An Open Letter To LJ McCreary

An Open Letter to L.J. McCreary


Dear “Little John” McCreary

I start this letter with profound sadness.  It would have been great and extremely fulfilling to be writing a post about the wonderful and competent work that you and McCreary Homes (SAHBA) performed on our custom home.  I think we can both agree, it won’t happen in your lifetime, homey!  Unfortunately, you made this bed and now you and your incompetent enablers are going to have to lie in it; there are no free lunches.  Do you regret your actions? You wouldn’t lie to me again; now would you?

It has been almost three years since you caused us to lose our land and home through a forced foreclosure.  I find it incredible that in Arizona, it only takes a corrupt builder and a couple of soulless SAHBA connected lawyers, Marc Simon and William Poorten III of Snell & Wilmer, in order for a family to lose their one chance at a piece of the American dream.  Don’t you think it takes a special kind of greedy, depraved individual to financially rape a good American ex-military family into financial oblivion?

And what was the reason for all of this depravity? It was so that you, a poor little baby boomer could retire early.  Do you remember in May 2000, the conversation that we had with you in our backyard concerning our house being behind schedule?  You told us you were busy selling Amway products so you could make a killing and retire early from the building business.  Unphuckingbelievable!  So what is early for you, 45 years old?  Yeah, you have to be delusional to believe one can retire early.  Bush republicans promote reform in the retirement program by making one work until the day they drop dead in their tracks, on the road of life.  (One can suppose that the money for social security and the national debt will be extracted by using the fallen bodies, decomposing curbside and burning them as an alternative fuel source and then of course, they will take the alternative fuel tax break.)  So even after everything transpired, you went ahead and defrauded us anyways with your defective and fraudulent work and then you still tried to retire early on your little exotic “in your mind” island; you lazy little phucking bastard.

I find it incredulous that when I was training for combat operations in Tucson in the mid 1980’s, you were just beginning to play with the idea of joining SAHBA, the corrupt builders’ organization which preys on Arizona homeowners.  Did you ever offer your services in defense of our country?  No?  Surely a little white wimpy child-man like you would never entertain such thoughts.  Little republicans like you would rather let someone else do their fighting for them.  As I recall, the last time I saw you at our house (one of the 3 times you were there) you were driving a huge SUV.  Are you still a republican SUV cheerleading driver who proselytizes with the hollow slogan, “Support Our Troops” in the patriotic color of yellow?  How pathetic!  Yellow is appropriate – since it signifies a lack of courage.  Unlike the good men and women who are fighting – you hide behind that oil guzzling SUV!  If you want to support our troops, get off your fat white ass and volunteer to replace a 20 year old that is standing guard for I.E.D./ cannon fodder duty in Baghdad!  Come on, age doesn’t matter as long as your blood is still red.  Yours is, isn’t it?  Now, that would be patriotic.  

I guess one has to try and be a man even if he will never reach that lofty goal. Would it have been too difficult to just pretend and act like a man for a few weeks and fix your mistakes?  But then again, one has to be a “real” man to even admit errors were made.  You never once admitted that you did anything wrong.  This must be a republican trait and just like George Bush, it involves pathological lying.  In your case, you acted like a small infant, sucking your thumb while you squirmed in your soiled disposable diaper.  You took no responsibility for the mess you made of our house and you just sucked up time waiting for the costs to overtake us. The image once again, is incredibly pathetic!

The two months after September 11, 2001, were truly a magical time in American history.  I bet nothing like this has happened since Pearl Harbor.  America for two months was united more as a country than I have ever experienced before.   During the months of September and October I traveled extensively to the Midwest to visit my mother who was dying of breast cancer in Flint, Michigan.  She died on October 22.   One particular trip through Detroit, I met a black man who gave me a truly wonderful experience.  As I disembarked off the rental car shuttle, this man embraced me and said, “We are all Americans and we are in this together.”  I will never forget the inspirational words this wonderful individual said to me.  I have never felt so proud to be an American!  He was right, we are in this together.  It only took a couple of months before Americans, with Bush’s encouragement, forgot and regressed to their robotic greed induced ways!

President Bush at this time began to ask Americans to go out and fly and to start shopping again; WTF?  So is that the overriding principle of America?  One can be considered patriotic, as long as they shop; now march, huh?  Could anything be more indicative of how pathetic Americans have become?

During this time McCreary, did it ever occur to you as an American that we were also in this together?  Did you ever consider stopping the lawsuit which you had just filed eight months earlier?  Had not the calculus of life in America changed for all of us?  Don’t you think we could have gotten together and discussed the idea of fairness and justice, in light of September 11th? Why let your hired guns financially tear us apart for greed?  Was this the moral thing for you to do?  Does your God approve of your actions? Have you asked him?  Using Americans’ interactions with each other an Al Qaeda terrorist must assume that we are nothing more than genetically mutated retards.  The only thing that I wanted was for my house to be built correctly.  Was I asking too much from your company to accomplish this advertised task?  Didn’t your firm’s brochures promote quality?  Doesn’t your website still promote quality?  Why did my family receive a sub-standard and defective effort?

