Date:  18 December, 2008

Subject:  Denise McCreary

Title:   Home for Christmas

For you Denise and L.J. McCreary, there will be no peace on this earth because you have proven that your word and integrity cannot ever be trusted.   I once trusted you both to be honest with me but just like the many investors that once granted Mr. Bernard Madoff of New York City with their trust and in turn their investments, I too was swindled for money.  The only difference between the two stories is that the lying cheating and swindling that we experienced was done by both of you.  You and your lawyers McCreary, Marc Simon, William N. Poorten III and Elizabeth Claiborne, all ruined a family’s financial security and dreams for the pursuit of the great American almighty buck.  May your God have mercy on all of your souls.


An open letter to Denise McCreary:

Once again Denise McCreary, we are quickly approaching the holiday Christmas season with increasing speed.  Surely you must agree Denise that this month is a very special time to reflect on your Christian faith and your religion’s profession to celebrate the birth of the Christ child with tidings of joy that proclaim our love and respect for our fellow man and their families.

“Peace on earth; goodwill to men.”  

You Denise, as the past president of McCreary Homes must have a special affinity for embracing such empty mantra’s of decency towards your fellow man.  But Denise, do you really believe any of those words that are given to you by your christian, Episcopalian religion at St Michaels of Tucson?  What does it mean to you Denise when the words peace and goodwill are chanted without further thought in your mind?  Does the concept of being hypocritical ever enter your mind Denise?  Are these words so hollow to you that they no longer have any meaning at all in your pathetic greed induced life.

“Peace on earth, Goodwill to men!”

Have you Denise or your repugnant husband L.J. (Little John), ever emotionally or financially hurt a family with your penchant to build defective and fraudulently inspired custom homes with illegal alien laborers?  Where Denise was the peace and goodwill present in your heart in 2003; MIA perhaps?”

During the months before our home finally foreclosed, because of you and your husband’s law suit based on greed against my family, my wife and I experienced an unbelievable and incredibly stress full five months before our home finally foreclosed.  A few years later I discovered in fact how God awful a situation that you and your lawyers had indeed put us in. 

At that time, my wife of over 25 years revealed to me that she actually considered committing suicide by gunshot.  The loaded gun was actually in her hand and thoughts were racing because of what you had done to her family’s lives, but thank God for hers and both of your benefits that she did not pull the trigger.  Can you imagine Denise the ramifications if such an event had occurred to yours, L.J’s and even my life if that had happened?  Just imagine if you can up with the various scenarios.  I know it would have be so hard to imagine what this event would have done to my life because you and your husband have proven without question that you only care about your own selfish self interest. 

“Peace on earth, Goodwill to men!”

I bet when you and your husband L.J. (Little Johnson) began building our defectively built home, you did choose to understand the possible ramification of your actions. B You both thought about making more money; now didn’t you?  Families were going to be harmed because of your greed but that did not stop you both from proceeding as planned.  As we both know Denise, you and your weasel prone husband L.J. (Little Johnson Morals) had already harmed other families like the Collins, Grimes and the Van Dan Elzens?  How many others families Denise are out there that we don’t know about?  How many others families did SAHBA, the Registrar of Contractors (ROC) and the Better Business Bureau (pro business owner) help protect and hide from the public with two year erasure programs of consumer complaints?




Did you purposely choose to not try and see the consequences of using illegal alien Mexican labor to build our home?  Did you ever ask me if it would be okay to use illegal alien labor to build our home?  Did you choose to not foresee the ramifications of a job so poorly done that I would not pay the remainder of our agreed contract (8%) until you fixed our home to the standards that a new custom home should be built to?  Shouldn’t a custom home be completed correctly and with pride rather instead of providing incompetently built junk as an excuse for a family’s custom home.  You Denise and L.J. both swindled us and you did it with malice. 


Please tell me Denise that you did not foresee the consequences of your legal actions against my family’s right to retain the emotional and financial security of their rightful home.  And I am sure that you did not foresee the consequences and ramifications if my wife had taken her life; something that she contemplated, all because we were losing our home because of you ineptness, your incompetence and your death defying greed. 

Also, upon further introspection Denise, I must assume that you were just too plain stupid to believe that the public would never become aware of your actions through a public forum such as the internet. I first started broadcasting your fraud with letters but quickly graduated to the internet to reach more of the public.   Did you really think Denise that you could both get away without public scrutiny of your despicable actions?  I can’t imagine the lies that you conjure up when asked about this website or defective builds that you have attempted.

