October 11, 2004

Well folks, it's true! McCreary Homes has their office/home up for sale. We drove by yesterday during their open house and found a for sale sign out front with Denise McCreary listed as the agent from Realty Executives . (Does McCreary Homes pay its president a commission for selling the office? Will they take a tax deduction and write it off as a business expense?) You can see a picture of the sign below as well as a picture of our car with our website prominently displayed. McCreary built this home in 2001. Did he use the money he skimmed off our project along with the money he took from the Van Dan Elzens? Is this house perfect or is it like our home, like the Collins, like the Grimes, like the Van Dan Elzens? Just curious – with a McCreary Home you never know what you'll get.

In the last few days we have been light-hearted in our approach to McCreary Homes but it truly is a serious issue. Their lack of consistent “good” construction practices and the umbrella that SAHBA places over them are troubling. You have no means of accurately getting McCreary's record. Remember SAHBA is nothing but a super-PAC for the building industry and even the Arizona Registrar of Contractors only keeps a complaint on record for two years. The McCreary's smiling faces don't tell you the whole story. We recently heard from a sub-contractor that the McCrearys tell people that they “don't know who we are or why we are so angry. “ That may work until someone looks at the website – then it just becomes obvious that on top of being bad builders they are also liars. Buyer Beware!!

Denise McCreary now does double duty as McCreary Homes President and as an agent for Realty Executives.

This is what Denise McCreary – Real Estate Agent, looks like. Surprisingly, she looks exactly the same as Denise McCreary President of McCreary Homes.

McCreary Headquarters is so far east that it would almost be faster to get to the New Mexico state line than it would be to get to downtown Tucson .

Here is a picture of the Southern Arizona Bank Billboard on Grant just East of Stone. Please note the similarity between this billboard slogan and the McCreary “Advantage” #2 on their new website (see below) - ´”Some builders give you the line foreman, we give you the president.” How sad - not enough creativity between the two of them to come up with their own tag line - they have to “borrow” it from Southern Arizona Bank. Guess when you get in the habit of taking things from others it becomes a way of life.

This is the President you get with McCreary Homes. – On Second thought, take the line foreman!

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