March 7, 2005


It's funny sometimes how the simple things we do in our day to day lives takes us back to McCreary Homes. Stacey was looking up a hobby shop in the phone book and what was directly across the page, a phone book ad for McCreary Homes. It's larger than most of the listings and the things it said were particularly disingenuous to us, since we have first hand knowledge of McCreary's deceptive practices. Here is a scan of the ad:

He specializes in extraordinary custom homes? Yeah, extraordinarily defective! Please note how much McCreary counts on that SAHBA certification to give him an air of credibility. Let your guard down – it's okay – I'm certified by the local home builders association. No need to worry and oh yeah – I'm licensed too. Of course our experience already tells us that both the licensing and the SAHBA certification aren't worth the time it takes to read about them. Again any complaints will disappear from the Arizona Registrar of Contractors in 2 years and SAHBA doesn't even respond to complaints. At least they never responded to ours

What they did do was renew McCreary Homes' membership for another year. Of course it would mean thousands of dollars to not do so. Look at the application below – add up how much money SAHBA gets for a builder to join. And to become a certified custom builder is $300 in additional dues. Costs money to promote bad builders! If McCreary builds the 6-8 houses a year he touts on his website he is giving SAHBA approximately $1850 a year in dues. That doesn't include donations to the SUPER-PAC candidate fund. Costs a lot of money to buy off elected officials and influence legislation!

In this day and age we would hope that the consumer would be savvy enough to Google any builder or contractor or association they are considering using. We wish the Internet would have been as popular in 1998 when we hooked up with McCreary. If you Google LJ or Denise McCreary; you will find our sites. We sincerely hope that they may help others make a better builder decision than we made. Information is the key to consumer confidence and our government should do a better job of making that information available to the public.

So again, what does it mean to be an “extraordinary” licensed “SAHBA certified custom home builder”? It means absolutely nothing.

Click Here to view SAHBA's application for membership.

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