Date: 15 August 2008

Subject:  McCreary Homes

Title:  Twenty years of misery

Just like Star Wars, the creation of McCreary Homes in 1988 to build quality homes 10 years later, let alone 20 years later was a complete fantasy. Unlike you, the pictures do not lie.



An open letter to L.J. McCreary and the consumer public,

It was twenty years ago today........!   Well not exactly, but this past spring was McCreary Homes 20th anniversary of causing misery for the Tucson community.  Ten years ago, McCreary Homes was located in a nice office off Camino Real.  Today McCreary Homes is located a few blocks away from his former offices, in a PostNet mail service drop off box point in a strip mall on Tanque Verde Rd.  In fact McCreary Homes and Denise McCreary Productions, who provides an incredible saxophone blowing spectacle, are both co-located at the same Post Net address.  It’s one stop shopping with the McCreary’s.  You can get blown and buy a defective home from the very same location.

As you see, McCreary Homes and Denise McCreary Productions work out of the same exact place; a post office box and their home.  Evidently the L.J. and Denise McCreary’s are not doing as well as they lead the public to believe on their disingenuous and deceitful website.


McCreary Homes                                       
(520) 240-7200                     
7049 E. Tanque Verde Rd. #25
Tucson Arizona 85715

Denise McCreary Productions
Denise McCreary, Director/Performer
7049 E. Tanque Verde Rd. #25
Tucson, AZ 85715 Phone #1: 520-256-6731
Fax: 520-760-6777
Email: dmccreary@gotucson.com

At one time for the first 8 years of McCreary Homes, it can be noted that L.J. McCreary might have built a good custom home.  At one time he even had a professional looking business location that he worked out of.    But something happened to L.J. McCreary starting in 1996.  That is the year that I believe L.J. McCreary decided to go the route of greed. 

The McCreary that we dealt with was only on the project three times after starting construction, hired illegal aliens, substituted inferior products (violation of our contract) while charging top prices, used fraudulent accounting schemes, hired un-licensed contractors, sued us and would never choose to fix all of the defects, especially the major defects that plagued are home.  In a nutshell, L.J. McCreary would not take responsibility for his mistakes and in the end he insisted that we were the people responsible financially for his mistakes.   

CAUTION:  You are dealing with a scam artist, con-man and a crook!  Be careful; be very careful with your family’s financial security. I wish someone would have warned us about this man’s love of deception, fraud and his expertise at building defectively built homes for Arizona families.  This man will lie to you as a matter of principle.    

It can be said that the majority of McCreary’s testimonials from McCreary Home’s website were comments from projects that happened before 1996 or earlier.  But all of the testimonials are not based on the truth and if a business owner will use a lie to entice to use his services once, he will most likely provide you with more lies for his benefit.  What testimonials from McCreary Home’s website can you believe if all of the testimonials obviously do not reflect the truth?

There is one testimonial from a Bruce R. DuPont that is a blatant, manufactured lie that was written in 2004 for the benefit of L.J. McCreary and McCreary Homes.  I am sure that L.J. or Denise McCreary solicited favorable comments and a letter from Bruce G. DuPont.  I wonder how much money or services that L.J. McCreary paid or provided him with in order to have Mr. DuPont lie for his company.  The testimonial that Bruce G. DuPont lied about was the former residence that we lost because of a McCreary lawsuit against paying full price for a defective and incompetently built home that was constructed with illegal alien labor.  

Here are the words of Bruce G. DuPont’s to L.J. McCreary:

"The workmanship, quality of construction and the attention to detail in my home is outstanding. All of that coupled with the architectural design have gone a long way to making this the house I want to spend the next 20 years in. I should also tell you that three months after I bought the property, I turned down an offer of twice what I paid for the house. If your other homes appreciate even 1/10th of what mine has done, you should be very happy."
Sincerely, Bruce R. B. DuPont

It should be noted that at the time of this letter in 2004, Bruce R. B. DuPont was a construction person who says he specialized in building prisons in California for the past 27 years.  Obviously Mr. DuPont has extremely low standards as can be expected from his prison construction life.  If all of these McCreary Homes testimonials are so supportive of L.J. and Denise McCreary, then why did our home turn out to be such a nightmare abortive attempt at quality construction?  Are we to believe that there were no defective builds during McCreary’s 20 year history?

