The lack of attention to detail covered all aspects of this house. During our entire build LJ McCreary came out to the house only 3 times. We saw him more often at Registrar of Contractors inspections than we did at the house. We should have had it in writing when he told us that he would personally supervise the house. We trusted him. He screwed us. Many times over.

Contractors Involved In This Section:

McCreary Homes - LJ & Denise McCreary owners.

Silverado Stucco

Terra Cotta Building and Development Inc Mike Clark owner. (Also owner of Terra Cotta LLC)

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A wide view of what the bancos on the north porch looked like.

This is an example of one of the weep holes in the bancos. McCreary supervisor Ray Quintero allowed the stucco company to stucco over all of the weep holes around the bancos.(holes under the bancos to allow water to drain.) He then hired day laborers to ram the holes out with a metal rod.

Example of what one of the weep holes looked like. Keep in mind that all the holes (6 or more) were irregular and different sizes due to breakage with the metal rod.

Water pooling on the North Porch from rotten scupper installation.

Front Porch Ceiling

When you enlarge this picture it is very easy to see the nails that came through when they installed the roofing. We had to file a complaint against the framers (Terra Cotta Framing).

Another view of the nails.


This is the outdoor fireplace on the North porch. The fireplace never had a normal draw. It is masonry and smoke would billow out of the front of the fireplace into the porch area.


Water pouring down this viga post because of an incorrectly installed scupper. All the scuppers were to be installed by Andros Refrigeration the HVAC installer. However, in a cost cutting measure (done without our knowledge or permission) McCreary Homes Supervisor Ray Quintero installed these. This particular scupper was not screwed correctly and would separate during rain. The rain water ran unchecked down this Viga causing it to be grossly damaged.

Scupper above the viga on the north porch - This picture of the incorrectly installed (with only two screws at the top creating a hinge like action) scupper shows what happened to it whenever the wind blew. There was usually wind with storms. The scupper would rise up and water just poured down the post below. "Expert Craftsmanship."

You can see the scupper located directly above the viga. The scupper would separate at the point where it joins the exterior stucco.

Another view of the scupper directly above the viga post.

You can see the discoloration of the post (black area) beginning on this Viga.

It is clear that the lower portion of the Viga has suffered massive water damage.

View of the post from the other side.

View of the post from the other side.

Almost all of the Vigas and Corbels began separating from each other shortly after being installed. Note the bolts that had to be put into the corbels to hold them together.

Example of the beam and corbels before they were bolted. When you enlarge this picture it is very clear how terribly they are separating.

The gap between the post and the beam is quite pronounced in this example.

Notice the space between the beam and the corbel. Also please note the paint all over the corbel. McCreary was content to leave this sloppy work. Subcontractors on this were Terra Cotta Framing and Mountain Valley Painting.

Just another example of sloppy standards. Look at the paint on this beam. McCreary left it this way - it was acceptable to him and we were in his words - "Just picky".

All of the ceiling vigas on the back porch had to be sandblasted after installation because McCreary "forgot" to have it done prior to installation. The sandblasting then caused pitting in the drywall which needed to be filled in and repainted. The repainting never occurred.

More of the same.


The blue taped x marks where a can light was supposed to be. We have no idea if it is under the drywall or not. There should have been a light here however. Again McCreary Homes touts its attention to detail. Can't even count lights!

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