“Peace on earth, Goodwill to men!”

Is it any wonder that your company McCreary Homes builds so few, if any custom homes these days, simply because you don’t know how to correctly build a home in the first place?  Maybe instead, you and L.J. should just stick to building dog houses, for blind dogs, since a sight less challenged dog might not care as much as a family would about protecting their security and investment.  Unfortunately, your incompetence and fraud caused us to lose everything we had worked for because of your inability to feel shame in your life for what you chose to do to us to satisfy and quench your thirst for greed.

Your husband used his company with a recklessness that resembled a gambler’s aversion to deceit and fraud because of his reliance on insurance to mask any responsibility for his defective builds.  This fraudulent abuse of the insurance industry (Insurance Fraud), allowed him to gamble with the premise that if he got away with such fraudulent actions, it would directly contribute to increasing your family’s bank account, and all at our expense.  My, my; what special christian people that you have chosen to become in your pathetic lifetimes.

But hasn’t the McCreary Homes operation Denise, all been just exactly like Wall Street and the investment banks which have operated so recklessly during these past eight years?  Aren’t you both Denise just like Bernard Madoff?  Sure, go ahead and gain there trust and then screw them.  You Denise and L.J. are nothing more than conmen.   

Your operation Denise has been no better than a drunken sailor on shore leave, gambling away other people’s money, other people lives and dreams.   If you and your husband were caught stealing or defrauding a client, you would simply file a merit less lawsuit against them for non-payment, since you had State Farm Insurance Company to support you legal bills for the fictitious and bogus law suits that you could file to cover your obvious planned, incompetent ways.

In simple terms Denise, wasn’t it all just a fraud based insurance scam way of doing business to bring you more profit and money for your selfish ways?  When did you ever learn to justify in your mind that this was the way to do business?  It is quite obvious Denise, with the vast proceeds from swindling and pilfering families like mine, they were never used on your part for cosmetic surgery purposes.  I applaud you on that account.  So what if you never become that slinky, slimy, lounge lizard, jazz singer that you still aspire to be.  Maybe Denise you just used the money to buy another saxophone to suck on, just like a baby sucks on a pacifier for inexpensive contentment.

“Peace on earth, Good will to men!”

Is quite fitting Mrs. McCreary that the story of Jesus Christ, being born in a stable rather than his parents home reflects so well with you and your husbands ability to drive good families out of their homes with bogus law suits.  And because of you Denise, we have become rental gypsies, just as Jesus Christ was a rental baby on the day of his birth. This year and in the future, Christmas will not be the same since after ten years of living in Tucson, we were forced to move since I could no longer stomach living in a city that had so many worthless people like you and L.J that have no character present or integrity.  People like you Denise, L.J., and the many others in Tucson that emulate your behavior seem to lie, cheat and steal with ease, as if were second nature, like breathing oxygen.

“Peace on earth, Goodwill to men!”

I thought at this time of the year, people like you, the McCreary family, are folding your hands and looking all so holy, while you try and pilfer good people that are in Tucson, looking for a home without defects and fraudulent accounting techniques.  Why do people like you profess such holiness when the next day you can be so busy trying to deceive and harm your fellow man with deceptive business practices, insurance fraud and fraud based, merit less law suits?  Just look at the picture Denise to see how incompetent your weasel emulating husband has been.  You must be so proud Denise? 

If you were on your death bed later this year from some terrible disease like cancer or a car accident Denise and during a moment of conscience laden introspection you realized that you were facing eternity and your maker at any moment would take you; would you once again choose to lie about your honesty, integrity and penchant to harm good families during your lifetime?  Would you not be able to stop yourself from refraining from deceiving and lying about your answers, just like you and your husband deceived and lied to my family and forced us into home foreclosure and financial bankruptcy?  Why would a person like you Denise, choose to lie on their death bed if they believed that they are such a holy christian person?  Why Denise do you and L.J. continue lie on your website testimonials from Bruce R. B. DuPont and your continued lying on the Rip Off Report website?  Why is there so much lying in you life Denise?  How much did you have to pay Mr. DuPont Denise?

“Peace on earth, Goodwill to men.”



