would never in a million years attempt to build a custom home again with McCreary Homes; and I am not phucking kidding.  In fact meeting your husband and allowing the attempt, and I use that word attempt very loosely, was the worst mistake of my life.  I guess that qualifies for your folksy third person comment about some folks.  Am I the some folks that you now mention?  Do ever tell any potential client “folks” about our disastrous build?  Do I sound happy with your deficient McCreary Dream Homes effort?  And to think, you sued us; incredible! 

I find it incredible that the McCreary’s can offer their lies so easily and all so encompassing, even until this day.  Is it worth it?   And there answer is “absolutely!”  WTF?  Was our home worth it with the over 222 defect that were registered with the Registrar of Contractors?  Was it all worth it to my family?
As far as our new home went Denise, was I relaxed and thrilled that everything was how I wanted it was pure rubbish and out right lies.  Did we ever relax and experienced the thrill in our new home when we moved into it and it only had two electrical lights working in the home?  Did we ever relax and experience the thrill when water began to infiltrating through our south side garage wall?  Did we ever relax and experience the thrill when water began flowing into our garage.  Did we ever relax and experience the thrill when we spent (16) days in our upstairs master bedroom and while our fraud built great room ceiling was being replaced?  Did we relax and experience the thrill when our kitchen island was so unstably built that it had to be replaced.  Did we relax and experience the thrill when our “secretly kept” pre-damaged heat pump had to be replaced on our roof.  And did we feel relaxed and experience the thrill when you took us through a two year plus lawsuit and in the end was forced to give up our home to foreclosure because of the cost of defending your lawsuit?
No Denise McCreary, we never did even once experience the relaxation and the thrill of experiencing a brand new custom home because you and L.J. absolutely phucked it up so badly.  But one thing that I know for sure is that we should have experienced the blessings of a good custom home if we had found a competent and honest builder. 

Comments about being “proud” and “an investment in time and money that will greatly appreciate” and “you’ll think back how wonderful the process was,” is nothing more than you being your usual self; a lying a piece of female real estate shit.  No Denise, once again you are so wrong with your lies.
Let it please go on the record that we were never ever proud of the abortion ridden house that you built us.  How could a person be proud of a home that was so badly constructed and cause so much heartache and pain.  You should have never choose to defraud afamily on their most important possession; their home.
And considering all the time and money that we spent on you to build us our home, we lost everything because you could simply not take responsibility for providing us a descent home with “F” troop Bozo employees and illegal alien labor supplied sub-contractors that you hired.
And absolutely never will I look back and think how God damn phucking wonderful a process it was to have a home constructed by you two crooked, dishonest and fraudulent real estate frauds.

When I look back, am I absolutely and feel wonderful that we lost our home because of the new McCreary Dream Homes?  Am I absolutely feeling wonderful that you caused us to lose our land?  Am I absolutely feeling wonderful that you caused us to lose our futures and dreams?  Am I absolutely feeling wonderful that you swindled from taking away the lives that we once had?  No, I absolutely do not feel wonderful.
I hope and pray that you two burn in hell for he atrocities that you have committed here on earth!  You two are the greediest, most dishonest and the most lying prone people that probably can be met on this earth.  You two have nothing over on public toilet scum or rat nest squalor. 
Until I write again, I hope that nothing but bad things (Karma), decide to come your way!

“The Arizona Refugee”

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