October 10, 2004

As reported by the Semi-Daily Show

Several sympathetic supporters sent us a copy of this McCreary “Open House” invitation. Apparently, the prestigious McCreary Homes World Headquarters is up for sale! Located at 1701 N. Wentworth Road (The McCreary Home) their 3,709 square foot “office” is in a by-invitation-only (little pinky out please!) pre-sale state – cell phone included.

Insider information has it that McCreary will now be operating out of a phone booth somewhere along Speedway next to a strip joint. Of course SAHBA will be accrediting that phone booth as a “Certified Custom Home Builder” location. It fits right in with their current standards; in fact SAHBA is considering certifying the booth istelf as a custom home!

We understand that their planned advertising campaign will have McCreary Homes President, Denise McCreary doing her lizard lounge act outside said phone booth. We hear that SAHBA will be awarding her with their prestigious Shitty Ass Home Builder Award for her “screaming” performance during our protest at the April 2004 SAHBA Home Show. The local community insists that SAHBA offer Ms. McCreary beginning vocal lessons to improve her Yoko Ono-style screeching act.

City officials have expressed concern that McCreary's advertising would not meet city noise ordinances - in that event, McCreary Homes will relocate to a motor home.

Seriously folks, when we dealt with McCreary Homes, they had an office with a receptionist and a conference room with granite tables that showed some measure of professionalism. McCreary then moved to a smaller office on Alvernon. Since that office, McCreary has been working out of the home that he built with the fraudulent profits he skimmed from our house and others. It's a downward trend. . Can you trust a guy who can't even keep an office? He builds a fancy website and then sells the office – where will he show up next? Perhaps the phone booth isn't that far off; after all McCreary Homes and others like him are SAHBA “Certified Custom Home Builders.”

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