I am sure Denise that you are so busy during this Christmas season, selling real estate, singing your jazz based “sultry” religious Christmas songs for hire, and helping your husband, L.J. (Little Johnson) continue to pilfer people by building defective homes all over the greater Tucson area for the invisible buyers that are just no longer there. Such good fortune is so deserving of such a loving and compassionate couple.  Or could it possibly be that the housing slump, mortgage meltdown collapse, bank failures and credit crisis has finally arrived on your family’s doorstep.  With so fewer buyers looking at an incredible large supply of homes, I doubt that McCreary Homes will building many defective homes for unsuspecting and trusting buyers for years to come.  How many dog house does one have to build to make a living Denise? 

It is so fitting today, that many of you so called imaginary ethical realtors, just like your self Denise, are now experiencing the dark side of the real estate market that you so easily swindled people from during the past four years.  A monkey could have sold a home with the easy money that was being provided to just about anyone except my family and our ruined credit rating which you personally provided us.  Mortgage companies like Tucson’s defunct First Magnus Financial Corporation gave money to just about anyone, including quite a few illegal aliens that even worked in the Tucson construction home industry. 

Unfortunately Denise, the party is over and many of you like yourself will not be doing very well during this historic slump which will approach Great Depression proportions.  Only the people that provided their former clients with honesty, service and ethical behavior will make it through this unfortunate toxic mess that will continue for the next two to five years in the real estate business.  Real estate agents and incompetent and corrupt building families like yours Denise are delusional if you think people will becoming to Tucson now with their savings and 401 K’s that have been decimated by Wall Street frauds and banking players.  Just look at the history of Japan and the lost decade that they experienced in the 1990’s.  This will not end quickly.

Do you think McCreary that a person in their right mind would want to use yours and your husband’s company after they understand how you attempted to build a custom home for a good family and it resulted in a defectively built home, a lawsuit and then lose their home to a forced family home foreclosure, all because of your irresponsibility an greed?  Now Denise, there will be fewer victims that might ever consider calling for your services because of your very dark past history as a home building service provider, a history that will now come to haunt you as it should.  What goes around Denise does indeed come around.

“Peace on earth, Goodwill to men.”

But now is not the time to worry about the real estate market by singing jazzy based, “sultry” voiced songs for hire during the Christmas period.  Surely things are not that bad in order for you to stoop this low for money.  I have heard your pained and screeching voice Denise at the April 2004 SAHBA Home Show, and it is not very pretty or easy on the ears.  If you would like Denise, I would be happy to make a financial contribution so that you do not have to lower yourself any further and harm the Tucson community; in spite of what you and your husband did to crush are dreams and our home.  Since you are both such wonderful and holy christians; let’s choose to let bygones be bygones?  I hate to see any family suffer; especially during the Christmas time season.


I will assume Denise that it will be a certain honor for you to attend your Christmas pageantry mass at St. Michael’s Episcopalian Church on Christmas day.  Once again Denise you can profess before humanity as a shining example of a compassionate human being so that all of your christian peers can see and adulate.  Dressed in your finest fake furs and Italian designer shoes, will you saunter down the aisle, as if Jesus Christ teachings were just an afterthought for a couple that continue professes their Christianity for the sake of business purposes only?  Has lying become a sacred sacrament in the Episcopalian church these days?  The church you attend seems to approve?  For once in your life Denise, why don’t you choose to adapt the teachings of Jesus Christ and practice them in your everyday lives, rather than acting like opportunistic, greed mongering hypocrite?

“Peace on earth, Goodwill to men!”

Enjoy your Christmas celebration of hypocrisy Denise McCreary.  Enjoy all of the meaning and teachings of the season that you and your husband L.J. McCreary do not posses in your everyday lives towards your fellow man or his family.   Money is more important than integrity and character in your lives; now isn’t it? 

The pursuit of money, only gives a woman like you Denise, that rough edge male republican look of being pained by your anal sexed conscience.  This look of conservatism on a woman face is any thing but beautiful.  Just look at Karen Hughes, Bay Buchanan, Ann Coulter or Michele Malkin and you will discover an inner ugliness that is transcribed upon their faces.  Ugliness cannot change ugly into beauty.  No amount of make-up or plastic surgery can ever erase a corrupted soul.  A woman cannot ever look beautiful or at ease if her integrity and soul are based on the pursuit of money. A woman can never become beautiful as long as she will hurt her fellow man, by having his family’s home taken away, just for the love of the money.  Money will always be your God Denise; not Jesus Christ.  Thou shall not worship false Gods Denise.

Peace on earth, Goodwill to men.

