Date:  21 May 2008

Subject:  Anniversaries and Graduations

Title:   Unfortunately, the McCreary Homes legacy lives on in infamy


Even looks like a snake I'd rather deal with this type of snake rather than the two legged kind that exist in the Tucson real estate and building industry. Not an innocent person at all.

Happy anniversary McCreary Homes; a job well done! God I hope he didn't learn from his father.



An open letter to L.J. (Little John) McCreary of McCreary Homes:

Last week I commemorated the five year anniversary with you and your wife’s direct roles in contributing to the loss of our home in May 2003.  Because of you, your wife Denise, your SAHBA lawyers, Marc Simon, William N. Poorten III, State Farm’s Elizabeth Claiborne and their willing participation in this great family injustice, you have chosen by your silence to accept responsibility for the loss of our home through your protracted bogus lawsuit that resulted in a forced foreclosure.  Remember McCreary, you as “the premiere Southern Arizona custom home builder,” sued us for your defective building practices, fraud and total incompetence even as you described yourself to this day as a builder of fine custom homes.  What a phucking liar!  You McCreary have been and will always be a certified liar.

Even before we unfortunately were introduced to you by LONG Realty’s Fran Epsen in 1997, the deception and lies of your company were already premeditated towards people like myself and the resulting financial destruction that you would cause because of your secret referral kick back money scheme program with Fran Epsen.  Right from the beginning, you and Fran Epsen were plotting and co-conspirators at defrauding my family with yours and her lies of secrecy and omission.  And what again is the Arizona Attorney Generals definition of fraud?

Why McCreary does real estate fraud continue to be so prevalent in the state of Arizona?  Are there really that many people like you in the real estate business that are so deviant?  The motto for Arizona should read; “The Grand Canyon state of John McCain’s Arizona and the place where real estate fraud and his prostituting lobbyist choose to make it their home.”

Because of you and your decision as the builder to use inferior products and use even more inferior and incompetent sub-contractors and their illegal alien working crews, we were given a home riddled with defects and forced by you into a lawsuit that financially drained us and left us with an eventual foreclosure and bankruptcy filing.   Nice customer service McCreary; first a defectively built home, construction fraud, accounting fraud, foreclosure and then bankruptcy.   You provide an all service business for families to lose everything and their dreams in one easy step with the mistake of choosing to trust and hire you.  

I notice that you or your floozy dressing wife never once addressed the issue of defective building in your Rip Off Report rebuttal to my wife’s complaint.  I know McCreary; it is so very hard to address your incompetence and dishonesty as a builder, let alone addressing your deficiencies as a person. 


You and your smutty wife will never be able to explain without the use of fantasy rebuttal and made up lies for your convenience how my family was responsible for the sub-contractors and supervisor’s that you hired that built us this defective construction abortion.  You screwed up royally and we had to pay for it.  It doesn’t sound fair or right to me; now doesn’t it?   I do not believe that you are even capable of spelling the word quality let alone the word honesty.  To you McCreary, the word honesty is nothing more than just a seven letter word to be misspelled.


How does one explain anything by their silence?  How does one explain the indefensible except by ignoring the pictures, the facts and omitting this “minor point” of fact?  No, you did not answer the question and you never will because just like your pathologically lying, character defect republican president, you cannot admit when you have phucked up or have been caught stealing from the cookie jar.  It is a major character defect issue thing.  Isn’t it the ultimate in audacity to blame the client for work that you were responsible for and did not perform correctly.   This is the ultimate in not accepting personal responsibility because you don’t have the character, integrity or guts to admit your mistakes and then take responsibility for your actions.  God forbid if you had to spend extra money to fix items because you and the illegal alien workers that you hired phucked up!

How do you explain McCreary this website to potential clients or do you just make up more shit and choose to lie about it even more?  How come lying and deception come so easy to you? 

God how I wish you had never been born McCreary.  Just look at the good that would have come to this world if your mother had decided on having an abortion 45 years ago.  It is safe to say that a George Bailey you are not.  No, there is no wonderful life for unfortunate swindled McCreary Home’s clients. 