We know for a fact that McCreary Homes had other very dissatisfied customers during this very same period that McCreary exhibited such defective building habits and fraudulent intent schemes to profit.  McCreary has defrauded many families that he believed that he could get away with.  I must assume it was a matter of who he thought would not be able to put up a legal fight with his Southern Arizona Home Building Association (SAHBA) lawyers.


Here is a letter and picture that was taken shortly after Bruce R. B. Dupont purchased our place for less than 1/3rd of its true value if constructed correctly.  Mr. DuPont bought the home with almost 40 acres of land for $250,000; do the math.  The home was almost worthless.  Please notice the decrepit condition of the septic field.  I am sure Mr. DuPont just forgot to mention the hundreds of defects in the home or the ones just outside his door that exposed his personal effluent flowing to the septic field.


Here is another fabulous testimonial about McCreary Homes from his updated website.  Notice on this letter that the customer does not have a name that McCreary will provide for you to verify their identity.  In fact the comments about this passage are actually signed by L.J. McCreary.   Is it possible that L.J. and Denise McCreary are writing their own testimonials?  Anything that involves deception is possible with these two McCreary scoundrels.

LJ McCreary was recommended to us by a real estate broker who specializes in selling high end lots, not homes. We figured she knew what she was talking about and decided to work with him.

From the beginning to the end of the building process, our experience with LJ and McCreary Homes was painless; LJ stayed in frequent communication with us via email, telephone and video updates, as we were out of state when our home was being built. He had good relationships with all his subs and we knew he was on top of everything that was going on.

McCreary Homes absolutely delivered on every promise they made, they just never let us down in any way. The overall quality of our home, as well as the customer service was outstanding in every detail. Any little problems that came up, LJ worked on it until it was fixed.

After the first home, LJ McCreary’s trustworthiness, followed by his excellent technical skills and experience encouraged us to go with him a second time.

McCreary Homes
was a winning combination in our opinion. And if we ever built a third home, he’d be the only contractor we’d call.

We’ve really had a great experience. There has been no area where we could say there was room for improvement. LJ’s even got a great sense of humor!
LJ McCreary comes from the Midwest, and so do we. He’s a real, down-to-earth person, who isn’t a flashy or slick salesman, which is good. He’s totally honest, ethical, and really takes an ownership interest in every project he works on. Our second home that LJ worked on was a very, very complicated renovation. Initially, our architect wasn’t sure LJ was “up to” the project, but we told him we would ONLY work with him. Not only did  figured out ot buildLJ do a great job, but our architect has since recommended him for other projects!

We would recommend McCreary Homes and LJ McCreary to anyone.

Best regards

LJ McCreary

Why did L.J. McCreary sign this letter?  Did L.J. write his own testimonial for his supposed work?  Nothing that this man does could ever surprise me after what he did to my family.

I look forward to commenting on this blog that started July 1, 2008, just seven month in between his December 2007 news letter on his McCreary Homes Dream site and this new blog.  There is so much to comment about.  I am sure that the McCreary “truth blog” will provide me plenty of material to comment on this fraud based, Tucson builder for years to come.  But one quick comment about the above piece:

After the first home, LJ McCreary’s trustworthiness, followed by his excellent technical skills and experience encouraged us to go with him a second time.
He’s totally honest, ethical, and really takes an ownership interest in every project he works on.

Oh please, such mercurial bull shit!  L.J. McCreary was MIA during our build.  Either you show up on the project McCreary or you don’t.  Either you build a good home McCreary or you don’t.  Either you tell the truth McCreary or you lie!  In our case McCreary you built us a piece of shit home that you tried to profit from at my family’s emotional, financial and physical expense.  You ruined our dreams because you became greedy in your endeavors for living the “easy life.”

