This is a list of companies and individuals involved with the lawsuits over our McCreary Home.

Jeff Neff, Attorney at Law

Rosen Law Firm - Dennis Rosen

Rosen Law Firm - Alice Milton

Snell and Wilmer - Marc Simon and William Poorten, attorneys representing McCreary Homes

McNamara, Goldsmith, Jackson, and McDonald, PC - Elizabeth Claiborne, attorney's representing State Farm

Judge Christopher Browning

Judge Pro Tem Skip Whitley

Pace Engineering - Fred Pace, our construction expert

Phillip Rosenberg - McCreary Home's construction witness

Arizona Registrar of Contractors - Jim Morris

State Farm Insurance

GMAC Finance (General Motors) - our mortgage company

My husband and his father were both born in Flint, Michigan, the birthplace of General Motors. Ray's dad worked at GM for 45 years and died while still working for the "The Company." Ray flew for the Michigan Air National Guard for 12 years and his duty involved risking his life for his country and if needed, for General Motors.

In January of 2003, we contacted GMAC to see if we could restructure our mortgage through this difficult period. GMAC would not even give us the time of day and said they would be "forced" to foreclose on the house. GMAC foreclosed in May of 2003 on the same day as our youngest son's high school graduation. By September of 2003, the house was on the market for 50% less than the value it was appraised at in 2002 and to our knowlege has not sold today. Because of corporate greed, GMAC got exactly what they deserved - a lemon of a house.

The hypocrisy of GMAC and State Farm Insurance concerning these events knows no bounds.

If any of the above players or members of the "Hall of Shame" would like to sue us, please be our guest and go ahead. To paraphrase lyrics from a song by Bob Dylan, "When you've got nothing, you've got nothing to lose." Yes, we are there - thanks to McCreary Homes.

So, if it is our fate to go down in economic collapse, we will hold our heads up high and we will go down fighting.

"For evil to exist in the world, all that is required is for good men to say nothing." So true... So true... So true!

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