June 3, 2005

More on the Art of Deception

Our update on February 26, 2005 exposed McCreary's advertising of our house for what it was. A Sham! Supposedly (Who knows who actually wrote the letter!) Bruce DuPont wrote McCreary a letter in which he claimed that he was offered twice what he paid for the house – we have found out why. Below is the Santa Cruz County parcel information for our home for 2005. The county has recently updated their information to show that a deed was issued – Not to DuPont - Not to Bennett Construction – but rather to a Katherine Sarah Bennet and the Katherine Sarah Bennet Trust. The house, which was appraised in December of 2001 at $810,000, if the home was not defective – was sold for $255,000! It sold for less than 1/3 the appraised value! Yes, as DuPont said: “The workmanship, quality of construction and the attention to detail in my home is outstanding.” It was so outstanding that DuPont (or Bennet) bought the house for a song. So who is telling the truth? He may have gotten an offer for $560,000 – the poor sap probably had no idea about the defects in the house. It's also interesting to think that the land alone is selling for $100,000 in that area. That makes the house value around $155,000. We guess that's the going rate for a home with effluent splashing into the open air and water running through the walls. McCreary did an outstanding job alright; outstandingly poor. No wonder DuPont is singing McCreary's praises. After all, he has the expertise to fix McCreary's defects at no labor cost and he will be able to reap the profit from our backs and our sweat and hard work. It takes a special kind of person to crow over the deal you get from someone else's heartache. It takes a special kind of coldness, a special kind of heartlessness. After all, “Birds of a feather flock together.” McCreary and DuPont and Ms. Bennet deserve each other. We believe that eventually they will reap what they sow. Exposing them for the liars they are is the first step.

Evidence from the Santa Cruz County Assessor's Office:

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