October 16 & 17, 2004

Just thought we'd update you on our protest today.  As we heard and saw a military style troop truck approaching us - we thought SAHBA had called out the National Guard!  Prepared as we were to defend our ground with picket signs - it was a false alarm. In actuality we had severe competition in terms of mobile advertising.

Our compliments to the TCC, SAHBA officials and Denise McCreary; they were on their best behavior today! Unlike our experience in April, which involved being threatened with arrest by SAHBA, a false police report filed by a TCC security guard and a scream fest by Denise McCreary, this was almost uneventful. Of course, it was much like our normal SAHBA response – absolutely nothing. As happened in April, the Tucson police department was wonderful. The community officer stopped by our protest just to say hello and give us her contact info in case we had any trouble. They were supportive of our civil rights in April and again today.

Our one “moment of Zen” was when a scraggily, grey-long-haired SAHBA supporter (Was this a SAHBA Member, builder or developer?) flipped us the bird from his late-model dark green fancy convertible. It gave us a hearty laugh and let us know that despite the calm, we were having an effect. If anyone knows who this individual is, they could suggest that he come by and moon us today, we could use another good laugh,– on second thought, never mind, that would be too disturbing!

We appreciate all the positive comments we received from passers-by today. It is gratifying to be able to explain in person why we oppose SAHBA. Their slick advertising, their anti-consumer initiatives, their pro-builder-no-matter-what stance needs to be exposed. SAHBA continues to support our builder, who violated both his contract with us and any reasonable measure of competent building standards. Why would SAHBA do this? Why would they support a builder who harms the community? They have never answered any of our questions. Perhaps if more of you asked them for answers they would respond. You can email SAHBA President Ed Taczanowsky at: edt@sahba.org or SAHBA Chairman John Shorbe at: jshorbe@canoahomes.com

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