We moved to Tucson in 1996 and we loved living here until our building nightmare began to unfold in 2000.  Now I refer to our adopted city as Toxic Tucson and our Republican state, as Arsenic Arizona.  It is purely poisonous what this state allows builders to get away with; the rape of its citizens.  At times, I try to forget that I am living in a repressive, corrupted red state.

I hope one day I will be able to forgive you and your wife for what you have done to my family.  I will however – never forget.  You have put us through a lawsuit, foreclosure, bankruptcy and now marriage counseling to prevent divorce; and all this after 25 years of marriage. Thank you so much!  Can we send you our marriage counseling bills to you or to SAHBA or perhaps we should just send them to the Arizona legislature?  Republicans in this state still profess the motto of “family values”.  It’s a façade.  It is all a big lie!  They are imaginary “family values”.  Something is terribly wrong in the state of Arizona!       

So much for patriotism and compromise, it’s a lie as well!  No, I guess this was not going to happen; we both hired republican lawyers, with Jewish names.  What a mistake!  Do you think our lawyers cared about anything other than the money?  We were both so used.  God forbid if 9/11 had anything remotely to do with America’s support for Israel!  No, there was such connection there.  I paid an incredible price for America’s support of Israel!  I will never understand why I had to pay so much for the support of a country that was imposed upon the Palestinians by the United States funded creation, the United Nations.  In the final analysis, it must have been a British and American empire kind of thing.  I immensely thank the dearly departed (hope they’re in hell) politicians, for the honor of my present fate.  With only 2% of the U.S. population, why do Jewish lobbyists have a controlling interest over people like Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Pearl and William Krystal?  Why does Jewish concern have such a controlling interest over U.S. foreign policy and our ever increasing myopic and blind support for Israel?  How come Black America does not posses such power with 5 times the population? And to Mr. Rosen, my republican Jewish lawyer who sold us out, an essay to follow on the evils concerning the Jewish welfare state of Israel and the incredible price that non-Jewish Americans have to pay will be forthcoming.  Once again, thank you very much!

And as far as these website go, they will remain long after you and I are gone; they will live in cyberspace forever, for all to see.  All that anyone has to do in the future is google L.J. McCreary to see the truth about the kind of person you are.  You had your chance to act otherwise, but you chose instead to be dishonorable.  Sometimes in life, you only get one chance to retain your character and integrity.  Unfortunately, at our expense, you failed miserably as a human being.  No one forced you to act the way you did-greed was your motivator!  Please tell me, was it all worth it?  Now for once in your life, be honest. 

I want your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to be able to trace their genealogy and see exactly where your genetic material (sperm) impacted their future lives in such a negative way.  Maybe your Irish father was drunk the night you were conceived and the sperm were damaged.  Maybe it is not your fault after all, the way you turned out; a scumbag!  Maybe your grandchildren will become liars, cheaters, philanderers, or serial killers.  Yes, they will be able to see the genesis of their family history and understand where all the bad apples came from.  Good luck to your grandchildren.

People have offered me solace by saying that I should not worry, that in the end you will one day receive retribution for what you have done to us.  Good people have said that maybe your family will suffer disease such as cancer, an early heart attack, or an accident, such as a person crossing the center line of a highway and hitting one of your loved ones; head on.   As people say, God works in mysterious ways.  I hope God never intervenes with any of your loved ones in that way; but, only time will tell what God has in store for you.  Let us pray.

And speaking of organized religion, you were the first person that promoted the integrity and honesty of your Christian values and religion.  Nice con job!  Is lying and cheating a part of the Christian religious tradition?  No wonder this country is so phucked up by religion.  Why do religious white Christians lie, cheat and steal like there is no tomorrow?  Oh, I forgot, it’s that Rapture BS.  Between you and Fran Epsen, another Christian promoter, you both have turned me away forever from the Catholic Church, and that is after 42 years of indoctrination.  You guys are good!  Thank you, I have been finally emancipated from the lies! Sorry, but I can’t handle people that use religion to lie, cheat and steal in order to retire early.  Who else but two morally corrupt, greedy republican, white pseudo-Christian real estate promoters could turn me away from organized religion as quickly as you did?   

On a final note, I have read when dishonorable people are on their death bed and the “tunnel” is bathed in white light, the place just beyond the light can be considered the doorstep to heaven or a turn off to hell.  It has been said, that a person that attempts to cross this barrier will be stopped if he or she has hurt other people in their lives.  This person’s hell will consist of a never ending, virtual-eternity-loop of experiencing a lifetime of the same pain that you caused in other peoples lives. 

Thank God I don’t have to worry about a possible fate like this.  What do and your wife think your odds are of making it through the tunnel to the heavenly side?  Okay, I agree, not very promising. 

Have a wonderful, early retired, lazy ass, life!  You and Denise really do deserve it, as well as each other!

P.S. Does L.J. really stand for Little John, Little Johnson or is it secret code for Little Character? 

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