You know we never expected perfection. We just expected the house we were paying for. Archways that matched, A level of care and expertise. We paid a premium price for a custom home. How we wish the people who built it had cared.

Contractors Involved In This Section:

McCreary Homes - LJ & Denise McCreary owners.

Terra Cotta Building and Development Inc Mike Clark owner. (Also owner of Terra Cotta LLC)

Santa Fe Drywall - Abraham Burnette - owner.

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The archways across from each other in the hallway were to be mirror arches. One was over half a foot taller than the other.

Workman replastering the repair to make the arches the same height.

It took 112 days before any repairs at all were made to the arch.

When the arch was finally repaired the plaster cracked within days. It was never fixed. These cracks were also painted over. In fact the painters painted right over the exposed crack.

A closer look at the cracks in the archway plaster. These cracks were also painted over.

Again no attention to detail. This is the way the plaster was left and painted over.

While correcting the different archway sizes the drywaller cracked two tiles in the hallway.

This is a closer view of the crack in the tile caused by the drywaller while repairing the archway. The tile was never replaced.

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