Remember McCreary how you told us in 2000 that you had bought into the Amway Quick Star pyramid fraud, products scheme, which you eventually lost your ass on this fraudulent enterprise in order for you to retire early.  Is this why you decided to defraud us on our project?  Do your remember McCreary, you were in my back yard in Tucson in June 2000 when it was 105 degrees and you melted into to telling us the truth about your intentions for the easy life.  McCreary you were 37 years old in 2000, WTF were you thinking, you lazy ass, bald headed, weasel soul bastard?  I guess your dream of retiring early hasn’t materialized since you are now on a “Green” builder kick scam and sucking up to wealthy people with cash to fund your wet dream retirement. 

L.J. McCreary was only at our home site three times after the project started and we eventually moved in.  Did I mention that there were only two lights working in the house when we moved in on August 19th, 2000?


Did I read totally honest and ethical; such bullshit again.  What the hell has this person been smoking?  Maybe the story is not true at all.  Maybe Denise or Abby McCreary wrote this story themselves?  Who knows what the truth is with McCreary Homes.  L.J. McCreary was just the opposite description of honest and ethical.  L.J. McCreary is a lying ass snake or maybe he is just a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde when it comes to home building.  Unfortunately I had the misfortune to meet the Dr. Jekyll/L.J. McCreary type person who lied and deceived us on numerous occasions.

Did this person actually say that L.J. McCreary is trustworthy?  L.J. McCreary is anything but trustworthy and his “excellent technical skills” are in fact better labeled as non-existent and more on the level of incompetent.  Please look at the pictures from my website and decide if there is any doubt about this man’s ability to build a defective home and totally ruin your family’s lives because of his pursuit of money and greed.

So how does a builder go from such glowing testimonials to the fact that he has screwed up many homes and peoples lives in the Tucson area.  Maybe the testimonials are all not true.  Please view the pictures from our home and see if L.J. McCreary is being honest with you the potential customer.  I am sure that these hundreds of these defective items were honestly forgotten by Bruce R.B. DuPont and L.J. McCreary.  Please ask L.J. McCreary what happened to our project and why he sued us for such a junk ridden, defectively built home?  Unfortunately for McCreary Homes, these pictures do not lie, unlike L.J. and Denise McCreary.


And now I understand that L.J. McCreary has a new blog link on Word Press to discuss items about Tucson construction; how nice. Would you mind if I ask questions and comment on your blog McCreary?  To this day I need an answer why you chose to defraud my family. Will you post my blog McCreary if I follow your anal rules?

How about it McCreary, will you answer these simple questions?

Why did you choose to build us such a defective home? 
Why did you choose to defraud us?
Why did you choose to sue us for your incompetence?
Why did you choose to not accept responsibility for your actions? 

As you say...............

I encourage comments…that’s why I am here. I do ask that any comments or questions be respectful and worthwhile. I know that there are some that use the internet to hide and push their own agendas and this is simply not the place. I will moderate comments but the only ones I will not allow are comments that:

  • Are disrespectful to myself, my family or others
  • Are inappropriate to the subject of this blog
  • Use inappropriate language

Other than that, all discourse is welcome and encouraged! Thanks!
LJ McCreary

Oh really; “all discourse is welcomed?”  Surely we are lying once again.   I will test the truthfulness and authenticity of your offer by asking questions that you can answer for me.  Let see if you have the guts or molecules of integrity to answer my questions.

And you also say.........

Repeat customers who build with us again and again
Strong desire to add you to the list of Friends of McCreary Homes and a strong desire for you to be happy with the process and thrilled with your home.

Will you consider putting me on the list of Friends of McCreary Home’s please?  I promise to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God; unlike you.

Would you be willing to post my comments if my gentleman based questions McCreary, regarding your profession of competency, honesty along with the burning question that needs to be answered; why you did not care enough about our home to fix the mistakes that were allowed by your supervisors, Curt Miller and Ray Quintero to be made?  Will you have the guts McCreary to pos my comment?  I promise not to hold by breath waiting.  I guess we will see just see again how big of a lying wuss that you are. 

You seem to have no problem touting your supposed skill in building a custom home but how do you explain the pictures from our project.  You never explained the defects and why they happened to our project. Will you have the guts and integrity to answer this truthfully, if at all?  If our home had been built correctly without the 222 defects that were filed with the Registrar of Contractors, we would not have participated in a lawsuit and we would have never fallen into such a financial abyss fighting to have our home fixed.  But then again, you did sue us for your inability to build a quality, defect free custom home.

