May 23, 2004

The Arizona Daily Star published an article about home building nightmares this morning and included our website as part of that article. We are grateful that the Arizona Daily Star stepped up to the plate and covered this issue. Thanks Becky!

We also wanted to let the public know that we received a great letter from Councilman Fred Ronstadt supporting our right to protest and also a very supportive letter last week from Richard Singer, Director of the Tucson Convention Center.

Despite two certified letters to SAHBA (Southern Arizona Home Builder's Association) we still have received neither any explanation for their behavior at our protest nor any communication about changing their custom home builder certification process to really reflect quality. Publicity helps. So would adding your voice to the chorus. You can reach Ed Taczanowsky - Executive Vice President of SAHBA at edt@sahba.org

Please feel free to also let Governor Janet Napolitano know how you feel about homeowner protection and the current standards in Arizona . Her address and phone numbers are:

The Honorable Janet Napolitano
Governor of Arizona
1700 West Washington
Phoenix , Arizona 85007

Telephone 602-542-4331
Fax 602-542-1381

Good Luck in getting a response. We have yet to hear from her office despite 3 letters. Thanks for all your support. We are humbled and greatful.

Also, please feel free to link to this site or post the URL (web address) on any other websites or community forums you think would help educate the home building public.

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