Your life has brought nothing good and instead it has brought pain and hearth ache to families because of your love for greed and money.  The world would have been a much better place without your dishonesty being present.  Is this why you are volunteering for projects like the Tucson Wildlife Center or are you just out of work projects McCreary because of you reputation?  Since when did you become compassionate and caring about anything?  Are you begging for acceptance as a good moral human being?  Is this your idea of a self serving penance on your part for your past sins?  Make sure your rhetorical rebuttal lies keep coming because you are going to need it to explain your actions for the rest of your life.

But because you existed, there will be others that your sperm has contributed to, to possibly continue the infamous legacy of the McCreary name.  Will your son and daughter be very different from the type of person and father that you have chosen to become?  What incredible examples you have provided them that only show your extreme lack of character and integrity as a human being and business man!  The McCreary name in Tucson will always carry a connotation of lies, deceit, corruption and fraud.

Many times I have sat and wonder how different our lives would have turned out if you had just built our home correctly and had not tried to defraud us at the same time.  If only you had been a competent, and a good honest Christian human being as you professed you were, we would have been provided with our contracted American dream of home ownership and begun the next stage of our lives in Southern Arizona.  Instead of a correctly built home, you defrauded us, lied to us, and were all to willing to provide us a custom designed nightmare by yourself to satisfy your incredible corruptive nature and lust for the concept of greed.   By performing so shabbily, your incredibly diabolical actions resulted in a great loss for my family and the future loss to Arizona of having the really “good family” stay and reside in the state.  Instead, Arizona is stuck with a couple of two legged snake shmucks like you and your wife, and the kind of people that have decided to be. 

Remember McCreary, the McCreary family name will always suck for the injustice and dishonesty that you provided to my family.  There is nothing ethical or honest about you, your wife, your family or your business. 

Instead of both of our families prospering from mutual benefit of competent construction, my family was broken up and left Arizona, while your lying ass based family will stay in this divisive state of Arizona construction and real estate crooks.  You can have your corrupted state McCreary because I would never choose or suggest to my children that they stay in a neocon supporting, red republican state that so easily promotes the financial destruction of good families and will do nothing to stop it, all for the benefit of people like you acquiring the almighty corporate dollar for profit

Still to this very day, five years later, I cannot believe nor understand the corruption, incompetence and fraud that permeate this God awful state that you migrated to in the early eighties.  Your living among snakes in the desert is a very fitting portrayal for your character description.  You could have not chosen a better place to describe your self professed “christian” moral fiber than the city of Tucson, Arizona.  And the two legged snakes of the desert like you who reside there are so much worse than the bite inflicted by any reptile.

Beside losing our home, our land and our once perfect credit rating, you have shaken my faith in my fellow human beings, shaken my faith in religion, shaken my faith in the state of Arizona and shaken my faith in the goals of this country that once professed long ago that each man had the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  You are part of the dysfunctional team of greedy Americans, who just like you, have no concern, empathy or compassion for anyone or anything.  You and your “lovely” saxophone blowing wife Denise, like many others in Tucson are only in it for yourselves, to the great detriment of your city, this country and society in general.   No one else or any other concept matters to you, as long as you are able to pad your bank accounts at the expense of other families losing their homes because of you.

How can anyone be happy when injustice and real estate and building corruption are so rampant in the state of Arizona?  How can I believe anyone or anything when they have lied to me in order to line there pockets with my hard earned money. You have opened my eyes McCreary to the depravity that even former members of America’s Midwest, where you once lived, where once a hand shake and a person’s word was all it took to seal a deal.  Instead of your good word and a hand shake McCreary, you have learned in Arizona to a high degree the art of deceiving, the art of deception and the pathological need to lie instead of providing an honest days work for a client and his family’s dreams.

Was it worth it McCreary to become such a human douche bag of mental moral garbage inhalation?  Were you gratified to learn that my wife considered putting a gun to her head when we learned that our home would be put into the foreclosure process after you and your fraudulent actions ran their course by the same actions that were defended by your SAHBA soul less scumbag lawyers, Marc Simon and William Poorten III?  Did you feel like a real human being for once when you learned of that or did you and your wicked wife just not give it a second thought and go on with your morally decrepit lives? 

