September 30, 2005

SAHBA Deflects Defective Construction

The September 2005 SAHBA Blueprint Magazine has several articles that deserve further investigation.

“How to Deflect Construction Defects”

We are alarmed that SAHBA is endorsing ways to get around poor construction by using insurance. The article, written by Bob Kirk, president of the Southeastern Arizona Contractors Association is titled “How to Deflect Construction Defects”! Not “How to keep Construction Defects from Happening” or “How to Correct Construction Defects” - No it's “How to Deflect Construction Defects.” A more apt headline would be – “How to Shirk your Construction Defect Responsibilities with Insurance” Once again the ‘inmates are running the insane asylum”. You can see the article for yourself above.

Rather than take the high road and demand that members build with integrity, SAHBA/SACA laments the proliferation of “allegations of construction defects.” They point out that the deluge of construction defect lawsuits filed has caused an increase in builders risk insurance rates. Well duh! If you advocate bad builders, if your builders use inexperienced help with untrained supervisors, if you don't care what your members do – An increase in poor construction is bound to happen. What other recourse does the owner of a defective home have?

It is yet another example of why a SAHBA builder certification means nothing. It means they are well insured when your home has defects. It means it will cost you thousands and thousands to fight the insurance company's lawyers. It happened to us. Our “SAHBA Certified Custom Home Builder”, LJ McCreary of McCreary Homes, did the same thing. He had tons of insurance and he used State Farm's attorneys to run us into the ground. Unlike their slick advertising claims, State Farm was not a “good neighbor” to us... Despite agreeing that our home was flawed and defective, they spent more fighting us than it would have cost to correct the defects. Good Neighbor? Hardly, State Farm was more like the neighborhood bully.

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