February 26, 2005


This testimonial letter titled " Thank you for a great home in which to live," was recently placed on McCreary Homes' website as an advertisement of his "Quality, Elegance, and Value." This letter is about our defective McCreary home.


The home located at 157 Tejano Springs (Now known as 246 Bond Canyon Dr.) on Salero Ranch is none other than our infamous house built by McCreary Homes. It boggles the imagination that McCreary would actually have the audacity to use the defective home he built and refused to fix for us as an example of his work. It is sheer stupidity. Obviously this testimonial was placed on McCreary's website to counter our charges. Take a look at our Pictures link. Does this home appear to be the "quality of construction and attention to detail" Mr. DuPont touts in his blatant self-serving, pro-builder testimonial?

We also found it interesting that while DuPont claims to be the owner of “our” home – the Santa Cruz County Assessors Office (verified on line and by phone) claims that Residential Funding Corporation, the arm of GMAC that owned our mortgage, still owns the home and has paid the taxes for 2004. After almost 5 months (from the date of Dupont's letter) no deed has been filed changing ownership? And we are to believe that the mortgage company would pay taxes on a home it doesn't own? If DuPont was a satisfied owner in October, why would the county records not reflect his ownership five months after the fact? What paltry sum did DuPont supposedly pay for “our” aborted "McCreary Home?" How much will he or did he already have to spend to put the place in livable condition? The mortgage company has had this house for almost 2 years and couldn't sell it at 50% if its pre-defective value. We are supposed to believe that DuPont received an offer of twice what he “paid for the house just 3 months later? How disingenuous. If it's true, DuPont either paid so little because of the defects or the prospective buyer didn't know about the defective nature of the house. This home is so defective that there is a notice of latent defects recorded with Santa Cruz County .

The photos at the bottom of this page were taken September 2004 and depict raw sewage leaking out the septic pipe leading to the leach field at 157 Tejano Springs. Did Mr. DuPont actually write his glowing letter to McCreary Homes after witnessing such "quality and attention to detail" in his new home? In almost three years nothing was done to repair this septic system which had failed an inspection on December 24, 2001, and in fact it was allowed to deteriorate further to the point where open sewage was leaking out. Was CEO DuPont comfortable with his own effluent being discharged into his yard environment? Then again, he did state that he built prisons for 27 years - is this type of septic system installed there? Also please note how close this sewage is to the drinking water tank - very sanitary... It was also very clear to us in September 2004 that no repairs had been made to the defects on the porches, chimneys or driveway including the water infiltration into the house. If “DuPont” is satisfied – it doesn't take much to satisfy him!

Somebody please explain to us why someone would write a letter of praise to a builder who built such a defective home? Who requested the letter? Did the letter writer receive something in return? Who contacted whom? Did the developer (Richard Schust /First United Realty) who has sold many of the parcels to people from California, facilitate this contact? It just seems so unlikely that “out of the blue,” one builder would praise another builder who did such a poor job. We have so many questions and so few answers.

It's not only the ownership of the house that is in question. In a government database search of corporations, limited liability corporations (L.L.C's) and trade name registrations in both Arizona and California, the only "Bennett Construction" listed is a trade name registered in Phoenix, not a single mention of the 27 year old "largest private prison builder in California." Dupont claims to be CEO of Bennett Construction based in Tubac, Arizona . If he is acting as a contractor, neither he nor his company is licensed through the State of Arizona. The Registrar of Contractors shows no such company or person. Government and Google searches on the name "Bruce R. B. DuPont" produced absolutely no trace of this man or his supposed company. What huge contractor operates out of a post office box in a small town in southern Arizona? We did find a Bennett Construction licensed in Rancho Mirage, California, owned by a Bruce Robert Bennett. There is also a Bruce Dupont listed in the phone directory for Rancho Mirage. Are they the same person? Who knows? Whoever Bruce R.B. Dupont is – that name is not found in either system and if he is operating Bennett Construction in Arizona he is doing so as an unlicensed contractor. The phone number listed in “DuPont's” letter is not registered to Bennett Construction. It is instead listed to Bruce Dupont at 2243 E. Frontage Road, Tubac AZ. A map search of this address shows it is not in Tubac, but rather it is north of Amado - it most certainly is not on Salero Ranch.

What does "largest private prison builder in California " mean when we can't even find a trace of this man's work? Was he a worker instead of the actual owner of the company doing the work, as this letter leads you to believe? Much like the term "SAHBA Custom Home Builder," this may mean absolutely nothing.

It's not without a sense of irony that a "construction company" would need to buy the house in order to get it out of the hole McCreary Homes put it in. It would take that kind of expertise to put the house in working order. We still ache over the loss of our dream. For “DuPont” to give McCreary the credit for our “Architectural Design” of course rubs salt in the wounds, as we are sure it was intended to. McCreary will stoop to any level to try and regain legitimacy and organizations like SAHBA continue to support him. Neither McCreary nor SAHBA protect the consumer. There seems to be no shame. The truth dies and the lies continue. Whoever Bruce DuPont is – it is obvious that he and the McCrearys know full well the truth about our house. No matter what “DuPont” says in his testimonial – the facts about the damage in our home and the existing defects seen in September 2004 were present. To tout this home as superb is appalling. Nothing could be further from the truth. As consumers we all must look at “testimonials” and advertising for what they are – an attempt to sway you to the sellers point of view. They are biased and in this case they are a bold faced lie. If McCreary is willing to once again lie to gain customers with this “tainted” testimony, how can you believe any of his other testimonials? They are all suspect by association. We have found that where this testimonial is concerned – up is down, black is white, a lie is considered the truth. His position is indefensible. His concept of “truth in advertising” is the new definition of an oxymoron. We will continue to expose this rubbish for what it is and trust you – the reader - to see what is going on.

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