And remember on Christmas day, your peers will be watching you and your husband as the shining 21st century examples of why Jesus Christ so despised hypocrisy.  Like Judas sold Jesus Christ, you and your husband sold out our lives and dreams for the equivalent of thirty pieces of silver.  There is no reason to seek forgiveness because forgiveness cannot be granted when you take a man’s home and dreams away from his family and the perpetrators lie with the feeble attempt at saying they have done nothing wrong. 

I hope you can enjoy your home during the holidays Denise, unlike the possibility for us.  You have caused us to experience five years of renting and permanent financial setback, all in order to satisfy your greed.  You will always remain an ugly person inside and out Denise, because of your ugly defective home building deeds that cast a permanent ugly shadow in your heart.  An ugly heart cannot help but paint a picture portrait of a very ugly person.  I feel Denise that you will physically and emotionally age at an incredibly rate during the next few years. 

Now Denise, fold your hands and look holy for the camera.   But please remember Denise, no matter how hard you try, you will never capture an image of being pretty or beautiful ever again.  Instead Denise, you will forever posses this terminally painted face of painful constipation.  The camera only has so much it can work with before it becomes prone to fits of momentary mechanically vomit revolt.

You and your guinea pig sized husbands character should be so ashamed of yourself for what you did to us but you never will because you have a zero based sum of integrity and honesty between both of you.  Your integrity should never have been sold so cheaply, but instead you forfeited the right to enhance it.  Such shame for your lives and deep down, you know it didn’t have to happen this way!  But this is what you have chosen as your epitaph in life.

But many continued season’s greetings Denise; even if you carry on to be such a hypocrite in your money based world of money grubbing pursuit of a life.  And it’s a  life Denise, one that projects an aura that begs to say in an ambivalent recast Christmas movie tone that states; “It’s a Wonderful Capitalist Life After All.” But we know that is not true Denise; correct?  But please again Denise, don’t think of watching Jimmy Stewart in “It’s a Wonderful Life, since you could possibly never understand Frank Capra’s message of compassion and selflessness and besides Denise, you look too much like old man Potter which in turn might interfere with the ending casting credits. 

Oh Denise, I am sure that the real estate and construction industry that you and L.J. lover boy once exploited so well is doing how again these days?   Oh; not so well?  I thought you wrote to the public in that silly song prose “update” a year ago that everything was turning around for the real estate industry.  You and I know Denise that it was just more, pure lying McCreary manufactured bull shit!  What happened to any additional updates Denise?  It has been over a year Denise.  Once again Denise, just like you and your husband had once promised us a quality home; you were so full of shit on that Kool-Aid prophesies issue of housing rebound because it fact it got worse.  It is bad enough that you and L.J. lie like dogs but do you have to provide the public with misinformation and wishful thinking also?   My, my Denise we are still becoming quite the real estate professional novice with your fairy tale story bound predictions. 

But really Denise, how come you have not written another “update” Denise since December 2007, now over one whole year ago?  Do you have writers block or is the industry just sucking so bad for a degenerates like you and L.J?  Has the passion for the real estate industry slipped by you or have you come to realize that you are still full of shit Denise?  How come L.J. or you Denise, continue to write that pathetic McCreary Dream Homes blog, the very same one that no one reads?  The blog is pure fiction with one of you writing as if you were a client.  If you don’t believe me, just check out the numbers.  I am surprised that you both have not been writing comments on you blog for the numbers accrual, because that would be exactly you style.  Disinformation, fiction and lies are what you both manufacture for the public’s consumption.   Wouldn’t you agree Denise, that deceit and deception are the hallmarks of McCreary Home advertising foundation? Could it be possible Denise that people read my website and then choose to not even waste their time on a company and its owners that so ruins and swindles people?

“Peace on earth, Goodwill to men.”

I am sure that there are very few people out there for you and L.J. to swindle from these days with during the greater and greater mounting real estate depression and people are now very careful of fake christian people like yourselves.  Let the word go forth and yea shall know the truth and the truth will keep you from getting swindled by republican builders and real estate agents: Luke, Ch3, verse 26 for you bible thumpers.  Go ahead, look it up and waste your time.

And did you know Denise that the coming year of 2009 is going to be even worse of a year for the real estate and home building industry.  So when in 2009 Denise do you and lover boy L.J. Little Johnson intend on closing down the sordid 20 year McCreary Home’s legacy and begin filing for bankruptcy protection for your ethically challenged company?  Will it be early, middle or late?  Can we do it early and avoid the rush please?   I hope it is very soon so that you may not swindle another single family as you accomplished with mine.

