Date: March 16, 2009

Subject:  The “Please Buy My Tucson Homes” website

Title:  “Oh; look at the view out my back door; please, please, please or I will melt like   
            the fucking Wizard of Oz’s, Margaret Hamilton’s Wicked Witch of the West!’

"Oh please www.BuyMyTucsonHomes.com because I am so desperate that I will consent to sell my soul since it means I could be moving up in the world and in fact I will even do you, I will even do your dog if you promise to buy my luxury listed homes and I can get the commission and masturbate myself with the proceeds from such excess absurd profits.  I am so sorry but times are incredibly tough for real estate hos like myself and I am desperate.  I am not a proud woman for what I choose to do against good Arizona families to feed my greed!



An open letter to President Denise McCreary of McCreary Homes:

A thousand salutations and by the way, fuck you for your continuing goal to lie and deceive the public!

I apologize for not paying attention to your relatively new and amateurish website and blog until now, but I assure you that I am back now to comment voraciously about your deceiving advertorial prose. 

How incredibly smug, how incredibly imagined elitist, how incredibly wanting for the greedy wealthy, luxury selling life style at any cost, that you choose come up with such narratives that state: “Loving life in Tucson” and showing this picture of perceived wealth and accompanying Rush Limbaugh bliss.  Stick it up your ass in lieu of a colonoscopy exam Denise and just choose to smile for real estate’s posterity sake.   

You Denise like Rush Limbaugh are nothing more than a self serving commercial, totting slut for the almighty buck!  How does it feel to be so vacant and integrity challenged as a human being?  How does it really feel?


How incredibly pathetic can one become!

First of all Denise as the President of McCreary Homes, that exceptionally fraudulent and corruptive prone company; how can any one believe that anything that you or your lame dick headed, brained challenged husband, L.J. (Little Johnson) McCreary, chooses to advertise is really the truth?  You cannot even spell the word truth.  It already has been established that the public cannot believe anything that you advertise.  Did I not already expose your lying ass use of advertising to rape yourself around the almighty buck at any cost in exchange for your integrity with the following link?


Denise, my, my; why are we still choosing to be such a lying ass whore for the luxury real estate buck?  Come on Denise, you can tell us why.  Can’t we all just be friends?

If the view that you have posted is reality, do you ever consider telling the public that the proceeds that you have acquired to attain such a view have come from fraudulent, corrupted and lying prone deeds of deception and planned thievery?  You are more like Bernard Madoff’s wife Ruth than you would care to admit.  Ruth Madooff like you would steal from anyone, defraud anyone and just plain covet the goods from theft from anyone.  Anything that you materially posses has been tainted Denise by the pursuit of fraud based upon greed. 

Do you want us to be jealous Denise, do you want for us to want your life as a moral less, money grubbing, luxury home real state slut?  But after all Denise McCrary, you are the president of McCreary Homes that lies to, and then defrauds good Arizona families with defectively built custom home, sues them, forces them into foreclosure, forces them to file for bankruptcy and then have their spouses contemplate suicide at the thought of a 9mm bullet in her pretty head; how fucking special with your real estate fraud can you get Denise!

It is utterly pathetic how you continue to lie to the public about your make believe “success” as the economy tumbles into oblivion, along with the rosy projections of Tucson real estate recovery that will not recover for many years to come.  Is McCreary Homes still operating out of a Post Office Box and Denny’s parking lot on Tanque Verde Road?  Why are you Denise operating with a connection with Tierra Antigua Realty when your mailing address is still listed with the address of your former employer, Realty Executives?  Is this a post office box address Denise like your McCreary Homes listing to conceal that your building company today is located out of your home?

I will be looking forward to commenting exclusively on your many website posts that are only written to exploit and deceive the public for money.  I sincerely hope that my post prevent you from profiting from such wanton goals of deceit

Do enjoy my future comments about your ever continuing litany of hypocrisy and lies.  And just remember Denise; the public is indeed reading my post about you and your company and the incredible evil that you chose to cast upon my family.  What a wonderful bed for you to try and remake?

Would you agree Denise that honest and truthful advertising by word of mouth or the internet is the best natural or electronic way to advertise to find out the truth.  Why would anyone like me try so hard to expose the truth if in fact it wasn’t the truth that I speak about?  Why would anyone like you Denise sell your integrity and soul so cheaply to the Devil for just a fistful of extra dollars?  I know Denise that you will continue to keep spinning your lies to continue your grab of the sacred republican buck.

Why does it seem that the stupidest bastards on earth like you and your husband L.J. McCreary are the one that always seem to be the right wing supporting republican douche bags of society that harm others for the smell of the almighty buck for your fictionally based retirement?  You both fit the mold to a fucking tee.

Just stop and look what you both have created.

Very sincerely,

“The Arizona Refugee”

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