Family Room

This fireplace is representative of two zero clearance fireplaces in the house. Neither one would draw and this one leaked water. It just seemed like the longer we lived there, the more that went wrong. We shudder to think what is happening to the house now.

Contractors Involved In This Section:

Terra Cotta Building and Development Inc Mike Clark owner. (Also owner of Terra Cotta LLC)

Mountain Valley Painting - Anthony Romero, owner.

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The fireplace in the family room never would draw. Even with an extension of the chimney and the installation of the outside air kit it still didn't work properly. It also began leaking water whenever it rained. The proper fix was never determined and it still did not function properly over 2 ½ years after we moved in.

Example of how we left everything when the house foreclosed. We labeled every single defect with a bright red sign and also sent the listing real estate agent a complete list of defects so that they would have to be disclosed. As much as it tore our hearts out to leave this house we didn't want any other couple to go through what we did.

Example of how sloppy the painting was around the family room fireplace.

Water began leaking into the fireplace when it rained. Although it is somewhat difficult to see in this photo, water is all over the bottom of the fireplace and leaking over the front. The next few photos illustrate this better.

You can see the amount of water that gathered in the cup in a relatively short period of time. It is also clear in this picture how much water is on the floor of the fireplace.

Again, note the amount of water in the cup and also note the water marks down the front of the fireplace.

A third view of the water leakage.

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