It is nice to see an update to your “new” blog since it was really started in December of 2007.  I assume it will be Denise McCreary who will be actually writing this syrupy PR garbage since L.J. will be too busy swindling his dwindling number of customers/victims.  I wonder if L.J. McCreary is using this “high end land specialist” for secret kick back money schemes like he did with us by using LONG Realty agent Fran Epsen, who used my family by providing wonderful recommendations about this two legged snake.  Ms. Epsen is the reincarnation of Judas Iscariot in that she sold us out for her 21st century updated version of thirty pieces of silver.  I am sure that Ms. Epsen, a republican operative real estate agent, has learned that taking money for biased referral accolades is a criminal act against your clients.

It is mentioned in your new blog McCreary by a “client,” that a woman who only deals only in high end lots was the person that recommended L.J. McCreary.  Boy this sounds so familiar.  Let’s see, a real estate agent recommending McCreary Homes as a very competent builder.  Where have I seen this type of modus operandi before?  I wonder if any money is involved with these recommendations from L.J. McCreary to this real estate woman.  I believe that the most name recognized woman that deals with high end lots is a woman that works for LONG Realty named Sue Hill.  Could it be that LONG Realty agent Sue Hill is now “working” with L.J. and Denise McCreary for secret kick back referral money? 


I would expect L.J. McCreary to try these same types of sleazy techniques to bring him business in this depressed market as he did when things were going good for him.


When were first introduced by LONG Realty agent, Fran Epsen in 1998 to L.J. McCreary, McCreary Home’s offices were located in a nice building complete with  granite conference table to meet clients.   Today McCreary Homes is company that hides its true identity and financial position behind a PostNet post office mail box since there is no company offices except for his home and the customer meetings that are possibly scheduled at the local Denny’s restaurant located across from the strip mall.  Obviously McCreary Homes has slid to the bottom of the hill of respectability, just as his reputation has crashed in the gutter for the sake of competence.

So McCreary revel during your twenty year anniversary but my prediction is that your fraudulent, deceptive company will not last another year in this mortgage crisis, credit crunching housing decline.  Wealthy people will at least have some knowledge of the internet and give a simple Google search of McCreary Homes which will reveal the truth about your fraudulent company.  A company will only last the difficult times when they have a reputation that denotes honesty, competency and a consumer friendly persona that fixes problems instead of wishing for conflict and suing their clients instead for money that they do not deserve for services not rendered.  Any builder that sues a family, forces them out of their home and even gives a mother a reason to end her life is the most despicable of human beings who have ever walked this earth.

A builder is only as good as the reputation and product that he builds.  No amount of lies and sugary positive reviews from unknown and unsubstantiated testimonials can ever erase the sins of fraud and corruption.

Building a home involves many costs.  Some of these

  • Architect - $20,000
  • Land -  $200,000
  • Building Cost - $700,000
  • Reputation as a builder when the custom building market tanks – PRICELESS


Why would a company piss on their reputation to defraud a family out of $78,000 for a momentary increase for their bank account?

If a man builds a thousand bridges, but sucks only one cock, he will forever be know as a cock sucker.  L.J. McCreary, you can build a thousand homes but if you builds even one home that is defective and cause a family to lose their home, their land, their credit rating and their dreams; then L.J. McCreary will be just like the cock sucker and he will forever be know as a fraudulent custom home builder that sucks!  Unfortunately, I know of at least three four families who you defrauded from 1998 to 2000.  How many other people have you swindled from 1996 to 2008?

May your God L.J. and Denise McCreary, have mercy on your soul less souls for what you did to our family.  There is no excuse for such human greed, induced depravity.

I cannot begin to warn the consumer public the great amount of financial and emotional danger that exist for your wife and family by using SAHBA backed McCreary Homes as your building contractor.  You are playing Russian roulette with your lives if you choose McCreary Homes and he decides that you will be the next family that he decides to defraud.

With the greatest of regrets for ever meeting such a slimy couple and company,

“The Arizona Refugee”

Honest and trustworthy information about corrupt and defective prone builders in the internet age: Priceless!
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