But as you know during this Christmas season Denise, there is just so much sorrow to be experienced for the entire loss of you integrity as a human being.  Why can you not muster up the courage and choose to practice what is preached to you; 24/7 and not just on Sundays mornings for the all of sixty minutes this  integrity challenged place called St. Michaels Episcopalian Church can offer?  I am sure Father Smith thinks quite highly of yours and L.J.’s challenged characters; especially during the Christmas season of peace and goodwill.  Just remember to fold you hands and appear to look holy when you go to communion Denise, because you and I know that people are watching such slime and it is all simply on your part for show. 

I wonder if you continue to get many business networking contacts at church these days.  I think probably not.  Even Judas would not be attending church during this economic season since suicide watch for the building and real estate industry would seem as if it was a better option.  Is it true Denise that a verified hypocrite cannot hide their true intentions all of the time?  Does the look on you face that you project to the world spell deceit and depravity or is it jus simply fear these days?  Does it frighten you at night Denise that your peers and neighbors really do know what type of person that you are?  Would you agree Denise that the honest to God truth about a person’s actions, especially in the day light of a public forum can be indeed quite frightful?  How does it feel?  How does it really feel Denise?  How do you sleep with yourself Denise at night; especially when lying next to another two legged snake in the bondage of marriage and republican based family values?  You pathetic hypocritical morons!

Do have a nice Christmas Denise, one that takes place in you very own home since you and L.J took away the opportunity and right for my family to experience the blessings of the Christmas season in our very own home.  It must be nice to have your own home these days because millions of American no longer have homes because of the many corrupt snakes like you. 

If a home is where the heart is Denise; then you, L.J and your lawyers ripped away our hearts, just as you ripped away my family’s home from us.  I find it impossible to imagine, that a couple like you Denise, who chose to take away the wonderful collection of special Christmas memories that our offspring would have had in their own home, can possibly be anymore evil than you and L.J. have practiced for your lives.  Unfortunately Denise because of you and L.J. hurtful actions, the special Christmas memories for the past five years for my wife and children have been non-existent. Don’t you think Denise that taking away memories from children at Christmas time is quite criminal? 

But how does it feel Denise to be considered so unethical, so slimy and yet above all, be so cold in your heart Denise?  A mother of all people understands the security of a home to the fulfillment of a child.  You Denise have not helped your community and society as a whole but instead you have desecrated and ravaged the elements that help make a community and helps for the betterment of society.  Foreclosure and rentals do not help the community Denise; they harm it.  

But you are now a witch Denise; an evil witch from the east.  And to think Denise, your husband is a member of SAHBA, the self professed “community builder, just like Arizona Designs Kitchens and Bath’s, Michael O’Brien, who also contributes money for continuing the art of building defectively built homes (Pro Prop 201 Lovers), while L.J. still must be getting his kicks out of defrauding people and having them lose their home to foreclosure and bankruptcy.  

“Peace on earth, Goodwill to men!” 

I am sure that this benevolent wish above of peace and goodwill will one day happen when the greedy, evil people like you and L.J., are no longer on this earth and pigs have mastered the art of flying.  Until then; Peace on earth, Goodwill to men will ring hollow as long as the evil that is buried deep in you hearts still continues to exist.  How can forcing a family to lose their home ever be considered an act of peace or a goodwill gesture towards humanity?

Something has been, and something continues to be terribly wrong with your hearts and your characters.  Something is terribly wrong with Arizona in general. 

Merry Christmas and Peace on earth; Goodwill to men anyways Denise and Little Johnson, even if it is just a pipe dream reality show of make believe wishes of fantasies, all because of people like you that ruin it for everyone else.  Greed is the worst of all human emotions.  It was simple greed that has allowed my family this past five years to be without a home at Christmas time.  Enjoy your family at home this Christmas but pause just once during the day Denise and acknowledge to yourself silently that you are aware of what you did to my family’s lives.

“Peace on earth, Goodwill to men.” 

Yea right, when people like you are no longer present on this earth, pigs are flying in mass ascension, bears no longer shit in the woods and snowballs no longer melt in Hell.

Without any hint at all of sincerity, for your character less prone integrities as human beings Denise and (L)ittle weasel (J)ohnson,


“The Arizona Refugee” 

Copyright My McCreary Home Sucks! 2004. All rights reserved.