You L.J. and Denise McCreary are incredibly evil people.

This week besides passing our 5th year forced foreclosure anniversary, it also marks the week that your son graduates from Sabino High School.  Your son was seven years old when we first had the displeasure of meeting you in the fall of 1997.  I imagine almost eleven years of non-existent examples of honesty and integrity have been forced upon your son to learn what it is to be a McCreary type of man?  Some people should never be allowed to have children.  You L.J. and Denise, fall exactly into this category.   

I pity your son since he has had you and Denise, certified liars and purveyors of overall dishonesty to learn from.  Has your son in 18 years learned the art of lying and dishonesty from you?  Has your son learned the art to steal like you did from us McCreary?  Has your son learned the art of defrauding people like you did to us?  Has your son learned that his word may be worthless because of the examples that he has learned from you? 

God, I pity your son if he has chosen to acquire any of these sociopath type personality traits that you have provided with your examples.  Does you son or daughter think what you did to my family was okay.  There answer to that question would reveal how badly they have been warped by what they have learned from you as a parent and a teacher.   I would expect my children to have nothing but utter contempt if I had defrauded and made a family lose their home because of any dishonest actions on my part.  So what do your children think McCreary?  Are you still their hero McCreary, since you as their father provided them with money and cars from the proceeds that you stole from other families?  But why should they care or any other family in America care where one gets there money, even if it is by devious means?

No matter how much money you may or not make L.J. and Denise McCreary, it will never be enough to satisfy little moral midget runts like you.  You and your wife will always be considered to be failures as parents and human beings because you were so willing to easily harm other people and their families to enhance your bank accounts. 

While you attend your son’s graduation tomorrow on May 23rd, just remember that there will be people looking at you and talking behind your backs because this story has been made public for years now.  “There goes L.J. McCreary; did you hear about how he defrauded and built a defective home for a Tucson family and then sued them for the pleasure of it?”  Sure McCreary, people talk and the word gets around on the internet.  I bet if the internet had been more in use in 2000, you would have never dared to try and defraud us.  Just look at what you have gotten in return for your efforts; free advertising for a lifetime about your competence or should I say, your lack of any competence.  But you still continue to boast and lie on your website about your great competence as a custom home builder.  Who wants to hire a liar and thief?

When your son receives his diploma, remember at that moment what a failure you have been as a definition of what a man is and what it entails to be a parent.  Please recall tomorrow and forever more that you failed in the basic principles of being a good parent by providing so many examples of dishonesty and utter lack of any sense of integrity.

Was it worth it to you McCreary to sell out you minimal integrity and your legacy as a human being for a few more dollars?  I am sure one day on your death bed that you will lament before your last breath that your life we could have been so much more successful if you could have just cheated a few more families and caused them to also lose their homes for your benefit.

What an incredible cost and a terrible example to bestow upon your children for a few more fistful of stolen dollars.  And to think; Father’s Day is quickly approaching.  Please do not think that this day was ever meant for people like you.

With lasting regrets for ever allowing fate or LONG Realty’s, Fran Epsen to have ever allowed it or her to introduce us to such a two legged snake like you. 

Consider this just the latest installment of free unbiased advertising that I will provide for you and your customers for a lifetime to make an informed decision on choosing an honest, ethical and competent builder in Tucson, Arizona.  If the state of Arizona will not provide consumer protection against lying snakes like you, then I will have to supply input to the truth.

Enjoy your son’s graduation; I am sure you have done a “wonderful job” raising him to be a fine honest and upstanding man in the community.  I hope he has not learned from you how to harm and deceive families who are only looking to build shelter for their families.  One McCreary nightmare in a lifetime is one to much.

Forever changed by your utter lack of integrity and the incredible moral depravity that you possess,

“The Arizona Refugee”

Copyright My McCreary Home Sucks! 2004. All rights reserved.