Date: 07 August, 2007

Subject:  Barry Bonds – 756

Title:  Barry Bonds, like McCreary and his enablers, are nothing more than liars!

Dear republican SAHBA pukes:

Tonight, Barry Bonds finally hit his 756th homerun to pass Hank Aaron’s on the all-time home run list.  With the amount of designer steroids that Bonds has injected during his once storied career, it’s a phucking wonder that he didn’t pass this perceived historic baseball mark a half decade ago.  Come on, a guy who breaks into the league as a skinny kid that weighed 185 lbs, and then puts on 60 lbs. of muscle late in his career in 1998, along with superhuman statistics to follow, is not playing by the rules or as a normal human being.

You’re only fooling yourself if you believe otherwise; but you can go right on ahead and keep pretending.

Was it the Nike Corporations that once said; “No rules!”  There is no honesty either in advertising, business or sports.  Hell, there is no honesty left in America in regards to anything anymore.  We have become by default a nation of liars.

Enough about the facts, because facts are so problematic, but what I found enlightening was not so much Bond’s home run as much as the sight of multiple male carnivores, diving over the bodies of fans, that could crush a six year old child’s head into the bleacher, just for the greedy chance of catching number 756 off Bond’s bat.  Did anyone happen to see any teeth marks near the hands of the 22 year old that walked away with the ball?  Can you imagine the clawing, punching, poking and biting that took place under that pile?  I wonder if the majority of fans in that melee were actually republicans.  I’ll bet they were!

I had the chance to attend the game this evening but chose to punt on first down for the tainted occasion, since I have little respect for anybody that chooses to lie, cheat or steal to get ahead of his fellow man; no matter what the excuse is.   Didn’t republican Barry Bonds use steroids, and then earlier cheat on his wife and taxes?  And wasn’t it convincing in his post game interview when Bonds stated; “this record is not tainted.”  How sanctimoniously self serving!

But isn’t that what republicans are programmed to do; lie, cheat and steal their way to prosperity over the backs of others?   

As Bonds connected on his 756th and rounded the bases, I could see the fire works display commence from just over a mile away as I watched with one eye on the wide screen television and the other eye on the make believe history at the stadium that was happening outside of my rear screen door.  Of course it was going to happen, but the Bond’s achievement is permanently contaminated by the use of the BALCO Victor Conti designer steroids that were used to accelerate his career, before Father Time could intercede on his behalf.

And as the ten minute tribute to Bonds ensued, I couldn’t help to think of the changes to the American character that have taken place during the last twenty-five years in history.  America has changed so much from a country that once cared about its people to one that only cares about the individual self.  The transformation has been based on a concept that has resulted in one of incredible sadness.

Barry Bonds in spite of his tabulations will always remain behind Henry Aaron in the race for the all-time home run lead.  Bonds will always be a person that cheated his way to baseball notoriety, no matter how many lies are spun by the media to celebrate his deceptive accomplishments.  And to think he actually said; “I never knowingly took steroids.”  And with statements like that, Bonds could take over for Tony Snow and the Bush administrations spin of lies that grow like cow pucks on the open range of truth and could only qualify for the “bullshit artist of the century degree.” 

And what is so sad America, is that you expect to be lied to and you choose to hold no one accountable by continuing to listen to such people and their lies.  I guess that is because you want to lie also; but why?  It’s okay if everyone else is doing; no?  What is missing in your hearts and souls?

I see today a plethora of people that have been cut from the same cloth as Barry Bonds.  Or maybe I should say that Barry Bond s has really been cut from the same cloth as L.J. McCreary and his baby boomer types.  L.J. and Denise McCreary, Fran Epsen, and Dennis Rosen are people that are just like Bonds.  These people will lie, cheat, steal and deceive to their heart’s content to further their quest for additional money and their greed fattened bank accounts of pleasure.

But the one thing that equates these types of individuals on the same plane of ethics is that they will do anything to achieve their goals of greed.  Barry Bonds could have accomplished a storied career without relying on steroids, but that was not enough for him; he wanted it all.  Likewise, L.J. McCreary career as a Tucson builder could have been an honorable man if he just hadn’t been bitten by the bug of greed.  Instead L.J. McCreary chose to become a lying greedy douche bag.  Both of these people had the choice to do their jobs morally, ethically and honestly, but chose to instead to lie and deceive the public about their true intentions and hurt many people in the process.  And after it was all said and done, it will not be worth the pain they have caused people, because it just didn’t have to be this way from the start.  

If you don’t have a problem with Bonds breaking Hank Aarons record by the use of steroids, then all you have to do is look in the mirror and you will understand immediately the reasons for your approval.  It is staring right back at you in the face if you have the courage to look at yourself and your soul.  Somehow, I don’ think you have it in you to honestly look into your own eyes.   So what are you afraid of; the truth?

As republicans, especially Tucson, Arizona republicans, you will do anything including lying, cheating and stealing to achieve your greedy objectives.  There is nothing wrong with cheating as long as the masses are willing to lend their silent approval to such behavior.  I wouldn’t blame the masses if they were born this way, but I am afraid it was a learned behavior from your love less childhood’s that became hard wired inside your heads, hearts and souls.  I will never understand such people.  America, you are morally and ethically sick, and the oddest thing is that you do not even know it and probably couldn’t care less if you did! 

Something is terribly wrong in this country and especially the republican state of Arizona and its poster city of deceit; the “Old Pueblo” of Tucson.   Maybe Michel Moore’s movie title “Sicko,” should have been saved for an expose on the American people and the non-caring people of Tucson, Arizona.

A person can spend a lifetime building a reputation for themselves or their business, and in the end, they can ruin their integrity in a single minute with a concoction of lies!  Just look at L.J. McCreary and Barry Bonds; they both will never admit to their storied lies and deceptions.


“The Arizona Refugee”


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